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tv   The Secret World of Badger Baiters  BBC News  May 25, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm BST

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with a member of he puts us in touch with a member of his network. thomas young, a 25—year—old man living in the valleys. he has a bulldog and two terriers. he also owns a large lurcher, and asks him on the phone to bring about on a hunt. he's talking about killing badgers. let my dog, talking about killing badgers. let , 90 talking about killing badgers. let 'n. talking about killing badgers. let my dog, go in. and then you could slip your dog into it. basically, the two dogs will get it. our journalists won't be taking it all on any hunting trip, but that does not seem to put thomas off and he calls us back. thomas made is this man, ryan harrison. thomas 5335: ti attractive yan
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because it is viewed as britain's toughest animal. and it is something toughest animal. and it is something to put their dogs again. part of thisjob is to run to put their dogs again. part of this job is to run surveillance operations to catch badger baiters and the act. it is a highly covert activity, very difficult to get the information of what they are doing. these gangs are going out in the morning, late evening, to these locations, sometimes with permission sometimes not. they are heading away from public view. they live and breathe taking their dogs out countryside to kill wildlife. thomas
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has invited our undercover journalist, the time of hunting is done at night using high—powered porches, we do not know if they will be carrying weapons like guns or knives. erin has beenjoined by a second undercover man, who we are calling john. second undercover man, who we are calling john. will we went out that evening, i was under the impression that there would be some hunting going on, but it was far worse than i expected to see. as planned, we meet thomas at eight o'clock. he sends us to ryan's house. pig is a slang term for badger. they
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picked up ryan harrison and his two dogs. they head into the forest, on the way, they are determined to get a cable. and it may notjust be badgers, it is also illegal to hunt boar and deer with dogs. as they drive, ryan lights up the field with the lamp. it is not long
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before they spot something. two dogs were chasing the gear down, and they chased it all over the field and also to directions. and at one point, they saw a deer coming towards us, chased by one of the dogs, it came into a barb wire fence got trapped in the fence and saw that one of the dogs had the deer by the back legs and was trying to drag it back to the fence. it was an awful noise and the side of its screaming trying to get away. the deer is badly injured. but it breaks free. despite the dog's injuries, it is
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backin despite the dog's injuries, it is back in the car and onto the next spot. and just as we take a left turn, and the headlines, we sought two boa rd turn, and the headlines, we sought two board there were just standing there. without me realising that, thomas and ryan were out with dogs, chasing the boar. it was very very quick. why notjohn witnessed what happened next. thomas filmed it on his phone and re—plated later in the car. you got a lurcher on the backend, trying to drag it down, trying to drag the board down it is
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kicking out, fighting for its life. and thomas decided to pull out a large bladed knife, right in front of me. he stabbed the boar several times. they hide the boar‘s carcass in the undergrowth. and arrange for someone else to collect it later. back at ryan's flat, dejected dogs injuries. —— paycheque. some cuts and swelling, but ryan and thomas say they will treat themselves. for hunters like them, taking a .wav that is often too risky. veterinarian mike, is an
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expert in these cases. we showed him oui’ expert in these cases. we showed him our undercoverfootage. expert in these cases. we showed him our undercover footage. you rarely see these dogs in full treatments, because if you do see those sorts of injuries, it's almost inevitable that they've been afflicted through wild animal fighting or fighting with other dogs. all done for the j°y with other dogs. all done for the joy of watching the suffering and killing of wild animals. itjust as bizarre. now two days later, he is back in touch, organising another hunting trip. he wants to go out again, this time with christian and instead of bad it's going to be a dig, they want in
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undercover man to join them. christian is bringing on his regular digging we're beginning to their trust. badger baiting was first made illegal in 1835, and reinstated in 1992,. but why are badgers in particular being targeted 7 1992,. but why are badgers in particular being targeted? be badgers not a big animal, but very
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powerful. it is stocky, particularly with their legs, they're designed, with their legs, they're designed, with a lot of power there. malcolm isa with a lot of power there. malcolm is a badger expert. he spent years observing these animals in the wild. giving no alternative to defend himself, it will turn around and face the aggressor, we saw these two play fighting twisting and turning, seeking imagine the injuries that these dogs suffer. horrific injuries. and that is a basic badger defending itself from death. there's nothing more to be left in peace, and just little nice and quietly. but i will not happen as long as badger baiters see them as sport. our undercover team is on the move again. it is the morning of the dig,
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and john is with thomas young. the man had over to west wales. it is the first timejohn has met christian. also on the dig art two regular members, christian's gang. jaime rush and another man kyle jones. we went with quite a bit of speed across the fields, the jackets come out and then it is sent down a hole. they followed what aboveground
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using a locator box, which picks up the signalfrom using a locator box, which picks up the signal from the dog 's colour. after several attem pts the signal from the dog 's colour. after several attempts with different dogs, all of a sudden... there are muffled barks underground. there are muffled barks underground. the carrier has found its prey. they alljoin in, digging towards the set. they have spotted a badger, but it disappears deeper into the set. at this point the dog and a badger 01’ at this point the dog and a badger or in at this point the dog and a badger orina at this point the dog and a badger or in a network of tunnels underground. christian's dog cannot reach the badger and is taken out, where he checks it for injuries. as the day wears on, the men swap
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stories about other digs they have been on. black and white, they are looking for badgers. they can't get to the badger, so they move onto a new spot on a river bank. they know they are close. and suddenly, a badger rises from one hole and into another. christian tracks is exhausted dog away to tie
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him up with the other dogs. they have been digging for ten hours. finally, the terrier men call it a day. they make their way back across the field. in some areas of england, badgers have been coded to stop, but killing them with dogs is strictly illegal. you make they think they're doing a service to the community, because of tuberculosis. it's a smoke screen. it is this purely a smoke screen. it is this purely a smoke screen. it is this purely a smoke screen. but these people are doing is killing something. they like killing wild animals. the vast majority of farmers are against this sort of activity. it is quite a sombre and to the date, the feeling is that they had an unsuccessful
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digging that they have not killed a badger. on the way home, thomas goes over what keep things went wrong. he is unhappy that his dog failed to catch the badger. if the end of the illegal badger baiting season. there are now, but thomas is determined to test his terrier one last time. the date is planned for saturday
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morning. ryan harrison will also be there. at a third man will drive. but when our manjohn arrives, he is told that their friend hasn't shown up, and they want him to drive. john decides in the interest of his own safety, to do as he is asked. they drive up the valley before crossing over into the forest. they knew that there was a large badger said, so he proceeded to that area. the transmitter collar goes on the dog and it is sent underground. they track it through a network of tunnels, using a locator box. around
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20 minutes later, there is a noise. it's a badger cub. they keep looking for the mother. but eventually, they give up. they
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are now undercover man, checks the cup and makes a grim discovery. it still alive. the cub is fatally injured but still breathing. not satisfied with killing the cup, thomas and ryan continued to look for adult badgers. as the day wears on, they seem to be getting more and more frustrated with their dogs. there were several times were the dogs are kicked and thrown over hedges. and you could actually see the dogs cowering in some stages,
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they were afraid of their owners. what we have exposed is the brutal reality of illegal hunting in wales. we have spent months undercover, exposing a network of illegal hunters who thought they got away with it. in 2016, just 13 people across england and wales were convicted under the protection of badgers act. by infiltrating this gang, we brought to light the shocking truth of what these hunters called sport. jamie rush and kylejones were both
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filmed digging an active badger said. neither man wanted to comment on our evidence. what about ryan and thomas? date killed a badger and inflicted horrendous injuries on other animals. ryan denied her allegations and said he only ever hunts rabbits. he says he always ta kes hunts rabbits. he says he always takes his dogs to the vet for treatment. and he's never been to the forest. we wa nt we want to know why he is lying. so we pay him a visit. hello, mr harrison? we have knocked on the
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door of his house, he doesn't seem to be in, and there are clearly dogs in cages inside a house that he himself is not here. what about thomas? he denied any involvement in the things we filmed, and he told us he'd never killed a badger. so what does he have to say? hello, mr young? it hello, mryoung? itappears hello, mr young? it appears he is also not at home to answer our questions. what of christian? the man who should not even have dogs has gone all quiet on social media and denies the allegations we put to him. hello?
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have you got dogs? do you own dogs? you have nothing on the! go! he gives us the slip out of the front door. there he is! up the hill. why are you running away? what have you done with your dogs? none of the then that we filmed are willing to speak with us on camera about the serious allegations that they have been eagerly illegally performing badger baiting. the rsp ca confirmed that they will
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be investigating the evidence in this programme. for these hunters at least, the game is over. one thing for certain the best of the sunshine across the northern half of the country, is increasing amounts of showers and thunderstorms. in it to be very
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intense and deep. some flash flooding and perhaps inhale, this could cause some turbulence. this is the pressure chart to start with on the pressure chart to start with on the weekend, the saturday we have high pressure across much of the country. could see a few showers to begin the day on saturday across the southwest, generally speaking, it's the cloud and merck that is would be a pretty hot, showers and thunderstorms will be pushing southwest and in towards wales, temperatures reaching towards, it'll be quite cool along the coast. onto sunday, that thundery low continues to move northwards towards the southern half of the uk. going on across the north, most of northern ireland will be dry and sunny. continue into saturday night, it
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will also become more widespread during sunday, across parts of england wales and president northern ireland later on. another humid day, top temperatures around 27 or maybe 28 degrees, but always cooler along the coast. the bank holiday monday stays warm and humid, thundery plume continues to move northwards, like across and through parts of the uk. perhaps across southern scotland and northern england, is down to the day, and clouds will break up so we'll have sunny spells temperatures will shoot up and perhaps more thundery showers anywhere. now ended tuesday, we will see another thundery plume, and give us an heavy rain to pass through eastern england, largely dry with some sunshine around, with some highs in
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northern wales, particularly where you will see the levels. as we head into the thundery rain further north across the country, we are still under the influence of the area of low pressure. so once the sunshine comes out, i think the focus on wednesday could be across more northern and eastern parts of the country. temperatures 23 maybe 2a celsius, it is set to stay warm for much of the week. and as we head on into the last part of the week, this big area of high pressure begins to build into the eastern flank, we will start to see some northerly winds setting and, for will bring temperatures closer the seasonal average. if i show you the see the colours favouring some cranes and new colours as we head towards the end of next week and the following week. second the main message is staying warm, for the first half of the week, it will be very warm and
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humid, showers and thunderstorms will always be there, gradually losing as we head into the later parts of the week. with a warm sunny spells well, signs of cooling down and into the following weekend. hollywood mogul harvey weinstein appears in court in new york, charged with rape and sexual abuse. he pays a million dollars in cash as bail. his lawyer says he will mount a vigorous defence. mr weinstein did not invent the casting couch in hollywood, and to the extent that there is bad behaviour in that industry, that is not what this is about. bad behaviour is not on trial in this case. mr weinstein denies the criminal charges, he is also facing a raft of civil lawsuits. also tonight. it's on, it's off — and now it could be back on again as president trump says he may yet meet the leader of north korea. ireland votes in a referendum on abortion — it's an issue that has divided the country and turnout is high. the british men being caught in online sextortion scams set up
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by gangs in west africa.
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