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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 10, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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‘ test our first experience of test cricket, but we know we have everything it takes to win a game of cricket in our own conditions. the goal of cricket ireland is to make the sport mainstream across the country. for that, cricket the sport mainstream across the country. forthat, cricket needs the sport mainstream across the country. for that, cricket needs to be visible. to that end, highlights will be shown on free to air television across the country every night of the match. the biggest concern for all, though, could be the weather. rain is forecast for the weather. rain is forecast for the first couple of days at what is a historic occasion for irish cricket. there will be no official world cup song for england at russia 2018. with just over a month to go until the start of the tournament the fa have confirmed that no new song has been commissioned and there's also no plan to endorse an unofficial song. so with that in mind, let's end our show reminiscing on one of the great england songs of the past. the year is 1990, the world cup is in italy and new order's world in motion is the soundtrack as england got all the way to the semi—finals — the furthest they've reached since winning the tournament in 1966. music: world in motion by new order.
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# love's got the world in motion and i can't believe it's true. some news just some newsjust in — this take some news just in — this take that has confirmed that she has spoken to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu —— the israeli prime minister benjamin neta nyahu —— the the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu —— the prime minister has confirmed that she had spoken to the israeli prime minister. a downing street ‘s buckman said theresa may condemned the iranian rocket attacks against israeli forces, but urged calm on both sides. the statement went on to say that the prime
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minister reiterated the uk's position on the iran nuclear deal, noting that we and our european partners remain firmly committed to ensuring that that deal is upheld. president trump of course pulled the us out of that deal earlier this week, and israel were against that deal as well. so that has come from downing street. we have also heard that officers from the metropolitan police counterterrorism command have arrested a 41—year—old woman on suspicion of possession of a document likely to be useful for the purposes of terrorism. they arrested the woman at stansted airport this afternoon. she was attempting to board an outbound flight to sweden. two bits of news just in for you. a man who beat his girlfriend to death and then disposed of her body has been found guilty of murder. 33—year—old dean lowe killed kirby noden in their flat in marazion in cornwall last january. and a warning to our viewers, the court has heard some very distressing details during this case. our correspondent david george joins
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us from outside truro crown court. — tell us some of the background to the case? kirby noden and dean lowe were partners. they had lived together for seven years. she was the mother of his two children and they have known each other since they were babies. the court heard that they lived a chaotic, drug fuelled lifestyle. they were often homeless, until they moved to this flat in an area adjacent to set michael's, a beautiful part of cornwall. kirby noden disappeared around the middle of january last year. by may, noden disappeared around the middle ofjanuary last year. by may, her relatives were getting concerned. there were also receiving peculiar m essa 9 es there were also receiving peculiar messages from dean lowe, talking about dealing with disposing of a body. some of the details, i can't give you at this time of the evening. the prosecution's case was that he had beat her to death with a
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rock from the beach and a poll, had lived with the body in the flat for seven days and then disposed of it in bins and flushed some parts down the toilet. the jury obviously agreed with that assessment of the case and they found him guilty in the court this afternoon. a really grisly and distressing case. how difficult was the police investigation into this crime? difficult was the police investigation into this crime7m was particularly difficult for officers because there was no body. they have to do what they called a proof of life, or in this case a proof of life, or in this case a proof of life, or in this case a proof of death investigation. it took them a long time. dean lowe insisted that kirby noden was alive and well and living in south africa, so and well and living in south africa, so it was an international investigation. effectively, they have to prove a negative — was kirby noden alive? the answer was of course no. because of the way the
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body was disposed of, they had specialist teams searched the drains of that beautiful cornish village. some welsh police dogs were brought in to search and sniff out body parts, but nothing was found. the defendant wasn't in the dock for the verdict today. he will be sentenced at exeter crown court next week. david george, thanks very much. time for a look at the weather with darren bett. sunshine and dry weather were spread more evenly across the uk today, but that might not be the case tomorrow. we are looking to the atlantic to see where our weather is coming from and it looks pretty cloudy. the cloud is only moving slowly towards the uk, with weatherfronts cloud is only moving slowly towards the uk, with weather fronts which will bring a change across the west. ahead of that, we have a ridge of high pressure which will melt away a lot of the cloud and even move away
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the showers we have had in scotland earlier. clear skies for much of the country overnight. later, we will see the breeze picking up in northern ireland and western scotland. otherwise, it will be a cold night, particularly chilly across scotland. but at least it will start out bright and sunny for many parts of the country. but that is the rain we have got coming out into wales, south—west england, northern ireland and western scotland. but much of scotland will be dry, even at four o'clock in the afternoon. the rain is still there across the western fringes of scotland. across northern ireland, they are beginning to ease off across western parts of the country. the midlands and eastern england will be warmer than today. that weather front becomes weaker as it moves eastwards. the problem is this
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weekend, where is that weather front going to stop? everything is so slow movie that some models keep it across eastern england for a time, other models take it northwards across scotland, allowing showers to come in from the south—west. so a lot of uncertainty for the weekend forecast, but this is how it looks at the moment. this is our preferred model. across eastern parts of england and scotland, there may be cloud and showers before things turn wetter in eastern england later. heavy showers toward south—west wales and england. in between something drier and brighter, but it will not be as warm as was last weekend. the rain should clear away from east of england for sunday, but linger across the north—east of scotland. more showers for northern ireland and wales, and the showers will be heavy with hail and thunder. awe
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a we have the mark your calendars — the president of the united states will meet the supreme leader of north korea onjune 12th. singapore is the chosen venue for the historic meeting — neutral, safe ground for a high stakes summit on a nuclear crisis. tui the announcement came just hours after three american tui ican detainees released by north korea arrived back in the united states to a presidential welcome. israel and iran trade rockets over syria. not yet a war — but certainly a fight that's locking in world powers at a volatile moment. also on the programme... from cold war to hot peace — the former us ambassador to russia says now is not the time to reset relations.
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