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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  May 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:47pm BST

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about his treatment of women. and in court, as he heard the charges against him. into situations where he was able to violate them sexually. and we have encouraged other survivors to come forward. his attorney confirming he'll plead not guilty.
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about, bad behaviour is not on trial in this case. and i'll be talking to the founder of the group women in hollywood. the other main stories on bbc news at five. as a man is jailed for 20 years for attempted murder. the meeting yesterday. reveals the new design that celebrates her californian roots. since when do you know how to fly? 190 years old?! you look great! releases on the film
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review. hello, good evening, welcome to the bbc news at five, i am jane hill. to new york police to face charges of rape and sexual misconduct. and it's prompted the launch of the me too and time's up campaigns. harvey weinstein insists any sexual encounters were consensual. helena lee reports.
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following a grand jury investigation. where he was able to violate them sexually. they expected the case to be resolved favourably. it is to defend something that is criminal behaviour. criminal behaviour. behaviour in that industry, that is not what this is about. is it an admission of guilt? allegations against him.
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of oscars for films such as shakespeare in love. once an aspiring actress, lucia evans. she says the producer abused her at his office in new york. the charges also referred another unnamed woman. neither were identified in court. to the me too movement. to account for their actions. last week repeated claims that harvey weinstein raped her. i was 21 years old. this festival was his
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hunting ground. she reacted to today's news with a single word on social media. others were quick to follow. it's been a torrid few months for hollywood. where decades of sexual harassment allegations were detailed. were made by dozens of women. of making sexual advances to multiple underage men. of aggravated indecent assault. he subjected them to harassment.
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and will wear a monitoring device. helena lee, bbc news. 0ur correspondent nada tawfiq is in new york. trial, what might happen from here on in? on in? said that he would move immediately to try to get the charges dropped. to try to get the charges dropped.
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case, they will exonerate mr weinstein. weinstein. case, and that was key to his ultimately being found guilty there. ultimately being found guilty there. hardly the end of his legal troubles. troubles. nada, thank you for now, nada tawfik in new york. nada tawfik in new york. so more on that storyjust after half past.
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kimjong—un might take place next month after all. want to do it, we'd like to do it. but first here's laura bicker with the view from seoul. blast! the destruction of its only known nuclear test site. meeting with the us president. tested its nuclear weapons. before they were blown to smithereens. blast! the longed—for summit was off. some in south korea could not contain theirfury.
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they feel their best hope at peace in decades is now slipping away. pyongyang attempted to take the moral high ground. and we cannot but feel regret for it," they said. regardless at any time. the un is also urging both sides to find a way to meet. of the korean peninsula. it was about ending a near 70—year conflict. all of its nuclear test sites. but president trump suddenly changed his mind.
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he will change his mind again. translation: i think north korea must change itself for their people. the other side are wrong. it is just being delayed. is that any way to treat a key ally? there was so much hope placed on that singapore meeting. can they really trust the united states? laura bicker, bbc news, seoul. at some stage and possibly even as planned on 12th june. at the white
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house. we're going to see what happens, we're talking to them now. it was a very nice statement they put out, we'll see what happens. inaudible. no, we'll see what happens, it could even be the 12th. we'd like to do it, we're going to see what happens. everybody plays games, you know that. you know that better than anybody. our correspondent gary o'donoghue is in washington. well, trying to follow it, really, what on earth is going on? well... being praised for their productive warmth. warmth.
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to meet the us in any form that it shows. shows. he'd gone down in terms of trying to get this summit off the ground. get this summit off the ground. is the only thing that has actually changed in concrete terms. changed in concrete terms. working their way through these issues, still talking. issues, still talking. couple of tweets from the white house to get it back on. house to get it back on. we wait to see, we are in a holding pattern. we are.
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thank you, gary o'donoghue in washington. a claw hammer has been convicted of attempted murder. jim booth last november. the veteran who was left for dead. and have even danced with a duchess, it seems nothing phases you. then he was charging, lifting the thing. and pushed me backwards, right up the path. by a bogus builder wielding a claw hammer. with a claw hammer, and on the claw side of it, too. uh... each time between it shouting, "money, money, money!
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skull, he was concussed and covered in blood. most people would expect that to be fatal. which has helped him pull through. go down without a fight and took on his attacker. i punched... i'd hit him, that's right. .. because he was hitting myself, you know? and i think i should really have known how to deal with it. i was too old, obviously. two days later, joseph isaacs was arrested. after using the war veteran's stolen bank cards.
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and playing the church organ like he did before the attack. he is philosophical about what he's been through. worse things happen at sea, as they say, hasn't it? in the war, yeah. jon kay, bbc news, somerset. after a 61—year—old female carer died after suffering head injuries. died after suffering head injuries. happened in north london, that is as much as we know. much as we know. arrested on suspicion of murder, a 61—year—old female carer has died. 61—year—old female carer has died.
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let you know, that is just through from scotland yard. this is bbc news at five, the headlines. charged with rape and sexual assault against two women. his attorney says he will plead not guilty. could still go ahead, after cancelling the meeting. as a man is jailed for 16 years for attempted murder. madrid have not played a team like his before. his before. completely collapsing in
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the mountains. mountains. opening, already a head by 107 runs, 291-5. opening, already a head by 107 runs, 291—5. 291—5. more sport for you just after half past. of the public inquiry into the disaster. of 14th june last year. with many harrowing in their detail. our home affairs correspondent tom symonds reports. brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, fathers and mothers. this week, they have all come to make their statements. today, the memories were of an entire family lost in the fire. from the 21st floor. .. i will start by greeting
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you the way my brother would. and "good morning, darling," if you were a lady. from the tower, just me and him. boy, i wish i could talk to him now. happy to pass on her skills. and she was loved by many. her kindness and her love for others. we miss her dearly. it is a daunting prospect to be watched publicly grieving. was not going to be put off remembering her friend mehdi.
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than the ninth floor, where i lived. although i do think he had some work to do on his jokes. like ligaya moore, flat 181, were delighted to live there. "nenita, that is my building, 21st floor. "it is a posh building, and i love it so much. she would always say, "i am on top of the world, nenita.
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this inquiry, sir martin moore—bick. he says they are important evidence and there will be more next week. tom symonds, bbc news, the grenfell tower inquiry. our correspondent tom burridge joins me now from west london. be told about the people who lived in the tower. in the tower. entire family that was killed in the fire. fire.
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page tribute especially to their children. children. so full of life, beautiful, popular, bright, and a good singer. music plays. it is hard, keep on forgetting that they are gone. they are gone. i think of them as if they are still here. she sings.
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a tribute played to the inquiry for one family. one family. people from the tower and to recover their bodies in a timely way. their bodies in a timely way. those in grenfell tower didn't matter? matter?
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life, a real character who always spoke his mind and had a laugh. spoke his mind and had a laugh. and for the chair of this public inquiry, sir martin moore—bick. and for the chair of this public inquiry, sir martin moore-bick. inquiry, sir martin moore-bick. am saying, do right by us all, and you will do right by my children. you will do right by my children. with you, and i can't turn up and knock—on theresa may's door. with you, and i can't turn up and knock-on theresa may's door. knock-on theresa may's door. years, while the public inquiry proceeds.
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23 minutes past five. on whether the country should end the criminalisation of abortion. many people have travelled home from abroad in order to vote. in the constitution 35 years ago. being targeted by sextortion gangs in africa. and then blackmail them. a hotspot for the gangs. than tripled in the last three years, as angus crawford reports. how scared were you at the time? frozen. now warning others about the risk. it's very, very
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suspicious. we set up a fake facebook profile. out of the blue, we get a friend request. i'm asking, "where are you from? she is very pretty, flirty — in her own words, naughty. the scam develops in minutes, live in front of our eyes. so you are probably moments away from being scammed. yeah, literally minutes away. the trap set, she's keen to move from facebook to skype. and she's said, "i'm going to show you naked and you also. waiting to film and record us, their next victim. of course, we can't show you what would happen next. your face and your private parts. is it threatening? saying, "you know what this is, i'll show it to friends and family. what did you have to do
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to stop them? give them money. coast in west africa. and even the poorest areas have access to the internet. and the philippines before it went global. has become a hotspot of sextortion. many of the victims come from the uk. a growing number being investigated by abidjan's cybercrime unit. on the screens, some of the videos used by the scammers. they told us they know of at least 120 recent british victims. and hunted by the police. we do eventually find one who will talk. translation: you have to do it without remorse.
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if you think about what you're doing, you'd never do it. harm? but you can't put things right. if he's thousands of miles away, how are you going to say sorry? it's no—one's fault — it's love. this is a growing crime with terrible consequences. some people actually take their own lives because of this. did that ever cross your mind? um... the truth of the matter was at one point it kind of did. so if you find yourself talking to a girl like this online, beware. angus crawford, bbc news.
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designed to give us more control over our personal data. whose information they gather. which could be as high as £17. or 4% of global annual turnover for the most serious breaches. tonight, one more story to bring you. a coat of arms has been created for the new duchess of sussex. who is based at the college of arms in london.
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told, has some input, you can tell us what it all means? us what it all means? family, so it had to be grown—up and this was the result. this was the result. her husband, so the left of this coat of arms is prince harry's. coat of arms is prince harry's. —— by tradition half of it. by tradition half of it. isles, the lion goes back to the house of stuart. house of stuart.
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beak of the songbird that is supporting that shield. supporting that shield. around the songbird represents her elevation to the royal family. elevation to the royal family. wintersweet, found in the gardens of kensington palace, so there you go! kensington palace, so there you go! that is how one puts together a coat of arms, apparently! of arms, apparently! arms, just unveiled in the last hour or two. or two. as we approach the weekend, helen willetts has all the details.
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across parts of northern england, wales and the south—west. wales and the south—west. out, more showers gathering towards the south. the south. a rather murky start, particularly in the south. in the south. south, you will feel the effect of that near the east coast. that near the east coast. temperatures getting up to a little bit more sunshine, 22—26d. more later. he will plead not
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guilty. for his attempted murder. saying north korea had shown "open hositility" to the us. the next half an hour, but right now it is time for the sport. it is time for the sport. here is lizzie greenwood hughes. tomorrow night admitting no one expected them to get
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this far. breaking 12—time winners real madrid in the ukrainian capital kiev. but klopp is confident real haven't come up against a team like his. team, and they can really go for the big things. big things. here, but we are here, because we are liverpool. choice sports flight cancellations appear to be over. for the 1,000 fans left without transport.
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uefa have allowed this to happen and other people as well. other people as well. someone needs to take responsibility. to take responsibility. clearly a not underestimating what this is. this is. people have been let down and wrongly so. there has been a big change in the lead at the giro d'italia. the pinkjersey and a 40 second overall lead. froome to take control. of falls in the early stages. to win today's stage with over three minutes in hand. of the three grand tours in
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france, spain and italy. of the first test with pakistan. have continued to build a first innings lead of over 100. for england to do — play good solid test cricket! i think you are absolutely right. the floodlights are on here, which is a new look to lourdes. is a new look to lourdes. really day of new test match values for pakistan. for pakistan. wickets down for pakistan, and they lead 125. lead 125. that show you some of the action from today. action from today. who is an old hand of course in the pakistan line—up. pakistan line—up. to the level of application and concentration.
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—— but he batted. wicket of —— did take his wicket in lbw. lbw. blistering start and it did not come. come. bit more fluency and a bit more pace. pace. wickets in the afternoon session, to really keep england in touch. really keep england in touch. that catch by david milan. in the slips. for a century, before he was struck on the arm. on the arm. suppose you could come back and complete his century in the morning. complete his century in the morning. everything going pakistan's way so far. their lead 125. that's all the sport for now.
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on the bbc sport website. that includes news of rory mcilroy surging ahead. surging ahead. he is the leader at wentworth at the moment. wentworth at the moment. more at sports day at 630. enough then. let's return now to our main story. has appeared in court in new york charged with rape and sexual abuse. two different women. and deliberate analysis of the evidence and the law. to violate them sexually.
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survivors to come forward. those were the proceedings in court if you hours ago. you saw his lawyer. lawyer. pleading not guilty and expects to be exonerated. activity and gauged in was consensus. consensus. suggest that he engaged in non—consensual sexual activity. non—consensual sexual activity. made about events that are alleged to have occurred many years ago. to have occurred many years ago. they were not reported
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to the police at the time. at the time. consumed by the movement that seems to have overtaken this case. to have overtaken this case. something that is criminal behaviour. behaviour. industry, that is not what this is about. about. bad behaviour is not on trial in this case. in this case. act, and mr weinstein vigorously denies it. those were the scenes in court. which campaigns for gender diversity in hollywood.
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she joins us from new york. thank you so much for your time tonight, here. tonight, here. all of this play out on television today? today? yorker and had tell their stories and troops. this is a hearn. how much has changed. much has changed. what is changing now as a result of
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this public discussion? this public discussion? in the industry and in many industries in our culture. industries in our culture. people who held it, who held it over people. people. actually, i think a lot of men believe that too. believe that too. make it better for men and for women. women.
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person even now in power to speak out? has enough changed already? well, i hope so. forward, and not always believed the person in power. person in power.
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to try and figure out how to rectify these issues? these issues? though, a lot of the structural inequalities still that? inequalities still that? most producers are men, if not all? producers are men, if not all? most directors are men? directors are men? there is still a shift to come through, here? absolutely. this isjust the beginning. beginning. there is so much work to be done. the numbers are not shifting. shifting.
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like you are crazy, to red hat accountability view our actions. accountability view our actions. melissa silverstein. thank you so much forjoining us. 00pm. and sexual assault against two women. his attorney says he will plead not guilty. could still go ahead, after cancelling the meeting. as a man is jailed for 16 years for attempted murder.
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the ftse and the dax over in germany plays in the week up. plays in the week up. the nasdaq is up as well, the dow is a loaf down. the film reviewers coming up in a moment. moment. ahead right now though, to sports day. rugby union finals, as well this weekend. weekend.
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the lead on stage 19, two and simon yates' hopes of victory. yates' hopes of victory. opening day in the first test against pakistan. against pakistan. news, it is time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. very interesting week, we have the breadwinner which is a animation. breadwinner which is a animation. solo, a star wars story, another one. and mckellen:playing the part. and the breadwinner, based or taken from a book?


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