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tv   Newsday  BBC News  May 30, 2018 12:00am-12:32am BST

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00:00:00,001 --> 858993220:38:41,887 i'm 858993220:38:41,887 --> 1717986441:17:23,772 rico 1717986441:17:23,772 --> 2576979661:56:05,658 hizon 2576979661:56:05,658 --> 3435972882:34:47,543 in 3435972882:34:47,543 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 singapore. large parts of the uk will be dry with some sunshine. president trump and kim the headlines. jong—un. for talks with the us secretary of state mike pompeo. president trump and kim he‘s the first senior north korean to go to the us for 18 years. two female police officers and a civilian are jong—un. shot dead in belgium. are shot dead in belgium. the authorities say they‘re treating it as the authorities say they're treating it as a terrorist attack. i was walking along the street and i heard gunshots. " leave, run, leave. i did not understand what was happening. i'm babita sharma in london. a terrorist attack. actress posted a racist tweet about ba rack 0bama‘s advisers. also in the programme. actress posted a racist tweet about barack 0bama‘s advisers. barack 0bama‘s advisers. there is more to come here on bbc world news. that‘s has her hit series cancelled, after sending racist tweets. all from me now. stay with bbc world news. now on bbc
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news it‘s time for extra time. welcome to extra time. i‘m rob bonnet. the harder you hit me, the harder i come back at you. boxer, maybe? well, actually, no. of olympic and commonweatlh medals to of agriculture, damien o'connor. of state mike pompeo later this week. with kim jong un was off. are gathering pace. the issues surrounding the off—again, on—again summit. from a substantive and logistical level.
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level. doing the legwork because they say difficult to put in the detail. difficult to put in the detail. yes, on friday, we had discussions, should be cancelled flights? should be cancelled flights? keep them protectively? them protectively? go ahead with accreditation for the summit? accreditation for the summit? hope, so i think we won, now it's put it back on in case. put it back on in case. it's been extraordinarily chaotic. at the center for international and security studies at maryland.
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in new york between kim yong—chol and mike pomeo. symbolically important element to it. it. of momentum for diplomacy at the moment. moment. in particular, chol seems a divisive figure. figure. jong—un by sending his vice chair to attend talks of these nature? attend talks of these nature? sinking of the south korean navy vessel that killed 46 people.
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vessel that killed 46 people. recent diplomatic offensive from the beginning of the year. beginning of the year. do you think the summit will go ahead? the summit will go ahead? not dismiss the possibility that it will happen on the 12th ofjune. will happen on the 12th ofjune. what you think the likely outcome would be? would be? the asking for denuclearisation, so how realistic will that be? how realistic will that be? so what we will see is an outcome that is more modest.
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our other top story. posted a racist tweet. which she has since deleted. repugnant and inconsistent with the network's values. more from james cook in los angeles. not all she did in this late—night thai raid. thai raid. billionaire financier george soros as a nazi.
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as a nazi. tommy robinson, who has been in the news today as well. news today as well. ape tweet alone would have been enough to get anybody fired. minister—designate carlo cottarelli. they'll vote down any government he tries to form. as the 29th ofjuly. died after being shot at his home in kiev. by his wife and died in an ambulance on the way to hospital.
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to his ‘professional activities‘. died when hurricane maria hit puerto rico last year. the original estimate was 64 people. were linked to lack of medical care, power shortages and blocked roads. now just take a look at these amazing pictures from norway. this is benjamin who is flying down the folgefonna glacier in style. a ski jump and a final backflip to finish it all off. for his stunts like this, has got a lot of attention from it. which can cause mastitis,
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ear infections and severe pneumonia. its human population. because it‘s relatively isolated from the rest of the world. minister damien o‘connor. mr 0‘connor, thanks forjoining us. is calling the 150,000 cows really necessary —— calling. is calling the 150,000 cows really necessary -- calling. yes it is.
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to do everything we can to try and eradicate this. eradicate this. it is a fairly harsh intervention but a necessary one. intervention but a necessary one. what is the government timetable in eradicating 150,000 cows? eradicating 150,000 cows? more than that over a 10—year period. period. years to knock down the infection load across the country. load across the country. those animals we can eradicate it over time. why such a long period of time? between two or ten years. can it not be done in a year? it not be done in a year? is that tracing every one of the animals is a big challenge.
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animals is a big challenge. infected animals and birds we will cull those. cull those. thought —— economy by calling 150,000 or more cows? 150,000 or more cows? that is over a 10—year period. 10—year period. of the animals we have cold every year.
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year. quickly to try and do a culling on the animals affected so far. in a suspected terror attack in the city of lee—airge. —— lege. he was later shot dead by police. and some reports suggest he was on a police watchlist. and a warning, it does contain some flash photography. gunfire mid—morning and suddenly confusion. 0n boulevard d‘avroy, people scrambled to get away. were on the scene. passenger in a passing car, too. and taken a hostage. it all ended.
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police advance from the left. and this footage was taken seconds later by another witness. they shot him dead, the man says. this man lives by the school and heard it all happen. translation: i saw the police, the ambulances. it was impossible to go outside. this nine—year—old boy was playing in the school courtyard. teachers told the children to escape by a back door. translation: the man grabbed our concierge, bob. then the police fired. we all ran away.
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everyone was crying. survived, too. a city of almost 200,000, an hour east of brussels. police are treating it as a terrorist incident. delivering multiple blows from his knife. the officers, who died on the spot. young man who was in it. why this attacker assaulted the policewomen with such ferocity. he had no known links to radicalism or terrorism. radicalised in prison. that in itself would fit a pattern with previous attacks. damian grammaticas, bbc news, liege. you‘re watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme.
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what‘s life like inside north korea? under one of the world‘s most repressive regimes. form of a brain tumour. sponsors athletic events to aid famine relief in africa. famine relief in africa. will be thousands of queues started forming at seven a:m.. forming at seven a:m.. area and into the juventus enclosure. enclosure.
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the belgian police had lost control. lost control. mourn the tragic death of nehru today, the father of independence. today, the father of independence. an end after 25 years and more than 1000 episodes. 1000 episodes. made one of the richest people on the planet. the planet. announced she has left the spice girls. i don't believe it. the one with the bounce, the go, the girl power, not, geri halliwell? why? this is newsday on the bbc. i‘m rico hizon in singapore. i‘m babita sharma in london. our top stories. between trump and kim jong—un. has her hit series cancelled, after
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sending racist tweets. the makers of a rival game, claiming their idea was stolen. to a court in south korea. both games have attracted millions of players. com. from around the world. of climate change for china. the next two decades. and us president donald
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trump. summit in singapore that kim jong—un might attend. weapons and ballistic missile programme. president xi and the uk. of china—uk relations. discussions online? from 2016-2017. a drop has not been seen in a decade.
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com. by using a new vaccine. and chemotherapy. of many people increased by at least six months. 0ur medical correspondent fergus walsh has the story. you feeling 0k in yourself? this is a glioblastoma. it was found three years ago in nigel‘s brain. now, all traces appear to have gone. we can see no evidence of any residual or recurrent tumour. personalised vaccine. there‘s horror stories on the web. the survival rates are very low, aren‘t they? and short—lived. anything to help is great, you want to grab onto it and run with it. i feel quite lucky to be on the
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trial, to be fair. yes. the trial extended average survival from 17 to 23 months. are still alive seven years on. so how does the treatment work? the cancer which otherwise can evade the body‘s own defences. by individual to any patient who received it. possible. the tumour. results ?
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in time. one of the most aggressive of all cancers. vaccine privately three years ago. trace of her tumour. it means i can be a mum to jacob, wife to jay. than six months. glioblastoma.
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significant advance in the treatment of brain cancer. with north korea to take place as planned on june 12. towards opening up a notoriously isolated and secretive state. the bbc been speaking to ordinary people inside north korea. this is michael cowan‘s exclusive report. this is a market trader who lives with her husband and two daughters. with her husband and two daughters. imprisonment in one of the regime ‘s notorious labour camps, or death. notorious labour camps, or death. steps to ensure their continued anonymity. we asked them about daily life. life. i wake up at dawn around 5:30am because i need to cook rice.
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5:30am because i need to cook rice. then i organise the goods to sell at the market and head there. the market and head there. business is good, we eat rice three times a day. times a day. we have do mix things in with the rice. there are no such things as weekends. weekends. there is not much to watch on tv and no time to stay home. on tv and no time to stay home. if i have spare time, i go would getting. have spare time, i go would getting. serving as the iron fist of the regime. regime. department get people by calling them spies. them spies. they make up stories for their own performance. their own performance. people say that they were planning to go to china and then report them. to go to china
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and then report them. here there are a lot of government ca ptu res. here there are a lot of government captures. captures. people are arrested and taken away. taken away. people cannot survive in the prison camps. the prison camps. they unconditionally beachy. unconditionally beachy. —— biju and they starve you and you do extreme labour. do extreme labour. once you go there, you are no longer a citizen. there, you are no longer a citizen. i think this terror is what keeps society going. society going. his father in 2011 and many thought he would usher in modernity. he didn‘t. didn‘t. as did a total repression on freedom of speech. of speech. criticise the regime and it carries severe punishment. severe punishment. kim jong—un axe the same as ours but takes away our money and vote. takes away our money and vote. the little man uses his head to suck up money like a vampire. up money like a vampire.
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of people who assess him positively is increasing. is increasing. change from the authorities around a distinctly capitalist activity. distinctly capitalist activity. not allowed to just continue, but grow. grow. and does not crack down much, no matter we do. matter we do. many people want things to continue the way it is. things to continue the way it is. softening in rhetoric towards the west. west. that the president of the us is coming. coming. living in poverty is because america split us and sealed us off. split us and sealed us off. things are changing a little recently. recently. they say we should get along with the south. along with the south.
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america for everyone to have a better life. better life. i am not sure what foreigners think about north korea. foreigners think about north korea. there is only north korean sphere. myself hope to live well without envy. you have been watching newsday. stay with us. first, a chance to show you a us service god —— dog. at tampa international airport. her owners didn‘t realise how close she was to going into labour. males and one female pup. that‘s all for now.
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stay with bbc world news. vary but the pattern remains the same. same. the chance of more storms and tuesday was a day of extremes. tuesday was a day of extremes. north, you can see the blue skies of the isle of man. scotland with 27 celsius yet again. it‘s drier towards the north—west, wetter in the south. closer to lower pressure and the spiralling bands of cloud. into the south—east and east anglia. and maybe see some late sunshine. thundery rain and more cloud the eastern scotland.
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lovely day for northern ireland too. this rain will continue to drift its way northwards. showers perhaps heading toward scotland and northern ireland. not much wind to move things around. still humid air so temperatures of 12 to 1a degrees. maybe the odd shower. and towards east anglia as well. possibility of some more localised flooding too. that bit further north. should be generally dry. there will be some sunshine around, very warm and muggy air.
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we will get some slow—moving, heavy and thundery downpours. and northern ireland for a while. here on saturday. for most of england and wales, it might be dry. in the low to mid 20s once again. thunderstorms remain. the weather pattern not changing significantly.
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