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that anti—doping. i am convinced that wade is the right body to increase and enhance the fight against doping. so we can have a clean sport. so we can have our children and my two sons who love sport, but they can have role models that are clea n, they can have role models that are clean, that's my inspiration. and i will use all of my efforts to see how i can contribute to that. now we've seen some interesting cerreer changes from sports men and women in the past. eric cantone turned to acting. victoria pendleton became a jockey. and now the former norwich city striker grant holt, there could also be a broken bone or two, as he turns his hand to wrestling for charity, as some of his fellow wrestlers can tell us. waw welco m es waw welcomes you. thank you. welcome!
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laughter welcome to waw! yellow maggetti thank you. -- thank you. what have i signed —— thank you. what have i signed up for? at least it is for charity. see you. if he looks like that now, you wonder what he'll be looking like on the night. an expression which doesnt come close to the one worn by young aston villa fan haydn farrell who's been picked as their mascot to lead the team out against fulhem in the championship play off final at wembley this weekend. this was the moment he found out, take a look. how do you fancy walking out with the aston villa players? and in particular, the captain. john terry? what do you reckon? yeah. do you fa ncy what do you reckon? yeah. do you fancy doing it? yeah. because i
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entered you into a competition and eu won. really? you are walking out on saturday with john terry. eu won. really? you are walking out on saturday withjohn terry. —— you won. really? that's all from sportsdey. we'll have more throughout the evening. thanks to the team at sportsdey. two teenagers have been found guilty of plotting to murder pupils and teachers at a north yorkshire school — in a recreation of the columbine massacre. the boys, now both aged 15, became fascinated by violence, gathered material to make explosives and plotted to use guns to attack a school in northallerton. megan peterson has this report. colorado 1999. 12 pupils and a teacher killed in the columbine massacre by young gunmen eric harris and dylan klebold.
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18 years later in north yorkshire those men were hero—worshipped by two teenagers who in their own words wanted to obliterate a school in rural northallerton. you always think that it doesn't happen where you are. that it happened in london, manchester, and not in provincial towns like northallerton. it's a massive sense of surprise. just the area you know everyone. you don't really expect something like to be happening. entries from the older boy's diary read to the court a chilling indication of what was planned. the boys, boy a and slightly younger boy b, struck up a friendship
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but between april and september last year that teenage companionship turned into a fascination with murder and violence that turned into making lists of people they wanted to kill. searches of social media records of internet history an insight into what they were planning. in may last year boy b told boy a: boy a replied: which prompted boy b to ask: boyasaid: both boys downloaded copies of the anarchist cookbook — a manual on how to make explosives. boy a's instagram profile included disturbing images, videos of live suicides, and apparent praise for the columbine killers. these individuals tend to be or feel relatively disenfranchised, or relatively peripheral to the society that they're in. for example the school especially and the school becomes the focus of their attentions, and it can escalate very very quickly because it's very empowering
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for a young person to feel that they have control that can take away life really. part of the prosecution evidence focussed on a rucksack found inside this disused building. left here by boy a, inside materials which could have been used to make explosive devices. the rucksack included nails, accelerent, batteries, but it was only found after boy b confessed his plans to a friend then sent this message. the message was shared with schoolteachers and north yorkshire police did question the boys, but it was a month before they were arrested by counterterrorism officers. the prosecution was critical of that response. i'm asking you, did you make mistakes? there are learning points, and we're going to take those learning points and move forward from those. i think the mistake, in terms of how they are perceived, there are learning points, we are going to learn from those,
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we will identify how we develop from those and move forward. and that's what we need to do with our teams. we will work with the people of north yorkshire and our safeguarding partners. will there be disciplinary action? i've explained, in terms of those questions, they'd need to be put to our experts. following the verdict there was praise for the young people who came forward and shared their worries with parents, teachers, and the police. actions which ultimately protected pupils and teachers in this north yorkshire town. time for a look at the weather. .. we saw a north—south divide across the country. many northern eree sew the country. many northern eree sew the best of the sunshine, in fact unbroken sunshine in some places like this weather watcher picture shows in cumbria. there were outbreaks of rain further south, like here in hastings, east sussex. the wet weather across the south
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will move slowly northwards through the iliad overnight. heavy and thundery downpours in some places. and it'll feel warm and muggy. further north, largely dry with clear skies and it'll be cooler. —— through the evening and overnight. icardi start friday for much of england and wales. outbreaks of heavy rain in the midlands. —— a cloudy start. you can see where the heaviest of the downpours will be through the course of friday morning. further south, something drier, some sunshine appearing as the morning wears on. the north of england, scotland, northern ireland, a dry start and sunshine away from posts which will start grey and misty. that cloud should burn back to the coast as the day wears on. for much of scotland and northern ireland, it should stay dry, lots of sunshine. it'll be wept in central
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and northern parts of england and in towe rds and northern parts of england and in towards wales with thundery downpours. —— it'll be wept -- it'll be —— it'll be wet in central and northern parts of england and in towe rds northern parts of england and in towards wales with thundery downpours. heavy showers in the south—west of england and in towards wales. the start of the bank holiday weekend, a nice afternoon, lots of sunshine, and warmer, 2a, 20 five celsius. on sunday, something severe across the south, some pretty intense showers and thunderstorms across southern and south—western pe rts of across southern and south—western parts of england and wales. it'll feel warm and muggy, temperatures up to the upper 20s celsius. further north and east, a drier story with lots of sunshine. plenty of sunshine around, but warm and muggy with storms in the south. you're watching beyond 100 days.
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donald trump celled kim jong—un "rocketmen", he called him honourable, and now, he's calling it all off. the american president cancels next month's summit with the north korean leader, as the diplomatic rollercoaster continues. donald trump fires off this letter to pyongyang, saying america's nuclear arsenal so powerful, he's praying to god, he doesn't have to use it. earlier, north korea claimed it had destroyed pert of its nuclear test site, donald trump said pyongyang needs to go much further. we have this story covered with reaction from washington and seoul. also on the programme. the missile that downed malaysian airliner msi7 belonged to a russian unit say dutch prosecutors, and was transported to ukraine from the russian city of kursk.
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