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tv   Business Briefing  BBC News  May 23, 2018 5:30am-5:46am BST

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this is business briefing. i'm maryam moshiri. another apology but very few answers. european lawmakers are disappointed after a grilling of facebook boss mark zuckerberg. and, can jaguar land rover save tata motors? we'll find out later today when the indian carmaker reveals its results. and on the markets, it looks like a negative day for asian markets, following wall street's lead. mark zuckerberg appeared in front of the european parliament tuesday, to answer questions over concerns about data privacy and other problems on his social network, facebook. data privacy breaches, russian propaganda, hate speech and fake news — to name a few of the challanges facing zuckerberg's company.
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the social media giant admitted around 87 million users had their data improperly shared with the now—defunct political consultancy cambridge analytica. europeans are worried. the european commission has already threatened to remove facebook from a transatlantic pact known as ‘privacy shield' — that allows us firms to transfer and use eu citizens' data — if it broke privacy laws. and the politicians questioning mr zuckerberg didn't feel they got the answers they wanted, as our north america technology reporter dave lee reports. suited, composed and well briefed in front of politicians relishing the chance to throw questions at one of the most powerful men in the world. he may not enjoy it but mark zuckerberg is getting used to it. the format of the european parliament's meeting, members had to ask questions in succession with the answers
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coming all at once at the end. there was about one hour of questioning, leaving mr zuckerberg with just 25 minutes in which to answer. he used that time to reiterate his view that some sort of regulation was on its way. the question is asked about how i view regulation. i don't think the question here is whether or not there should be regulation. the question is what is the right regulation? the internet is becoming increasingly important in the lives of people. some sort of regulation is important and inevitable and the important thing is to get this right. he also said his company would would be fully compliant with upcoming european data previously laws. he said the protections put in place to appease the regulators would be rolled out across the world. but this was all information the company has shared before and the session ultimately had parliamentarians feeling
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shortchanged. would you allow users to escape targeted advertising? i asked you six yes and no questions, i received not a single answer. you asked for this format for a reason. i will follow that up and get you some answers. immediately afterwards, facebook said it did not choose the format of the meeting. the european parliament offered it, the company said, and mr zuckerberg accepted. he has now faced 12 hours of questioning from three committees on both sides of the atlantic. at the end of all that, the public has learned very little from these meetings. and the facebook boss will meet french president emmanuel macron at the ‘technology for good' summit in paris today, along with top tech and business leaders who'll talk about how disruptive technologies can have a positive impact on society. german chancellor angela
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merkel has started her trip to china where she's meeting with premier li keqiang and president xi jinping. let's go to our asia business hub where rico hizon is following the story. rico, what are they going to be talking about? i assume they will be discussing trade and donald trump? absolutely. berlin and beijing are having differences on many aspects. we have cyber security, human rights and the investments of china in germany and across europe. this is likely to be top of the agenda but it is also clouded by a president trump's trade threats and his decision to withdraw
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from the around deal. imposing sanctions that impact german businesses in the future. in this trip, it is a delicate balancing act because germany and china are two exporting nations that run large surpluses with the united states. but while angela merkel‘s hosts may be keen to send a signal of cooperation to the us, she will strive to send a dual message combining multilateralism was eight critical push for beijing to play there on trade and investment. this is her 11th trip to china since becoming chancellor i2 is her 11th trip to china since becoming chancellor 12 years ago and she is accompanied by roughly 20 german executives. she will need all her diplomacy skills, i am sure. later today, india's tata motors will announce its latest quarter earnings as well as full year financial results for 2017 and 2018.
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yogita limaye has more from mumbai. it has been just a few days since prince harry whisked his new bride off to their wedding reception in a i—of—a—kind electric jaguar. the company that owns this once british brand is india. tata motors. it has beenin brand is india. tata motors. it has been in the spotlight due to the royal wedding but we will hear much more about it today when it releases its financial results. of late the firm has been a spurt in sales. in england that saw car sales grow by about 14%. that is good news firm that has been trying to stop a turnaround for a while now. it has been struggling here at its home market to increase market share and lags behind names such as suzuki. it has been launching new models to try and makea has been launching new models to try and make a comeback and today
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perhaps we will have some indication of whether that strategy is working. it actually is the jaguar land rover business which tata motors bought in 2008 that have been driving profits for the carmaker. the towers of the luxury brand have been under pressure because of low demand from the us, the uk and europe. but tata says that higher demand from china has been helping. next big battleground for automakers around the world is a electric vehicles. you don't really see them being used much in india but the government he does have ambitious plans to try and curb air pollution. tata and its competitors have been making strides towards the production of such vehicles but the big challenge is making electric cars affordable. especially in a developing country like india. people will be wanting to hear what tata motors's plan (siren sounds) direction. we expect to hear from them about the most immediate challenge facing them and other carmakers here in india — the
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steep rise in fuel price which could pose a real threat to the growth of the auto industry here. 0ne one of the story for you. donald trump has said he may lift a crippling export ban on chinese technology firm zte and levy a $1.3bn fine instead. his willingness to strike a deal has stirred controversy in the us, where the company has raised alarms related to national security. mr trump said the current penalty, which led zte to halt major operations, has hurt us firms that sell to it. dating in the 21st century is generally tough. but it can be even more of a challenge in countries like china — where the number of men vastly outnumbers women. so, one dating school is on a mission to help teach young chinese how to successfully woo potential partners through a series of intensive online and in—person courses. three days after their wedding, the duke and duchess of sussex —
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or prince harry and meghan as they're better known — had their first public engagement as a married couple. they were at a buckingham palace garden party hosted by the prince of wales , with guests from charities he supports. nicholas witchell was there. she's formally part of the family now. three days into married life, and meghan was at buckingham palace for a very early 70th birthday celebration for her father—in—law and his charity work, led by harry, but nearly ruined by a passing bumblebee. sorry... that bee really got me! laughter. and then it was time to practise the art of being royal. the small talk that will be such a feature of meghan‘s working life. that's true... it's all about putting people at their ease, engaging, preferably with sincerity, listening and moving on. not unfamiliar territory for an actress. unsurprisingly, the reviews were good.
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very personable, very warm, very nice. down to earth. they were really friendly as a couple. it's really lovely. we said "congratulations" and they said "thank you", and they look really happy. talking of looking happy reminds us of the formal wedding photographs featuring harry, meghan and the bridesmaids and page boys. the photographer has revealed the secret of getting the children to co—operate. the kids came onto the set, i immediately shouted "who likes smarties? " and then everyone, hands up, smiles. even some of the adults, i think, put their hands up. so that was our magic word of the day. back at buckingham palace harry and meghan were leaving, so some family farewells. and then, watch the courtier on the right. yes, he bowed. that's something else the former ms meghan markle will need to get used to. nicholas witchell, bbc news at buckingham palace. this is the briefing from bbc news.
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the latest headlines: president trump has said there is a substantial chance that a meeting with kimjong—un, planned for next month, would be delayed. last week, north korea threatened to pull out of the proposed summit if the united states continued to insist that it give up its nuclear weapons unilaterally. church bells have rung out in manchester, marking the exact moment a year ago when a bomb exploded at a concert by the singer ariana grande, killing 22 people, including seven children. final campaigning is under way ahead of ireland's referendum on whether to legalise abortion. the vote, the sixth in the country's history, takes place on friday. now it is time look at the stories that are making the headlines in media across the world. we begin with the sun here in the uk. "city of tears" is its headline, as it reports on events that marked the one year anniversary of the bomb attack at an ariana grande
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concert in manchester. to singapore's straits times, where that meeting is due to take place between donald trump and kimjong—un — or not — it reports on the us president's comments it may be delayed. the japan times looks at the impact the change in privacy law in europe could have on cybersecurity for the rest of the world — and whether it will help hackers to hide. if you've been swept up by the romance of the royal wedding. this article in city am may be worth a read, "is marriage worth it?" it asks — and breaks it down from a financial point of view. and from marriages to parenthood, and a story from abc in the us where a 30—year—old man's been ordered by a supreme court to move out of his parents home after refusing to fly the nest. so let's begin. back with me is kulveer ranger. vice president of strategy & communication at atos. let us start with this story in the
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sun. 0bviously hugely emotional service at the cathedral in manchester. and proving, if ever there need improving, that manchester is a great city with great people who really come together in times like this. yes. this headline in the sun this morning, city of tears, manchester isa morning, city of tears, manchester is a city of music, it is a city of workers, it is a city of the bee, the
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