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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11.00pm: president trump cancels the much anticipated summit with north korean leader kimjong—un — blaming pyongyang's "anger and open hostility". hollywood producer harvey weinstein will hand himself in to police in new york on charges of sexual misconduct — according to us media reports two men are sentenced to life in prison for murdering four children by petrol bombing their home in greater manchester. governor of the bank of england, mark carney, warns a "disorderly" brexit could delay a rise in interest rates and says the bank would need to act to shore up the economy. and on newsnight, section 28 is 30 years old today. it was a law that banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools until it was scrapped. a lot has changed in the three decades since. we'll be looking back at its effect. good evening and welcome to bbc news.
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the planned summit next month between president trump, and the leader of north korea kim jong un, has been cancelled. mr trump said it was because of what he called pyongyang's recent hostility, with north korean officials heavily criticising senior members of the trump administration. the announcement came just hours after foreign journalists, were invited to witness what north korea claimed, was the destruction of tunnels at its nuclear test site. president trump described the abandonment of the talks, as a truly sad moment in history. our north america editorjon sopel has the story. this is cnn breaking news. for once the breaking news strap was worth the whoops and flashes. the historic would it, wouldn't it happen singapore summit had hit the buffers, as many had predicted. donald trump's letter
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to kimjong—un, in it he wrote sadly that tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your latest statement, it's an appropriate to have a long planned meeting. his letter spoke about the power of the us nuclear arsenal and that the meeting was kim's idea, not his. at the white house a sombre president trump had this to say. based on the recent statement of north korea, i have decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore onjune the 12th. while many things can happen and a great opportunity lies ahead potentially, i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world. hopefully positive things will be taking place with respect to the future of north korea, but if they don't we are more ready than we have ever been before.
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the legwork for it was being done by the president's secretary of state mike pompeo. there were gasps around the world when it emerged he had travelled to pyongyang in total secrecy to make the north korean leader. today, mr pompeo was giving evidence to the senate foreign relations committee and sought to explain what had changed the president's mind. over the past many days we have endeavoured to do what we had agreed, which was to put preparation teams together to begin to work to prepare for the summit and we have received no response to our enquiries from them. the release of the president's letter coincided with the north korean‘s playing host to a group of western journalists invited to witness the destruction of a nuclear test site. but there was fury in washington when pyongyang put out a statement last night describing the vice
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president as ignorant and stupid, and there seemed to be a threat. we can also make the us taste and appalling tragedy. at the heart of this is the demand for the denuclearisation of the korean peninsula, a phrase that sounds simple but is open to vastly different interpretations. this might have been an historic summit in seeing these two leaders sit down at a table together, but as time went on it became increasingly clear that is all it would be, great expectations have been replaced by a cold dose of reality. american media is reporting that the former hollywood producer harvey weinsteen, is expected to turn himself in to police, to face allegations of sexual assault. he's denied having non—consensual sex with anyone. nada tawfik is in new york for us. this is quite an announcement
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because the last we had heard of harvey weinstein was that he was somewhere remote, receiving treatment for his problems. yeah, reportedly in scottsdale, arizona in rehab and certainly here in new york they are preparing for quite a spectacle tomorrow when harvey weinstein is expected to turn himself into police. this follows a months long enquiry by the manhattan district attorney and the new york police department into allegations that he sexually assaulted numerous women. he worked here in new york, he will be turning himself into the police precinct not far from where he ran the weinstein company. he almost ran hollywood, he was such a powerfulfigure. more almost ran hollywood, he was such a powerful figure. more than 100 women have accused him of sexual assault over a period of a0 years and some
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of those accusations even include rape. in regards to the charges we do expect at least one accuser‘s allegations to be part of that indictment. he is expected to face those charges in criminal court tomorrow. that women, lucy evans says she was an aspiring actress and still a college student when she met harvey weinstein in 200a at his new york offices and she says what was supposed to be a work meeting turned into a nightmare for her when harvey weinstein forced her to perform sexual acts. she said she tried to get him to stop but he simply overpowered her. any response from the da's office? they are not commenting and neither is harvey weinstein‘s lawyer or spokesperson. he has denied in the past any allegations of nonconsensual sex. he has denied in the past any allegations of nonconsensual sexm
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will be a busy day free tomorrow, thank you for telling us about that. the hollywood actor morgan freeman has apologised, after eight women reportedly claimed he subjected them to harassment or inappropriate behaviour. the us network cnn, says the incidents happened on film sets and at freeman's production company. in a statement he says he never intended to make anyone feel uneasy, and he apologised to anyone felt uncomfortable or disrespected. a couple have been found guilty of murdering their french au pair and setting fire to her body in their garden. 21 year old sophie lionnet was imprisoned, beaten and tortured by sabrina kouidair and 0uissem medouni last september. the old bailey heard that the couple were convinced sophie had plotted to abuse people in their home — and filmed her, as they forced her to confess to their allegations. they'll be sentenced injune. two men have been given life sentences, for the murders of four children, in an arson attack in greater manchester last december. they were asleep in their beds when zac bolland and david worrall targeted their home
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with petrol bombs. judith moritz reports from manchester crown court. this is the view from a fire engine racing towards the pearson house. as it turns the corner the scale of the blaze is obvious. flames shooting out of every window. neighbours standing in the street, powerless to help. brandon and lacie pearson were inside with their mother. also inside their sisters, teenager demi and toddler lia. all four children were murdered. in daylight the burned out shell of the house shows how fierce the fire had been. it took hold so quickly the family had no chance to get out of their bedrooms and down the stairs. 0ur lives are just not the same without them. i was a nanna of 11, now i'm on nanna of seven. we will never again hear their voices shouting out "nanna" or "grandad". that thought leaves us numb.
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zak bolland and his friend david worrall threw petrol bombs into the house. bolland's girlfriend courtney brierley encouraged and helped them. the men's murderous journey was all caught on cctv. first they went to buy fuel. then they went to the house and lifted a garden fence panel. moments later you can see the flashes as the petrol bombs were thrown into the kitchen. inside little lia was sleeping in a cot. her mother picked her up and put her in the bath to try to save her, but the fire was too much. michelle pearson survived to be told that four of her children had not. the court heard that the fire was the ultimate result of a long—running feud between one of michelle pearson's other sons and zak bolland. what started as low—level tit—for—tat crime ended in murder. the family say michelle was let down, having repeatedly warned that she was in danger.
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are you angry? yes. who with? the police, social services, the council. they could have done more and theyjust failed her. the police watchdog is investigating. we have referred this to the ipcc on the very first day of the enquiry, and a full review is taking place into all the background that led to the fatal fire. the pearson family are still to hold funerals for the children. tonight they visited michelle in hospital to tell her she now judith moritz, bbc news, manchester. the health secretary, jeremy hunt, says he's "encouraged," that the prime minister "completely understands," the need for a long term funding settlement for the nhs. his comments come as a major new report suggests taxes will have to rise to pay for the health service, if the uk is to avoid ‘a decade of misery,‘ in which older and more vulnerable people are let down. so the health service can keep up,
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the report calls for an increase in funding for the nhs of more than 3 percent every year. the governor of the bank of england, mark carney, says a bad brexit deal, could mean the uk economy requiring further economic stimulus.he said while the bank did expect a smooth transition, a "disorderly" withdrawal from the eu might mean interest rates staying at historic lows. 0ur economics editor kamal ahmed says this warning from the governor raises the stakes. if we remember earlier in the year, the bank of england was much more bullish on growth and suggested that interest rates would rise more quickly this year. well i think today's speech has put off any interest rises imminently, pretty much. the bank is most concerned, it says, by a disorderly brexit. and if there were one, although that's not still the highest probability, but if there were one, that would mean the bank would want to keep the economy on emergency measures, these very low interest rates. so putting off interest rates. also another lengthy warning
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about the effects of the brexit referendum already on the economy, something that got a rebuke from boris johnson just two days ago, who said the country was not suffering. the bank of england simply disagrees with that analysis from the foreign secretary. of course comes, the tit—for—tat between the european union and britain on the negotiations continues. the eu saying the british position is a fantasy. britain fighting back saying the eu is laughable for suggesting we weren't putting detail on the table. i think the big point is this, as long as there is no direct agreement on the trade relationship or it's not clear between britain and the european union, the governor will keep warning about the economic consequences. 0ur economics editor, kamal ahmed. that's a summary of the news, newsday is coming up at midnight — now on bbc news it's time for newsnight. they will be met with fire and fury. rocket man is on a suicide
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mission for himself. he really has been very open, and i think, very honourable. i really think he wants to do something and bring that country into the real world. it's long been an on—off relationship, but now the talks are off. right now, it's hard to know if the game is over, or indeed, who is winning. president trump is once again talking tough. and our military, which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world, and has been greatly enhanced recently, as you all know. is ready if necessary. but does his more capricious style of diplomacy now leave the world at a higher risk of a full nuclear conflagration? also tonight, galileo is not so magnifico. we'll see why europe's new satellite navigation system is turning out to be a right old pain in the brexit talks. and remember this?
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good evening. the headlines at six o'clock. in the house of lords, a vote is taking place now... stop section 28! it's 30 years since school teachers were banned from promoting a gay relationship as an acceptable one. we look back. and finally, gdpr. if you've given all those emails about it as much attention as you do to the terms and conditions on a software update — well — while i can't help explain it to you, i know someone who can. hello. when autocrats and populists do diplomacy, especially with each other, don't be surprised if it's an unpredictable game with endless twists and turns. so it is turning out to be with president trump and kim jong—un. the singapore talks are off — the us president's response to the north korean president's mood swings. but president trump's style is to deploy mood swings as a diplomatic tool as well — he uses exaggerated rhetoric,
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from angry fire and fury, to sweet messages of respect. and he does so while offering big carrots at the same time as wielding huge sticks. so where are we left now? threats, bluffs? has trump scored a success by offering talks and at least getting three hostages home? 0r humiliated himself? when the talks were announced, our reporterjohn sweeney was sceptical that they would get far. here's his assessment now. donald trump and kim jong—un are both big, brash men, adored by their followers, ridiculed by their enemies. this coin was minted to show their other side, that both could talk peace. today, that fell apart. the trumpster delivered the news in a letter which is so extraordinary, that some suspect the president may even have written it himself.


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