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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00 — one person has died and five others wounded after a knife attack in central paris. the attacker has been shot dead. one of britain's most notorious serial killers, dennis nilsen, who was serving a life sentence in full sutton prison, near york, has died. votes are being counted in iraq after the first parliamentary elections since the government declared victory over the so—called islamic state group. tens of thousands of people march through central london, demanding better pay and improved job security. and a man has stormed the stage while the uk's entry, surie, was performing at the eurovision song contest. good evening and welcome to bbc news.
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one person's been killed and at least five others have been injured in a knife attack this evening in the centre of paris. the attack happened near the city's opera house. according to the french authorities, the attacker was shot dead by police. what we have now from the police, they say that the attacker is deceased. they haven't explained precisely how that happened but as you say, there were reports he was initially catered, that didn't stop him, then he was shot dead by police. police say that five people we re police. police say that five people were attacked. one of the victims is dead. two were seriously injured and two were slightly injured. we have had a response which came very quickly from the french interior minister, and indication of how
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seriously the french authorities are taking this. he praised police their bravery and quick response and his first thoughts went to the victims. there is no word yet officially on the motive. fresh police are reminding people not to spread false rumours. “— reminding people not to spread false rumours. —— french police. we have had a comment from marine le pen, leader of the national front and a sad support to —— she said, support to the police who thwarted an islamist attack. we do not know she has any evidence of that. it is very close to the heart of the city, we are looking at pictures. a huge police presents. unfortunately, reminiscent of scenes we have seen
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in paris before. the police in paris are in guard for a tax on this. they got to the scene very rapidly and as the interior minister said, they seemed to act rapidly to in their work, which relies the nice man. —— neutralise the knifeman. they seemed to have shot him dead but if they hadn't got there quicker, the casualty list could have been much higher. at the moment it is standing at five? there were earlier reported could have been seven or eight but we now have the official police line it is five casualties and the nice man himself. —— knifeman.
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the ministry ofjustice has confirmed the serial killer dennis nilsen has died in prison at the age of 72. nilsen was serving a life sentence after being convicted of the six murders and two attempted murders of young men in the late 1970's and early 1980's. he became known as the ‘muswell hill murderer‘ after the area of north london where his later murders took place. our correspondent richard lister has been telling us more about dennis nilsen. at the time, he was the worst serial killer britain had ever known and only harold shipman had in fact murdered more people in the uk than dennis nilsen. he was convicted of six counts of murder and to attempt of murder. we don't know how the people he killed because he himself confessed to killing perhaps 15 people and attempting to murder another seven. we really don't know exactly how many people ‘s lives he was responsible for taking. all of the murders were carried out at two addresses where he lived in london. he was originally from aberdeenshire but it was in london where he carried it out. he was only
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discovered when the drains at one of the properties were investigated and they found human remains. what they sang about his death? -- saying. he was originally given a maximum tariff of 25 years and that was changed to a full life tariff. he was in several prisons but he died in full sutton prison today. police say as with all deaths in custody there will be an independent investigation but it is thought he died from natural causes. voting has ended in the first parliamentary elections in iraq since it declared victory over the islamic state group. security has been high and tonight three people are reported to have been killed after a militant attack near a polling station. it's iraq's fourth vote since 2003, when saddam hussein was removed from power. our correspondent martin patience reports, from baghdad. iraq is at a turning point.
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people here hope that this election will represent a fresh start. but the fear is the country could slip back into violence. despite the islamic state group being pushed out of most of iraq, the threat of attacks remains. translation: we hope that new politicians will be elected who will change things for young people. we have got university degrees but we are sitting at home unemployed. translation: god willing, the situation will improve, the younger generation will getjobs, electricity will get better, and most importantly we'll have security. prime minister haider al—abadi needs all the votes he can get. he's facing unexpectedly tough competition from other shia politicians. the iraqi leader won praise for his fight against the islamist extremists, but whoever wins this election will need to rebuild the country's shattered cities and gain the trust
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of sunni muslims, whose marginalisation in the first place led to the rise of is. this is a critical moment for iraq. security has vastly improved here, and there's an opportunity to rebuild the country. but iraq's unity is fragile. sectarian divisions could once again tear this country apart. and, with growing tensions between america and iran, many iraqis fear their country could be a casualty of any struggle. returning to the attack in paris.
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the president of france emmanuel macron has been paying tribute to those caught up in this incident on twitter. all my thoughts are with those affected by the attack in paris night. i salute the courage of the police officers who stopped the terrorists. interestingly, he has used the word terrorists because there was a request for people not to speculate early in the evening as to speculate early in the evening as to the motive for the attack. tens of thousands of people have marched through central london, demanding better pay and improved job security. the trades union congress, which organised the demonstration, says british workers are experiencing the longest income squeeze in 200 years. the government says inflation is falling and unemployment is at a ito—year low. here's our business correspondent joe lynam. thousands came, marching for an end to shrinking pay packets. nurses, teachers, welders and firefighters, all calling for a new dealfor workers and the public service. the trades union congress says
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we are living through the worst erosion in our spending power since the 1800s. if we carry on at the same rate of pay increases, it will take until 2025 to get back to the real wages people had before the crash. that's 17 years, and just too long. using official data, the tuc found that real wages, taking account of inflation, went up by 27% in the decade before the financial crisis in 2008. but, in the last ten years, they've fallen by 4%. it says that the average worker will have lost around £18,500 in real earnings by 2025. the key issue is that the economy hasn't grown, and the economy hasn't grown because productivity hasn't grown. that means the amount we produce with each hour we work is basically the same now as it was in 2008. if we're not producing any more, we are not going to be
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able to earn any more. in a statement, the government said... real wages — or spending power after we've been paid — are going up, just. unemployment is at a ito—year low. but many people may not feel that much better off. and the people on this march are calling for more secure, better—paid jobs. joe lynam, bbc news at the tuc march, central london. a man has been arrested after a stage invasion during the uk's performance at eurovision tonight. nazis of the uk media, we demand freedom. the protestor took to the stage and shouted "nazis of the uk media, we demand freedom" and appeared to take the microphone
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away from the uk entry surie. she later recovered the microphone and continued with her song. the european broadcasting union offered the singer the chance to perform again, but she decided not to. our reporter adrian bradley is at the contest in lisbon. there was a lot of confusion. i'm not entirely sure the audience knew what was happening. we heard a voice, a male voice, over the speaker. the crowd were really loving the song and getting into it. surie did an incredible performance and carried on. the crowd just carried on and loved it. the security is very tight here. you get surged on the way in. we are banned from taking things like battery packs for phones. it is very surprising that this was able to happen at all. i was at kiev last year wear and other stage invasion happened. they will be asking what
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more they need to do to stop it from happening. do we know more about the person who managed to get on the stage? very little at the moment. i understand he is a man who has been arrested and i understand he was making comments about the media and the nazis of the uk media. beyond that, as i say, it all happened very quickly. the main thing was, she carried on with the performance incredibly well. voting is under way. we have four points at the moment. thatjoin them at the bbc sports centre. ross county have been relegated from the scottish premiership. they needed to better the result of partick thistle and they recorded a 1-0 partick thistle and they recorded a 1—0 winfor
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partick thistle and they recorded a 1—0 win for top the result means they finished four port "4 points clear of ross county. the winner will play premiership football next season. tranmere will play premiership football next season. tranmere rovers are back in the football league tonight. aston villa are a step closer to getting backin villa are a step closer to getting back in the premier league. mile jedinak heading in the only goal of the game. derby have a one nil lead. in the race to join this championship, coventry city came from behind. the equaliser came in the form of a controversial penalty in the last minutes of the game. the cou nty tea m in the last minutes of the game. the county team didn't think they had
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it. mark mcnulty slotted home the cheek. last weekend, it was the fa cup. this weekend, chelsea ladies are on the brink of winning the title after victory over sunderland. they took the lead just after half—time when this shot deflected over the keeper. they won it 2—1. they need a point from the remaining two matches to clinch the title because manchester city lost two arsenal earlier. leinster have one for fourth arsenal earlier. leinster have one forfourth time. chris arsenal earlier. leinster have one for fourth time. chrisjones was watching. they were made to dig here to win. a captivating, compelling champions league final. on a
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different day, raskin could have done it. leinsterjust had enough at the end to win by 15— 12. even though racing club had a last—ditch effort to force extra time but it wasn't to be, and leinster celebrate a record fourth european cup. magnificent season for irish rugby, the grand slam earlier this year and now the champions cup. it was all green at twickenham for ireland and now all blue in bilbao for leinster. on to tennis and petra kvitova has been the first woman to win the madrid open three times. she was also the 2011 and 2015 champion and she won the match will stop petra kvitova has four titles this year. island's cricketers have got their first—ever island's cricketers have got their fi rst—ever test island's cricketers have got their first—ever test match under way on day two as


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