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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 22, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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bees, today. they wanted to see the bees, they wanted to hear the singing, too cried together. we saw thousands in the square holding hands and hugging. there was power in that collective experience. but there are plenty of survivors and families who are be read to said it was too much, they couldn't face it and they wa nted they couldn't face it and they wanted to be quietly at home. that was their time as well. the biblical day for all of them and right now, the most difficult part of that day as we approach the very moment when the bomb exploded at the arena a short distance from here, the very moment so many lives in this city we re moment so many lives in this city were shattered and changed for ever. do you think this day has helped some people? a milestone they needed to get to. the grandparents in my report earlier said the first moment for them is difficult. they said they had to get through it. judith, oui’ they had to get through it. judith, our correspondent. that's all from bbc news at ten in manchester. in a moment on bbc one it's time
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for the news where you are, but we'll leave you tonight with the city bells ringing at 10:31, the time of theattack here in manchester one year ago, when 22 people died. goodbye. people who are here today as well as those who are not. they will live on the third of those who love them. through those who continue to keep their memory alive with the deeds and actions. for those lost and their loved ones will forever be in their loved ones will forever be in the hearts of the people of manchester. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm ben mundy at the bbc sport centre. here are the headlines... simon survives... britain's yates is the giro's clear favourite after emerging from the time trial with a hefty lead. there's a change at the top of english cricket. andrew strauss is stepping back while his wife receives cancer treatment. we can win the world cup. new captain kane sets out england's target in russia. and, it's gold for bronze... the england defender‘s named bbc women's footballer of the year. good evening...
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we'll hearfrom england's lucy bronze on winning that award before the end of the programme, but we start with cycling. simon yates has taken a huge step towards becoming the first briton to win the giro d'italia. he led the race by over two minutes going in to the time trial on stage 16. thing is... time trials aren't really his thing, so it was all about damage limitations, as drew savage explains... preparing for the ride of his life. an unequaled battle ahead of simon yates when the man in second place happens to be the world time trial champion. tommy malone was also expected at game today, the question was how much? he had been picked to win this stage but the fresh legs of australia's dennis professor. miller has a memory thing takes over mountains for two weeks. chris from's been up—and—down. a good time trial lifted him to fourth overall, but still a long way behind yates who has never been the best time trial are but doing his utmost to hang on for that pinkjersey.
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dutchman desperate to exchange his world champion karen jo dutchman desperate to exchange his world champion karenjo starts. mario power towards the finish. third fastest on the day. yates responded with two lancastrian bridge, trying to limit his losses. how many seconds would he lose as he approached the line? the answer, 75. which means it's still almost a minute ahead in the standings. that jersey is his to lose. dres anderson ama jersey is his to lose. dres anderson am a bbc news. let's get onto story about andrew strauss. andrew strauss is to take a step back from his role as england's director of cricket while his wife is treated for cancer. the former captain, who's been in the role since 2015, left december‘s ashes tour early when she was diagnosed with the disease. he says the team will be in safe hands, while he initially takes three months out of the role. my boots will be very adequately filled by andy flower who we all know has experience in and around the england team. he will keep a very steady hand on the tiller while i am away.
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it's obviously disappointing that we are here at lords and full of that optimism about what the summer holds for us. but i need my focus to be on my family for this period of time and obviously i'm very grateful for the ecp in supporting me through that. so, strauss confirming former england coach andy flower will look after things. one of his firstjobs: overseeing england's two—match test series with pakistan. it starts on thursday, and dom bess could be handed a debut in that one. the 20—year—old says he's determined to seize his chance after being thrust into the squad. our sports correspondent joe wilson reports. a breath of fresh air at lords will help the flags flutter in the breeze. it will help the england dressing room, too. it is essentially what dom bess revives, just 20 years old and caught up in the team because his somerset team—mate broken thumb and dom bess took a phone call about his selection mod furniture shopping with his go for it. has been to lords once before as a 12 man. he enjoyed the lunches. what he will
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bring to the team is positivity. don, in terms of what time of older you see yourself as, when you are a start of a run—up with the ball in your hamlet you think is going to happen? wickets, hopefully. attacking off spinner. that is the thing i get very competitive. which isa thing i get very competitive. which is a trait of mine i think. again it depends on the role of the situation and everything. you are always looking for wickets, aren't you? get, you are. has there been any progress on the situation was not i need to get over to ikea because i have been needing some sofas. it still hasn't been purchased? well, no. as soon as i was straight out that i placed a phone to mum and dad. i need to have a quiet word with ikea because i think they have got a bit of press about it as well. i need a sofa. at this stage of the
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season i need a sofa. at this stage of the season they are always and short term aims. pakistan in england for two test matches and england would like it spin bowler to cement his place for the next decade. i doubt it will settle for a summer. studio: get that man a sofa. joe wilson reporting. onto some football news, and england captain harry kane says his team have "nothing to lose" at this summer's world cup, and they should "just enjoy" the tournament in russia. the tottenham striker was confirmed as captain by manager gareth southgate this morning. at 2a, he will be the youngest player ever to lead the national side at a world cup. he was picked ahead of spurs team—mate eric dier and liverpool'sjordan henderson who've both worn the armband for england recently. kane says he will try to change the mentality of the side going into the tournament. we area we are a bit afraid to say we want to wind because we are afraid of the reaction of maybe the media or the fa ns reaction of maybe the media or the fans will stop so maybe that has made the players go into a bit of a shell, whereas what i am try to say is look, we are not afraid to say we
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wa nt to is look, we are not afraid to say we want to win it. because every country want to win it. because every cou ntry wa nts to want to win it. because every country wants to win it. so we have to be brave, we have to take that on the chin. in the group stage or it is the same. if you don't win the world cup. that is what we have got to try to discuss that players, just to try to discuss that players, just to have no fear. west ham now have one of the world's "most respected" football coaches, according to the club's chairman david sullivan. manuel pellegrini has signed a three—year deal at the london stadium. and here's how the hammers announced it on social media. an arty and moody looking video. pellegrini won the premier league with manchester city in 2014, and takes over from david moyes who left the club last week. the chilean says he wants to bring in ‘four or five' players. not the only managerial appointment today. because, stoke have named gary rowett as their new boss. he's left derby to take over from paul lambert who walked away following stoke's relegation from the premier league. this is sports day from the bbc sport centre. lets round up some of the rest
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of today's stories. and, the wasps flankerjack willis could be out for up to a year because of a knee injury. the 21—year—old was hurt during saturday's premiership semifinal. so despite receiving his first call—up earlier this month, he'll also miss england's tour of south africa. a number of scarlets players haven't trained ahead of their pro 1a final because they suffered burns during their semifinal. scarlets have blamed glasgow warriors' artificial pitch. the warriors have responded, saying they‘ re happy with the surface. to tennis, and british number three cameron norrie will play in the singles at queen's after being awarded a wild card. six of the world's top ten are due to play in the tournament this year. and there's a mammoth task ahead for great britain's ice hockey players. the draw for next year's world championship was made today. they're in a group with canada, the usa and finland. world heavyweights of the sport and teams packed with superstars. more on those on the bbc sport website, now europe's captain
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thomas bjorn has picked lee westwood, graeme mcdowell, padraig harrington and luke donald as vice—captains for this year's ryder cup against the united states. westwood has won the event seven times as a player. the quartet could still qualify to play in the tournament, but westwood is the only player currently ranked inside the world's top 200. the ryder cup takes place in paris in september, with europe looking to regain the trophy. when you look at them individually they bring different things. but what they all bring is that friendship and belief in europe and that steam room and our players. when you put all those things together i believe it is a very strong team, it is a very great of quys strong team, it is a very great of guys and we will try to grade an environment where our 12 best players can play the best golf they can. and before we go, the bbc women's footballer
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of the year has been announced this evening. and it's gone, to england's lucy bronze. the defender, who helped her club lyon reach this week's champions league final with this winning goal in their semifinal against manchester city, beat second—placed lieke martens of the netherlands. and third—placed australia striker sam kerr. bronze is the fourth winner of the award voted for by thousands of fans around the world. it's all a bit of a surprise. i did know why everyone was clapping at first. yeah, i am still surprised. i'm also very raval to have received the award that i was really grateful to even be nominated for. the people who had been nominated alongside me have been great players with great yea rs have been great players with great years also, so it was really special to have won it this year. worth checking out how lucy received the award on the bbc sport website. check that out and ate next few minutes or so. her auntie gave her a bit of a shock! that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. thanks for watching.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are pippa crerar, the deputy political editor at the guardian and steve hawkes, deputy political editor at the sun many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. two deputy political editor is. we are going up in the world. many of tomorrow's from papers are ready here. let's take a look at them. the metro previews the home secretary's first speech to the police federation, in which he's expected to sympathise with the pressures officers face. the i has more on today's events to mark the first anniversary of the manchester arena attack. the ft says congressional
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republicans are mounting a rebellion against donald trump's following his decision to patch trade relations with china. the telegraph reports on a letter written by michael gove to cabinet, which highly criticises philip hammond's handling of brexit and environmental protections. the mirror says boris johnson wants his own jet for trade talks in the lead up to brexit. it also has a picture of meghan markle laughing at bee pestering prince harry. the times reports on claims about the government of england at least £900 worse off a year after the braves it float. nearly two years after the brexit fold. time flies when you're having fun. welcome to you both. let's begin with those images which not surprising are on so many of the papers tomorrow morning. of manchester. pippa, the front of the eye. does he front page image, but
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none the less a striking one. this was a commemoration of the first year anniversary of the manchester bombing of the ariana grande concert last year in which the key to victims, young people died. young people going to the concert. it was very moving today. crowds in the streets of manchester, all our senior politicians were out there for the memorial and many of the families and survivals were there, too. of course. the pictures show some of those were effective. there isa some of those were effective. there is a particular movement of the survivors choir, people who had come together who had been at the manchester arena for the
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