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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 21, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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it was her last game for the club before she heads abroad to probably join paris st germain. it has been an emotionally charged week, but you know i can't complain —to week, but you know i can't complain — to end it with a double and scoring the 100th goal yesterday was just like fate. you ask any professional player how they would wa nt to professional player how they would want to ends their time, it would be at the top. 0n want to ends their time, it would be at the top. on a high. and so you know it just. .. to at the top. on a high. and so you know itjust... to do it twice is unbelievable. i think in 2015 it was done. it was overwhelming. it was a dream come true, to do it again three years later, with a squad full of players from all over the world, amazing people, you know... getting to the semifinal of champions league, all these thing, me getting my 150th appearance for chelsea, it has been an amazing year, filled
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with kind of memorable things to hold on to for the rest of my career. i don't think moving abroad would be a negative for any potential england recall. but you know it's, if i keep scoring goals, and playing well and getting my name out there, then it is up to phil neville. it is up to him what he does. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. the headlines on bbc news: tributes to the 72 people who died at grenfell tower — ken livingstone has resigned from
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the labour party. timetable changes bring disruption on the railways with delays and cancellations affecting many routes in england. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. and in the the united states this is how the dow and the nasdaq are getting on. let's return now to the inquiry into the grenfell tower fire last june, as its first public hearings get underway. it began this morning with a 72—second silence — to honour the 72 victims of the blaze. it marked the opening of two weeks of poignant and emotional tributes to those who died, from family and friends. proceedings began with a tribute
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to baby logan gomes who was stillborn after his parents marcio and andreia gomes managed to escape from the 21st floor. logan was delivered while his mother lay unconscious in an induced coma. his father marcio gomes paid tribute to his wife. you never know... what you are made of until you're broken. and i can tell you this — my wife she's made of the hardest material i know. and without her strength and courage i would not be here. i might be doing the talking,
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but she's the one that's always rock—solid. and we love our son. we always will do. it is just so sad that my beloved husband will not be us at farhad's wedding and won't be there to see or hold his grandchildren, or share the joy of becoming a grandparent. those hopes and our dreams have been shattered. the chance to enjoy such special moments as a close, loving family have been taken away from him and there is a heavy sense of loss within our hearts which will never, ever go away.
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saber had always been there for all of us. he never complained. and he always did everything with a smile. he was my husband. he was my best friend. i miss him so much. he will always be the love of my life. we moved into grenfell tower around 1993. my aunt lived at the address until that fateful night when our lives were changed forever. my aunt was my hero. she has been in my life for every major event. she was my mum, as well as my aunt. for the first time in my life, my aunt is not a phone call away.
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she's not there to listen to my complaints, or my gossip. my aunt made me a priority in her life. she was the best aunt and sister we would have asked for. she was warm and kind. she welcomed everyone into her home. grenfell tower was a place all her family and friends could find shelter if they ever needed it. mary was a carer who worked within her community. she was a humanitarian who made it a passion to help those less fortunate than herself. it is going to be an emotional two weeks of those tributes being paid to the 72 vick victims of grenfell tower fire and then there will be
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many months of discussion about what caused the fire. plenty of coverage here on the bbc over that time. we wa nt to here on the bbc over that time. we want to show you some pictures. this is the big island of hawaii and the volcano that is still erupting. thousands of residents waiting to be moved away, because of the lava flows a nd moved away, because of the lava flows and they have becoming increasingly alarmed at that is happening in and around their homes. so those are the latest shots. now let's get our weather with darren bett. some dramatic weather today with a number of thunder storms in parts of england. through the rest of this week, while there will still be some warm sunshine, we have the
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risk of more storms and it will be cooler around the north sea coasts. we have had this rain across northern ireland and scotland. the focus on the showers, a whole host of thunder storms in southern england and up to the midlands. the down pours will move further west. then they will fade away. could get one 01’ then they will fade away. could get one or two more heavy showers returning to the south—east later on in the night and in the north the rain thins out in northern ireland and scotland and a lot of low cloud will move to the north easting of england. not —— north—east of england. not —— north—east of england. most of england and wales starting dry and sunny. maybe some showers in essex and kent. a grey start for the north—east of england and eastern parts of scotland. not much rain by this stage. what rain
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there is will peter out and the cloud will thin out. more grey and misty in the north—east of england and eastern scotland. we could see some thundery down pours notjust in the south—east, but pushing into the west cou ntry the south—east, but pushing into the west country and into wales. but large parts of england and wales still dry and warm with sunshine. we should have some sunshine at chelsea nower show. till —— chelsea flower show. still the small chance of a down pour on wednesday and thursday. we have high pressure shaping our weather, particularly across the north. where we will miss the down pours. with the high pressure continuing to build, we are breaking up continuing to build, we are breaking up the cloud in scotland and northern ireland and it will be warmer. england and wales, more sunshine on the way on wednesday. a small chance of a shower in the south. a warmer day in scotland and northern ireland away from the north sea coast and temperatures further
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south up to 25 degrees. the threat of showers continuing in england and wales on thursday and friday. you're watching beyond one hundred days.. the white house sends an uncompromising message to europe on the issue of iran. here's our policy of tough american sanctions — and now, you're either with us or against us. the secretary of state lays out the us alternative to the iran nuclear deal and promises unprecedented financial pressure. we will hold those doing prohibited business in iran to account. south korea's president is on his way to washington and it's clear there a lot about the north korea summit that still needs to be sorted. also on the programme: it is within a president's powers to demand the justice department investigate the fbi. it's just not been done since watergate. so why now? and katty and i are still in the wedding mood.


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