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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 9, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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in a moment, it will be time for sportsday but, first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at seven o'clock — can the europeans save the iran nuclear deal, after president trump rejected it? beyond 100 days speaks to the uk's former national security adviser, sir mark lyall grant. at 8:20pm, we'll be taking a closer look at a report which says young people with mental health conditions don't get enough support. we'll speak to nicholas scarr, whose daughter, mimi, died after suffering an eating disorder as a teenager. and at10:1i0pm, we'll take a first look at tomorrow's headlines in the papers. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello, i am olly foster. these are our sportsday
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headlines tonight: a top—20 hit. kyle edmund is still on the rise, knocking novak djokovic out of the madrid open. i kept calm, ijust realised my game is enough, i don't have to do more against a top player. there's still so much at stake in the premier league, especially at stamford bridge. we'll look ahead to chelsea against huddersfield. and it's tata to yaya. toure tells us what he's going to miss about manchester city. good evening, we will look ahead to tonight's football in just a moment but we are going to start in spain because — in the words of novak djokovic — "kyle edmund
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is playing the best tennis of his life". the british number one knocked out the former world number one in three sets to reach the last 16 at the madrid open and edmund who reached a career high of 22 in the world this week, is now set to break in to the top 20. adam wild was watching the action. with andy murray struggling to return from hip surgery, time for kyle edmund to step out of his shadows. he saw off daniel medvedev yesterday with ease. a tougher test awaited in the form of the 12—time grand slam champion. edmund wasn't fazed, cruising through the first set 6—3. the serbian has found difficulty finding form. he secured a top win against a top—20 opponent, beating kai nishikori on monday, but edmund's serve began to fail. broken early in the second, he struggled to recover, and djokovic went on to win the set 6—2 and level the match. the british number one lost all three prior meetings with djokovic.
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this was the first on clay and, again, it began to go his way. 6—3, he won the deciding set, a victory which sees him into the top 20. it's david goffin next for edmund in the last 16. this has certainly been his year that started with a place in the australian open semi—finals. with andy murray's hip injury keeping him out of action, edmund says he is merely keeping the british number one spot warm, but he's going to keep hold of it for some time if he can maintain this form. let's hearfrom both players after today's match. he has a unique game style and it's very tough to break down, especially the speed of his movement, and how many balls he's able to get back. so i knew trying to move him wasn't going to be the right way. luckily, i have an aggressive game
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style and i feel i do it well, so i knew i had to impose that. especially in the first set, and at the end of the third, doing that helped. i wasjust better in the decisive moments. and i was a bit unlucky. 4-3 moments. and i was a bit unlucky. 4—3 and a couple of bad bounces and lines that he hit. and the game is gone, the next game is new balls and he is hitting four first serves in and the match has gone. and i was pretty close. but yes, that is tennis. a brilliant win for kyle edmund. to the football, it's a crunch week in the premier league. last night, we saw west bromwich albion go down as a result of southampton pretty much keeping themsleves up by beating swansea. there are four matches this evening, but what happens at stamford bridge will have a big impact at both ends of the table. chelsea are chasing the top four, huddersfield can beat the drop. it is anything but easy, but we said
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this more often now. we will try it, we will fight for it, we will work for it. we try to make something like what looks like an impossible challenge. we will work to make something possible. first, we have to be focused on our performance that we reach our level, our highest level. and maybe we get this result and a reward for it. maybe not, we will see. i think that we're doing ourjob in the best way to put a bit of pressure to liverpool and tottenham. but for sure, as you know very well, the situation is not in our hands. i'm totally focused on the present. and the present is now to finish the season in the best possible way. with my players. also, because i think our fans deserve this.
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huddersfield have two matches to play. if chelsea win, they go above fourth—place spurs, but if they lose, beat mid—table newcastle at wembley and spurs will be sure of a top fourfinish wembley and spurs will be sure of a top four finish and champions league football next season. the bbc‘s simon brotherton is at the game for match of the day. tottenham's champions league fake is in their hands with two winnable matches, this tonight against newcastle and leicester on sunday. it is tighter in terms of the race for the top four and tottenham were hoping or expecting because their form has faltered, winning one of the last four matches and losing two, most recently on saturday at west bromwich. leaving the draw open for chelsea, only two points behind them now. newcastle, they are safe, and they played like it as well in
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the last three games, losing each of them since the safety was confirmed. this is their first visit to wembley since 2,000, they came to the old wembley for the fa cup semifinal and they were beaten by - but 2" “some: * ————— of the matches so so game is against spurs, so tonight's game is farfrom a foregone against spurs, so tonight's game is far from a foregone conclusion. it certainly is not. it's manchester city's final home match of a brilliant season. they have brighton at the etihad and it will be a chance for the fans to bid farewell to yaya toure. this will be his final match. the ivorian has been at the heart of city's rise, winning three premier league titles and four cup trophies during his eight seasons there. he's been speaking to our reporter, simon stone, about his time at the club and how he still thinks that he can play at the highest level. i feel good. the difficult part is
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the fans. the fans have been so great with me, so superb with me. and for the last one, i have to do what i did to came to make them happy. to be honest, some of the fa ns were happy. to be honest, some of the fans were talking at me, you retiring? i said, no, fans were talking at me, you retiring? isaid, no, i'm not. i have been rested for one year, sleeping and beating. it's good, maybe it is going to be two more yea rs maybe it is going to be two more years to play football, i never know. two more years in the premier league? you will stay in the premier league, you think? definitely, yes, why? because it is a different mentality. i love the challenge and i love the difficulty. you can't imagine. remember when i came here first year, the stadium was nearly empty. they were not my fans, you know. they were not there. well, now you see the crowds, they stop to be
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nearly full —— they start to be nearly full —— they start to be nearly full —— they start to be nearly full and that makes me feel happy and that makes me feel like i have... i don't think the emotion is going to get to me on saturday, it is about happiness, i feel great to serve this club and to make these fa ns serve this club and to make these fans happy. to be honest, the difficult part of this is when i go home and see my kids after that. because to be honest, i have been so long at this club, eight years. when icame long at this club, eight years. when i came with my kids, it was two, three, something like that. it was little. and now it is like that. it is good, it is part of life, it is what it is like about life and football. me and the guys all over the world. everywhere, people love me for what i'm doing. no one can stop me from doing that. i will continue to play football. what a
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player he has been for manchester city! yaya toure, his final match tonight. their last home match of the season, that kicks off at eight p:m.. they kick off at the etihad at 8, one other match we haven't told you about, leicester host arsenal. you can keep up to date with all of those matches on the bbc sport website. more football in just a moment, but here's what else we've got coming up on sportsday for you tonight. ahead of ireland's historic first test with pakistan, we rewind almost 50 years, when the gentlemen of ireland skittled the windies. ad we also hear from sepp blatter — banned and disgraced and still hurting about the way he lost his fifa presidency. definitely, i was very much affected andi definitely, i was very much affected and i was very much affected. also, i have to say in my health. chelsea have that big game against huddersfield tonight, they are also playing in the women's superleague. they won the women's fa cup over
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the weekend and they will go three points clear at the top of the table if they beat birmingham city ladies. our women's football reporter, jo currie, is here. it could be a great week for chelsea, this. yes, i think emma hayes, yes, ithink emma hayes, the manager, will hope those wembley celebrations don't go on to late. their title hopes still very much alive. chelsea's title hopes, a big boost for them last night when their rivals, defending champions manchester city, unexpectedly lost 1-0 at manchester city, unexpectedly lost 1—0 at liverpool thanks to bet england's headed goal. at loan from chelsea at liverpool so she did her pa re nt‘s chelsea at liverpool so she did her pa rent‘s club chelsea at liverpool so she did her parent's club that her parents club a big favour. despite the defeat, citystate top of the table on goal difference, chelsea second and manchester city with one more goal so manchester city with one more goal so if chelsea beat birmingham
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tonight, they go three points clear and with three games to play, that would still be in their hands. this isa would still be in their hands. this is a pivotal week. chelsea are still unbeaten this season in the league, but a few too many draws for their liking. yes, they have not lost matches, but five draws in 11! games is quite uncharacteristic. and you do worry that by the end of the season, it could come back to bite them. but they have been fighting for four trophies and reached the semifinals of the women's champions league and got to the final and they lifted the fa cup, so plenty of matches. but a risk that form would dip, but it depends what happens in the next i! days, but you do worry that could cost them the title. i know relegation is not at stake because of the way the league is set up and they are trying to close it to let they are trying to close it to let the women's game growth. if you look at the end of the table. one other match this evening — everton against yeovil. everton one off the bottom, but yeovil rock bottom, on two points,
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and theyjust look completely out of their depth this season. poor old yeovil! very tough season for them, no wins in 11! games, two draws, and both goalless. they do risk going the entire season without scoring a single goal. it is well documented they have a much smaller budget than the other teams in the division and only recently, they had to crowdfunds to raise enough money to crowdfunds to raise enough money to stay in the top tier next year, so to stay in the top tier next year, so it is tough for them and everton, second from bottom with no wins in their last five league matches. the teams desperate for points this evening. we will see how they get on. many thanks indeed. two matches in the wsl. also a couple in the scottish premiership. champions celtic play kilmarnock. and we have an edinburgh derby at tynecastle, with hearts taking on a hibs side chasing a european spot. our scotland football reporter, chris mclaughlin, is there for us. well, these games are always pretty big anyway. it is a fascinating
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fixture this evening for hibs in particular. because we have in scottish football a fascinating three—way tie for second spot behind champions celtic. at the moment, aberdeen, rangers and hibs are vying for that second spot. aberdeen have the advantage, they are one point ahead. if hibs do the business here and beat rangers on sunday at home, they could be looking good for that second spot. everything this evening points towards hibs victory, no place scottish football, very few places can rock like tynecastle in a midweek under the lights. this place will rock this evening! from tynecastle. in an exclusive interview with the bbc, the disgraced former fifa boss sepp blatter says he is still confident than he can clear his name. he is serving a six—year ban from all football activity following ethics breaches and, in the last years
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of his presidency, numerous corruption scandals implicated a number of his executive committee members. the 82 year old has been speaking to the bbc‘s mani djazmi about his fall from grace. i was definitely in shock, what has happened. and i was also not only shocked by the reality, but i was shocked by the reality, but i was shocked also by knowing afterwards how much i was taken in a trap and the people at a certain time, they have just left you. but this is life. this is life and i have to compose my life and here we're now, i'm ina compose my life and here we're now, i'm in a new period of my life. mani djazmi is with me now. mani, he says he fell into a trap and feels let down by those who deserted him. not sure how much sympathy that will evoke. he left fifa under an enormous
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cloud, colleagues chased by the fbi. his ultimate exit was down to what was deemed to be a ‘disloyal‘ payment to former uefa boss michel platini. he had plenty to say, with some very strong opinions about how football is being run. not being run correctly. yes, certainly very little sympathy judging by the people who contacted me on twitter today who don't think we should give him any airtime. i did ask him about his successor, gianni infantino, and he is like a coach who says they will not talk about the referee and then he talks about the referee and then he talks about the referee and then he talks about the referee. he didn't reference him directly but he was critical of the use of video assistant referees at the world cup, he thinks it is far too early, and he's very critical of gianni infantino's idea he's very critical of gianni infa ntino's idea of he's very critical of gianni infantino's idea of nations league which might yield $25 million. he says that is selling football. and
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he is critical of the idea of co—hosting the world cup. the 2020 six world cup is for grabs and it is between morocco and a three country co—hosting bid between canada, mexico and the united states. and based on past experience, sepp blatter doesn't think that will work. when korea, the republic of korea, and japan had a combined organisation, it was a nightmare in organisation. and therefore, we have taken the decision in fifa that if there is one country able to organise the world cup, then we should not consider combined organisations. he said it would be a disaster. he spoke at times to you as if it was almost still his organisation. did you find that a little bit strange when you conduct of that interview?
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we spoke to him at some length and you called him out on a couple of things, asking what right he had to still feel he had this influence. well, he was at fifa for a0 years. it is not surprising he slipped into the wee, rather than the them up from time to time. but he has drawn a line under that time. i don't think he sees himself returning. i did ask if his ban he is fighting is lifted before the next election and if he would stand, and he said, no, absolutely not. he is in his ‘80s, it is too late to begin a newjob. there have been a lot of views on twitter expressing that sepp blatter is yesterday's man, he is corrupt and should not be given airtime. i put that very point to him, what do you say to people who say that? and he said that they should go and talk to confucius and jesus and muhammad
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and buddha and socrates, or at least consult them. he said they will all say, don'tjudge, otherwise, you will bejudged. and he said, they shall not condemn me and they shall notjudge me. shall not condemn me and they shall not judge me. it shall not condemn me and they shall notjudge me. it was a really engaging interview with the former fifa president and you can find much more of it on the bbc sport website. many thanks indeed. let's round up some of the day's other headlines, serena williams is a doubt for this month's french open. she's pulled out of next week's italian open. she's already ducked out of the current madrid open. six months after having her first child, she is still short of fitness and hasn't played on clay for two years. tiger woods will take part in this year's open championship at carnoustie. 2015 was the last time that the three—time winner played in the tournament. and enrico battaglin won stage 5 of the giro d'italia. australia's rohan denis retains the leaders pinkjersey. chris froome is 57 seconds off the lead. they stay in sicily,
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for a tough climb up mount etna tomorrow. ireland's cricketers will play their first test this friday when they host pakistan in dublin. but their journey to gaining test status began almost 50 years ago when, in 1969, they hit the headlines with an amazing performance against the then dominant west indies side. ireland's wicket—keeper recalls their most famous day. i was proud to be irish wicketkeeper one week, for the greatest day, after bowling the mighty west indies testing out for 25. and he is out bowled and the west indies are all out for 25. i repeat that, the west indies are all out here at siam mills, having


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