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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 8, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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if‘ai‘it that is possible, it is not but that is possible, it is not theoretically impossible. what i think is important is even though it will hurt iran and this uncertainty, this uncertain situation we have right now, for example that has already had the reigning currency but in the long run i think what is happening is that the united states is being damaged whether anyone else. it is being seen as a country thatis else. it is being seen as a country that is not abiding by its own commitments, it is unreliable and trustworthy, it even humiliates his closest allies the french president, the german chancellor went to see him and they got nothing in return. and then we had that dandruff incident. so i think the united states is underestimating the changing global situation especially since russia and china are having their own problems with united states as we speak of the trade issues. let me ask you more about the reigning government has the president has talked about serious consequences if donald trump walks away in recent days. what would he
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mean by serious consequences?” away in recent days. what would he mean by serious consequences? i do not know what goes on behind closed doors but obviously there will be a pushback from iran and i think the chances are iran will withdraw from the agreement. one thing i think that your viewers should know... what about restarting of the nuclear programme, that is the worry? well one of the important thing is that we saw during the nuclear negotiations was around shutdown a huge segment of its nuclear programme and many in iran thought that was a bad deal at the time, many thought it was a good deal and many thought it was a good deal and many were somewhere many thought it was a good deal and many were somewhere in between. but when the iranians decided to agree to this deal those who opposed it and those who supported it they all agreed that iran must abide by its international commitments. so unlike the united states, i think the iranians have shown the international community that they are trustworthy and they are reliable. but i'm asking you donald
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trump walks away from the deal find by both parties and others, is there a risk in your opinion of the iranians deciding, we all was a nuclear programme as a result, if you're going to have sanctions then we will go down that path again. is that a realistic risk? of course, that a realistic risk? of course, thatis that a realistic risk? of course, that is not a risk but iran would have their right to do that within the framework of international law. even before the nuclear deal iran was abiding by the npt. and pompeo, when he was still head of cia, he admitted that iran before the deal before the nuclear deal, was not heading for a nuclear weapon and this month against 15 years of anti—iranian propaganda from the united states. of course the reason why he made this admission was because he wanted to say do not worry, if around exits, if the us exit the agreement then the iranians
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will not be heading for a nuclear weapon because before the deal were not heading for a nuclear weapon. but iran will definitely push forward in my opinion if the deal falls apart, they will restart their nuclear, peaceful nuclear programme. well i also spoke to the president of the national iranian american council which advocates for dialogue with iran and he explained what he felt the repercussions would be sure donald trump pull out of the deal. while donald trump is taking a triumph of diplomacy and choosing to turnit triumph of diplomacy and choosing to turn it into a crisis, a crisis that could well lead to a military confrontation. and as your journalist pointed out as well this is driven very much by his desire to undo everything that barack obama achieved regardless of the implications for us national security and in this case of course, the security of the region as a whole. this will spell disaster even if it does not lead to full—scale war it definitely will make the
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situation in the middle east much more tense. but when you listen to president trump and to the israelis they point to that fixed time limit in terms of the controls on iran and say after that has been which does nothing to stop around rushing for a nuclear weapon. is that not one of the key witnesses of the deal that was signed up to. not at all because the argument is completely false. it is true that some restrictions will be lifted from the iranians after ten yea rs be lifted from the iranians after ten years or so but the main restrictions that will actually prevent them being able to go down the path of building a nuclear weapon is actually permit and that is that inspections, the inspections and verification is regime is the most intrusive that has ever been imposed on any country and that will also go out of the window as the result of donald trump choosing to initiate the crisis. so the israeli argument and also the argument from the political establishment, the
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security establishment in israel is actually in favour of keeping this because they recognise the death is the best option at this point. because it is constraining the reigning nuclear programme and reducing the risk of war. that is not what the israeli ambassador to london was saying this morning on the bbc but in terms of starting any kind of other negotiations about a future deal, and tougher deal, is that the possibility or is that pie in the sky when you hear donald trump talking about that? that was a false carrot put out whether drug administration in order to come across as this there were trying to achieve something better. i think europeans now reached the correct —— the correct conclusion that that is never something that donald trump was interested in and european effo rts was interested in and european efforts to appease him have been a failure and perhaps also counter—productive. if there was a true desire to get a new deal or add—on deal of the first thing to do is to respect the existing deal and build credibility and confidence and
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then one can have an additional negotiation. whether donald trump is done it by violating the on the deal, it does not create a situation in which you can expect that there would be an additional negotiation and all parties would come to the table. i if it is thrown away if the realistic risk of iran restarting its nuclear programme? realistic risk of iran restarting its nuclear programme ?|j realistic risk of iran restarting its nuclear programme? i think it will be naive to expect the iranians would agree to continue with restrictions when they are getting none of the carrots and none of the benefits that they were promised in order to keep those restrictions. so the political dynamics in around inevitably will need to earth scenario in which they will restart aspect of their programme. how fast that will be done and how far it will go are issues for debate but i think the idea that they will do nothing is nonexistent. and how dangerous would you say is this moment, this crossroads today that we have reached ? moment, this crossroads today that
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we have reached? this is the initiation of the crisis that could very well be to war and if we are in a situation six—month, nine months from now in which there actually is a military confrontation, we should remember that that confrontation was started today in two hours' time by donald trump. let me take you to the white house and the pictures have just come up, that my feed because we are less than 3a minutes away from the president coming out and making that announcement and giving a clear detail. as we sit here and wait, as we listen to the detailed options, that is what we should concentrate on, for the us, for iran and for the european countries. we have to wait to hear the details but it seems clear president trump will ta ke it seems clear president trump will take a decision which will pull back or perhaps an american engagement
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with the nuclear deal, it could give a few more months, but in terms of american involvement in the deal, he could make it easierfor the european nations and russia and china continue —— to continue their business involvements with iran or could accelerate sanctions making it even harderfor them. i think we need to wait for the details but i think this is a defining moment for what was almost two years ago, regarded as a landmark deal. well we are on the brink of walking away from that deal apparently and easy to forget just how long from that deal apparently and easy to forgetjust how long it from that deal apparently and easy to forget just how long it took all of those different countries to peace this thing together. more than two years of negotiations, some of them sigrid back channel negotiations and some of them we had some of the world's busiest foreign ministers, john kerry, clearing the diaries for weeks. it took weeks
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upon weeks upon weeks, president trump says he could do better, he said this is the worst deal in history and he called it insane. i think those who negotiated the deal, bearing in mind are not deals around that could see russia, china and the united states sitting around the same table agreeing on a deal together. so there are not many occasions we've had so many world powers coming together to agree on this deal. it is not perfect, eve ryo ne this deal. it is not perfect, everyone including iran said they had to make compromises for the resident obama said it is not based on trust but compliance and they regard it as the best possible deal under the circumstances. and it truly was historic. i know that you will stay with us and thank you very much for now. thank you for watching our special coverage. just the final operation is being made in the white house. that announcement due in the next few minutes, stay with us because we will take you through that announcement with full reaction
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and full analysis. you're watching a special edition of beyond one hundred days. the most consequential moment of donald trump's foreign policy — it's decision day on the iran deal. in the next few minutes we'll hearfrom the president. all indications are that he's preparing to pull out of the nuclear agreement. abandoning what he calls the worst deal ever made was a key campaign promise, but it drives a wedge between america and its european allies. this is the scene live at the white house, we will take you there when the president appears. we'll devote today's programme to this important story and our correspondents are standing by. watching developments at the white house and on capitol hill. we'll also have reaction from israel, iran, the uk, and europe in the next hour. get in touch with us using the hashtag ‘beyond—one—hundred—days'.


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