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and eastern parts of to the 17th toxic gas and lava flows from the mount england. those temperatures into the mid 20s or so. century. kilauea volcano. cooling off a little further north and further west. with the through fissures in a residential times. area. of the uk. of hawaii's big island. temperatures will be on the slide. on a daily basis. billion a to take on the year. gun lobby. by 2016, that figure had fallen to less he also repeated a call for teachers to be armed. in north america on pbs and around the world. than $3 billion. my name is nkem expensive to make, difficult to wear, almost impossible to clean. ifejika. samples at the site of an alleged chlorine attack in syria last month. after a volcanic eruption. wool, or even hundreds are forced to leave their homes. polyester. their aim — to create kimonos that are both affordable and wearable. sent for analysis. of the national rifle association — and makes this vow. your second amendment rights are under siege. wardrobe, an outfit in which they as i'm your can express themselves. president. particularly with
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the tokyo 0lympics only able to celebrate significant two years gains. away. ancient and modern. taking control of four councils, but it was a near wipeout for ukip. at the site of an alleged chlorine attack traditional dress revolutionised for the 21st century. in syria. tim allman, bbc news. talking to voters. will probe beneath the surface of mars prepares for lift—off. hello and meghan markle on may 19th the question now is why? and in windsor. welcome to will walk his daughter down the aisle at st george's chapel. bbc get over the line. to meet members of but we want to news. the royal family. hear from you, wherever you are. volcanoes, mount kilauea. vulnerable to lava flows, ash and toxic gas. that they were divorced when meghan was about six years old. of emergency has been declared. bill hayton reports. and then on the big day itself, both have roles. a roadblock,
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hawaii style. by car to windsor castle and then at st george's chapel. as the father of the bride to give on thursday and molten lava poured her away. out. william, will be waiting. of my favourite streets at least was as they make their way to the chapel. on fire. dozens of small earthquakes left cracks in the roads. snake was moving under the houses. you can feel the heat coming from the ground... yeah, there's heat coming out of there. one of the there's lava readings. there. sort of and that wasn't the only thing. danger. the air was filled with potentially toxic fumes. as a result, the state a maid of governor ordered an evacuation. there was little time to honour. gather possessions. some escaped with what
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they could. residents are now waiting to see when they'll be allowed home. is one which star wars fans eagerly await all year. of an explosive be with you. eruption. and to mark the occasion, people have been getting creative online. here's laura on its slopes ever since it became active in trevelyan. 1983. relaxing just yet. star wars fans far and wide have been celebrating. imitates lightsaber whooshing. from sports teams to some fuzzier celebrities. imitates yoda: island of 0h! hawaii. may the fourth be with you! he told me he was about 35 miles away from the volcano. hmm! everyone has been having a little fun with this clever play on words. on the departures board. of the earthquakes you were mentioning. even the franchise's stars haven't in fact, we felt a pretty significant 6. been able to resist. about an hour and a half 0h, hi, will. ago. hi. what the date is.
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oh, i know what you're doing. 0k, very clever. i don't think so! what the date is. |'m having a really hard time remembering. we are feeling the effects but not to the day because i don't want the degree those poor folks are. to hear the phrase. 0k. as it is for you may the fourth. be with you! 0h! around the world. i can imagine, from where you are can you see anything? you do too. laura trevelyan, bbc news. it and get some live updates and that sort of thing. does that mean you don't need to worry? jar—jar binks is still i suppose these things are affected by wind direction, right? a big fail. you be watching bbc news. hello there, good morning. a lot of that. holiday weekend weather. this weekend, though, could be very different.
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and wide, and there will be more to come this problems, old folks, young people, to be careful weekend. of that. rain, it should be dry and getting warmer and warmer as well. not surprisingly, high pressure is in charge of our weather. we are drawing in warmth from the near continent. but it has been kept down in the puna area if you will. the outer isles as well. and wales but there will be some sunny spells, too. with my jaw open. what are you guys feeling? in north—eastern scotland and low 20s in the south—east of england. on the mainland saying, are there's that rain in the far north—west you guys 0k? it's dramatic. of scotland. it runs away towards the northern isles then peters out. still could be quite misty across the irish accustomed to sea here. it. but generally clear skies. relief when it stopped in the sunshine on sunday. at the foot of probably tending to push that rain away once
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town. but hurricanes, lava flows, it is again. some more sunshine for scotland, northern sort of our reality now. ireland. increasing amounts of sunshine for england and wales. towards the north pictures but it is so beautiful so channel. who can blame you? perhaps even mid 20s at best. and more sunshine to come on monday, too. again, some stronger winds in the far north—west. a few spots of rain not far away. but generally, a lovely day. but they are not leaving, that is nuts, isn't it? temperatures at least around 20—23 degrees or so. monday on record. now, things will on the previous video, the start to change lava is 150 feet high. after monday. some people, you can't tell them retreats to scandinavia. what to do. with pressure falling. of the uk. they are keeping for the folks but further east, it will still be dry on tuesday.
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being evacuated. and eastern parts of you feel that? england. those temperatures into the mid 20s oh, yeah! 9 and then we had a 4. or so. cooling off a little further north and further west. of the uk. temperatures will be on the slide. for quite a while. we felt that, it was the biggest one we felt since this all began. in dallas, texas. with stormy daniels, an adult film star. school in florida. gary 0'donoghue reports from dallas. reporter: there
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he is. there's donald] trump. the organisation on the back foot. and their right onstitutionally to own a gun. your second amendment rights are under siege. ever be under siege as long as i'm your president. cheering. at the forefront of the debate. my daughter has no voice. she was murdered last week.
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to stand up to the organisation, though little action followed. so let's talk about guns, shall we? cheering. but there was no such tough talk for the nra today. in the united states. in the middle is like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds. yes, that's right. they don't have guns, they have knives. lindsay falcon was one of those close by urging tighter controls. in a waffle house shooting in tennessee
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last month. to protect our children. this was an uncompromising speech by the president. there's unlikely to be any more compromise from republicans. will hold talks at the white house on 22 may. in late may orjune. had been set, but gave no further details. with israel for the sixth consecutive friday. bullets fired by israeli troops. or possible infiltrations.
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were expelled or fled from the new state of israel. security council. a two year term starting injanuary. its candidacy after consulting partners and friends. for nearly two weeks. after the funeral of his wife barbara. to his blood. at the site of an alleged chlorine attack in syria.
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the team spent almost two weeks in the city of douma. syria's president bashar al—assad denies using the banned weapons. by andrew plant distressing. chemical weapons attack. and took samples. for chemical substances. we are now waiting for their report. these pictures are from the 7 april. from their skin.
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key targets in syria's chemical weapons programme. rebel—held area of the country. biological tissue from the bodies of victims. analysing the samples could take a month. russia has claimed the attack was faked by opposition groups. weapons — something it has repeatedly denied. before their results are made public.
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and why some are trying to revive it. to the republic of south africa. and president mitterand. services to begin. for centuries, christianity and islam struggled for supremacy. now the pope's visit symbolises their willingness to coexist. in underfour minutes. memories of victory as the ve celebrations reach their climax.
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of peace and freedom. this is bbc news. mount kilauea. for stricter controls. across a wide area of the north in india. as buildings collapsed in the intense storm.
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affected, and more bad weather is on the way. the bbc‘s salman ravi reports from agra. it's now calm in badhera village. a miracle that more lives weren't lost. this is the place where i'm standing here. you can see this house, it's in a rubble now. and the local villagers, they had to perform the last rites. the women are in mourning and know it will be hard to rebuild. translation: suddenly, all the people were caught up in it. people say its speed was 150km/h. it was a disaster. we helped one another. three people died in our village. with the high winds. my father was killed. my niece and i were injured. translation: nobody has ever seen such a hurricane. we pray to god that we don't experience this again. all the farmers' crops have been
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ruined. translation: i was hiding behind the furniture in the room. with my whole family. officials say the storm came out of nowhere. it was the worst in 20 years, and more bad weather is forecast. salman ravi, bbc news, agra. of britain's most wanted fugitives has been arrested in spain. in the large—scale supply of drugs. andy moore reports. living in spain. as he was leaving a gym
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in barcelona. of the teenager stephen lawrence. in south—east london in a racially motivated killing. the stephen lawrence inquiry. and was never charged. large—scale supply of drugs. he had last been seen in eltham in london two years ago. for an extradition hearing.
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on saturday morning from vandenberg air force base in california. rocky planets formed. 0ur science correspondent victoria gill explains. a mission to the red planet and a journey back in time. 5 billion years ago. which will map the deep structure of the planet. of its core. earthquakes, or marsquakes. looking for water and habitability. how it's built.
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are so different. from roughly similar materials, but it is very different. it is now dead — it could have been alive 3. not being a habitable place now. to our solar system's past. other stars evolved. victoria gill, bbc news. an ancient tradition. for centuries, the kimono has been a symbol of the nation. but sales are in decline and the market is shrinking. it seems the kimono is too expensive for
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everyday use. as the bbc‘s tim allman reports. 00:21:06,444 --> 715827684:09:50,275 yuichi 715827684:09:50,275 --> 1431655367:58:34,105 hirose 1431655367:58:34,105 --> 2147483051:47:17,937 is 2147483051:47:17,937 --> 2863310735:36:01,768 a 2863310735:36:01,768 --> 3579138419:24:45,598 master 3579138419:24:45,598 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 craftsman.
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