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tv   World News Today  BBC News  May 12, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. our top stories. north korea says it will start dismantling its nuclear test site in less than two weeks — and in full view of the world's media. iraqi first parliamentary election since the country declared victory over so—called islamic state passes off largely peacefully. turkey's president tells the bbc that president trump made the wrong decision in pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. and how this mini—helicopter — no bigger than a grapefruit — could well revolutionise the exploration of mars. north korea has announced it will dismantle its nuclear test site later this month — in plain view of the world's media. the three—day event is scheduled to take place three weeks before president trump and the north korean leader kimjong—un hold an historic summit in singapore.
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from south korea, laura bicker reports. another key public announcement from the usually secretive state. she is describing a ceremony to dismantle north korea's main nuclear test site. kimjong—un has carried out all six nuclear blasts within these secluded mountain valleys, but now he says he will blow up all the tunnels and block all entrances and allow foreign media to watch. it's the kind of serious step that the us has been hoping for. earlier this week, the secretary of state travelled to pyongyang. he had an offer to help build the state's economy if they give up their weapons. back in washington, in a meeting with the south korean foreign minister, mr pompeo made it clear — sanctions will remain until any deal is done. it will require a robust verification programme, and one that we will undertake
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with partners around the world. it's been a week of dizzying diplomatic efforts, with the release of three men who were held in north korea for over a year. skeptics say president trump is falling for the pyongyang playbook, but others believe there's a chance north korea's priorities are changing and thatjust perhaps this time might be different. for more on this we can speak tojean lee — director of the korea foundation centerfor korean history and public policy at the wilson center — she joins me from washington. north korea keen to show good faith but is anyone convinced by this? north korea keen to show good faith but is anyone convinced by thi57m is but is anyone convinced by this7m isa but is anyone convinced by this7m is a symbolic and significant step, north korea wants to show it is committed to denuclearisation but we
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have seen this before, those of us who have covered north korea for some time will remember in 2008 north korea took a group of journalists to a nuclear site and staged a very dramatic explosion of its tower as part of a similar show towards denuclearisation, meanwhile continuing to in rich iranian secretively. —— iranian. it is one part of their network programmer, but this does not necessarily mean the entire programme is coming down. but some interesting details i want to point out in the press release, it is very detailed and that is very welcome for them to be so transparent, clearly they are trying to show that it wants to be open about this and they are going to bring foreign
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journalists. any opportunity to bring foreign journalists is a good thing but they want these journalists to show this and share this with the world and perhaps convince the public as kim jong—un goes into the summit with donald trump, about the dismantling of its nuclear programme. it will be very tightly choreographed 7 nuclear programme. it will be very tightly choreographed? these tips are very highly orchestrated and choreographed and they are meant to serve as a way to disseminate north korean propaganda —— these trips. they will be guarded every step of the way. i was taken with some journalists in 2012 to see a rocket launch pad north—west of pyongyang
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and the train journey was very insightful and we saw much more of the country than we normally would. but i think we will see a lot of propaganda and we should expect that but also tried to look past the propaganda and try to understand what we are seeing in the countryside and that into perspective in the context of the nuclear programme. interesting times indeed. many thanks. we are getting breaking news. there's some news coming in from french media who are reporting a knife attack in central paris. several people are reported to have been injured. some reports say at least one person has died. the knifeman is reported to have been detained by police. three people have been killed in a bomb blast near the iraqi city of kirkuk in what officials say is an attack linked to parliamentary elections — the first since victory was declared over so—called islamic state.
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it's believed two of the dead were voters and the third was an election observer. in the poll itself the current prime minister haider al—abadi is facing stiff competition from political parties with closer ties to iran. whoever becomes the next leader will face major economic challenges after £100 billion was spent fighting is. 0ur middle east correspondent martin patience reports from baghdad. iraq is at a turning point. people here hope that this election will represent a fresh start. but the fear is the country could slip back into violence. despite the islamic state group being pushed out of most of iraq, the threat of attacks remains. translation: we hope that new politicians will be elected who will change things for young people. we have got university degrees but we are sitting at home unemployed. translation: god willing, the situation will improve,
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the younger generation will getjobs, electricity will get better, and most importantly we'll have security. prime minister haider al—abadi needs all the votes he can get. he's facing unexpectedly tough competition from other shia politicians. the iraqi leader won praise for his fight against the islamist extremists, but whoever wins this election will need to rebuild the country's shattered cities and gain the trust of sunni muslims, whose marginalisation in the first place led to the rise of is. this is a critical moment for iraq. security has vastly improved here, and there's an opportunity to rebuild the country. but iraq's unity is fragile. sectarian divisions could once again tear this country apart. and, with growing tensions between america and iran,
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many iraqis fear their country could be a casualty of any struggle. my colleague yalda hakim is also in baghdad. security has been tight across the country, airports and borders have been closed. and the movement of vehicles from one province to the other has been limited, and in baghdad there has been a curfew since last night. people have been trying to come and cast their vote. however flawed the county might be, this is one of the few democracies in the region and its future and its stability is incredibly important for the rest of the region. especially as there are increased concerns that iran and the us could be on the path to war. both of these countries have been incredibly important for iraq, its stability and its politics, so whoever becomes the next leader of this country will have to play the very difficult balancing act of trying to maintain
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good relations with both the united states and iran. and for iraqis this is now a turning point, the first election since the fall of the so—called islamic state. they hope they will be able to look forward to theirfuture here in iraq. a court in italy has overturned a ban which prevented the former prime minister silvio berlusconi from holding public office. the six year ban had been imposed following mr berlusconi's 2013 conviction for tax fraud. 0ur rome correspondent james reynolds reports. sylvia bennett skinny‘s latest fate was announced where it has so often been decided before —— silvio berlusconi. in court. in milan a judge ruled that berlusconi is now free to hold public office, ending his years in the cold. he spent a portion of his band of volunteering
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ata portion of his band of volunteering at a care home and this did not perhaps take up all of his attention. this march berlusconi led his party into italy's general election even though he wasn't allowed to stand as a candidate. but his movement performed badly, and now he is able to put himself forward again. translation: this represents the end of the last five yea rs represents the end of the last five years which have severely damaged us, with the eligibility of berlusconi italy will rely on us again and we will be increasingly decisive in our country. but the party may have missed its moment, right now italy's two main parties 5—star and the right wing league are getting ready to form their own coalition government. the 5—star leader has made it clear suspension macro or suspension macro, berlusconi is not invited. berlusconi is not invited. berlusconi may be back but he can't
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just muscle his way to the centre of the arena. italy's immediate future lies with the populists, not with him.james lies with the populists, not with him. james reynolds, bbc news, rome. reports from malaysia say police have raided an apartment building linked to the former prime minister, najib razak. the country's new leader — mahathir mohamad — has announced that he has enough evidence to open a corruption investigation into mr najib, who he defeated in last week's election. earlier on saturday mr najib was stopped from leaving the country. he denies corruption allegations. jonathan head has more. there were many issues which the opposition used in their successful election campaign, but they zeroed in on this one — the government—linked investment project from which billions are believed to have been stolen. the new government is wasting no time in restarting an investigation into the outgoing prime minister, which he had quashed while in office, and barring him from leaving the country. there are a lot of complaints against him, all of which have to be investigated.
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and because of the complaints being made, we find that some of the complaints are varied, we have to act quickly because we don't want to be saddled with the problem of extradition from other countries. angry crowds converged on an airport in kuala lumpur where a chartered plane had been due to take the ousted prime minister and his wife to indonesia. for a short holiday, he said, but they thought he was fleeing. for najib razak, who ruled for nine years, it has all come crashing down. bolstered by a political system that has never allowed an opposition party to win an election before, he never expected a defeat like this. today, he announced he was resigning as leader of his party. but it could get a lot worse for him if criminal charges are filed. this man could soon be released from prison. anwar ibrahim started
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the opposition movement which hasjust gained power. he was jailed first under mahathir mohamad, then under najib razak, but he's been promised a full pardon as soon as tuesday. then the extraordinary revived partnership between him and his 92—year—old former mentor can begin, though no one is quite sure how it will work. jonathan head, bbc news, bangkok. the british performance during the eurovision song contest in lisbon has been disrupted by a protester who got onto the stage. he shouted "nazis of the uk media, we demand freedom" and appeared to take the microphone away from surie during scenes which were broadcast on live television. she later recovered the microphone and continued with her song. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come... protests and clashes
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in the georgian capital, tbilisi — after police raided two nightclubs. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. north korea says it will begin dismantling its nuclear test site in less than two weeks — and in full view of the world's media. iraq's first parliamentary election since the country declared victory over so—called islamic state has passed off largely peacefully. though three people were killed in a bomb attack. 0n the eve of an official visit to the uk, turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan has told the bbc he is concerned about rising so you are disappointed? are you
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disappointed personally with donald trump because this very much has his own personal stamp on it, this policy? turkey's president, there. talking to the bbc‘s zeinab badawi. and you can watch more of that interview with recep tayyip erdogan on hardtalk. it's on bbc world news on monday the 14th of may at the times on your screen now.
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viewers in the uk can see the programme on the bbc news channel. now the sport. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. news of a record—equalling win for leinster in rugby union's champions cup final in a moment, but we start with football. and a historic football relegation. hamburg fans threw flares and delayed the match, as their side exited the german bundlesliga after 55 seasons in the top flight. wolfsburg's win over cologne meant hamburg were always going to be relegated regardless of their result. and hamburg's 2—1win over borussia moenchengladbach was held up for ten minutes. a minority of the home fans acting angrily to the relegation, with several flares lit and thrown behind the gladbach goal. confirmation of that result. hamburg will join cologne in the second division next season. wolfsburg go into a relegation playoff.
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at the other end of the table hoffenheim pipped bayer leverkusen and rb leipzig to fourth place, as they beat borussia dortmund 3—1 to secure champions league football next season. there are 36 days until brazil play their first game at this year's world cup. and neymar has just given them a huge boost. the forward's resumed training after undergoing foot surgery two months ago. his club paris st germain say he'll start his physical preparation with the ball on sunday. neymar has been out of action since breaking a bone in his right foot in february. brazil's first world cup match is against switzerland on the 17thjune by the way. to rugby union. leinster have won the champion's cup for a record equalling fourth time. they beat the french side racing 92, 15—12. 0ur rugby union reporter chrisjones was watching in bilbao. no doubt leinster have been the best tea m no doubt leinster have been the best team in race—macro this season but they were made to dig very deep this champions cup final, raising 92 gave everything on a given day, they gave nothing out there, but leinster had enough at the end to win by 15—12,
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even though the french club had a last—ditch effort to force ex—to time but it wasn't to be, and lei nster time but it wasn't to be, and leinster celebrate a record fourth european cup. magnificent season for irish rugby, the grand slam earlier this year and now the champions cup, it was all green at twickenham for ireland and now all blue in bilbao for leinster. lewis hamilton will start on pole position in sunday's spanish grand prix. the reigning world champion secured his first pole since the opening race of the season, and just edged out mercedes teammate valtteri bottas. ferrari's sebastian vettel will start in third, ahead of team—mate kimi raikkonen. hamilton leads vettel byjust four points in the drivers standings after four races so far. great atmosphere here in barcelona, we always get a great crowd, a lot of british fans and spanish fans, i appreciate everyone, very close in qualifying, but very happy one. appreciate everyone, very close in
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qualifying, but very happy onelj qualifying, but very happy one.|j was qualifying, but very happy one.” was happy with the lap. the first run in 03 was not so good, but the la st run in 03 was not so good, but the last lap i was feeling good until the end. and then i looked, we have the end. and then i looked, we have the tower, and i saw that my name did not go to the top, so not entirely happy but we expected mercedes to be very strong and tomorrow should be an interesting race. and just before we go... petra kvitova has won the madrid open for a third time. the world number ten defeated unseeded kiki bertens of the netherlands. kvitova, who was also the champion in madrid in 2011 and 2015, has now claimed four titles this year. she took this one in three sets, 7—6, 4—6, 6—3. meanwhile, in the men's tournament dominic thiem has followed up his sensational victory over rafa nadal by booking a place in sunday's final. the austrian beat south africa's kevin anderson
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in straight sets. and now faces alexander zverev or denis shapovalov. and that is all the sport for now. much more over on the bbc sport website. thousands of people have gathered in the centre of georgia's capital tbilisi to protest against armed police raids on two nightclubs on saturday morning. eight people — suspected of drug dealing — have been arrested, as natya abramya reports. we danced together and we fight together, protesters gathered in the centre of tbilisi, with this slogan, demanding the resignation of the prime minister and the interior minister, made with electronic music in the background. hundreds took to the streets after police raided their most popular nightclubs in the capital, detaining dozens of
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clubbers in what protesters claim was a heavy—handed operation and according to the interior ministry the operation in the clubs was planned after they investigated and identified people who were systematically trading with drugs in these clubs. they referred to recent cases of deaths and intoxication is amongst clubbers. translation: the interior ministry has been conducting extensive investigations for three months to establish the fa cts for three months to establish the facts of the drug trade at these nig htclu bs facts of the drug trade at these nightclubs in tbilisi. as a result of these investigative measures eight drug dealers have been detained in these clubs. these raids, after recent appeals from clu b raids, after recent appeals from club owners and youth activists, and even before the raid they said nig htclu bs were even before the raid they said nightclubs were being purposefully discriminated against and accused of links with drug trafficking. tbilisi
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clubbing scene has become popular in the last five years and the biggest underground club in the capital of georgia has made the country is an interesting destination for music enthusiasts from across the region. a family in the netherlands has had a narrow escape — after getting out of their car at a safari park and being surrounded by cheeta hs. the group, including a woman carrying a child, ignored signs warning visitors not to leave their vehicles. luckily the family did manage to get back into their car and escape without injury. mars is proving a popular destination — for robots at least. the us space agency's rover project will be blasting off to the red planet in 2020. but this time they'll be taking a hitchhiker. nasa is hoping to send a helicopter along for the ride. it will be the first test of a heavier—than—air aircraft on another planet.
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let's get more on that breaking news. reports are coming in from paris that a man with a knife has stabbed several people. french police say one person has been killed. the knifeman is reported to have been shot dead by police. eyewitnesses spoke of panic, and said people had been rushing back into restaurants from the streets. ambulance sirens were heard. the attack took place near the city's main opera house. shaping up to be a weekend of mixed fortunes out there. many of us had scenes like this one, quite a bit of cloud around and the satellite image shows the cloud has been around central part of the country, whereas the north and west had
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clearer skies with sunshine around. this evening we will keep all the cloud in south—east england and up towards scotland. rain in east anglia shifting up to north—east england and into eastern scotland overnight. elsewhere, any evening showers ease away to leave largely dry and clear conditions and a chilly night in the west, particularly for northern ireland where we could see a touch of grass frost first thing on sunday. that east—west split continues. sunday is cloudy to the east and the best sunshine found in the west. sunday is shaping up with rain across parts of north—east england and scotland. also showers for east anglia, probably a drier and brighter day for the south—east england and towards the midlands. plenty of sunshine in western scotland, northern ireland, wales and north—west england. temperatures between 15 and 17 in the sunniest areas. though cooler towards the east coast. looking ahead to the working week, high pressure building
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in from the south—west. still an area of low pressure not far away, sitting across parts of france, so we could see a few showers and fairly cloudy conditions for the south—east of england and east anglia for a time on monday. elsewhere a largely dry day with pressure building and there will be sunshine with temperatures starting to lift a little. more cloud in parts of northern ireland and western scotland later in the day but it should be warmer than it has been at the weekend with temperatures around 20 or21. not a bad day on tuesday with dry and fine weather. a weak front will bring cloud to northern ireland and western scotland. top spots of rain, dry and sunny and improve today across the east. temperature is doing pretty well, 21, 22 in the warmest spots and fresh to the far north—west. bbc world news, the headlines. north
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korea says it. dismantling its nuclear test site in less than two weeks. it says the international media will be invited to watch just three weeks before president trump and kimjong—un three weeks before president trump and kim jong—un meet three weeks before president trump and kimjong—un meet in singapore. iraq's first parliamentary elections since the country declared victory over so—called islamic state has been mostly peaceful. more than 2a million iraqis were registered to vote. french police sources say a man has stabbed several passers—by in central paris killing at least one and injuring several others. they say the knifeman has been dead by police. the attack happened in the pereira. a court in italy has overturned a ban preventing former prime minister silvio berlusconi from holding public office. —— the attack happened in the opera area. at10pm, martin attack happened in the opera area. at 10pm, martin crocks or
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