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this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers. the headlines at three. a man is killed after flash flooding in the west midlands with some areas getting more than a month's rain injust one hour. the clean—up operation is under way, but weather warnings remain in place for several parts of england. a migrant from mali is to be made a french citizen after scaling a building in paris with his bare hands to rescue a dangling child. i asked him, wasn't he frightened for his own life? he said no. at that moment he wasn't thinking of himself, he was thinking of the child. as soon as he started to climb, he was scared the child would get tired and let go. the labour partyjoins calls to change abortion laws in northern ireland, following the referendum in the republic from sparkling sea, to magnificent moorland — the 840 bus route from pickering to whitby in north yorkshire has been voted britain's most scenic. coming up... as current treatments for me are being reviewed, emma donohoe
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investigates how young people cope with the debilitating illness. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. a man's been killed after storms caused flash flooding across the west midlands with more than a month's rainfall hitting parts of birmingham yesterday in the space ofjust an hour. the man a pensioner in his 80s died in walsall, after his vehicle became submerged. met office amber weather warnings for rain and thunderstorms are in place this afternoon for east anglia, london and the south east and the south west. the south east could also experience the hottest day of the year so far. our correspondent caroline davies reports from walsall. now it is quite a sunny day but it
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would have been a very different scene yesterday. behind me you might be able to see a wooden gate over there. according to an eyewitness that we spoke to, this is where the water that flooded the bridge came out. if you follow that road down, you will see the railway bridge. that was the spot where this gentleman was caught in his car and where he later died. we understand that the ambulance services at one point had to swim to rescue him, he was then put on a raft and floated away from there. the clear up operation is of course under way. here you can see the water has almost entirely receded but it was a very different picture yesterday afternoon. wading through floodwater this is selly park in birmingham and across the city residents struggled to get help after sunshine chant to downpours. we saw through social media that there was flooding in the selly park area so i left a little bit of time and took a drive back up.
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the road was closed and eventually i ended up getting a lift home on a kind of raft with the fire service who kindly brought me to my front door. in some areas a months worth of rain fell in a few hours. west midlands fire brigade attended over 100 weather—related incidents. there were so many calls that at times they were dealt with by the london fire brigade. cars and houses completely flooded out, cars probably up to about four foot right up to the windows and houses completely flooded out. my car was struck by lightning and my screen cracked. i don't think that this is safe. it was not only in birmingham, in northampton roads flooded. welshpool saw the same. while temperatures may be soaring in other parts of the country, here the clean—up is just starting. of course the roads now seem relatively clear but on the way here
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we passed several vehicles that seemed to be abandoned, other people at the side of the road still trying to get their vehicles working again. the clear up operation is under way but for the family of the gentleman who died here, an incredibly tragic loss and something they will be having to come to terms with. a malian migrant hailed as a hero in paris after scaling a building to rescue a small boy who was dangling from a balcony is to be made a french citizen. mamoudou gassama has been widely praised for saving the the four year—old. earlier this morning he met french president emmanuel macron who honoured him with a medal of courage. from paris, lucy williamson reports. france has nicknamed him spiderman. his real name is mamoudou gassama. when he saw a toddler dangling from a fourth floor balcony, the malian immigrant ran straight past the crowd of onlookers and began to climb.
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in less than a minute he had scaled the outside of the building. a neighbour holding onto the toddler until he arrived. with one leg swung across the balcony, mamoudou swept the child to safety, to cheers from the crowd below. the child's father is now being questioned for apparently leaving him at home alone. this morning mr gassama was invited to meet president macron, who asked whether he had stopped to think before climbing. no, he replied, i wasn't thinking about anything, i just climbed. once i had started god gave me the courage to continue. afterwards when the police arrived, i started trembling. the president awarded mr gassama a bravery medal and certificate and has invited him to apply for french citizenship. mr gassama is now planning tojoin the country's fire service. he previously had documents allowing him to work in italy but not to enter france. the video of his dramatic ascent has now been viewed millions of times on social media. before the french authorities even knew he was here, mamoudou gassama was already
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a nationwide hero. lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. a car collided with pedestrians in stockport last night, killing a man and injuring others. police have launched murder investigation. greater manchester police were called to the salisbury nightclub in the area of brinnington. it's thought a black audi a4 collided with a number of people before fleeing the scene. a man in his thirties died later in hospital. pressure to relax northern ireland's strict abortion laws is intensifying with labour adding its voice to calls for change. it comes after friday's historic referendum in the republic of ireland. mps from across the commons, say women should have the same rights in all parts of the uk, but downing street insists it's a matterfor northern ireland. the dup, on whom theresa may relies for a majority in parliament, says it will not be bullied
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into accepting abortion. our ireland correspondent, chris page, is in belfast, and explains how the law in northern ireland differs to the republic. currently, a woman can only have an abortion if there's a serious or permanent risk to your physical or mental health, so much more restrictive than in the rest of the uk, though women can travel from here to have abortions in england, scotland and wales and every year plenty do. however, looking at the wider political picture in northern ireland, what's interesting is that none of the five main parties are in favour of extending the law in the rest of the uk to northern ireland. you've got a range of political opinions. the dup are very strongly against the law. the second biggest party, sinn fein, their current position doesn't go as far as what the irish government in dublin are proposing to do. they plan to pass legislation to legalise terminations for any reason until a woman's 12 weeks pregnant and in some ci rcu msta nces afterwards, although sinn fein may relax their position further at their annual conference which is expected to be held in a few weeks‘ time. so the fact that there is growing
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pressure on the westminster government to legislate to relax the abortion laws in northern ireland, particularly in the absence of the devolved government at stormont, which collapsed about 16 months ago, does not necessarily mean that any change in the law here is imminent. a man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering an 11—year—old girl and a 31—year—old woman. the woman and girl were found seriously injured by police at a property in gloucesterjust before five o'clock this morning, and declared dead at the scene. the arrested man is 28 years old. police have appealed for witnesses. officers were called at about ten to five this morning where they found
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what we are hearing is that officers were called here to dexter way found to dexter way in gloucester around 4:50am where they found a 31—year—old woman and an 11—year—old dad, and 28—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. i have spent the morning speaking to residents who have told me this is normally a quiet residential street and many of them expressed shock particularly because it happened in the small hours of the morning and none of them heard anything. they to police activity outside their homes. several of them have expressed their shock and one said he has seen a pool of blood on the pavement outside his flat. we have seen forensic officers going about their work this morning, we have also seen many officers escorting people who live here through the cordon to their homes because a large area remains cordoned off this afternoon. they are appealing for anybody with more information to contact them. the doctor tasked with leading a review into the gender pay gap in the nhs in england has admitted there will not be a quick or easy fix to the problem. professorjane dacre, who's president of the royal college of physicians, will draw up recommendations for the government by early next year, but she says changing culture and attitudes may take a long time. at present, male doctors are paid
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on average £10,000 more than their female colleagues. here's simonjones. the nhs is the uk's biggest employer, but there are still big concerns about the gender pay gap in england. men still hold the most senior positions, with the large pay packets. overall female staff earn nearly a quarter less than their male colleagues, even though the nhs employs far more women than men. we need to make sure that people are really supported to progress in work but also we need to make sure that if women have to take time out from the workplace to have children, that we've got the right policies in place to support things like flexible working, shared parental leave, and that we are recruiting people back in to our health service after they may have taken a career gap for any reason. this review will concentrate on medical staff. the average pay for a male doctor isjust over £67,700. but at £57,500, the average pay for a female doctor is £10,000 less. across all medical professions including doctors, the pay gap is 15%. the government says such inequality has no place in a modern employer.
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this is the doctor tasked with leading the independent review. she will draw recommendations by early next year but is warning there may be no quick fix. well the nhs has been around for 70 years, let's hope it's fixed in the next 70 years. that long? well, it may be. some of these societal and cultural things actually take quite a long time to change and are difficult to change effectively. clearly there will be some things that can be done more quickly. but changing culture, attitudes, societal norms, always takes a long time. she admits morale in the nhs is low but says supporting women will improve things. the nhs is not alone in grappling with big pay disparities between men and women, but the government says with its unique position in british society, it has no place to hide. simon jones, bbc news.
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scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon has raised her concerns over brexit during a meeting with the eu's chief negotiator michel barnier in brussels. ms sturgeon has called on the uk government to "engage properly" with devolved administrations after britain leaves the eu and says there's no alternative to the uk membership of customs union and single market. talks have resumed in the demilitarised zone between the koreas to try to get a planned summit between president trump and the north korean leader, kim jong—un back on track. the original meeting set forjune 12th had been called off by president trump, but it appears both sides are still trying to find a way forward. earlier our correspondent in seoul explained what each side is hoping to see from any talks. just a few days ago, donald trump said there would be no talks between the states united
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and north korea. now we have two sets of talks going on, one at the border here in south korea and another happening in singapore. round the table are seasoned, experienced diplomats, both used to dealing with the other side. that suggests that they are serious about trying to get this summit back on track. but there's not a lot of time and both sides are coming from very different positions. remember, the us wants north korea to give away all its weapons and eventually receive economic rewards. north korea wants a more phased approach and perhaps might want to keep hold of some of its weapons as a security guarantee. these talks are designed to see if they can find some leeway or find a way that they can compromise. when it comes to that summit, it's been on, off, maybe on, definitely off. it is maybe now back on again. no one really knows for sure exactly if those two leaders are going to be in singapore on june 12th. however, much may depend on the outcome of these talks over the coming days.
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a 15—year—old boy has appeared before magistrates in sheffield charged with murder. it's over the death of 15—year—old sam baker, who was stabbed in the chest in the city on thursday. the teenager accused of his murder is due to appear at crown court tomorrow. police have arrested three people suspected of drug dealing at a dance music festival in portsmouth, where two people died at the weekend. the news comes after 18—year—old georgia jones and 20—year—old tommy cowan were named as those who died after falling ill at the mutiny festival on saturday night. they were among 15 revellers admitted to hospital from the event that night, with organisers issuing a warning over "high strength or bad batch" of drugs. the italian president, sergio mattarella, has asked a former economist for the international monetary fund, carlo cottarelli, to lead an interim government until new elections are held. mr cottarelli has accepted, saying his government would ensure italy's finances
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are managed prudently. on sunday efforts to form a coalition of populist and far—right parties failed after the president rejected the proposed finance minister, who opposes italy's membership of the euro. the headlines on bbc news: a man is killed after flash flooding in the west midlands with some areas getting more than a month's rain injust one hour. a migrant from mali is to be made a french citizen after scaling a building in paris with his bare hands to rescue a dangling child. the labour partyjoins calls to change abortion laws in northern ireland, following the referendum in the republic. sport now and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre, here's sarah. busy weekend of course.
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it is indeed. novak djokovic has made it through to the second round. he beat brazilian qualifier rogerio dutra silva in straight sets. the former world number one, seeded 20th at roland garros, went 2—0 down at the start of the first two sets but recovered
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