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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 27, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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showers will —— north sea coast and showers will continue into tomorrow evening. difficult to say which county and city will get it, we can only talk of areas rather than specific locations. high—pressure across scandinavia means the winds are blowing out of the ease and this is why we are seeing most of the storms because you might be wondering why they are happening mostly across the south. it has to do with the wind pattern, this atmosphere basically rotating around the southern part of the uk. all of those storms across the uk. all of those storms across the continent and some of them forming and dripping in our direction. for the next few days it will stay pretty warm as i say, that storm chance continues through the week. this is bbc news, our latest headlines. senior politicians call for northern ireland's strict abortion laws to be relaxed after voters in the irish republic overwhelmingly backed change in a referendum. preparations are under way for a possible summit between the leader of north korea, kim jong—un, and president trump. organisers cancel the mutiny festival in portsmouth after two people die at the event. disruption for travellers at stansted airport after severe weather causes lengthy
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delays and cancellations. now on bbc news — sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm adam wild, coming up on the programme. chris froome becomes the first british man to win cyclings giro d'italia as he completes the set of grand tour victories with his third successive triumph. johanna konta's troubles at roland garros continue. she is out of the french open in the first round for the fourth successive year. and from pole to the chequered flag, red bull's daniel riccardo puts in a masterful performance at the monaco grand prix hello and welcome to sportsday.
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chris froome has became the first british man to win the giro d'italia as he coasted home in sunday's processional stage in rome. the 33—year—old is just the seventh man to complete a grand tour hat—trick after adding italian success to the 2017 vuelta and four tour de france wins. from rome, heres tim hague. theory can be few better places to create history than in rome chris froome has donejust create history than in rome chris froome has done just that, create history than in rome chris froome has donejust that, and now holds all three of cycling's grand tour titles. despite being the first british man to win the italian race in hits 100 year history at been a farfrom in hits 100 year history at been a far from easy road. in hits 100 year history at been a farfrom easy road. they
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in hits 100 year history at been a far from easy road. they fill the race began in jerusalem far from easy road. they fill the race began injerusalem he suffered a nasty crash was preparing. he also had to content with an investigation surrounding the use of an asthma drug. something sampans working to remind him. in the last few days he's once again shown his pedigree on the road. he won two stages and destroyed the field so much on friday that he went from fourth to first. but they would be no need for such a performance today. in the professionalfinal such a performance today. in the professional final stage on the part italian capital in a 46 second lead would not be made up by its nearest rival. -- would not be made up by its nearest rival. —— his nearest rival. he even had time for a drink and side by side with his colleagues froome finished the stage in tact, and wearing the leader's pinkjersey. there may be tough questions to a nswer there may be tough questions to answer further down the line, but today was all about celebrating. with france, spain and italy
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successfully won chris vettel has broken records and broken his rivals once again —— chris froome. to formula 0ne's monaco grand prix then. daniel ricciardo in the red bull led from start to finish to win his second race of the season. sebastian vettel finished second, ahead of britain's lewis hamilton in third. hamilton now leads the championship by 1a points from vettel. the story of today's race comes from out sports correspondent andy swiss. plain sailing? monaco would prove anything better. for lewis hamilton, third on the grid, but above all for the man in pole position. daniel riccardo sped away, he initially seemed a victory parade. he eased clear with 50 lap still to go, his car lost power and his lead vanished. sebastien vettel on his trail as the field concertina behind him. at one stage the top five were
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separated by just him. at one stage the top five were separated byjust eight seconds. they couldn't find a way past, including hamilton who stayed stuck in third as riccardo nursed his car towards the finish. the most spectacular moment, undoubtedly this. an untimely brake problem which ended his and brendon ha rtley‘s which ended his and brendon hartley's race. both are unhurt. ahead of them it was riccardo's date, a masterful drive as he finished ahead of vettel and hamilton, a victory over his own car as well as his rivals. two years two yea rs in two years in the making, this. i finally feel like the redemption has arrived. we had problems, i don't know how much the radio broadcast, but we had a lot to deal with during the race. i think it was before halfway i felt a loss of power and i thought the race was done. then we got home using six years. —— six
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gears. thanks to the tumour got back, so i'm stoked. i did everything i could. it was an interesting race. -- thanks to the team. to tennis then, and british number one johanna konta's is out of the french open at roland garros — knocked out in the first round for the fourth successive year. the 22nd seed lost 6—4 6—3 to kazakhstan's yulia putintseva. it's another disappointing afternoon on clay for her. a poor end to his season on clay for her. a poor end to his season last year, and she lost in the second round of the australian open back in january. the second round of the australian open back injanuary. let's see what it all means for the british number one ahead of the grass court season. here is our tennis correspondent. this was the most disappointing, of herfour main draw. this was the most disappointing, of
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her four main draw. defeats she says she doesn't have a plan b. it is all—out aggression. when it doesn't hit the spot, this is the result. another disappointing defeat. in her press c0 nfe re nce another disappointing defeat. in her press conference she was asked whether the narrative surrounding her at roland garros, i:e., she never winds a match in the main draw, and she did say, perhaps it would have an effect on you too if your colleagues told you that the quality of your writing drops every time the french open comes around. a rest now, and then three grass court events before wimbledon where, last year, she reached the semifinals. meanwhile, it was also a bad day for ninth seed venus williams. she was knocked out by china's wang qiang, who is currently ranked 91st in the world. the twenty—one year old impressed with a straght sets victory, beating the 7 time major champion 6—4 7—5. england succumbed to a miserable nine—wicket defeat by pakistan on the fourth day of the first test at lord's. it follows a winter when they didn't
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manage a win in seven tests in australia and new zealand, and they've now lost the opening test of a home summer for the first time in 23 years. ben croucher was watching the action. after england's's winter of discontent, the summer started with little to shout about. they needed to get there really to see it unfolds, but their batting was something most have seen before. it was just something most have seen before. it wasjust eight something most have seen before. it was just eight overs bowled when josh butler missed a straight one, the beginning of the english collapse. in 27 minutes the remaining four wickets added seven i’u ns remaining four wickets added seven ru ns to remaining four wickets added seven runs to the overnight total. with lunch warming up england served up some help yourself bowling, pakistan wasted no time in taking in. this wasted no time in taking in. this was supposed to herald an upturn in england's form, new selectors, new
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faces and fortunes, in just three days very little has changed. it's very disappointing. we've been outperformed and all three departments. we showed a bit of character in the second innings, but to be fair they have been a number of colla pses to be fair they have been a number of collapses and we've got to find a way, as a group, and that's a very individual thing. ultimately we are working out there together. it could have been a little but more patient, taking our opportunities we get them. to football, and rotherham will play in next seasons championship after victory in the league one play off final at wembley. it took extra time, but they came through to beat shrewsbury 2—1. rotherham failed to take the lead early on after midfielder david ball was unable to convert from the penalty spotjust eight minutes into the game. just over 20 minutes later captain richard wood made up for ball's mistake, heading home to put rotherham ahead. shrewsbury bounced back early in the second half though, as winger alex rodman completed a wonderfully worked set—piece.
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but it's the rotherham captain who's stepped up again, putting his side ahead in the 12th minute of extra time. and that was enough to cement rotherham's place in the championship next season. as liverpool and their fans make their way home after last night's defeat in the champions league final against real madrid, goalkeeper loris karius who of course made those two game—changing errors, has been speaking about his disappointment on social media. another of the match's big talking points was the injury to liverpool leading scorer mo salah, he has also tweeted suggesting he will be fit for the world cup, saying "it was a very tough night, but i'm a fighter.
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meanwhile liverpool manager juregn klopp has been getting behind his goalkeeper. it's really hard. ifeel for him. nobody wants that. that's the situation. the mistakes were obvious, we don't have to talk about that. he knows it. i know it and you all know it. he has two deal with it, and he will do that. it's been a frustrating day for rory mcilroy at the pga championship at wentworth as italian francesco molinari confirmed victory by two shots. nothing seemed to go right for mcilroy all day as he missed birdie after birdie and failed to threaten the leader — even this eagle putt fell short on the 18th and final hole — molinari finished two clear of the rest of the field and becomes the most successful italian
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on the european tour with this his fifth triumph. that's all from sportsday. we have more throughout the evening. now it's time for the film revealed. —— film revealed. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? very interesting week, we have the breadwinner, which is an oscar—nominated animation. solo: a star wars story, another one. and mckellen: playing the part.
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and the breadwinner, based or taken from a book? yes, by deborah ellis. directed by nora twomey. this is from the studio that gave us song of the sea and secret of curls. this is adapted from deborah ellis' book. taliban—era, turn of the century, a young girl is selling bread with her father. he has lost a leg in the war with the taliban. clearly, they are struggling materially, but he teaches her the power of history, and most importantly, the power of stories. let's have a look at the clip. our people have always told stories, from our very beginning when we were pathia and a fractured land and the claws of the hindu kush mountains, scorched by the fiery eyes of the northern deserts. black rubble earth against ice peaks, our land was the petrified
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skeleton of a monster. the land of the noble and honourable, we were a pathway to everywhere, carrying goods from east to west. we studied the stars and began to see order amidst the chaos. we were scientists, philosophers and storytellers. questions sought answers, and then more questions. we began to see our place in the universe. 0n the one hand you have that sort of animation with the circling and cut—outs, then you have the more realistic backgrounds of the streets of kabul. they are almost photorealistic backgrounds with these simply drawn but very expressive faces. what happens is the father is arrested by the taliban, and the mother and sister are unable to get food, because you can't go out without a male chaperone. yes, yes. 0ur young heroine cuts her hair, puts on her dead brother's clothes
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and goes out disguised as a boy. she discovers that as a boy you can go wherever you want. a whole new world. she is also on a mission, not only to do provide for her family, but also to get her father from jail. i just thought this was wonderful. it deals with very dark subject matter, brilliantly directed by nora twomey. this is what i was thinking. the situation is very bleak for women in afghanistan. absolutely what it is about. it is very much a feminist story, but a universal story, but it is told through the eyes of the central child, an 11—year—old girl, and because we see it through her eyes, we can see terrible things, and yet her bravery, courage, humour and laughter sees us through. i think the way that the animation is done, in different styles, with the very realistic portrait of the streets and markets, juxtaposed against the cutout cycling of the story within the story, in which there is a story about a young boy having
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to go up against a dreadful elephant king which kind of mirrors our heroine's journey, and those two fits together. the mix of eastern and western influences. i have seen it three times, and every time, i saw something i missed. i genuinely think it is universal. it is 12a certificate. it is telling a very difficult and very important story for audiences of all ages. you will love it. i can't wait. i wonder if the animation makes it more bearable, something that is difficult. is that true? absolutely. animation can sometimes talk about subjects that live—action movies couldn't deal with because of the transformative power of the animation. we are living through a golden age of animation. you have things like coco. we are in a wonderful time for animation. this is at the forefront. it is wonderful. it is called the breadwinner, you will have to seek it out, because many screens are showing
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another movie this week, but do seek it out because it is wonderful. are other cinemas perhaps showing another star wars? there is another one. the other one was only six months ago. this is another one of the stand—alone spin offs. solo: a star wars story. it is the back story of han solo and his first meeting with chewbacca. his growing love affair with the millenium falcon. it had a very troubled production. it was originally directed by the guys who made the lego movie. very long into the production they left. they were told to go and they brought in ron howard. that seems, wow, that's a really big deal! it is surprisingly coherent. it does have a coherent tone. the tone is basically flimsy and fun, and alden ehrenreich is very, very good as the young han solo. we see him as the character we know and love as harrison ford. it has the throwback
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but rogers stuff the original star wars movie had. they also have the force and the religion and the samurai stuff. this doesn't, itjust seems it much more like something... lando calrissian is good fun. it does seem like, i'm not entirely sure i needed this. did i really want another one of these? it's a bit baggy in the middle. it's fine, but hardly essential. it was a very sort of... i didn't feel there was a huge amount of jeopardy. it's not rogue 0ne, which is a war movie. we are going to get to the point of any gap of the star wars story, they will make another movie to explain it. if someone goes through a door, oh, what happened when they went through that door? now there's three movies to fill in the gap. moving on, ian mckellen, if you're watching this on friday, happy birthday, ian mckellen, and there is a whole film to celebrate?
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you were saying before it is a documentary. him looking back at his life, college, theatre, sexuality, becoming a political activist for lgbt causes, and then going back to schools and taking his vast knowledge to schools. he talked about how for a long time theatre was the centre of his life, then of course how he moves into movies. didn't he just, yes! and they filmed our progress up the ridge. i think only once because we'd have left our footprints in the snow, therefore couldn't do it twice. as we're going along, and i'm going snow up to my knees, with a perilous drop on one side, and a bit of a peak at the other, i could be on everest. it's about as far away from green screen as you can get. we were there.
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constantly, we were there. and you can ask any of the actors. there were other locations i remember other locations in the hobbit where we were lifted up by helicopter, with a fantastic view over some lake or other, surrounded by mountains. you could listen to his voice all day, couldn't you ? couldn't you ? this is directed by the same guy who made chicken. there were clips, some great archives. he has also done dramatisations in which mckellen's word and lip—synched by actors recreating key moments. like the moment he auditioned to get a place in college. those dramatisations works surprisingly well. really, surprisingly well. scott chambers who was so brilliant in chicken features as well. i thought the whole thing was like a lovely leather armchair. you could just sit there and let these stories wash over you. what's great is how engaged he is,
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how passionate he is. and the sweep of the career, theatre actress to some, a film actor to others, and that's what is so glorious. here he is withjudi dench. he says it is very difficult to play with her, because the audiences just love her. if you're playing with her they are not interested, theyjust lovejudi dench! which is absolutely true. this is playing later on on sunday, and opens properly on friday, previews of it on sunday. but it is a real pleasure to watch. your best out won an award at cannes for best debut? jeune femme, young woman. brilliant central performance. you will have to seek it out, but really, really good. interestingly enough, all the heads of department on the film were all female, the director, everything. so it is just a terrific piece of work and i think you will really like it.
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and dvd, the post? cracking performance from meryl streep. is it a safe film, and i allowed to say that, will i be shot down for saying that? it is a film by steven spielberg, a historical film set in the ‘70s about the battle between the freedom press and a corrupt president. i don't know why, but it seemed terribly contemporary. i love it when you say what you think, mark. the post is enjoyable, a very enjoyable film to watch on dvd. it is a great film, don't let me be too rude about it. good to see you as ever and a reminder that you can find all the film news and reviews from across the bbc, on the website. all our previous programmes on the iplayer as well. that is it for this week, it's a really, really interesting week. thanks for being with us. see you next time. happy cinema—going. thunderstorms are breaking out
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across some parts of the country, but many of us enjoying the fine, sunny weather. the south is getting the real action. these are the storms that happened last night, sweeping across the south of england. the thunderstorm risk continues across the southern half of the uk for the next few days. it's this volatile atmosphere in western parts of europe, to reflect thunderstorms brewing across parts of france and germany. we have some home—grown thunderstorms too. this whole pattern, with that warm from the cells is going to be with us for the cells is going to be with us for the next few days or so. hence we anticipate further storms over the next few days. here is the forecast, very warm, if not hot in the south.
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most of seeing temperatures in the 20s. these she was randomly occur across the southern portion the uk. it will turn misty overnight, a lot of low rage cloud. so for places like leeds, sheffield, newcastle and up like leeds, sheffield, newcastle and up to aberdeenshire, it is going to bea up to aberdeenshire, it is going to be a very cloudy start. there is time for that cloud to melt away, but the sun will be out and we are infor but the sun will be out and we are in for another beautiful day across northern and north—western parts. at the same time, those showers will be p°ppin9 the same time, those showers will be popping off across the south, some of them will be nasty. big downpours, gusts of wind and some to reflect lightning displays as well. it's around 25 degrees. cooler on the north sea coast. the show was continuing to tamara, difficult to say which towns and cities will get it, and at what time. we cannot talk
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about specific locations. high pressure in scandinavia means winds are blowing out, this is why most of the storms have been across the south. it is to do with wind patterns and the atmosphere. it's basically rotating around the southern parts of the uk. some of them are drifting, in our direction. for the next few days, staying pretty warm, bad storm chance continues through the week. this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at seven. celebrations in dublin — now the focus shifts to the north — and abortion laws that are far more restrictive than the rest of the uk. our policy is the same from the north of ireland right through the bottom of ireland. we want to see the same policy. we need to show care and compassion towards women. i think it is a popular opinion throughout northern ireland that we should not have a liberalised abortion regime. the us sends a delegation to north korea aimed
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at reinstating a possible summit between the countries' leaders. 0rganisers cancel the mutiny festival in portsmouth after two people die at the event. voters head to the polls in colombia, for the first presidential election since a peace agreement ended 50 years of civil war. also ahead... chris froome makes cycling history in italy. he becomes the first brit to win the giro
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