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to stay in the moment is the biggest thing, with kind of a sport that is kind of reactive. it is quite windy here today so the poles move a little bit. you've got surges in the water, it is not consistent most of the time. you don't get to practice the course before the race. so you just get to see it, visualise it, that is all mental so you do that with your psychologists. and then you get out there and just do it. at the last olympics team gb had a few tricks up their sleeves. their buoyancy design a cut above the rest. traditionally you would have a buoyancy aid which is quite thick with a separate spray deck. and the technology is actually to put both in one combined. what you see is the bottom here is, it would have been in the top half but has actually been placed in the bottom half. and for our sport it is really important for the athletes that they can get really close around the poles. so this bit is now much thinner and it makes it much easier for the athlete to move around the gates.
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you can see the difference in the first and second run. his run down the rapids complete, next it is to the video analysis room to assess those twists and turns. i think you react without even realising you are reacting. a lot of the stuff you do is second nature, you have done a lot of the paddling on this course so you know it like the back of your hand. so when things are going wrong you know how to correct them and almost autopilot takes over. i think when you don't let the autopilot take over, that is when things kind of go drastically wrong. from an olympic champion to a 17—year—old rising star. bethan was talent spotted after the london olympics. now she's ready to take on the world's best. i tried athletics, i tried swimming, i played netball for ages, but canoeing was always that bit different. it is not repetitive and there are courses all over the country that are not the same whereas a netball
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court is always the same. it has come as a massive surprise for the the opportunity that i have been given is amazing. a steadying hand on calmer waters because when the rapids get rough, this sport is a different beast. james burge, bbc look east. and kamran larry isjust about and kamran larry is just about to get under way. —— cameron norrie. that's all from sportsday. lets return to the news that a pilot has been killed in a helicopter crash near aldborough in north yorkshire.
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the helicopter came down in a field near boroughbridge. the pilot has not yet been identified and there were no other passengers. speaking at the scene of the accident, superintendent dave hannan, of north yorkshire police, said they were working to establish the cause of the crash. today at 1:23pm emergency services we re today at 1:23pm emergency services were called to this location where were called to this location where we had reports that a helicopter crashed in a field behind us. when we got here we found the helicopter had crashed and was on fire. u nfortu nately i had crashed and was on fire. unfortunately i can report one person, the pilot, is deceased in the helicopter. and we're working with the accident investigation branch, the air accident investigation branch and civil aviation authority to establish the cause of the crash and who the pilot may be. the emergency services ourselves and the ambulance and fire service all attended as did air ambulance and we have secured the scene and we will be working through
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the night with those other agencies to establish who the pilot is. the secondary ticketing website, viagogo, has been referred to trading standards over claims of misleading advertising. the firm has failed to meet a deadline imposed by the advertising standards authority to make its prices more transparent. viagogo argues that it is transparent about additional fees. the culture minister, margotjames, has urged music fans to boycott the website. joining me now is adam webb, campaign manager at ‘fanfair alliance‘ which campaigns against industrial—scale online ticket touting. what aspect of ticket touting do you campaign against? the main problem we have is no one is saying no one should not be allowed to resell
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tickets. but the secondary market is dominating, dominated by four large platforms and unfortunately although they're marketed as fan to fan platforms where one fan could sell to another, the bulk of the activity is by hard—core ticket touts who are buying up or accessing ticket from the primary market and selling them in bulk on the secondary market. there has been a lack of transparency around this and a lot of misleading marketing practices so frequently we have people drawn to these sites because they are prevalent on the search engine results and when they get there they are unclear about how much the tickets will cost, the ago particular. so this is something that now has been ruled against and sanctions taken. just for right to reply for viagogo, according to the
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asa viagogo said to them that each page specified that it excluded delivery and handling fees. butjust going back to what the culture minister said today, your thoughts on that and is it enough to stop them? it is positive, that he has made that statement, i do not think there is any surprise to any music fa ns there is any surprise to any music fans but it is common knowledge i think you should avoid this site. the problem often as people who do not buy tickets very often and the victims that we encounter a lot of the time it will be buying tickets for the kids. and again they find that site and nothing to disclose that site and nothing to disclose that it that site and nothing to disclose thatitis that site and nothing to disclose that it is a secondary site. they see tickets at one price but by the time they get to three or four stages at the end and then those
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fees are added in. the asa has been clear that the price you see at the beginning has to be the price at the end and that is not happening with viagogo. sanctions have been replied, a request has been put into the likes of google to do something about taking their advertising revenue from that partnership with viagogo. you think that that is enough, what do you want to see happening to companies like viagogo that they go out of business restau ra nt that they go out of business resta u ra nt i that they go out of business restaurant i think they have to become transparent and clearly they have to comply with the law. again there has been a an issue of this sector with noncompliance and the competition in markets authority have had investigation running since september 2016 and finally got observations from three of the site to comply with the law. viagogo is still noncompliance so we have this situation of every single major music performance, comedy or theatre
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performance or sports match you have a lawbreaking website at the top of google search advertising and luring people in. it is crazy. thank you very much. find out how the weather is looking. a cloudy day for england and wales with some press of quite heavy rain at times. further north of scotland and northern ireland we had sunshine through the day and feeling warm again. notice how the cloud moves north—west overnight, we could see showers working into north west parts of the uk. it will be mild tonight at around 13 degrees. again feeling a little bit muggy. tomorrow some thundery downpours working in quite quickly across england and wales. the showers always quite hit and miss. but they spread across east anglia and the midlands and
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which parts of wales through the afternoon. potentially bringing a lot of rainfall, up to 60 millimetres over the space ofjust two or three hours leading to localised flooding. but further north a few showers and also some dry weather and bright spells. temperature is generally into the low 20s. you're watching beyond 100 days. not so dead after all — the russian journalist reportedly murdered yesterday appears very much alive today. applause arkady babchenko turns up at a press conference in kiev, and ukraine says it foiled a russian plot to kill him. north korea's spy chief touches down in new york city any minute now — he meets mike pompeo to discuss the nuclear summit. the american comedian roseanne barr blames sleeping pills for the racist tweet which led to her show being cancelled. and... ronald reagan's visit to moscow which changed the course of history. 30 years later we look back on his message. get in touch with us using the hashtag #beyond0nehundreddays.
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