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this is bbc news. the headlines at apm. two british tourists and their driver who were kidnapped in the democratic republic of congo have been released. what gives a life meaning is not only how it is lived but how it draws to a close. tributes are paid to dame tessa jowell, who has died at the age of 70. former prime minister tony blair is among those who praised her contribution to public health campaigning and the london 2012 olympics. she did everything with the same passion, determination, verve, ability and charm, so she was a unique politician but she was a really dear friend. indonesian police say a mother and father and their children carried out three church bombings that killed at least 11 people. theresa may reaffirms her commitment to leaving the eu customs union, as ministers consider options for trading post—brexit. also in the next hour —
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from humble beginnings to a fortune of £21 billion. sirjim ratcliffe tops the sunday times rich list. the founder of chemical firm ineos, who grew up in a council house near manchester, is the first british—born person to top the list in 15 years. and in the last few minutes, lewis hamilton crosses the line to win the spanish grand prix. and in 30 minutes, glenn campbell travels to islay to tell the little—known stories of community courage in the face of two shipping disasters 100 years ago. that's in islay: for those in peril at az30pm. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. two britons who were held hostage
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in the democratic republic of congo have been released unharmed. the pair were taken hostage in virunga national park in the east of the country on friday. the park's director says both britons — and their congolese driver — are now safe, and are receiving support and medical attention. a 25—year—old ranger, rachel masika baraka, died from her injuries after the incident. the park authorities said she was "highly committed showing true bravery in her work." 0ur africa reporter louise dewast gave us this update from the country's capital, kinshasa. foreign secretary borisjohnson thanked authorities and park rangers for working with them to resolve this incident and they did pay tribute to the ranger, one of the rangers that was killed in the attack on friday, and the driver that accompanied the british tourists, who was injured as well as well. who was
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injured as well in the attack. that is the information we have right now and the ambassador in the drc also announced this on social media just a few seconds ago. we just missed the first part of your answer there, i willjust very quickly ask, do we know the identities of the two britons? we do not know the identity of the two british tourists yet. we do know that the ranger that was killed, the congolese ranger, was rachel masika ba ra ka, but we do not have a name for the british nationals. was there a ransom paid? we do not know, ransoms are frequent in kidnappings in this part of the world and in this country and this part of the country. we do not know, we have no confirmation yet on whether or not a ransom was paid in this case.
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that was louise dewast in kinsasha. the former labour cabinet minister, dame tessa jowell — who campaigned to raise awareness of brain cancer — following her diagnosis a year ago, has died. she was 70. a leading light in tony blair's government tessa jowell was also instrumental in bringing the olympics to london in 2012. this morning, mr blair praised her courage and dignity in publicly confronting her cancer, saying her efforts to raise awareness were "a lasting tribute to a lifetime of public service." leila nathoo looks back at her life. the games of the 30th 0lympiad in 2012 are awarded to the city of london. the words they wanted to hear. london had won the contest to host the 2012 olympics and it was tessa jowell who'd championed the bid from the start. i am tessa jowell, 0lympic minister.
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she went on to oversee preparations for the games. and laid the foundations for the capital's greatest sporting event. tessa jane helen douglas jowell. tessa jowell was first elected to parliament in 1992 in the south london seat of dulwich after spending time as a social worker and counsellor. she was then one ofjust 60 female mps in the commons. a new labour stalwart, tessa jowell was a popular figure in all circles, but was one of tony blair's strongest supporters. her impact on politics was enormous. everything she touched, she turned to gold in some way, whether it was advancing equal pay for women, starting sure start, which is an immense programme for children in our country, or of course bringing the olympics to britain. and she did everything with the same passion, determination, verve, ability and charm. after spells as public health
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and then education minister, she joined the cabinet in 2001 as culture secretary, overseeing the relaxation of gambling and licensing laws and persuading her colleagues to back the olympic pitch. tessa jowell continued to serve on labour's front bench under gordon brown and after the party lost power in 2010. she left the commons in 2015 and stood to be labour's candidate for london mayor, though she lost out to sadiq khan. not long after entering the house of lords, ladyjowell revealed she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. she later gave a moving speech to peers about her condition. in the end, what gives a life meaning is not only how it is lived but how it draws to a close. applause tributes have been pouring in after the death
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of dame tessa jowell, with a number of politicians and friends sharing their personal memories of the former labour cabinet minister. and i think even this morning, even though she has just died, when and i think even this morning, even though she hasjust died, when i think of tessa, it is almost all kind of positive, life affirming the stuff. when i woke up this morning, the first memory i had was actually of her dancing in her kitchen to a piece of music we had introduced her to, a song called alive. she knew she was dying but that is how she felt and i think she was saying to the people she was going to leave, "you are alive, enjoy it." we went on holiday with her, especially in scotla nd on holiday with her, especially in scotland and sometimes in france and she isjust somebody, my scotland and sometimes in france and
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she is just somebody, my daughter said this, somebody who, whenever tessa is with you, the other person is happy to be there and she just had that ability to make people feel at ease and happy and content with live and that is the approach and she took to politics and how she lived her life. shejust had she took to politics and how she lived her life. she just had this incredible way with her, something we can all learn from, in terms of how she spoke to anybody and everybody. she would sit and listen, she wouldn't sort ofjump in, you know, with a strong view straightaway, she would let it be known what she felt about things. and she wasn't credibly —— incredibly collaborative. i was in the chamber for her last speech and i've never seen anything like it. everybody who was there said exactly the same thing and, you know, there we re the same thing and, you know, there were people who weren't in the country at the time who flew in to make sure they were there to support her. we didn't know at the time that
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that was going to be her final speech. you know, the house of lords is quite quiet, there is never a huge amount of emotion shown there, but every single speaker, from all sides of the chamber, talked about how much she meant and that round of applause at the end, nobody can ever remember anything like that happening. i mean, i saw herjust a week ago. she was very serena. i mean, she knew that she had made a huge difference on putting the spotlight on brain cancer and even as she faced the end of her own life, her thought was what can i do for other people? again, it was the personal is political, she made it personal, she brought it to the house of commons and house of lords and internationally as well. i mean, she will be remembered not only globally for what she has done on brain cancer but also all those powerful international who she
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reached out to to win the uk's bid for the olympics. she was incredibly loyal but that didn't mean to say that she wouldn't be very frank and honest with me if she disagreed. so she was one of those people whose integrity you could trust completely, say she was never going to be playing games, she was always absolutely straight with you but when it came down to it, and you know, there were many times when i was under pressure busy as prime minister, she was always there for me, to support me and work for me and stand up for me, even when it was difficult and unpopular to do so and that is why, i think, apart from all of her achievements, one of the reasons she evoked such affection in people was you knew she wasn't a fair weather friend. whatever the weather, she was there and always there. former prime minister tony blair remembering dame tessa jowell, who has died at the age of 70. at least ten people have been killed and more than a0 injured in bomb attacks on three churches in indonesia.
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police say the attacks were carried out by the members of one family, including four children — one a girl aged nine — who blew themselves up at the 3 sites. themselves up at the three sites. rebecca henschke reports. a wave of blasts, timed and coordinated to hit those coming to sunday mass. authorities say the work of one family. the mother, with two daughters, blew herself up at one church. the father and sons at the other two. translation: from our information from the eastjava provincial police, there are three churches so far which were attacked, including diponegoro street and anjuno street. indonesia's intelligence agencies says islamic state inspired group jemaah ansharut daulah, orjad, is believed to be behind the bombings. today's church attacks come just days after police ended a riot and hostage taking by convicted terrorists at a maximum security facility outside
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of the capital, jakarta. five police officers were killed by the inmates in the 36—hour—long siege, sparking the president to call for calm. translation: i need to emphasise that the nation and all the people are never afraid and will never give the slightest room to terrorism and also to efforts to undermine the security of the country. indonesia is largely a tolerant, pluralist nation. but there is concern about rising intolerance. theresa may says people who supported leaving the eu will get the brexit they voted for and reaffirmed her commitment to britain leaving the customs union. she's moved to reassure voters in a sunday newspaper article as her cabinet considers two different options for our future trading relations. but, this morning, while appearing
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to back the prime minister, the environment secretary michael gove admitted he had doubts about a customs partnership with the eu, as tom barton reports. once again, with her cabinet divided, the prime minister is defending her approach to brexit, telling voters in a sunday times article, "you can trust me to deliver," adding on the most difficult issue, "we will leave the customs union", but acknowledging there will have to be compromises. the prime minister has laid out a very clear flight path for us. today, the minister sent out to defend that position wasn't being very supportive. michael gove appearing to back comments by the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, that the prime minister's preferred option, a customs partnership with the eu, was crazy. boris pointed out that because it's novel, because no model like this exists, there have to be significant question marks over the deliverability of it on time. more than that, what a new customs partnership requires the british
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government to do is in effect act as the tax collector and very possibly the effective delivery of regulation for the european union. the reason these arrangements matter is because the uk wants to avoid the introduction of customs checks here at the border between northern ireland and the republic. the irish deputy prime minister making it clear today that using technology to solve the customs problem would lead to a hard border and ireland's only acceptable option would be a customs partnership. in our view, if we can have a shared customs territory through some kind of customs partnership, which is british government language, we think that can be the basis of a negotiation to find a way forward. labour backs staying in the customs union and says the government's approach to brexit has been a shambles. we are in a farcical situation at the moment. nearly two years after the referendum, the cabinet is fighting over two customs
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options, neither of which frankly are workable, neither of which are acceptable to the eu, and if either of which was put to the vote in parliament, they would probably not carry a majority. theresa may will meet her most senior ministers for a brexit meeting on tuesday as she tries to find a solution that the cabinet, parliament and the eu will accept. the headlines on bbc news: two british tourists and their driver — who were kidnapped in the democratic republic of congo — have been released. former labour cabinet minister dame tessa jowell has died at the age of 70. she was diagnosed with brain cancer last may. police in indonesia have said a mother and father and their children are responsible for three church bombings that killed at least 11 people. sport now and a full round up from the bbc sport centre.
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it isa it is a busy one this afternoon, we are into the second halves on the final day of the premier league season. final day of the premier league season. we have already seen a dramatic season finale in the scottish premiership. aberdeen beat champions celtic to finish second and there was a ten goal thriller at easter road between rangers and hibs that also included a red card and an injury time equaliser. hibs knew they had a chance of finishing third if they could manage a six goal advantage over rangers. they were 3-0 advantage over rangers. they were 3—0 up after 23 minutes, incredible stuff, but rangers launched a spectacular comeback, which drew them level by half—time and remarkably, jason holder gave them the lead in the 55th minute. hibs weren't finished, though, jamie mclaren completing a hat—trick as it finished 5—5 at easter road. quite
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the game therefore neil lennon's side. the draw means rangers finish the season in third. confirmation of aberdeen‘s victory at celtic, meaning they couldn't be caught in second place, while lee irwin's goal was enough to end kilmarnock‘s season was enough to end kilmarnock‘s season with a win. to the premier league, winner manchester city champions and stoke and west brom have been relegated, so attention turns to who can grab the final champions league spot. chelsea need a win at newcastle and liverpool to lose at home, but antonio conte's team are losing 2—0. it doesn't really matter because liverpool are three up, mosul with one of those. totte n ha m three up, mosul with one of those. tottenham in fourth at the moment, 3-3 at tottenham in fourth at the moment, 3—3 at home to leicester and still one spot in the relegation zone to be confirmed. swansea are set to end their six—year spell in the top flight. their six—year spell in the top flight. 0n their six—year spell in the top flight. on to formula one and lewis hamilton has taken his second win in succession by dominating an eventful
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spanish grand prix this afternoon. nick parrott was watching. 0ne spanish grand prix this afternoon. nick parrott was watching. one of the riskiest moments in formula one is the start. 20 cars going for itjust inches apart. four—time world champion sebastian vettel showed how it should be done in barcelona, zooming past valtteri should be done in barcelona, zooming past va ltteri bottas should be done in barcelona, zooming past valtteri bottas into second place behind lewis hamilton. romain g rosjea n place behind lewis hamilton. romain grosjean showed how it shouldn't, the french driver in a spin, taking out nico hulkenberg. afterfive laps behind the safety car, hamilton was able to put his foot down, reeling off lap records and opening a massive gap over sebastian vettel. it wasn't going to be ferrari's date as kimi raikkonen retired before the halfway point and sebastian vettel‘s gamble didn't pay off, allowing va ltteri bottas gamble didn't pay off, allowing valtteri bottas and max verstappen to get past. hamilton inherited his victory last time out but this time there was no time he —— no doubt he deserved it, claiming the chequered flag by 20 seconds from his mercedes ji made. with his lead now 17 points
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over sebastian vettel, he is back in the driving seat. ireland are learning the hard way about test cricket. it is day three in theirfirst about test cricket. it is day three in their first game about test cricket. it is day three in theirfirst game in the about test cricket. it is day three in their first game in the longer format after their opponents pakistan declared their first innings on 310—9, ireland's first go with the bat has been pretty disastrous. at one point, they were 7-4 disastrous. at one point, they were 7—4 and they have limped along to 96-8. and there are two games in the sixth round of rugby league's challenge cup to tell you about. hull kr first wigan and toronto woolpack facing the toughest challenge to date, warrington wolves. toronto scored the first two tries at the halliwell jones stadium. adam hixon and liam k crossing over. warrington responded as mike warrington bulldozed his way past. the latest core, 8—6 and you can watch on bbc two. in the other
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game, it is hull kr four, wigan ten. and you can follow all of the sport on the bbc sport website and we will have more for you a little bit later on. more details have emerged about the attacker killed by police following a deadly knife attack in central paris on saturday evening. he's been named by french media as 21—year—old khamzat azimov — a french national born in chechnya who was on an anti—terror watchlist. he reportedly killed a 29—year—old man and wounded four other people in the busy 0pera district before being shot dead by officers. janey mitchell reports. it should have been a pleasant weekend out in a popular part of paris. instead, a victim lies stabbed in the street. eyewitnesses reported scenes of panic as the attacker lashed out with a blade. police flooded the area near the opera house and witnesses say officers first tried to taser
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the subject and then the suspect and then fired two shots. translation: the attacker came around the corner of the street with blood on his hands, holding a box cutter, very aggressive, came with his arms open, with an angry gesture, came straight at the policemen. the policemen were shouting for him to put his arms down, drop your weapon. they tasered him twice. he managed to sort of isolate one of the policemen, i suppose, as the policemen were trying to encircle him and one of them ended up between the car and the street and ended up getting pushed back a bit and as the attacker went for him, i heard two shots. translation: according to witnesses, the attacker shouted allahu akbar when he attacked with a knife. given the aggressor's mode of operation, unit are investigating. the suspect, khamzat azimov
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was born in the southern republic of chechnya. the source said his parents are being questioned. islamic state group has claimed responsibility, saying it was targeting countries of the coalition which fought against it in the middle east. translation: france is absolutely determined not to yield in any way to the threats issued by attackers. our response will be firm and clear. over the past three years, a string ofjihadist attacks across france has claimed the lives of almost 250 people. as the investigation continues, the police will remain on high alert. dozens of rough sleepers from eu countries are to receive thousands of pounds in compensation after being illegally detained and deported. figures obtained by the bbc reveal that in the 12 months to may last year, almost 700 people were targeted, despite some of them being able to prove that they were working. jon ironmonger has more. tomas lusas is from lithuania.
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for nine years, he has been living, working and paying taxes in england, but a low point in 2016 found him on the streets in west london. recently i was sleeping here... he was woken one morning by immigration officers, and quickly bundled into a van to be deported. it is really hard to stand up after that, you know, because all of those handcuffs, all of this immigration thing, all of those officers who don't even want to help you, chat with you. tomas was detained for 19 days under a home office policy that the high court ruled in december was illegal and discriminatory. what was life like in a detention centre for you? jail — you don't know the end of the sentence. i didn't know i was going to spend a night in this. i didn't know i was going to spend 19 days. he was later awarded £10,000 in damages, but others like him
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are now entitled to a pay—out. law firms tell us that the home office is in the process of settling at least 45 such claims. the true number is likely to be higher. figures obtained by the bbc reveal that, in the year to may 2017, nearly 700 homeless eea nationals were illegally detained. and removed. but rough sleepers were being targeted even if they were in work, even if they had a permanent right of residence in the uk. eu law is very clear, and actually it is very robust. if but what the policy was was a very flimsy attempts to misuse the law simply to meet immigration targets. the home office told us it had ceased all action on immigration status of eea citizens because of rough sleeping, and that claims for rough sleeping will be considered on a case—by—case basis. tomas, meanwhile, has a new place to stay, and a second chance to make his home in the uk.
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a businessman who grew—up in a council house and was the son of a joiner, has topped this year's sunday times rich list. sirjim ratcliffe is worth an estimated £21 billion. he founded the chemical firm ineos which runs the grangemouth refinery near falkirk. he's the first british—born individual to top the list in 15 years. a little earlier, i spoke to our business correspondent joe lynam who gave us a little more insight into who sir jim ratcliffe is. he grew up in a council house in oldham and that he kind of transformed the chemical and refining business into a multi—billion pound operation in grangemouth in scotland. he is also a triathlete, even though he is in his 60s. he runs an ironman triathlon, so he is pretty fit. he is one of the people behind the daily mile, which if you are a parent of young children,
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you will be aware of, the idea of getting your kids off their backsides and to run a mile in the school yard every single day, and he is passionately anti—european union and passionately pro—fracking. he also is redesigning and redeveloping the famous land rover defender, the iconic box shaped one from the 1960s and 1970s movies, redesigning it for the 21st century because jl are, the owners of land rover, no longer the 21st century becausejlr, the owners of land rover, no longer want to produce the vehicle. interesting guy, continuing to do a lot of stuff and enjoying his wealth of 21 billion. very brave man, tampering with the defender, it has a very strong fan base. characteristic of this year's list is the old versus the new money. the sunday times rich list are making a big deal of the fact that it is quite clear that most of the people in the list created their own wealth rather than inherited it,
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which might have been the case when the list was first devised 30 years ago. sojim ratcliffe is a classic case of that. number two on the list, the gupta brothers, also kind of self—made billionaires. number three, a ukrainian guy. you get the sense the people on the list live or have residences in the uk, they are not necessarily british, they may not be british for tax purposes either, but if they have a strong connection with the uk, they are on the top 1,000. very quickly, how does the diversity breakdown look? 8.6% is non—white ethnic minority. triple what it was 30 years ago but a small number. the highest—ranking woman on the list is the heineken heiress, in at sixth, worth a mere £11 billion. it was a night filled with drama at the eurovision final
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in lisbon after a man invaded the stage during the uk's performance. thatis that is the uk media, we demand afridi! -- nazis of the uk media, we demand freedom. he grabbed the microphone from surie before being dragged off and arrested. but the show belonged to israel's netta who won with her song toy, referred to by most viewers as the "chicken song". she fought off competition from cyprus and was clearly delighted when she won. i'm so happy! thank you so much. for choosing different. thank you so much for accepting differences between us. thank you for celebrating diversity. thank you, i love my country. next time, jerusalem. a picture of the queen's official consent for prince harry's
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marriage to meghan markle has been released. the formal record is handwritten by one of the crown office's own artists, and signed "elizabeth r" by the queen. it will be presented to the couple after their wedding next weekend. home how is the weather looking, here is ben. sunday started with rain in places, particularly towards the east and the north of the uk, but foremost, we are ending the day with sunny skies, though sunny skies translate into clear skies overnight, that will allow you to turn quite chilly. towns and cities around three or 4 degrees. in the countryside, quite close to freezing so countryside, quite close to freezing so there could be a touch of frost here and there. some extra cloud into the far south—east and into northern ireland and western scotla nd northern ireland and western scotland by the end of the night. these areas cloud will try to close in across the country tomorrow, so quite grey and actually quite cool around the coasts for east anglia
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and the south—east. a lot of ploughed into northern ireland and western scotland that could produce the odd splash of rain but in between, some decent swells and sunshine and after a fairly chilly start, temperatures will climb quite nicely up to 19 or 20. temperatures climbing further on tuesday, could get to 23 and it does mostly dry through the week with some sunshine. a little bit cooler for the middle pa rt a little bit cooler for the middle part of the week. this is bbc news, our latest headlines. three people, including two british tourists, have been released after being kidnapped in the democratic republic of congo. the group was captured in the virunga national park on friday, a guide was killed in the ambush. tributes have been paid to dame tessa jowell, who has died at the age of 70. the former labour cabinet minister was diagnosed with a brain tumour in may last year. indonesian police have said a mother and father and their children carried out three church bombings that killed at least 11


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