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tv   Newsday  BBC News  May 29, 2018 1:00am-1:31am BST

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i'm rico hizon in singapore, the headlines the diplomatic scramble continues — us and north korean officials are due to have another day of talks aimed at getting the roller—coaster summit back on track. time is up on the latest search for the missing malaysian flight mh370. what next for the families still waiting for news of their loved ones? i'm babita sharma in london. also in the programme. a deepening political crisis in italy causes tremors on european financial markets, with fresh elections on the way soon. and the spiderman of paris — the immigrant from mali who's become a french hero after saving the life of a four—year—old. good morning.
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it's 8:00am in singapore, 1:00am in london and 9:00am in the korean demilitarised zone where efforts are continuing to put the planned summit between the us and north korea back on track. a us delegation is due to have more talks with the north koreans, but it's still unclear whether the summit will take place here in singapore next month. president trump and the japanese prime minister shinzo abe have confirmed by phone that they will meet before any summit takes place. to assess these developments, i spoke to the bbc‘s laura bicker in seoul. when it comes to those talks, they started on sunday. it was another surprise. these are top diplomats from the us and north korea, trying to reach some kind of deal they can give to their leaders.
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we think they will start to resume talks. a few days ago donald trump said there wouldn't be any talks between the us and north korea. now we are looking at two sets of ongoing talks. now we are looking at two sets of ongoing talks. in the border they are talking about the plans and in singapore we understand they are talking about the logistics so officials from north korea and the us meeting in singapore over the next few days. with regards to talks here, there is a long way to go and a short time to do it. remember how far apart the two sides. apart the two sides are. the us wants complete disarmament and then give economic rewards to north korea. north korea wants a phased approach. somehow they will have to thrash out a deal and something they can give to the leaders. and whether there will be any summit will depend on those talks. trump and abe will be meeting,
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why does he want to meet trump? you are seeing from japan, a little bit of nervousness. they do not want donald trump to allow north korea to keep its nuclear weapons. i think there is a worry that donald trump sees a win here. he has touted north korea as a success after meeting on two occasions now. when it comes to whether or not he is willing to give to get a win, there is a little bit of nervousness going on injapan. they are worried donald trump will go too far and leave either north korea with weapons, or agree to get rid of troops either here in the peninsular or injapan. it is thought north korea might want donald trump to give away the nuclear umbrella he puts over, that protective umbrella he puts over the peninsula and japan. i think mr abe will want reassurance that isn't the case. our other top story... the search for the missing malaysian
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airlines flight mh370 is due to end on tuesday. it's just over four years since the passenger jet disappeared, on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. a search of a huge area of sea bed off the coast of australia has yielded nothing. and this latest 90 day search by a private company also appears to have failed. 0ur southeast asia correspondent jonathan head has been following the story from the start. it's very disappointing, obviously most of all for the relatives but also for this company, 0cean infinity, who were very confident with their more extensive equipment and with some refined views about where the wreckage might be as people have analysed particular drift patterns for the debris that has been found on the east african coast, that there was a higher chance, a much higher chance of finding it. they managed to search 80,000 square kilometres injust three months. whereas the previous search area searched a little larger than that but over a period of two years. so they covered a great deal more ground.
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they said their equipment worked very well in extremely challenging conditions, both high seas and very mountainous terrain on the sea bed where they looks. bed where they looked. but they are clearly looking in the wrong area and it simply opens up even more, the mystery surrounding what happened, particularly the end of mh370. there are conflicting theories about whether the plane was under the control of the pilot, who might have glided along way, or whether he flew it until he either lost consciousness or ran out of fuel and it plunged into the sea. the difference in those theories makes a huge difference in the areas people can look. so the possibility and many people have theories, are that there are other areas close to the ones where they have been looking where it could still be located. while the malaysia government has said for now it will not renew the contract it has with 0cean infinity. remember, this is a no find, no fee contract, so the company doesn't get paid unless it finds the wreckage. they are not renewing that
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for the moment but this is a new government in malaysia. they've pledged to relook at the way in which mh370 was handled, to publish for the first time, and absolutely full report into their own handling of that accident and that this appearance and in that sense, the option is been left open that new evidence and new thinking could restart a search at some stage in the future. also making news today... the european union is proposing a ban on single—use plastics in an attempt to protect marine life. the proposals target items like straws, cotton buds, cutlery and drink stirrers. they'd be replaced with more environmentally friendly materials. the eu also wants almost all plastic bottles to be collected for recycling by 2025. a state of emergency has been declared in the us state of maryland after heavy rain caused flash flooding. one man is missing, after eight inches of rain fell in just two hours in some areas. emergency services have been responding to people trapped in buildings as flood waters deluged houses and swept away cars. the russian billionaire and owner
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of chelsea football club, roman abramovich, has been granted israeli citizenship under the law of return, which allowsjews to become citizens of israel. he has been unable to extend his british visa, following growing diplomatic tension between london and moscow. israeli passport holders do not need a visa to enter britain. the south korean boyband, bts, has become the first k—pop group to top the us album charts. "love yourself: tear" took the number one spot on the billboard 200 on sunday. music. the group is one of south korea's best—known and most lucrative musical exports. despite not singing in english, bts have already toured the us and sold out venues in cities across the country. let's return to the four—year search for the missing malaysian
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airlines flight mh370, which is due to end on tuesday. the passengerjet disappeared on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing and the latest search conducted by a private company and lasting 90 days appears to have failed. earlier i spoke to ellis taylor from flight global at this stage there is no sign they have turned up any evidence of the missing malaysia airlines jet. this search is different from previous, because it was an area further north. it was the spot a lot of the scientists and those who had in the calculations said it is the most likely spot where it went down. but it appears although this has gone through for 90 days and there are people pushing for it to go longer, essentially the time and the patience of the malaysian government is getting to the point
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where continuing is not going to be in anyone‘s interests. in your view, should they extend the search? it is hard to say, i sit on the fence about it. i can understand they're certainly does need to be a need to find the aircraft and get some closure and maybe get some more understanding as to what actually happened on board thisjet over four years ago. at the same time, the needle in a haystack has somewhat better odds, than finding this jet now. how long it continues for with costs involved. will we even find it, depending on if it is extended for another 90 days, or we could be searching for another few years. in this case, there comes a point where somebody has got to say, we can throw more resources at it but we will still not find it in the end, so maybe the end
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of the search is a good thing. but at the same time, it will leave a lot of unanswered questions. europe and the financial markets looked on anxiously on monday, as the political crisis in italy, europe's fourth biggest economy, deepened. the country's president nominated an unelected economist as caretaker prime minister. but italy's two main anti—establishment parties promised to block him. if that happens, there will be fresh elections. 0ur rome correspondent james reynolds reports. for six decades, the lands which once had an empire of its own has been a part of every move towards a united europe. italy's constitutional crisis threatens to have an effect across the european union. italy's president, sergio mattarella, has vetoed a eurosceptic government line—up presented by populist parties. this morning he picked a pro—euro economist as a stopgap prime minister. the president has picked him
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to maintain italy's current relationship with the european union. translation: it's essential to defend our interests in europe and be constructive. italy is a founding country. 0ur role is essential, as is our continued participation in the euro. but the populists, led here by the league's matteo salvini, have the numbers to reject the president's choice and force early elections. mr salvini, who's been going up in the polls, wants the freedom to govern his way. translation: if the president of the republic tells us, do as you want but don't touch the european rules, we have a problem with democracy because i think in italy, the people are sovereign and don't depend entirely on european markets and bureaucracies. wherever you look here, there are signs of italy's long partnership with europe.
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but this country has begun to shift. this is the country that helped found the european union. why are the populist parties turning against it? because people think that germany rules all europe and germany rules italy and they want to control italy and the agreements on the european union are an advantage for germany and a disadvantage for italy. tonight, this country realises that it now faces a sudden choice, an early election later this year may become an unofficial referendum on italy's membership of the eu and this country's relationship with the union it helped to found. james reynolds, bbc news, rome. you're watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme... a real life spiderman,
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to the rescue — how a migrant from mali saved the life of this small child. also on the programme... the australian who does a very uncanny impersonation of north korea's kimjong un he came into the studio in singapore. in the biggest international sporting spectacle ever seen, up to 30 million people have taken part in sponsored athletics events to aid famine relief in africa. the first of what the makers of star wars hope will thousands of queues started forming at 7:00am. taunting which led to scuffles, scuffles to fighting, fighting to full—scale riot as the liverpool fans broke out of their area and into the juventus enclosure. the belgian police had lost control. the whole world will mourn the tragic death of mr naro today.
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he was the father of the indian people from the day of independence. the oprah winfrey show comes to an end after 25 years and more than 4,500 episodes. the chat show has made her one of the richest people on the planet. geri halliwell, otherwise known as ginger spice, has announced she's left the spice girls. ahh! i don't believe it. she's the one with the bounce, the go, girl power. not geri, why? this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon in singapore. i'm babita sharma in london. our top stories: us and north korean officials enter another day of talks aimed at getting their cancelled summit back on track. the latest search for missing malaysian flight mh370 ends shortly with still no sign of the missing plane. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world.
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the straits times has a story on high speed rail in malaysia. there are calls for a high speed train from kuala lumpur to singapore to be dropped. malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad says this is due to the former government racking up $371 billion in debt. the south china morning post has a story about the plight of elderly poor people. eight in every ten hongkongers who make a living by scavenging for discarded cardboard and other waste on the streets are women. they earn just over 90 us dollars a month from collecting cardboard. 0n the front page of the japan times, yokohama is to get aerial gondolas ahead of the olympics. private sector companies are planning to build seaside aerial gondolas in the port city, aiming to attract tourists
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coming from abroad for the tokyo 2020 olympics. now babita what stories are sparking discussions online? the new star wars movie solo: a star wars story, has failed to make the impact disney had hoped in north america. experts had predicted ron howard's film about a young han solo would take between 130 million and $150 million on its debut weekend. but it had to settle for $103 million. the film has been generally praised by critics. the tribal areas in pakistan, bordering afghanistan, have long—been viewed as a wild, lawless region. for over 100 years, they've been ruled by a piece of british colonial era legislation, treating them as a semi autonomous region, and controversially, allowing for the collective punishment of communities. but now that's about to change. pakistani politicians have voted
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to incorporate the areas around the khyber pass into a neighbouring province. secunder kermani has been there and sent this report. the khyber pass, just over a dozen miles from the afghan border and once a hub of militant activity. for decades, the tribes living here have been ruled separately from the rest of pakistan. now they are being brought into the mainstream and many residents support the move. translation: i'm so happy. we have spent our whole lives being oppressed. if one person committed a crime, then everyone would get arrested. for over 100 years, under a british colonial law, the frontier crimes regulations has been the job of tribal jirgas, like this one, to investigate criminal cases. then, a centrally appointed political agent gives a verdict. that law has now been repealed and courts will eventually play a greater role.
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translation: they did not consult us when making this decision. we agree there should be some reforms to the frontier crimes regulations, but not merging us with the rest of pakistan. one of the most controversial aspects of the old british law was that if someone committed a crime, then his relatives if or even a whole section of his tribe, could be punished. this house and four others were destroyed by the authorities after militants carried out an attack nearby. translation: the taliban killed eight soldiers one might. the next morning the army came and demolished half of my house. they said all of us were responsible for any attacks that happen in this neighbourhood.
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there will be an interim period of two years to allow for the huge logistical challenge of bringing courts, lawyers and judges here, as well as training police. but after that, the changes could help bring about much—needed development to an area once described as the most dangerous place in the world. now to the story which has got everyone talking — spiderman. at least that's what he's being called. he's actually a migrant from mali who climbed up the outside of an apartment block in paris to rescue a small boy who was dangling from a balcony. the video of his amazing feat has been watched more than 10 million times. and now, as a ‘thank you', he's been promised french citizenship. lucy williamson reports from paris france has nicknamed him spiderman. his real name is mamoudou gassama. when he saw a toddler dangling from a fourth floor balcony, the malian immigrant ran straight past the crowd of onlookers and began to climb. in less than a minute,
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he'd scaled the outside of the building, a neighbour holding onto the toddler, until he arrived. with one leg swung across the balcony, mamoudou swept the child to safety. cheering. the child's father is now being questioned for apparently leaving him at home alone. this morning, mr gassama was invited to meet president macron, who asked him whether he had stopped to think, before climbing the building. translation: no, i wasn't thinking about anything. ijust climbed. once i started, god gave me the courage to continue. the president awarded mr gassama a bravery medal and certificate and offered him a role in the french fire service. he also invited him to apply for french citizenship. mr gassama had documents allowing him to work in italy but not to enter france. translation: i am glad, because it is my first time to win an award like this. i'm happy. thank you.
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translation: i asked him the question about being afraid and he told me, "no, i didn't think about myself. i was thinking about the child." when he started climbing, he got scared that the child would get tired and let go. and after months of living in the shadows, mamoudou gassama is, tonight, tasting sudden celebrity. the video of his dramatic ascent, which has spread like wildfire on social media, made him a nationwide hero — before the french state even knew he was here. cheering and applause. lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. now, he caused quite a stir when he turned up at singapore's marina bay area a couple of days ago. despite appearances it wasn't the real thing, this is a look—a—like artist called howard x. he travels the world impersonating the north korean leader kimjong—un. howard onined us earlier,
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and made a few satirical comments about singapore and other topics while in character as kimjong—un. but i asked him first, as howard x, how he finds impersonating such an authoritarian figure. actually, it's a lot of fun and a lot of money. so i'm having quite a ball. you are having quite a ball, but how did it all start out, howard x? when kimjong—un came out with his father kim jong—il just before he died, i realised while, this person really looks like me. i could make some money off it and everybody else started saying the same thing. so i took some pictures, put them on facebook and called it kim jong—un lookalike and within two weeks i got a job to go to israel and make my first commercial and it has not stopped since. you just said you make a lot of
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money impersonating kim jong—un. you just said you make a lot of money impersonating kimjong—un. do you sometimes get a bad reaction from making money out of this or talking about nuclear weapons? no, because i always satirise the person iam because i always satirise the person i am impersonating. they do not find the north korean regime... ifind them disgusting, i find the north korean regime... ifind them disgusting, ifind what the north korean regime... ifind them disgusting, i find what their leader does disgusting, i have no respect for the person i am impersonating. i am always making fun of him and i would never glorify the so—called leader. fun of him and i would never glorify the so-called leader. you have been doing the impersonation of kim jong—un for six years, is it your mainjob or do you jong—un for six years, is it your main job or do you still have a day job? actually, i still have ajob and that is a music producer of a brazilian group which perform brazilian group which perform brazilian music sung in chinese. you still do music productions? yes, i still do music productions? yes, i still do music productions? yes, i still do it and that is my passion.
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but doing kim jong—un has still do it and that is my passion. but doing kimjong—un has really paid off in the last couple of yea rs. paid off in the last couple of years. especially since trump got into power. where have you been recently impersonating kim jong—un? i was recently impersonating kim jong—un? iwas in recently impersonating kim jong—un? i was in ukraine, i was in russia, i was in taiwan. i am always travelling, i was in hollywood couple weeks ago. howard x, let's get you into performance mode. i am 110w get you into performance mode. i am now speaking to kim jong—un, get you into performance mode. i am now speaking to kimjong—un, what get you into performance mode. i am now speaking to kim jong—un, what do you think of singapore? as the greatest dictator on earth, let me say it is awesome to be in the greatest dictatorship of singapore in the world. the most efficient dictatorship, i have a lot of respect for you and a lot of respect for your father. what is the best food you have had in singapore?m has got to be the chicken rice, no
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doubt about it, i can eat it every day. what do you think of the upcoming summit with president trump? i think the upcoming summit will hopefully result in peace, because from what i've heard, they are because from what i've heard, they a re really because from what i've heard, they are really the same person with the same personality. hopefully they will get along. kim jong-un lookalike, howard x, thank you for watching. and before we go, what you are about to see is, believe it or not a residential street in hawaii. it's now being engulfed by lava from the kilauea volcano. lava has now burned through dozens of homes on big island, that's all for now — stay with bbc world news. hello, good morning. 0n
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hello, good morning. on monday there was some respite, most part of the uk were fine, dry and warm. but we're not out of the woods, there's more storms and heavy rain in the next few days. cloud threatening to give us a few storms in the south of england. 27 degrees here. it was the warmest day of the year so far. scotla nd warmest day of the year so far. scotland and northern ireland, much cooler under the greater misty skies. low cloud misty weather is pushing back inland on the easterly breeze because we have higher pressure to the north, lower pressure to the north, lower pressure to the south and that will bring more storms, perhaps by the morning some showers coming into southern counties of england. grey start in the midlands, northwards across eastern england i was in scotland, low cloud retreating back to coastal areas. heavy showers possible through the midlands towards wales later in the day. not as warm the southern england, the warmest weather in the sunshine for scotla nd warmest weather in the sunshine for scotland and northern ireland.
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though showers may ease off for a while but we could see another cluster of heavy rain and thunderstorms pushing back into the south—east and east anglia early on wednesday morning. to the north of that, more mist, fog and low cloud coming back in again about will retreat back to coastal areas, but this rain will be on the move. the speu this rain will be on the move. the spell of a few hours of heavy rain, potentially thundery, moving west across to england towards wales, up towards northern england. it looks drier towards the south—west and condition should improve in the south—east. but the sunniest skies highest temperatures will be across scotla nd highest temperatures will be across scotland and northern ireland. make the most of the dry weather here because it is probably not going to last. pressure is lowering and that is why we have more downpours coming in from the near continent. we may have a few storms across northern ireland on thursday. perhaps into the south—west of scotland. more cloud around here certainly, but more storms pushing back from the south—east across england and wales.
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these could be pretty nasty, localised flooding from these. doubling is moving northwards, by friday the wettest of the weather moves towards northern ireland, northern england and into southern and central scotland, allowing something dry across more southern parts of england and wales temperatures typically into the low 01’ temperatures typically into the low or mid—20s. 0ver temperatures typically into the low or mid—20s. over the weekend, i think we'll see heavy rain and storms in scotland on saturday and perhaps into the south—west on sunday. the south—east, eastern england, largely dry with some sunshine. i'm babita sharma with bbc news... our top story: talks aimed at re—starting the stalled summit between the us and north korea are about to enter another day. after speaking on the phone earlier — president trump and the japanese prime minister shinzo abe have agreed to meet again — before the us attends any summit with north korea. the latest search for malaysian flight mh370 ends shortly — with still no sign of the missing plane.
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it disappeared 4 years ago with 239 people on board. and this video is trending on a migrant from mali who climbed up the outside of an apartment block in paris to rescue a small boy who was dangling from a balcony is being hailed as a hero. the video of his amazing feat has been watched more than 10 million times. and now, as a ‘thank you', he's been promised french citizenship. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk... a man in his eighties has died after his car was submerged
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