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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  May 22, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on the programme. arsenal are set to appoint former paris st germain coach, unai emery, as their new manager. kiev calling.... liverpool look towards the champions league final against real madrid. and morata misses out... the forward waves goodbye to a world cup place with spain. and serena williams won't be seeded for the forthcoming french open. hello there and welcome to the programme. first, arsenal are set to appoint unai emery as their new manager. the spaniard has been in talks with the club on monday as they prepare to appoint a successor to arsene wenger. former psg boss, emery, was a late contender for the job, as our correspondent david ornstein explained to me earlier. whether or not it is a surprise in turn lead to arsenal, certainly externally to the public, it will come as a surprise. it seemed all they had to do was press the button on mikael arteta, theirformer captain and assistant manager at manchester city and they would get
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their man. but out of nowhere seemingly, unai emery has crept up. it might not be a surprise to some common he has won the french league title as well as for cup competitions during his two seasons at paris saint—germain. he was at seville and won three consecutive year roper league titles and that is the competition arsenal are competing in. but if you look at some of the odds with bob —— bookmakers, he was 66— want to take over. he was leaving paris saint—germain and was available. he is happy to slot into their consonantal model, is happy to slot into their consona ntal model, working is happy to slot into their consonantal model, working with a de fa cto consonantal model, working with a de facto director of football and head of recruitment. his english is limited and this will divide opinion among fans, but arsenal will feel they have made the right decision. what has the reaction been from the fans, are they happy? they are
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mixed, they wanted max allegro from juventus, carlo ancelotti and others had got the idea that mikel arteta or patrick viera, another former captain of arsenal. but there was this middle ground they could always explore, which involved the likes of brendan rodgers, leonardo jardim from monaco and this man, unai emery. there were three key protagonists, the chief executive, head of international football relations and then their head of recruitment, who came from borussia dortmund. they were charged with making the recommendation to the board of directors, to the american owner and i board of directors, to the american ownerand i am board of directors, to the american owner and i am told it was a unanimous decision that unai emery would be the new manager of arsenal, succeeding arsene wenger after the frenchman's 22 years at the club. when do you think the appointment
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will be confirmed 7 when do you think the appointment will be confirmed? we are expecting an announcement this week on the same day they unveil unai emery at a press c0 nfe re nce same day they unveil unai emery at a press conference about is when the media will focus on the club and this man himself and get the chance to ask you why he has decided to join arsenal and more pertinently, white arsenal has decided to go for him when it seemed they were so far down the line with mikel arteta. so, is emery a good fit for arsenal? one former gunners and england striker isn't so sure. morata had a load of money to spend at p56. morata had a load of money to spend at psg. he is meant to be coming to arsenal with 50 million and a bunch of players that have been very much playing for me in second gear. his coaching ability, he is going to have to really get going instantly and he is going to have to find some gems in the transfer market. what a week it's going to be for liverpool. they've returned from warm weather training in spain and later this week, head to kiev for the champions league final on saturday.
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they held an open training session at anfield on monday and we also heard from jurgen klopp. he thinks his side can cancel out real madrid's vast european experience with their desire, attitude and work—rate. our sports correspondent, natalie pirks, was at anfield. it has been a beautiful day at anfield as the team were put through a light session in front of media as they gear up for the biggest game in club football. facing real madrid will be no easy feat. but liverpool, well they have a dream. in a final you should face a really good football team. the good news — we are as well a really good team and we are full of desire and we... we really work for our dreams. big dreams. and we hope that we can show that.
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if we can show that, then we have a chance and that is enough. he talked about bravery and how liverpool have to play the same lively football that got them this far and trent alexander—arnold is an example of that. the 19 has played in almost every champions league match for liverpool and his campaign has culminated in a kaup i for england. and his campaign has culminated in a call up for england. yet to make his senior debut, but on the plane to russia. he is parking all talk of world cup and today wanted to focus on the biggest game of his life. you do train for these type of games and to play against this type of opposition, you want to play against the best in the world and test yourself and see what level you're at. come saturday the team will test themselves to the limit. that is the only way to win for everyone to play at their best. we very talking about mo salah who has swept all before him
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in becoming the golden boot winner for the premier league. he will be critical and he is up against cristiano ronaldo, a man he has been compared to all season. jurgen klopp was not going there and refused to answer a question comparing the two, saying he could already see the headlines. but he said that liverpool is a good team, full of desire and he ended on it saying, let's give it a try. 2010 world cup winner, cesc fabregas, is amongst four high profile english premier league names to miss out on spain's squad for the world cup. the midfielder isn't the only chelsea player not on the plane to russia next month. his team—mates alvaro morata and defender marcos alonso have also been left out of the squad. along with arsenal's hector bellerin.
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i don't think he will be too surprised because he was left out of the last squad (they surprised because he was left out of the last squad ( they played a couple of friendlies in march. he hasn't been in great form, only scored three goals in 23 games for chelsea. has struggled that stamford bridge. the man who replaced, diego costa, is in the squad. some massively talented players not going to the world cup. other teams i'm sure would love the likes of fabregas and morata. serena williams will not be given a seeding on her return to grand slam tennis at the french open following the birth of her daughter. tournament officials decided the rankings of the women's seeds based on third wta tour positions with williams ranked that world number 453 after taking a breakfrom world number 453 after taking a break from the sport. it means that 23 time major winner could end up
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facing one of the top seeds in the early rounds of the competition. the first of two tests between england and pakistan gets underway at lord's in london on thursday. back in the england test squad for the first time in 18 months, is jos buttler, who has cut short his stint in the indian premier league. here's our sports correspondentjoe wilson. he has cut short his stint in the indian premier league and says his inclusion for the test at lord's on thursday is a fantastic surprise. inclusion for the test at lord's on thursday is a fantastic surprisem shows that people are very open—minded and there's not necessarily only one way in to a national selection. i think if anything, that should benefit the quys anything, that should benefit the guys because you can do it your weight or whatever opportunities are afforded to you, you shouldn't be worried about taking them for risk
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of say, if i go and play in a tournament somewhere that is my red bull ambitions finished. and finally, what happens when you give two formula one drivers an aston martin each and a caravan? red bull's daniel ricciardo and max verstappen enjoyed the expeience so much last year, that they've done it again. this is the zandvoort circuit in the netherlands. and, without wanting to incur the wrath of caravanners around the world, you really don't want to be stuck behind one! but then again, verstappen and ricciardo aren't your normal caravan owners — as you can see! ricciardo was last year's winner, but verstappen got his revenge. we should just say it's the monaco grand prix on sunday — no caravans allowed there though. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. the weather's not looking bad
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over the next few days. we cannot guarantee completely dry weather but we need a bit of rain at least from time to time and on tuesday there is a risk of downpours with thunder across the south of the uk in particular. as far as the short—term is concerned, the next few hours are very quiet across the uk. a bit of cloud across the north—west where we have a weather front across northern ireland and scotland. it is a very weak weather front so it's mostly cloud and not a lot of rain. the early hours of tuesday morning, a few spots of rain across scotland, to the south of the country we have clear skies and not cold at all.
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12 in london but fresher in the north—west of scotland. let's look at the weather first thing in the morning. it's looking great but there is a chance of showers across kent and sussex. but the vast majority of the country is looking dry. not necessarily sunny everywhere, a bit more cloud in the north—east, some across scotland and partly sunny skies in northern cloudy skies in northern ireland as well. we have a bit of cloud and to the south, sunshine. later in the morning the cloud will develop so there is the risk of a few downpours, particularly across southern areas, possibly in the midlands as well. warm for many across the south of the country, into the 20s and a little bit colder further north. the chelsea flower show is looking fine, temperatures could hit the mid—20s but there is the chance of rain by the time we get to thursday.
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let's look at the forecast for the middle part of the week. it will be a good week with high—pressure extending all the way from scandinavia into the uk. there will be a bit of cloud early in the morning across some of these north—eastern areas, possibly along the north sea coast down into east anglia. but it will be a warm one for many. where you see the orange, those are temperatures well into the 20s, so 23, 24 in london and in the north of the country, mid—or high teens and possibly 20 degrees in edinburgh. on thursday into friday, temperatures will probably level off across the country further south. down to about 22 in london with the risk of a couple of showers. let's look at saturday because things are set to warm up across europe and temperatures could really be hitting the mid—, possibly high 20s across the south on the bank holiday weekend. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to
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viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is lewis vaughanjones. our top stories: the threat from hawaii's kilauea volcano continues — people are told to stay indoors due to the danger of toxic gases. a warning to tehran — america's secretary of state vows to impose "the strongest sanctions in history" on iran. the inquiry into the deadly grenfell tower fire gets underway with harrowing testimony from relatives of the victims. at that moment we felt like our hearts had broken. and delving into the royal wedding album — official portraits
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