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in north america and around give me a second. this is bbc news. stay with us here on bbc news. hello there. the globe. i'm good morning. on monday, there was some respite. duncan golestani. the woods prime minister. yet. after an unelected technocrat is chosen as prime warm and humid air that we minister. have got across the uk. by carlo cottarelli, a former economist at the it could pave the way for fresh imf. elections. and kim jong—un. there were not very many at all. dismantle pyongyang's nuclear misty skies of northern england and on those north sea coasts. that system is pushing back in on the north weapons. this country's relationship with the eu it helped to found. trying to save the summit. sea coast now. trump and kimjong—un. mh370 is due to officially end on tuesday. and that is going to bring us some more storms. the search for flight mh370 is to officially come to a close. on a flight and, the spiderman of counties of england. to beijing. now on bbc paris. rain across england, eastern scotland. grey start. given french news, it's extra that low cloud citizenship. retreating back to time with rob eastern areas. bonnet. welcome to
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towards wales later in the day. extra time. so a lovely day here. i'm rob bonnet. the harder you hit me, the harder i come back at you. boxer, maybe? hello, welcome to the programme. fog and low cloud coming back actually, no. in again. as caretaker prime minister. to block carlo cottarelli. if that happens, there will be fresh elections. across england towards wales. looks dry in the south—west. conditions should improve in the south—east. commitment to the single european currency, as across scotland and northern ireland. james reynolds reports. this is italy's newest prime minister—designate. carlo cottarelli is a pro—euro to move their way northwards economist and a non—populist. as well. perhaps in the south—west of scotland. from the south—east, across england and relationship with the european union. wales. these could be pretty nasty as well. some localised flooding too.
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and be constructive. italy is a founding country. in the euro. 20s or so. in scotland on saturday and perhaps into the south—west on sunday. the south—east, eastern england largely dry, some sunshine. 00:02:21,486 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 hello. and force early elections. wants the freedom to govern his way. markets and bureaucracies. decade—long partnership with europe. but this country has begun to shift. this is the country that helped to found the european union.
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why are the populist parties turning against it? italy. is an advantage for germany and a disadvantage for italy. more serious than that. in the european union, that this country helped to create. james reynolds, bbc news, rome. kim jong—un back on track.
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in singapore next month. shinzo abe, have been discussing korea by phone. and north korea takes place. the latest developments. when it comes to those talks, they started sunday in secret. it was yet another surprise on this peninsula. some kind of deal that they can give to their leaders. to resume talks. talks between the us
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and north korea. talks. and in singapore, we understand they are talking about the logistics. meeting there in the next few days. and a very short time to do it. remember how far apart the two sides are. to north korea. north korea wants a phased approach. to their leaders. to be any summit depends on that talk. nervousness. weapons. trump sees north korea as a win here. that they will meet on two occasions.
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ofjitters going on injapan. in the peninsula injapan. umbrella that he puts over the peninsula and japan. that that's not the case. making the news. in an attempt to protect marine life. cutlery and drink stirrers. they'd be replaced with more environmentally friendly materials. for recycling by
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2025. the engineering university on monday. radio ya. that have been going on for over a month. to pull out. federica mogherini said europe's security was at stake. of return, which allowsjews to become citizens of israel. following growing diplomatic tension between london and moscow. is due to end on tuesday.
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on a flight from kuala lumpurto beijing. to have failed. following the story from the start. of finding it. they managed to search 80,000 square kilometres injust three months. but over two
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years. they covered a great deal of ground. on the seabed where they looked. but they are clearly looking in the wrong area. particularly at the end of mh370. or ran out of fuel and it plunged into the sea. that people can look. looking, where it can still be located. they're not renewing that for
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the moment. the accident and the disappearance. in the future. jonathon head there. on the north—west coast of the southern state of florida. and georgia, bringing dangerously high water. caroline rigby has more. not the memorial day weather they were hoping for. conditions and dangerous surf. has already begun.
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first ofjune. there's been 1a named storm since 1951, so it's very unusual. than 150km an hour. as it travels inland, it will lose energy. centimetres forecast as it moves north. sandbags.
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so you need to be prepared. flooding in maryland. plenty of rain. of things to come. caroline rigby, bbc news. laws is intensifying after friday's referendum in the irish republic. who want to see the law changed. from there, our ireland correspondent chris page reports. crowd: the right to choose! crowd: now! the calls for change have become louder. to a woman's health.
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protesters say the law's outdated and unfair. the rest of the western world. we're still in this position here. especially now that the republic has moved on. of stormont, campaigners are focusing on westminster. this woman's story has made a big impact on the debate. survive outside the womb. it was a terrifying time and more traumatic than it should have been. so we're now asking theresa may and westminster now to help us. we need the help
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now. as the landslide referendum result was becoming clear on saturday. two thirds voted to liberalise the abortion laws. to allow more access to terminations in northern ireland. the restrictions. to make a decision on, under the devolution settlement. she should not bow to that.
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shows the need to restore devolution. devolution. this most personal of matters has become highly political. repercussions north of the border and across the irish sea. chris paige, bbc news, belfast. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: the highest of high heels. at 1300 metres. to aid famine relief in africa. of queues started forming at 7am. of their area and into the juve ntus enclosure. the belgian police had lost control. the whole world will mourn the tragic death of mr nehru today. he was the father of the indian people from the day of independence.
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than 11,500 episodes. the chat show has made her one of the richest people on the planet. has announced she's left the spice girls. argh! i don't believe it! she's the one with the bounce, the go, the girl power. not geri — why? welcome back. this is bbc news. after an unelected technocrat is chosen as prime minister. jong—un.
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occupying empty properties. confiscating land without paying compensation. in neighbouring zimbabwe under robert mugabe. from johannesburg, our correspondent andrew harding reports. of a temptation. dozens of families have begun marking out plots for themselves. stick over there. can you see that stick over there? yes. standing. they know land grabbing is illegal, but still... you just want a piece of land? just a piece
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of land. build a house — live. within hours, the police arrive, and tempers flare. you will see the blood flowing like a river! across south africa. it by force. they have to kill us. powerful white minority. it's so painful to us, man. to stand for it. who are white and exploiting us, man. where blacks still own just 8% of all farmland.
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white owned land. a responsible, democratic government. but quick. but quick, and also not be told, "go there", "don't go there". that kind of talk makes some south africans nervous. to the north ofjohannesburg, white landowners are on patrol. have you had security problems before? plenty. they cut our fence two weeks ago and also, last week they chopped it. but others believe it's time to embrace reform.
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is an enormous opportunity. property relations for the past 20 years. and here's how it can work. an abandoned farm with help from government. now it's thriving, an example for others. i am confident. and convinced there's not going to be a zimbabwe style mess? i doubt it, i doubt it. like, i doubt it, seriously, i do. and start our productions. i don't think we'll fail. but there is still plenty that could go wrong here. it is now going to act urgently, but what if it fails? poor south africans may not be patient for much longer.
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some are already being pushed to the brink. this was another illegal settlement. we arrived just hours after it had been bulldozed by the authorities. we found a community in shock. where will you stay tonight? i don't know. let them come and talk to us, as humans! we are humans over here! that's our country. south africa needs to confront, fast. andrew harding, bbc news, johannesburg. to rescue a small boy has been likened to the superhero spiderman. now, as a thank you, he's been promised french citizenship. lucy williamson reports. france has nicknamed him spiderman.
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his real name is mamoudou gassama. and began to climb. of the building, a neighbour holding onto the toddler until he arrived. the child to safety. leaving him at home alone. climbing the building. translation: no, i wasn't thinking about anything. ijust climbed. once i started, god gave me the courage to continue. and offered him a role in the french fire service. he also invited him to apply for
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french citizenship. but not to enter france. an award like this. i'm happy. thank you. and he told me, "no, i didn't think about myself. i was thinking about the child. would get tired and let go. tonight, tasting sudden celebrity. before the french state even knew he was here.
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lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. heard of slacklining? suspended more than 1,300 meters in the air, in central china. 00:24:18,648 --> 1073741526:06:36,343 give 1073741526:06:36,343 --> 2147483051:48:54,039 me 2147483051:48:54,039 --> 3221224577:31:11,734 a 3221224577:31:11,734 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 minute.
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