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for the past three yearsjohnny has been piecing together that night with the help of 3 bristol film—maker. for weeks we had been practising for this operation and now this was it. the sorpe was very different from the mohne and the eder. their line of attack was along the top of the dam. on the night they had to work it out once they got there. i reckon it took us ten runs to attack the sorpe. because we couldn't get it right, it wasn't exactly right, so dummy run, go round again. johnnyjohnson hopes his film will draw fresh audiences into the story of the dambusters and of the 52 crew members who didn't come home. really hit the people on the squadron. were you heroes? no, that's a word i object to. we were aircrew with a job to do. it'sjust a question of being the lucky one.
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well sadly today the weather round of this lancaster but for the thousands who gathered at the reservoir where the squadron practice they did see a fly—past by 21st—ce ntu ry practice they did see a fly—past by 21st—century successor. time for a look at the weather. here's louise lear. good afternoon. this was actually the image from yesterday but ijust wa nt to the image from yesterday but ijust want to show the reversal of fortunes. 2a hours later the cloud is now cross england and wales with sunshine further north. yesterday it felt quite pleasantly warm through the east of scotland and down across england and wales but today it is a different story. whether you have clout or sun it is much fresher feeling out there. if we're lucky
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get 17 degrees but many places will be down on that. and some rain around as well across the south west which will continue through the day. but behind that some clearer skies and sunshine for the afternoon highs of around 12, 17 degrees. that front continues to sink south—east through the night and allow that fresher air to flood across the country. also a northerly breeze adding to that cloverfield today. but with clear skies we will see quite a cold night in the far north—west in particular with low single figures. even some light frost in some rural areas. so still a breezy start to thursday as well but also dry. that northerly wind always running the risk of driving in some cloud across the east coast. but in any shelter
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further west with some sunshine, around 15, 17 degrees. that dry theme continues into friday, a week weather front pushing into the far north—west. and certainly more cloud gci’oss north—west. and certainly more cloud across the western fringes. but generally a dry day. still boding well as we head towards the weekend and if you do have outdoor plants, high—pressure set to stay with us and continue to dominate the story. if you are heading to winter a little optimism that we could see more sunshine around and damages could peak at around 21 degrees. that dry story continuing right gci’oss that dry story continuing right across the country if you're planning a street party. that's all from the bbc news at one —— good afternoon, i'm hugh
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woozencroft with a look at the day's sport here on bbc news. and we begin with a day of managerial movement in the premier league. both outgoings as well with david moyes leaving west ham united and sam allardyce dismissed by everton. our sports reporter juliette ferringtonjoins me now. there was unrest at west ham this season but the manager was never really at the centre of it — so why has he gone? david moyes was broken to bring instability and trying get west ham out of the position they were in. they were 18th when he took over and they finished 30th but it was almost a short—term thing with david moyes and was going to review it at the end of the season. they are already speaking to potential other candidates now that david moyes has
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decided he no longer was to be there and west ham have said in a statement we aim to appoint our high calibre figure who will lead the clu b calibre figure who will lead the club into an exciting future for the fans. that appointment is expected to be in the next ten days. was there a similar story at goodison park this season — but sam allardyce's sacking shows how hard it is to be successful these days? it isa it is a different situation with sam alla rdyce it is a different situation with sam allardyce at everton. he was rotten with exactly the same job that moyes had done. he came in at everton at the 13th possession but finished in eighth. but he didn't feel there was that connection with the fans. the fa ns that connection with the fans. the fans didn't want him and went happy with that style of football. there was at change at boardroom level and the statement was released by everton last night and the statement
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this morning says sam allardyce has left his position. but he has left everton in a good strong position with a platform to everton can go on and build and further strengthen in the summer months and next season coming ahead. it's an important day for the 23 england players who have been selected to go the world cup in russia this summer. we should find out gareth southgate‘s squad in the next hour or so. one name not on the list isjoe hart. he has been england's number one goalkeeper at their last three tournaments but the exit to iceland at euro 2016 was the beginning of a decline which has seen him miss out. arsenal midfielderjack wilshere will also miss out. he's been plagued by injuries over his career but did manage 38 appearances this season. whoever is named, former england midfielder frank lampard thinks a quarterfinal place is possible. if you're looking at our squad and
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what we have got you can maybe see we're happy to get that far. we will go we're happy to get that far. we will 9° up we're happy to get that far. we will go up against the big boys that can we win it? is this a squad still developing for the next future tournaments? yes, to a degree. i agree that expectation should not be sky high and don't think they are which is great for the team. let's give them freedom to go and play and see how well they can do. chelsea ladies striker eni aluko will be leaving the club at the end of the season. the 31—year old, who has 102 england caps, has confirmed on twitter that her six year stay at chelsea is coming to an end — she said ‘after five years & 150 plus appearances it's with a heavy heart i confirm i'll be leaving. paris st—germain and one other overseas team. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that england squad on the way in the
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next hour or so. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. for you in the next hour. let's return to our main story. rail services on the east coast main line are to be brought back under public control. in a statement, the joint holder of the franchise, stagecoach, said that the company along with virgin were being stripped of control. they had been awarded the contract to run trains for eight years in 2014. transport secretary chris grayling has been making a statement to parliament in the last few minutes. i want to make this smooth as possible transition to a new east coast partnership. i've taken is to by the considerations and decided to use the current difficulties to drive forward sooner with our long—term plans on the east coast partnership. i have decided to bring forward the transition process now. this will be in the long—term interests of our passengers as every member of staff on the railway will be solely focused on delivering an
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excellent service for the future. i will terminate virgin trains east coast contract in 2ajune 200018. i'll use a period of last resort control to shape the new. we will start the new long—term land for these coast line through the recreation of one of britain's iconic real brands, the london and north eastern railway, lner. they will take immediate control of passenger services and take control of working with network rail to work with the passengers and trains on the lner. i'm working with the new board to oversee the operation of the lner route. it will have their centres of both the train operating tea m centres of both the train operating team and network rail and independent members who will ensure
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the interests of other operators on this route taken into account. i will appoint an interim jerked sharply and begin the recruitment process for long—term appointment. when it is fully formed the new lner operation will be a partnership between the public and private sectors. it was remain in the public sectors. it was remain in the public sector but i believe the railway is at its strongest when a genuine partnership between public and private. the final structure of the lner will have to be in conformity with regulations that the industry but the simple goal will be it does the work it does that the existing operators have done and continues at work in improving services for passengers. time now for the look of the businesses. i'm vishala sri—pathma — in the business news... a rotten corporate culture
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and "a story of recklessness, hubris and greed" led to carillion's collapse, according to two committees of mps. they said the board of directors were to blame and should be disqualified. the construction giant collapsed injanuary with £1.5bn of debts. mps also criticised regulators and the government for allowing it to happen and called for the big four accounting firms to be broken up in light of their actions. after an angry backlash, the bank of england's deputy governor has said sorry for describing the uk economy as entering a "menopausal" era. ben broadbent had used the phrase in an interview with the daily telegraph as a metaphor for economies that are "past their peak". later he said he was sorry for the "poor choice of language" and any "offence caused". deliveroo, the food courier service, says it will make its employees shareholders in the company, giving them shares totalling £10 million. but its 15,000 riders who deliver the food won't be included. the firm say that's because they are self—employed. deliveroo is now valued at around
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£1.5 billions and has 2,000 permanent staff. it's embroiled in legal action with some of its british riders, who want more rights like holiday pay. thousands of people lost theirjobs when the uk's second biggest construction firm — carillion — collapsed in january. and two committees of mps say the board of directors was to blame. the government and regulators have been blamed for failing to tackle the compa ny‘s problems. and mps pointed the finger at major accounting firms — who approved the accounts despite the large debts. earlier we asked frank field, chair of the work and pensions select committee. the government is now compiling a company bill and it needs to look at our findings company bill and it needs to look at ourfindings from carillion
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company bill and it needs to look at our findings from carillion which your directors being paid up to £1 million per year that seemed to have no idea that the firm was going over the clef, who had those huge debts as you said and £3 billion debt on the pension schemes. they came before us talking as though the company was still going. although it had collapsed before. they were totally delusional. luxury fashion — if you can afford it, you're helping the likes of top british designers in business. burberry reported their financial results today. they were better than what financial analysts expected, with growth in revenue, pushing its share price up 3% on the news. now we've been hearing lots about how fashion retailers are struggling on the high street, but actually luxury brands are managing to keep their heads above water. joining us now is pia ostermann, luxury goods analyst, at euromonitor international. what is their strategy, how is
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burberry pushing through the figures we are having on retailers not doing so well and really managing the market share, and also revenue? burberry, wouldn't expect this positivity and the results today. burberry itself has announced a new strategy so i think it is at least to see how it will progress but it is known to be this luxury brand from the uk and a digital european luxury which is important in engaging with millennials. luxury which is important in engaging with millennialsm luxury which is important in engaging with millennials. it is focused on business upmarket brand. just after the financial crisis the upmarket brands managed to weather the storm. why is that?” upmarket brands managed to weather the storm. why is that? i think for brands now they are kind of change in the direction. gucci in 2015 have a new creative director and started
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to focus on millennials customer experience and played out very well them. burberry is now finding new strategies with a focus on leather goods. they're not very bags and mortar trench coats but it is kind of progressing that way and also the element of street where —— streetwea r. element of street where —— streetwear. the new creative directors bring in latin. brands like dior and louis vuitton do it with collaborations. they are focusing on that demographic of young people. do young people have the money to shop at the likes of burberry? i think it is starting with several luxury leather goods though maybe a bit lower priced and see it as an entry point for burberry overall. and then the digital initiatives, trying to keep up digital initiatives, trying to keep up with the brands through social
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media and creating digital engagement and this experience. apparently the bad weather, the beast from the east, has meant that we've all been drinking indoors instead of going to the pub. shares in the country's biggest pub owners fell today, after they reported slowing revenues blaming the colder weather. last week cut—price pub operatorjd wetherspoon, which is known for its money saving reported a slowdown in sales. greggs also issued a profit warning. so, it's not looking too optimistic for budget eating at the moment. more on all those stories later on in the day. jeremy corbyn and theresa may clashed in the commons over the government's brexit policy at prime minister's questions. 0ur assistant political editor norman smith is in westminster for us now. something of a rarity today. jeremy
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corbyn going on brexit for the second week running. that tells us of women maxed difficulties and visions of a brexit, so much so that evenjeremy visions of a brexit, so much so that even jeremy corbyn feels it visions of a brexit, so much so that evenjeremy corbyn feels it can go on the attack. we know he has his own difficulties behind and in the house of lords. lessons and challenging theresa may over government disarray on the customs deal. the government is so busy negotiating with itself that it cannot negotiate with anybody else. mr speaker, if the prime minister cannot negotiate a good deal for britain, why does she not step aside and let labour negotiate a new customs union and are living standard backed by trade unions and businesses in this country, step aside and make way for those who
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will. there is sort of trouble down the line heading theresa may sway over brexit. the house of lords have passed a whole stack of amendments, one of which could prove profoundly problematic which affect would enable the uk to remain the single market. theresa may was asked by labourmp market. theresa may was asked by labour mp stephen clinic if she would give mps are bought for remaining in the european economic area and the single market. we have seen company after company and as an investment in this country which is then morejobs. we do need to ensure that our customers arrangements will meet these three tests i set out earlier, an independent trade policy enabling us to do trade deals around the world, as virtuous as possible border with the eu and no hard border with the eu and no hard
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border between the united kingdom and ireland. i'm joined by border between the united kingdom and ireland. i'mjoined by stephen hammond and liz kendall and sammy wilson. let's start the single market idea. you have been one of the conservatives pushing. surely mission impossible for the administered to concede this, not least because she has repeatedly said she will not do it but it would ignite a civil war and her party. not necessarily. it was an african that she was asked twice and in truth out twice. a lot of people are looking at the find is love the text and it says it regards free movement of workers not citizens. it would let the prime ministers say she has control of the borders. a lot of people would say we need the regulatory standards in the single market. i still think the economic area would provide that for the prime minister. you must have had that one of the non—negotiable red lines for the prime minister is it is not negotiable. it is not the
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single market, it is access to it andi single market, it is access to it and i think it is highly significant today given the prime minister ‘s problems and she did not rule it out. a lot of people in the government realises media solution. it is not the one the preferred but eve ryo ne it is not the one the preferred but everyone and practical solutions given the tyne skill and i really important in this debate. liz kendall, it theresa may were defeated in this proposal it would depend labour backing continued membership of the single market. i am confused what the labour policy is on the single market. is still on the are off the table? 0ne is on the single market. is still on the are off the table? one of our shadow brexit minister said nothing is off the table and i agree with stephen. membership of the eea and pa rt stephen. membership of the eea and part close to solving the problem of the border with northern ireland and enables us to keep that access to the markets we need and the key point that stevens said is it does give us greater control over migration. so i hope that it does
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come back to the house and that we do vote in favour of it is adding thatis do vote in favour of it is adding that is what is best for the country and jobs and the border with northern ireland. i don't know if you were at the parliamentary labour party meeting the other night which jeremy corbyn was that, but do you have any sense whether he will move further on the brexit issue? he has already travelled a long way.|j wasn't at the meeting, i was at a debate on grenfell tower so i do not know exactly what was said but we have said we will be a customs union andi have said we will be a customs union and i would like to see us go further. i think it is what many of our supporters and members and trade unions would like to see and i think it puts the national economic interest first. sammy wilson, critical of women maxed negotiations, your red line is the integrity of the union. —— critical
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of theresa may ‘s negotiation. integrity of the union. —— critical of theresa may 's negotiation. our red line is we abide by the referendum result and it applies to the whole of the united kingdom. i find myself amazed though perhaps i shouldn't be surprised that those who really reluctantly agreed to the referendum in the first place where angry at the results of the referendum and now tenaciously trying to claw back the situation to trying to claw back the situation to try and keep us inside the eu in all but name. the recipe which has been suggested here that we stay within the single market, albeit under ea rules, that we stay within the customs union, would be a betrayal of the result of the referendum and would remove the freedoms that we are seeking to be able to do a road trade deals and make their own rules and decide which regulations apply and decide which regulations apply
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and she apply the united kingdom, which should not apply. people ask what was the point of having a referendum on the first place? would it not be a better option for you than the eu backstop option of having a border than the ibc which might happen? i don't have this obsession with the border between northern ireland and lavish public because of all this nonsense about a ha rd because of all this nonsense about a hard border between northern ireland and there is public, definitely thinks about it, 50,000 troops, ta nks thinks about it, 50,000 troops, tanks and watch cars and armoured ca rs tanks and watch cars and armoured cars and roads with tank traps on them couldn't stop movement across them couldn't stop movement across the border during the troubles so i would love to know what people mean by ha rd would love to know what people mean by hard border. if it means sticking up by hard border. if it means sticking upa by hard border. if it means sticking up a couple of barber poles across the main roads into the public and think that will somehow meet the requirements... i don't think it's necessary. we already have border, a fiscal border and the currency border which is adequately managed
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by technology are present in which to be managed in the future. stephen hammond, a theresa may if she is listening to samuelson will not risk a vote in the eea are certainly going along with it. she's absolutely clear about protecting the british economic interest and i think this will be a solution. i think this will be a solution. i think a response to family would be she would absolutely be with them. she does not want to risk the union and has to find a solution and looks for the solution that will make sure thatis for the solution that will make sure that is no border with the irish republic. these technology solutions are not available yet. i have been meeting with people today would tell meeting with people today would tell me the hard border and it will be ha rd me the hard border and it will be hard border unless we find the right solutions. it will not be a technological solution. liz kendall we had david miliband back in time.
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how much impact if any do you think he had in terms of opinion, particularly in the labour party?|j think he had in a very important things to say about the future of the country and for this position should be and is good to see him working with other parties will also believe that we should be putting a economic interests first of party interests. doesn't mean that labour moderates in inverted commas are getting their act together on issues like brexit? i think we have always wa nted like brexit? i think we have always wanted to speak up forjobs and we're realistic about what the options are. really up against the wire here. if we don't solve the issue with the border we want get withdrawal agreement agreement and we will crash out and we won't have a transition agreement. businesses need to know and we can't face that legal and economic uncertainty. the garment has got to get his act together. i believe there was way through if theresa may works across
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parliament and if we say that we wa nt parliament and if we say that we want a practical solution and i think that the eea is a real important part of that. samuelson, you will have read of jacob rees mogg having a minor spat with theresa may way he expressed concern that concerns over the border would reel and the government should say we will not have a border and if you wa nt to we will not have a border and if you want to put one up that is up to you. they are not real and they are designed to try and find some way chap in the united kingdom and keep it within the customs union and the single market. hard border is not practical and would not serve any purpose along the border between northern ireland and the irish public and i think the government should be seen to the eu if you want ever border use stick the border close to the czechs and the irish
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republic side. we don't want to put any checks in the uk side. if you have a problem with that you work it out for yourselves. i think it is time the prime ministers started getting tough with both the irish government which is running rings around the british government at present because of internal problems in the republic and they want to suck up to the eu. brexit is going to keep on going but now let's get the weather. please tell me will be sorry this weekend. it will be dry and fingers crossed that will be sunny. more that in a moment. beautiful across england and wales and clouded further north west. that is where the cloud is sitting through england and wales picking up the rain. further north we have sunshine. yesterday it was
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pretty mild wet across the country stretching almost from east scotland to england and wales we had low to mid 20s. today it is a different story. weather you have different cloud or assign it is a fresher feel and quite breezy, making it feel quite cool. —— even cooler. we have rain around particularly across the south west which is a bit of a nuisance. it is a cloudy afternoon for many here. further north we have that sun but look of the temperatures. 0nly right 12 degrees of across the east coast when factor in the breeze. further east we see 16 degrees 17 degrees. 0nce in the breeze. further east we see 16 degrees 17 degrees. once that frontal system clear through we have the northerly flow so the call air stays with us for a few days. that means clearer skies through the night will allow those tempted to fall away. low single figures in some rural spots. low enough for a touch of frost first thing tomorrow morning. for scotland and northern england and possibly northern
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ireland could be a chilly old start. we will see a good deal of dry that the story through tomorrow. still that nagging breeze driving its cloud along north sea coast. cooler here. a little bit more shelter. further west will see more sunshine with highs of around 17 or 18 degrees. as you move on to friday we have lighter winds. it will start to feel that little bit warmer. the potential for more cloud to the north—west and the odd spot to buy showery rain. that high—pressure stays with us and it stays mostly drive. as we move into the weekend it does look like we will continue with that theme, a relatively quiet story. it is quite unusual we have no weather fronts that will really throw a spanner in the works for the forecast which means winds are castle looks like it will have a dry affair. —— winds are. highs of 20 or 21 degrees. —— winds are.
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real services on the troubled east coast main line ad to be brought back under public control. i north korea threatens to pull out of next week ‘s summit with president tramp if united "a rotten corporate culture". mps deliver withering criticism of the collapsed construction firm carillion. coming up on afternoon live, all the sport. whew, we're


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