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and over that 100 year period, these stories have not been particularly well—known, lost perhaps in a century of islay missed. but now they are being the recognition perhaps they have always deserved. thank you. time for a look at the weather. here's chris fawkes. and all eyes are on this weekend, of course. i don't want to have a spoiler in place but it looks like it'll be a good bank holiday. more on that in a second, the full bank holiday forecast coming up. before that, pretty decent in eastern parts of the country. plenty of sunshine in the country. plenty of sunshine in the greater london area. that picture was in hardwood, and the greater london area. further west, it has been cloudier. underneath, people talbot area as well. there has been early morning patches of drizzle and some missed in the hills as well. things gradually improving as well. things gradually improving as well. things gradually improving as we go just little things are beginning to
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happen for him. keep potting the red and pushing the blue to the corner. a safety. things are still looking grey, lots of sunshine from most areas and crucially it should be dry for the majority as well because we have this area of high pressure over the new continent and temperatures will be rising close to that area of high pressure and warm air will move towards our shores. the early may bank holiday record dates back a0 yea rs a cross bank holiday record dates back a0 years across the uk and is sat 2a celsius, but bank holiday monday could see highs of 27 celsius. 2a is not very warm if we got 29 a couple of weeks ago. the start of the
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weekend looks like this, there will be some rain in northwest scotland, breezy conditions, just 12 celsius in stornoway, but high teens to low 20s elsewhere on that warm trend will continue into sunday. there should be more in the way of sunshine. that will boost the temperatures. more of us are seeing highs into the low 20s, peaking at 232a celsius. for bank holiday monday, things should get that little bit warmer again so temperatures probably peaking at around 27 celsius. the exception is northern scotland were through bank holiday monday, the weather will start cooling down, highs of 12 celsius. it looks like a decent bank holiday weekend to enjoy. a remainder of our main stories, a
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disappointing night for labour as the party makes limited gains and doesn't when some of its key councils. the conservatives celebrate in london as they hold onto flagship boroughs but lose trafford, there are only one in greater manchester. —— their only one. have a good afternoon and a good weekend. bye—bye. good afternoon. steven gerrard will be announced as the new rangers manager this afternoon. he is expected to be unveiled in glasgow ata expected to be unveiled in glasgow at a press conference later. it will be his first managerial appointment and it is expected he will sign a three—year deal at the ibrox club.
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gerrard will leave his role as a youth coach at liverpool to move north. 0ur football reporter chris mclaughlin says it's a gamble for both player and club... there is no doubt it is an element of risk for both parties. for rangers, they're of risk for both parties. for rangers, they‘ re taking of risk for both parties. for rangers, they're taking a chance on a man who has no managerial experience. yes, he has box office appeal in terms of his name. he was appeal in terms of his name. he was a fabulous player. steven gerrard, it's a very interesting first move into management for him because he moves to a club with huge expectations, with huge attention here in glasgow. you're only a success here if you beat celtic and you finish at the very top so it is going to be very interesting to hear what both parties say, to see whether or not steven gerrard has the financial muscle that he will require to claw back some ground on celtic and interesting to see just exactly why steven gerrard believed
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that rangers was the right fit for him in his first steps into management. remember, he's already knocked back mk dons. but there is huge box office appeal, it is huge interest in this for obvious reasons. rangers are huge, steven gerrard is huge and there is the added spice of the sorcerer versus his apprentice, brendan rodgers, the former liverpool manager, has been doing very well with celtic and he will go head—to—head with his former captain next season. chris froome will set off for a third grand tour title in a row injust over an hour, in the opening stage of the giro d'italia. he came off his bike while practicing earlier ahead of the time trial. some cuts and bruises to cope with. he's aiming to add to the tour de france and la vuelta titles he won last year. for the first time, this race is starting injersusalem but ending in italy. that's where our correspondent alex ca pstick is. alex, can we assume froome is ready to race? certainly a bit of a scare for chris
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froome. he was on a training run with his team—mates this morning, checking out the course. there was a crash and he came off his bike. he was examined, if you cut and bruises, but nothing too serious —— a few cuts and bruises. he is hoping to become only the third rider in history to win three consecutive grand tour titles after his victories in france and spain last year. it is a ten kilometre time trial. chris froome is out there warming up in that tent behind me, that's where you can see all these people trying to get a peek at the biggest name in the sport. there are a lot of hills and twists and turns and it's very hot and he was saying that gaps between and 30 seconds
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could open up between the contenders. —— between 20 and 30 seconds. it is a big day for the sport, the first time that a grand tour has gone outside of israel. there is a really good atmosphere on what is a historic day. that's all the sport for now. just a reminder, the world snooker championship semi—finals are taking place at the crucible. john higgins curently leads kyran wilson 9—7. barry hawkins and mark williams will get underway shortly. hawkins 5—3 up. you can follow the action on the bbc sport website and on bbc two. that's it. we'll have more for you later in the afternoon. theresa may has hailed conservative "success" in english local elections after tories denied labour the breakthrough which many in jeremy corbyn's party had predicted. in london, the conservatives hung on to wandsworth and westminster, and retook barnet, where labour has faced an anti—semitism row. let's cross live to wandsworth, and to our chief political correspondent vicki young.
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this was the first stop for theresa may today as she came here to wandsworth. i wouldn't say it was a celebration, it was more relief for conservative activists. it was pretty close and they came close to losing the council to no overall control. they did actually lose eight seats here and wandsworth as a council that has been conservative for a0 yea rs council that has been conservative for a0 years so we shouldn't be surprised, although labour did throw everything at them. the second stop for theresa may was in north london to barnet. this was a better story for the conservatives, where they took control of the council, but there are some particular issues, certainly that's what some local labour campaigners think that is to do with the anti—semitism row that has been bubbling in the labour party for some time and erupting forcibly just before these party for some time and erupting forciblyjust before these local
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elections. barnett has got a sizeable jewish community and elections. barnett has got a sizeablejewish community and the ousted leader does feel that actually that had something to do, people feel that labour have not done enough to tackle that issue. this is what theresa may had to say when she got there. i think here we've also seen something else at play. i think people of all faiths have rejected the vile anti—semitism that has gone unchallenged in the labour party for too long. but we've also seen people out there working really hard, showing people that it's the conservatives that will deliver those better services and manage our money wisely and keep council tax lower. 0n on that issue of anti—semitism, tom watson, the deputy leader of the labour party, has acknowledged that more needs to be done and actually they really needed to deal with it some time ago so it didn't get to this point, so all the parties are claiming aform this point, so all the parties are claiming a form of victory. i think
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here in south london, there will be the sitting conservative mpjustine greening who saw her vote go down markedly. she would be totally reassured by the result here, certainly relief from the conservatives and the feel better that they have done well outside of london and have tried to stem the flow of votes to labour here in the capital. labour made some gains in local elections across england but overall it's been a disappointing night for the party which failed to win some of its key targets. the party's deputy leader tom watson has been speaking to my colleague annita mcveigh. he admitted there were some setbacks, but also keen to see what he saw as many positives. the national polls showed the parties were neck and neck and actually think we've done rather better than that in some areas. certainly, our london results look like we could come back with more councillors than we have had since the 1970s. we've won in places that we were written off, plymouth, good local authority labour leader in tudor evans ran a great campaign. we are making gains in some
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of the seats we need to win in the general election. you can always do better but we think we've consolidated our place and we are quietly satisfied with the result. looking at london particularly, yes, you may have performed better there than last time, however, the story that is emerging as one of disappointment with the london results because the message that was put out by not all but some in the party was that there was the potential forgreat gain in london. it's very difficult when you are the labour party in opposition. having done so well in a general election and defied expectation, to actually manage those expectations. people said we were going to win in wandsworth and westminster, we have not help those for a0 years but we are neck and neck with the tories in those seats so i think we have done very well and i hope we don't let the expectations management debate actually take away from the real results in london. we have shown
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that sadiq khan is a popular mayor, we have five swings to labour and lots of areas and we have done really well. we had a clip from jeremy corbyn saying it was a very effective campaign but getting away from london and into some of the constituencies where he would have hoped to make gains to position yourself with the next general election, that hasn't happened so has the campaign been as effective as he has claimed? it's too early to tell and there are always local factors in these elections. it's very ha rd to factors in these elections. it's very hard to extrapolate what that says about a general election from those local results but we will look at it. our party chair is the mastermind of these elections. he will want to look where we could do better and assess what we need to do as we refine our general election plan. does it give the critics of jeremy corbyn within the labour party more to go on? there are people in the labour party who are going to criticisejeremy corbyn a lwa ys going to criticisejeremy corbyn always and i think this is a good set of results for our party. we
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have consolidated the gains we made last year, our members worked very hard, that always lessons you can learn from elections and we will do so, ithink learn from elections and we will do so, i think we have done well and we will take pleasure from the results we have had in london in particular. you have used the word consolidate quite a lot but we do not have hoped to do and expected to do better than this at this stage in the election cycle a nd this at this stage in the election cycle and to reference my first question, given the criticism of the conservative government over cuts to local government budgets?” conservative government over cuts to local government budgets? i don't like to quote polls but in a general election when labour was a 25 points, we were written off. we now at a0 points, neck and neck with the tories. we know we have to win seats to form a government but so far so good and we built our base this year, —— last year, we have consolidated that in these elections and we need to do more in future and eve ryo ne and we need to do more in future and everyone knows that and it will make politics more interesting in the yea rs politics more interesting in the years to come but we are up for the
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fight behind jeremy corbyn leading us fight behind jeremy corbyn leading us into that election. i interviewed the labour leaderfor us into that election. i interviewed the labour leader for barnet council and he is in no doubt that the anti—semitism row is what cost labour control of that council. presumably you agree. labour control of that council. presumably you agreelj labour control of that council. presumably you agree. i think we need to look at those results but there is no doubt that the jewish community have sent us a message in barnet and i think we have to understand that. clearly when you have internal disciplinary matters that end up on the front pages and linger, it stops you trying to get your positive message of change over and that's what happened in the last month so it was very difficult for us. you've seenjeremy‘s leadership on that, we have implemented the chakra report and i hope we can come back to barnet in years to come and see we have learned our lesson and dealt with anti—semitism. see we have learned our lesson and dealt with anti-semitism. that perhaps is the complete consolation to the labour councillors who stood in barnet and didn't get elected and
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the labour leader there saying, we had an opportunity a couple of years ago to do something about this and it has just taken too long. ago to do something about this and it hasjust taken too long. i'm very sorry for those members and council candidates —— and council candidates that have worked very hard and the people in barnet to deserve a labour council but that the situation we find ourselves in and ensure that will be one of the lessons that we ta ke will be one of the lessons that we take away from this set of results but these are local circumstances and nationally, ithink but these are local circumstances and nationally, i think the results of the labour party membership should be pleased, we have made good gains in london and consolidated the rest of the country and we're now going to focus on the general election, whenever might come. the labour pa rty‘s the labour party's deputy leader speaking there. now for the business news. the owner of the jacques vert fashion brand, calvetron, has gone into administration, putting more than 1,a00 jobs at risk. the firm operates about 300 concessions in uk stores, including
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debenhams and house of fraser. the administrators said the company would continue to trade while it looked to see if the business could be sold. norwegian airlines has rejected two separate takeover bids by the british airways owner iag. norwegian has become known for its low—cost long—haul routes across the atlantic. it said that iag's bids fundamentally undervalue the firm and its prospects for further growth. iag also published some pretty healthy operating profits — up 75% for the first quarter of this year — and it's among the top risers on the ftse today. a bounce back for car sales. after months of falling sales, the industry has finally reported a rise in new car registrations of 10% in april. however, that should be put in context. it is 10% up on april 2017 when sales saw a massive 20% collapse on the introduction of new tax rules. a series of national competitions and programmes are under way,
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designed to identify, inspire and enable more young people to go into the cyber security profession. they are the winners of a contest designed by the bank and cyber security challenge uk to find the next generation of cyber defenders. they were asked to put together a plan to defend britain's central bank against cyberattacks. but how hard is it to find young people to take up the vital skills of cyber security when the tech sector offers so many more tempting and lucrative careers? joining us now is emily 0rton from cyber defence company darktrace. this is surely the problem, that in the it sector by the cyber sector, you could make a fortune. why go into government, which the best will in the world, will not pay you a
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fortune? i think there really interesting roles in both sectors, both in the private sector, actually using some of the experience and know—how around cyber defence that is being developed over many years to apply that to the private sector and the government sector traditionally had more of the experience in this domain, but clearly the government is facing unique threat challenges and sources are uniquely rewarding and interesting area to tackle those problems. what kind of people are you looking for in this area? we look for a variety of people, there are commercial roles but in terms of cyber security, you are often looking for a technical background, perhaps a stem subject, and in particular that is a really important element of a background if you're looking at someone who is more hands—on in cyber security. you're also looking for someone who has a curious mindset relates problem—solving and it's a great
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area to be in because it is a very varied job, its technical and its maths enabled but it's also about putting a problem in a context, almost an investigative job so it is really exciting if you're curious in that sense. but you getting these people from? i be talking about young people —— where are you getting these people from? for darktrace, and artificial intelligence company, we look at people who are scientific with machine learning background and graduates of other disciplines who may not necessarily have computer science or even cyber security backgrounds, but have the potential to be trained up in this area so it is really important for us to be open—minded in that sense, be prepared to teach the graduates that come on board skills that they
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developed over years. what kind of threats are they looking for? how is that changing, because it is not the same as it was 510 years ago. it's absolutely not, it's evolving very quickly —— five or ten years ago. we're at the data protection. it has evolved since then. we have a lot of attacks that holds data to ransom and look at extorting companies. we have seen criminals that want to huack have seen criminals that want to hijack computer servers and infrastructure to main bitcoin and make money that way and we're seeing attacks that want to undermine the integrity of data as well. air france—klm has warned its profits are going to fall short of expectations. it's nothing to to do with demand — it says business is good and tickets sales are on the up. it's the strikes that are doing the damage.
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there have been 13 days of walk—outs this year — the higher costs of fuel and the strong euro have also hurt profits. bmw has seen a fall in its profits — they are down 3%. the reason is that it too being hit by the strength of the euro. operating profit fell 3% in the first quarter of the year. however bmw actually sold more cars — 3% more — but the revenues they made on the sales many of them overseas, when measured in euros, fell 5%. mining companies have agreed a £285 million compensation deal for tens of thousands of south african miners who contracted deadly lung diseases while working underground. the miners contracted silicosis, an incurable lung disease caused by inhaling dust from gold—bearing rocks. the companies, including anglogold, harmony and anglo american have also set up a £230 million compensation fund to help affected miners or their families. a quick look at the markets. ftse
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100 has been stable all the. the owner of british airways, a good result, unaffected by the fact that norwegian airways has turned on their offers. hsbc, april result with shares down 3%. and the euro against the dollar is a little but weaker, just below 1.2. that's all the business news. hundreds of afghan interpreters who served with uk troops fighting the taliban will not have to pay for the right to stay in britain. the home secretary sajid javid said all fees would be waived for the group. andy moore reports. they shared the same dangers on the front line with british troops. their faces are obscured in this footage because they face the additional danger of retribution from the taliban. many of them were allowed into the uk under a relocation
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scheme, but faced the prospect of paying nearly £2,a00 for themselves and for each family member if they wanted to seek indefinite leave to remain. more than 150 interpreters wrote a letter to the government saying their lives were in limbo. 0nly yesterday, the defence secretary was lobbying on their behalf. they've done an amazing job working with our armed forces in afghanistan. we have a personal duty to do the right thing by them, and i know that's something that's felt right across government. late last night, the new home secretary, sajid javid, accepted that argument. he said it had always been clear the interpreters would be able to stay in the uk with theirfamilies, and now they would be able to do that for free. bill cosby and roman polanski have been expelled from the us academy of motion picture arts and sciences. the academy — which runs the oscars — said this was done in accordance with its standards of conduct.
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tv star cosby was convicted of sexual assault last month. oscar—winning director polanski admitted statutory rape of a 13—year—old girl in 1977. peter bowes reports from los angeles. the academy announced the expulsion of bill cosby and roman polanski two days after its board gathered to vote on the issue. in a short statement, it said the academy encouraged ethical standards that required its members to uphold its values of respect for human dignity. the group adopted a new code of conduct in december for its more than 8,000 members. it says the academy is no place for people who abuse their status, power or influence in a manner that violates standards of decency. it includes a provision to suspend or expel those who compromise the integrity of the organisation. last week, bill cosby was found guilty of three counts of indecent assault and is currently waiting to be sentenced.
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roman polanski is a fugitive from justice in the united states, after fleeing the country in 1978, when he admitted unlawful sex with a 13—year—old girl. he moved to europe and continued working in the film industry. in 2003, he won an oscar for directing the world war ii drama the pianist. last october, the academy expelled the film producer harvey weinstein when he was accused of multiple counts of sexual harassment and assault. time for a look at the weather with chris fawkes. things are set to get warmer as we head into the bank holiday weekend. before we get there, we've got a little bit of sunshine today across eastern parts. this was cambridgeshirejust eastern parts. this was cambridgeshire just a few hours ago. cloud has been building somewhat but nevertheless it will stay fine across eastern areas. further west, for example around port talbot, the
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skies have been grey and there have been spots of drizzle at times. for the rest of the afternoon, the best of the sunshine continues across eastern areas of england and in trees and areas of scotland were locally in aberdeenshire we could see temperatures climbing to the low 20s. 0vernight, the cloud will probably thicken overnight across the irish sea coast is returning murky, otherwise it will be a mailbag, temperatures between nine and 10 celsius —— nine and 12 celsius. for the bank holiday weekend, fine weather is still in the forecast, sunshine for most of us the forecast, sunshine for most of us and it will get warmer, a dry bank holiday weekend for most of us. the pressure across eastern europe brings in warm air and temperatures are forecast to rise significantly across western germany western france and will come our way. the
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early may bank holiday record is set at 27 celsius. the bank holiday has only been around for a0 years but we will smash that record on monday. at the start of the weekend, is a reasonable start to the day. the outlook place but we will see rain is the northwest of scotland and that they will be a company by brisk winds, 12 celsius in stornoway, but further south and east, plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the high teens to low 20s. 0n sunshine and temperatures into the high teens to low 20s. on sunday, they should be more of that sunshine to go around. the exception of the far west of scotland will be threatened with bits and places of rain, temperatures reaching a high of 23 celsius, 18 celsius in aberdeen and belfast. bank demanding itself, those temperatures will continue to rise and we are likely to see temperatures hit 27 across the southeast of england. further north, more in the way of cloud across northern areas of scotland so many areas will have reasonable
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temperatures. the far north of scotla nd temperatures. the far north of scotland water cooler for the bank holiday monday with highs of 12 celsius in aberdeen and stornoway. that's the latest weather. it is two o'clock. welcome back to our special live coverage of the local elections in england. thousands of councillors around the country are finding out today if they've been elected. we'll have the results for you as they come in. and we'll be getting lots of analysis from our experts and talking of course to the political parties. let's have a look at what has been going on today so far. jeremy corbyn has been out and about in plymouth this morning, where labour took the council from the conservatives. but labour failed to win in other areas where they had hopes of gains in swindon, barnet and wandsworth. they also lost control of the councils in derby,
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