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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  May 28, 2018 5:45am-6:00am BST

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unusual suggestion from a former indian spy chief to invite the pakistani army for a dialogue to reduce tensions between the two countries. finally, the guardian's sport pages looks at attempts by the liverpool coach to replace the team's goalkeeper loris karius with roma's alisson becker, as well as transfer talks for real madrid's cristiano ronaldo and gareth bale. so let's begin. this does feel to be, and the financial times emphasises it particularly in this, but beyond saying that the president should be impeached according to coalition parties, but there is a democratic problem here that one character, one minister, albeit an important one, is being denied a seat at the table by the president, and yet he has beenin by the president, and yet he has been ina by the president, and yet he has been in a previous italian government. the financialtimes describes him as a political novice,
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but as you quite rightly say, he has been part of previous governments. so it does not count as a novice, not quite in the way that most people would understand it. i think across europe, and we will talk about this and some of the other papers, there is perhaps a movement amongst the ordinary electorates to vote against the elitism, and we have a great example here of the president of italy vetoing the government because the finance minister is deemed to be eurosceptic. there is a powerful sense that the anti—assad from parties feel that they are getting the weight of the establishment to crush them at their moment of glory. again, this is a long held argument about the european union and brussels that there is a small elite thatis brussels that there is a small elite that is propping up a system that benefits them, but perhaps does not benefits them, but perhaps does not benefit the wider population across europe, and clearly europe is one of them. one of the ironies is that the president is suggesting to bring in
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an imf economist who is known as mr scissors for his previous rounds of cuts, which feels remote against what the populace parties are arguing for. there is a massive schism there in terms of pumping the money in or pulling the money out. the china daily, though. i do not argue, but this is about north korea and the us summit. did we all have a dream one day the donald trump said it was all off, because it is not even refer to any more. —— daily. it is not referred to like it was in doubt. it was off on thursday afternoon. i was sharing a conference that day and the markers rated badly. it came back on on saturday, and we have another round of talks between the northern south korean government coming up this friday. it is turning into a soap opera, but the backdrop is that this could be a momentous time for peace in the region. it is interesting to
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hear the sense that china is fully on board now and wants it, because i think there was a feeling that beijing, they were being lighter bite, it has not where they wanted to be in terms of centrality of this summit, they would want to be at the heart of it. obviously the china daily is pro— the chinese govern. there is a thing any backdrop where the chinese government is now back in control of the situation and bringing both sides to the table. it is actually in everybody‘s interest and it seems the donald trump is trying to play that he is controlling the situation, hence the honour of, sort of, every tony britt ata honour of, sort of, every tony britt at a tweet. just as one line, which is quite striking, but this major deal does not happen over date to make night. that is the message coming from china. -- does not happen overnight. yes. and this
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com pletely happen overnight. yes. and this completely new growth asian is that they do happen overnight. let's move to deutschewelle. —— and is complete the nuclearisation. they talk about the nuclearisation. they talk about the alternative for deutschland, the far—right grouping. the biggest opposition movement in germany at the moment, having staged a major rally in berlin and being completely outnumbered by demonstrators against the afp. what i found interesting in the afp. what i found interesting in the article was the reporter's view of the demonstrations on either side. —— afd. it ran counter to what you expected. afd were ready to speak, quite civil, and you got loose step from the other lot. yes, and afd, this was not the traditional view of the right wing, the skinhead nazi type of characters. very much positioned as middle class. it is interesting that the journalist who wrote the piece spoke to a afd supporters imagined
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that her best friend was turkish. on the other side, you have 20,000 against demonstrators, many of which displaying quite conservative views. again, ithink displaying quite conservative views. again, i think there is a general feeling in germany that perhaps things need to change. the open borders, the angela merkel government needs to be drawn up a little bit. just reflecting that people try to work out what this might mean in terms of the response to afd etc, and the view from one or two was let's be honest, this is a mass shouting match. but there is some insignificant about being, i suppose, outnumbered, add your own demonstration. there is an irony that proves the democracy really works. ok. let the language to another continent from. the gulf news focuses on the ex— spy chief of india who suggest that the best way
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to deal with the kashmir problem and the ongoing conflict on the border, the ongoing conflict on the border, the skirmishes day in and day out is actually to get the head of the pakistan army to come over and have a chat. it sounds incredible is civilised, does that, in a way? again, the backdrop is pakistan and india have been arguing, really, for decades about some of these kind of issues. there is always a suggestion that two governments talking to each other is the wrong two parties talking. again, the implication is that the pakistan army has been controlling the situation. you know, the view here is let's go to tell to the view here is let's go to tell to the people who are controlling the situation, and we may get some sort of little negotiation. as far as whether this is any legs, this is the front page of the gulf news, but nevertheless, the indian governmentthey do is pretty categoric. we will talk to elected governments, not to the pakistan military. i do notice goes nowhere,
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but there is this mounting sense of something needs to happen, and a steering desire to look for another way out of this issue. and again the backdrop here is the fact that the us, russia, and china all have an interest in seeing peace in the region. again, the suggestion behind the scenes, those three countries perhaps pushing pakistan and india to talk in a more sensible way. right, we will move on to certainly the news — this is one of the biggest sports news stories for a long time. the champion league finals. —— the champions league finals. —— the champions league finals. row madrid won the champions league final again. but actually the headline is being taken by—, while there are two stories, but let us speak about the liverpool goalkeeper. he has been deeply upset by this. as have many liverpool fans, no doubt. in is having to face up fans, no doubt. in is having to face up to the fact that he is now down
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pecking order and jurgen klopp was a new. . . yes, pecking order and jurgen klopp was a new... yes, so he has stuck by him all season. of course, beat him at liverpool knocked out any semi—final, roma, jurgen klopp has been interested in their goalkeeper oi’ season. been interested in their goalkeeper or season. and the fact that loris karius has achieved a game is almost what has left the door open to being replaced. this is not in the guardian article, but loris karius has had death threats of social media, which is mad stuff. that is the nature of what comes with these — you could not have a more high—profile match in which to have your worst match ever. no, but it is early football. nobody deserves to be threatened with their life, whether it is a serious threat or not. you do feel bad. he knows the m ista kes not. you do feel bad. he knows the mistakes he made. on the other side of the coin, gareth bale could not
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make the starting line—up real madrid. comes on and scores the greatest champions league final goal ever, we are all been told. and then sta rts ever, we are all been told. and then starts talking about whether he has had enough here, frankly. this is it. and we had reynaldo suggesting that he would leave before the game, now he has decided that he would stay. —— ronaldo. that is probably because gareth bale saw his thunder. so think manchester united will make some incredible world record. this will be the third time that they had tried to buy gareth bale. that is a come and get me beta sports journalism. he has been around a long time, and he is only how old? 28. thank you very much free -- thank you for much forjoining us, lawrence. hello once again. the thunderstorms of this holiday weekend have certainly been making the headlines —
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and we are not alone. a quick look at western europe and you see that there are plenty of thunderstorms to be had here. great rafts of cloud across france and germany, the low countries, too. in the forthcoming week, i expect we'll see further thunderstorms in places. it will be on the warm side, initially. light winds and there will be some mist and fog in the forecast. pretty low cloud to start the forecast on monday everywhere from the lothians down the eastern side of the pennines to about the wash. elsewhere, a lot of sunshine to start the day. and once that heat pours into the middle half the afternoon, we'll start popping off showers to parts of east anglia, the southern counties of england, and up into wales. the eastern shore is plagued in places by the cloud, but elsewhere, much of scotland, the north of england and wales, and over towards northern ireland, dry, fine, and sunny, and really very warm, as well. 20—something in a number of locations — somebody in the south—east will record 28 degrees, we think. and that will keep showers going across the southern counties for a good part of the evening. and the low cloud will pour in off the north sea.
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this is set up because we have this flabby area of low pressure dominating western europe. around its northern flank, we bring warmth out of the continent over a cold north sea, the moisture condenses, and clouds will form. and it will stay like that for much of the british isles. eventually that retreats to the eastern shores and we import more showers later in the day. temperatures notjust as high as monday, but still warm for this time of year. as you move into the middle part of the week not a great deal changes. still low pressure over biscay. still tapping into warmth from the continent. showers more available into wednesday. some thunderstorms were bound through the northern parts of scotland and eventually down into it in england, too. top temperatures around 22, maybe 23 degrees or so — many well on into the teens. and the cooler conditions? well, you have to go a long way to find them. northern parts of scandinavia, out in the middle part of the atlantic, but much of the near continent — and we ourselves — are still seeing temperatures above the seasonal norm. so not a great deal of change
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as far ahead as thursday. does it show any signs of changing at all? still a lot of thunderstorms there. well, towards the weekend, high—pressure builds, tending to suppress the shower activity, but still keeping it on the warm side. hello this is breakfast, with rogerjohnson and naga munchetty. more pressure for change to northern ireland's strict abortion laws, as labour urges the government to back new legislation. following friday's historic refendum in the republic of ireland, mps from across parliament have called for women in all parts of the uk to have the same rights. downing street insists it's a matter for northern ireland. good morning it's monday the 28th of may.
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also this morning: tackling the gender pay gap at england's biggest employer — the health secretary launches a review into doctors' pay in the nhs. more than a month's rainfall injust one hour — a bank holiday clean—up after flash floods in wales and the midlands.
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