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this is bbc news. our top stories — a man has stabbed five people in central paris, killing at least one. the attacker was shot dead by police. president trump thanks north korea after they said they will be dismantling its nuclear sites in less tha n dismantling its nuclear sites in less than two weeks. turkey's president tells the bbc that president trump's made the wrong decision in pulling out of the nuclear deal with iran. and how this mini—helicopter, no bigger than a grapefruit, could revolutionise the exploration of mars. hello and welcome to bbc news. at least one person has been killed and four others injured after a man stabbed a number
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of people in the centre of paris. the attacker was eventually shot dead by police. the attack happened at around 9:30 local time in the opera district of the french capital. the area is packed with bars and restaurants and was very busy at the time. president macron‘s expressed his sympathy to the victims. alluding to terrorism he added that "france once again pays the price of blood." bill hayton reports. it should have been a pleasant night out ina it should have been a pleasant night out in a popular part of paris. instead, as victim lies stabbed in the street. eyewitnesses reported scenes of panic as an attacker lashed out with a blade. investigators say he shouted arabic for god is great. police flooded the area near the opera house and eyewitnesses said officers at first
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tried to cater the subject and then fired two shots. authorities confirmed the attack was dead. —— taser. president emmanuel macron praised the police officers who, in his words, neutralised as terrorist. the city's method that all parisien stood by the victims‘ side. the city‘s method that all parisien stood by the victims‘ side. —— men. it has been treated as terrorism but there has been no word on the background of the attacker. —— mayor. they say they were targeting people that a0 against them in the middle east. a string ofjihadist attacks in front have claimed the lives of almost 250 people. as the investigation continues, police will remain on high alert. north korea‘s announced it will dismantle its nuclear test site later this month in front of the world‘s media. the three—day event is scheduled to take place just weeks before president trump and the north korean leader kim jong—un hold their historic summit in singapore.
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in a tweet, president trump welcomed the decision by pyongyang, let‘s get more from laura bicker in from seoul. and other key public announcement from the rather secretive secretary of state. kim jong—un has carried out all six nuclear blasts within the secluded mountain valleys but now he says he will blow up all the tunnels and block all entrances and allow foreign media to watch. it‘s the kind of serious step the us has been hoping for. earlier this week, the secretary of state travelled to pyongyang. he had an offer to help build the state‘s economy if they give up their weapons. back in washington and a meeting with the south korean foreign minister,
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pompeo was firm that sanctions will remain until it happens. we will undertake it with partners around the world. the us president tweeted his approval. "thank you. a very smart and gracious gesture", he said. it has been a week of dizzying diplomatic efforts with the release of three men who have been held in north korea for over one year. sceptics say president trump is falling for the playbook that others believe there is a chance that north korea‘s priorities are changing and that just perhaps korea‘s priorities are changing and thatjust perhaps this time might be different. but a little earlier i spoke tojean lee — she‘s an expert on both north and south korea. i asked her whether anyone will be convinced by this move. it isa it is a symbolic step. north korea wa nts to
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it is a symbolic step. north korea wants to show it is committed to denuclearisation that i should remind you we have seen this before, those of us who have been covering north korea for some time will remember that in 2008, north korea did takea remember that in 2008, north korea did take a group ofjournalists to its nuclear site and stage as very dramatic explosion as part of a similar show committed to denuclearisation. meanwhile, continued to enrich uranium secretly. there is a note of caution here that we should pay attention to. that this is one site in part of a network of its nuclear programme and that the destruction and dismantlement of one site does not perhaps mean that the entire programme is coming down. however, there is some really interesting details i want to point out in this press release. it is very detailed and that is very welcomed for north korea to be so transparent. it is
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clearly trying to show that it wants to be open about this and then as they mentioned, they will bring foreign journalists and any opportunity to bring foreign journalists is always a good thing. however, we should remember that they want these journalists to showbiz and share this to the world that perhaps would be to sway the public opinion. i would imagine it would be at tightly choreographed event and they are not exactly going to be able to wander around the country looking at other sites as well. these types of trips are very, very highly orchestrated and choreographed and are designed to disseminate north korean propaganda. they will be accompanied every step of the way and taken on a restricted tour. i have been on several of these trips and every trip is useful. i was taken with journalist
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in 2012 to see the rocket launch pad north—west of pyongyang and that a train trip through the countryside, we saw a train trip through the countryside, we sawa a train trip through the countryside, we saw a a lot more than we would normally see. that said, i think we will see a lot of propaganda and we should expect that. we should also look past the propaganda and try to understand what it is we are seeing in the countryside and put it in perspective of the nuclear programme. three people have been killed in a bomb blast near the iraqi city of kirkuk in what officials say is an attack linked to parliamentary elections — the first since victory was declared over so—called islamic state. it‘s believed two of the dead were voters and the third was an election observer. in the poll itself, the current prime minister haider al—abadi is facing stiff competition from political parties with closer ties to iran. whoever becomes the next leader will face major economic challenges after one hundred billion dollars was spent fighting is. our middle east correspondent martin patience reports from baghdad. iraq is at a turning point.
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people here hope that this election will represent a fresh start. but the fear is the country could slip back into violence. despite the islamic state group being pushed out of most of iraq, the threat of attacks remains. translation: we hope that new politicians will be elected who will change things for young people. we have got university degrees but we are sitting at home unemployed. translation: god willing, the situation will improve, the younger generation will getjobs, electricity will get better, and most importantly we'll have security. prime minister haider al—abadi needs all the votes he can get. he‘s facing unexpectedly tough competition from other shia politicians. the iraqi leader won praise for his fight against the islamist extremists, but whoever wins this election will need to rebuild the country‘s shattered cities and gain the trust of sunni muslims, whose
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marginalisation in the first place led to the rise of is. he is facing unexpectedly tight competition from other shia politicians. whoever wins this election will need to rebuild the country‘s shattered cities and gained the trust of a sunni muslims. the results will be closely watched beyond the region as they could tip the balance of power in the middle east. this is a critical moment for iraq. security has vastly improved here, and there‘s an opportunity to rebuild the country. but iraq‘s unity is fragile. sectarian divisions could once again tear this country apart. and, with growing tensions between america and iran, many iraqis fear their country could be a casualty of any struggle. a court in italy has
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overturned a ban which stopped the former prime minister silvio berlusconi from holding public office. the six year penalty was imposed after mr berlusconi‘s 2013 conviction for tax fraud. our rome correspondent james reynolds reports. silvio berlusconi‘s fate was announced where it has so often been decided before — in court. in milan a judge ruled that berlusconi is now free to hold public office, ending his years in the cold. he spent a portion of his ban of volunteering at a care home — this did not perhaps take up all of his attention.
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this march, mr berlusconi led his party into italy‘s general election even though he wasn‘t allowed to stand as a candidate. but his movement performed badly. now, he is able to put himself forward again. translation: this represents the end of the last five years which have severely damaged us, with the eligibility of berlusconi, italy will rely on us again and we will be increasingly decisive in our country. but the party may have missed its moment — right now italy‘s two main parties 5—star and the right wing league are getting ready to form their own coalition government. the 5—star leader has made it clear ban or no ban, berlusconi is not invited. silvio berlusconi may be back but he can‘tjust muscle his way to the centre of the arena. italy‘s immediate future lies with the populists, not with him.
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james reynolds, bbc news, rome. on the eve of an official visit to the uk, turkey‘s president recep tayyip erdogan has told the bbc he is concerned about rising tensions in the middle east. speaking on hardtalk, he warned that president trump‘s decision to abandon the nuclear deal with iran "was a threat to peace in the region". so, you are disappointed... are you disappointed personally with donald trump acres this very much has his own personal stamp on it, this
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policy. turkey‘s president there. talking to the bbc‘s zeinab badawi. and you can watch more of that interview with recep tayyip erdogan on hardtalk. it‘s on bbc world news on monday the 1ath of may at the times on your screen now. viewers in the uk can see the programme on the bbc news channel. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come — protests and clashes in the georgian capital, tbilisi — after police raided two nightclubs. the pope was shot, the pope will live — that‘s the essence of the appalling news from rome this afternoon,
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that, as an italian television commentator put it, terrorism had come to the vatican. the man they call the butcher of lyon, klaus barbie, went on trial today in the french town where he was the gestapo chief in the second world war. winnie mandela never looked a woman just sentenced to six years in jail. the judge told mrs mandela there was no indication she felt even the slightest remorse. the chinese government has called for an all—out effort to help the victims of a powerful earthquake, the worst to hit the country for 30 years. the computer deep blue has tonight triumphed over the world chess champion garry kasparov. it‘s the first time a machine has defeated a reigning world champion in a classical chess match. america‘s first legal same—sex marriages have been taking place in massachusetts. god bless america! this is bbc news.
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the latest headlines: a man armed with a knife has stabbed five people in central paris. at least one person is dead. the attacker was shot dead by police. president trump thanks north korea after it announced it would begin dismantling its nuclear test site in less than two weeks. malaysian police are reported to have raided an apartment building linked to the former prime minister, najib razak. the country‘s new leader, mahathir mohamad, has announced that he has enough evidence to open a corruption investigation into mr najib, who he defeated in last week‘s election. on saturday mr najib was stopped from leaving the country. he denies corruption allegations. jonathan head has more. there were many issues which the opposition used in their successful election campaign, but they zeroed in on this one — the government—linked investment project from which billions
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are believed to have been stolen. the new government is wasting no time in restarting an investigation into the outgoing prime minister, which he had quashed while in office, and barring him from leaving the country. there are a lot of complaints against him, all of which have to be investigated. and because of the complaints being made, we find that some of the complaints are varied, we have to act quickly because we don‘t want to be saddled with the problem of extradition from other countries. angry crowds converged on an airport in kuala lumpur where a chartered plane had been due to take the ousted prime minister and his wife to indonesia. for a short holiday, he said, but they thought he was fleeing. for najib razak, who ruled for nine years, it has all come crashing down. bolstered by a political system that has never allowed an opposition party to win an election before, he never expected a defeat like this. today, he announced he was resigning as leader of his party. but it could get a lot worse for him if criminal charges are filed.
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this man could soon be released from prison. anwar ibrahim started the opposition movement which hasjust gained power. he was jailed first under mahathir mohamad, then under najib razak, but he‘s been promised a full pardon as soon as tuesday. then the extraordinary revived partnership between him and his 92—year—old former mentor can begin, though no one is quite sure how it will work. jonathan head, bbc news, bangkok. thousands of people have gathered in the centre of georgia‘s capital tbilisi, protesting against armed police raids on two nightclubs on saturday morning. eight people suspected of drug dealing have been arrested, as natya abramya reports. "we dance together and we fight together", protesters gathered in the centre of tbilisi, with this slogan, demanding the resignation of the prime minister and the interior minister, all made with electronic
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music in the background. hundreds took to the streets after police raided the most popular nightclubs in the capital, detaining dozens of clubbers in what protesters claim was a heavy—handed operation. according to the interior ministry the operation in the clubs was planned after they investigated and identified people who were systematically trading with drugs in these clubs. they referred to recent cases of deaths and intoxication amongst clubbers. translation: the interior ministry has been conducting extensive investigations for three months to establish the facts of the drug trade at these nightclubs in tbilisi. as a result of these investigative measures eight drug dealers have been detained in these clubs.
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these raids come after recent appeals from club owners and youth activists — even before the raid they said nightclubs were being purposefully discriminated against and accused of links with drug trafficking. the tbilisi clubbing scene has become popular in the last five years and the biggest underground club in the capital of georgia has made the country an interesting destination for music enthusiasts from across the region. mars is proving a popular destination — for robots at least. the us space agency‘s rover project will be blasting off to the red planet in 2020. but this time they‘ll be taking a hitchhiker. nasa is hoping to send a helicopter along for the ride. let‘s ta ke a look. injune 2001,
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more than half a century after being driven in to exile by communists, bulgaria‘s former king simeon ii made a dramatic comeback by winning the country‘s parliamentary election. the bbc‘s witness programme has been speaking to him about his remarkable journey from child king to prime minister. the monarch east ryde is back. —— monarchy strikes back in stock after more than 50 years in exile, his vote was more than symbolic. more than 50 years in exile, his vote was more than symboliclj really vote was more than symbolic.” really didn‘t think we would have such a landslide. it was really quite a surprise. it was also a tremendous decision. would i live up to it? was a capable? simeon was just a boy when he was crowned king in 19a3. at the age of six he led a
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country which was a reluctant ally of nazi germany during the second world war. in september 1944 the soviet troops marched in. there was a coup d‘etat, and after that came the period where my uncle and the other regions, plus a number of other regions, plus a number of other people, were executed. —— regents. they left from this house, asa regents. they left from this house, as a matter of fact. right from this door. boarded a so—called royal train, and what worried my mother was that they noticed that they were russian soldiers. they suddenly thought of the very worst, that they would be taken somewhere and done in. but it didn‘t happen, obviously. we never thought that this would last 50 years. suddenly, the way west was opened. this did not look
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like a planned move from the communist authorities, but rather, another panic response by a government giving way to the parliament of the streets. watching the news of the fall of the wall, literally, this is when i started thinking, well, there might be a chance that eventually we would see bulgaria again. simeon returned from exile to huge crowds in 1996. from one part of the road to the centre, it was literally a sea of people. most bulgarians think a decade of democracy after the fall of communism has given them far too little reward. now the ex— king must decide how to lead his people again. i demoted myself to be prime minister rather than stay with the hypothetical title of king. to be able to be more useful. to me, it
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was something which was against everything i had been taught over the years, that the king would not meddle in direct politics. so that was one thing which costs me personally a lot of sleepless nights. to my father‘s generation, for centuries, people only had married within these families. my generation on, people started marrying persons who were out of the royalfamilies. this marrying persons who were out of the royal families. this in marrying persons who were out of the royalfamilies. this in itself shows that the monarchy is not something stale, stark, back in history. my view is, having worn both hearts, i couldn‘t say that there is one single system which is the best. but certainly the monarchy is some being much more flexible. a politician, which i have been, works with a four
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year term or a five—year term. the king is actually with a generation. so you think 25 years ahead, roughly. i think the more people get a little bit upset with their politicians, the more the monarchy has function. i think it is a pretty fair system, and has function. i think it is a pretty fairsystem, and are has function. i think it is a pretty fair system, and are not doing publicity of my own trade, but i really think it‘s now, let‘s go to what half of twitter is talking about. israel has won the 63rd eurovision song contest in lisbon. she beat 25 other contestants with
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her song toy. this is the fourth time israel has won the competition. cyprus came second. the show was watched by around 200 million people on television. that is the estimate. the live show was interrupted when a man stormed onstage during a performance the british entry. don‘t forget, you can get in touch with me on twitter. i‘m @lebo? diseko. the weather continues to bring us rather mixed fortunes through the course of the weekend. an east—west split on saturday. same can be said for sunday, too. here is the satellite image. the view from space looking down at the cloud. you can see lots of cloud across central and eastern parts of the country with some clear skies out west. in fact, we had clear skies for holyhead and anglesea, beautiful blue skies and
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sunshine on saturday, but contrast that to the rather grey skies above saint leonards on sea in east sussex, with quite a bit of rainfall. still have some rain lingering over the next 2a hours or so lingering over the next 2a hours or so in the east. through the day on sunday those cloudy conditions will persist in the east, the best of the sunshine once again to be found further west. one or two showers around the far south—west first thing, they should ease away. rain from anywhere around northumberland up from anywhere around northumberland up towards aberdeenshire and into the northern isles. for the rest of the northern isles. for the rest of the country, not a bad day on sunday. it should brighten up for many of us. a better day for the south—east of england towards the midlands. temperatures up to 18 degrees should feel quite fine during sunday afternoon with those light winds. as we work our way through into sunday evening, we keep that rain across parts of the final of scotland, especially for the northern isles. a line of cloud stretching downpours east anglia and the south—east, perhaps one or two showers into the early hours of monday. most of us will have clear and dry conditions, so quite a fresh
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started working week. temperatures will down into single figures first thing on monday morning. the weather should tend to improve as we had read the next few days, because low pressure will be sitting across parts of france. high pressure across scandinavia and another area of high pressure working in from the azores and the atlantic. that means the pressure should rise and things should brighten down. monday, still the chance of one or two showers lingering for east anglia and the far south—east. they should fade away. for much of the country, blue skies and sunshine, and fairly light winds as well. more cloud working into the far north—west later in the day, a temperatures warmer than we have seen over the weekend, 21 or possibly 22 degrees. that trend continues into tuesday, after a fairly fresh start tuesday should bring us safe largely dry and bright day. a bit more cloud and some outbreaks of rain for northern ireland and the north—west of scotland, down to a weak frontier. england and wales keep the sunshine all day on tuesday and those temperatures should the doing well. 23 celsius in london, a bit fresh of
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northern ireland and scotland. as high pressure continues to build through much of the week ahead there isa through much of the week ahead there is a lot of dry weather with some sunny spells and it should feel pleasa ntly sunny spells and it should feel pleasantly warm. goodbye for now. this is bbc news, the headlines. a man armed with a knife has attacked people in central paris, killing one and wounding four others. two of the injured are in a serious condition. police attempted to stop the man with a stun—gun before shooting him dead. north korea says it will start dismantling its nuclear test site in in less than two weeks, in full view of international journalists. president trump said it was a "very smart and gracious gesture". iraq‘s electoral commission says thatjust aa% of voters took part in saturday‘s parliamentary election. it was the first since the government declared victory over the islamic state group. a court in italy has overturned a ban which prevented the former
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