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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  June 1, 2018 3:30am-4:02am BST

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this is join us next week, when... in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. bbc news. by the end of the of steel and decade. to find out how this historic city plans to cope the crowd. aluminium. europe, canada and mexico say they will hit back. and aluminium imports. stage—by—stage — a very different approach from the us. on american goods in but preparations for the summit are said to be still response. on course. weeks of political round of tit—for—tat tariffs on social media. worldwide. until then, from all of us here in thailand, it is goodbye. stalemate appear to hello be over. two populist parties reach a new agreement to govern italy. as preparations for next month's summit go on. captured by nasa. definitions of "denuclearisation". there. for a summit this year. giuseppe conte to be the next prime minister. — five star and they did, they did bring a lot the league. of rain and lightning.
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economy minister was seen as so anti the euro. now on and the south—west. bbc news, flooding and reports of a few problems time for around bristol. the travel some of the worst of it was in west sussex. show. it was just not cricket. lakes where the boundary should be. the met office amber warning in effect until six this i think we have something else for you just before that. morning. we could still have one into a hardware shop looking for 01’ two more issues. fork handles. liveliest of the showers working across wales. heavy downpours over the next few hours. in bristol on friday. of comedy notjust around the coastline but across some of our hills. history. there you are. four candles. no, four candles. to start friday morning. well, there you are, four candles! no, fork 'andles! friday looks 'andles for forks! something laughter. like four candles. this. fork handles. and here it is, ready for auction. and thin ronnie barker's script. out. heavy showers breaking
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every word so familiar. there you are, four out. this time they will be further north. candles. and parts of wales. across four pages of blank of an writing paper. four pages? hour. four pages! but to many people, it's much more than that. a ao—year period. oh, you mean panty 'o's, panty 'o's! enough to cause the flooding problems we saw no, no, on thursday. muggy day temperature '0's! '0's for the gate. wise. highs into the low to mid 20s. mon repose! 0nto the weekend's forecast, so the thunderstorms will be around. '0's! laughter. let's have a look at settled and drier in what we've got. the south. here is the weather picture. by an indisputable source. it was a surprise, particularly across the yes. north—east. we see thunderstorms breaking anne, and see what's on the out. television! for me to see that handwriting the worst of again. those. localised flooding a possibility.
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with less cloud of the box at around. me. why does this matter so much? is probably the better half it's the sketch, really. it's the comedy sketch that kind of epitomises british humour. weatherwise. it's got a bit of everything. through in the everybody knows it, it's afternoon. warm as well in the south with highs reaching 25 celsius in london. completely iconic. you know, it's part of the british conscience. there are production notes suggesting this was a first draft. now, four pages, for sale, if you're willing to fork out. jon kay, bbc news, bristol. what a gem! selfies putting animals at risk. poacher hunt them in the forest because they are quite cute. 0h, chico's holding my hands, yes, hello chico. we are hunting for
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icebergs on a budget. plus, we go underground in search of london's hidden rivers. and district line rumbling through. this week, we're talking selfies. and some will go to great lengths to get that perfect snap.
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wherever you are in the world. to help animals who are being used in the tourist industry. first wildlife hospital. of photo opportunities. under that hashtag, there are almost 15,000 posts. of endangered animals or their parts are not allowed on instagram. with exotic animals. it is an issue charities are trying to tackle on the ground. how big a problem are
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these animal selfie pictures? it's huge, it's huge. working here in thailand. one—second selfie, and sadly, it's a lifetime for that animal. there's a few more here... what's he riding on? this is a liger, which is a cross between a tiger and a lion. but this guy is riding it. a lot of these animals are just beaten into submission. but he is on a very short chain. god forbid what would happen
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to you. or vice—versa. transmitted between the great apes. infant animals are particularly vulnerable to the photo prop trade. or abandoned are cared for in the nursery. this vet takes me behind the scenes to meet them. 0h, hi, hi little guy! in the photo prop industry? they are very popular for people to be taking a photo. they are still cute now! how old is vincent now? for now he is six months old. looking after animals like vincent is painstaking work.
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some have complex needs, like slow loris tien. and lack of sunlight caused him to develop bone disease. hi! sorry to wake you. so the loris is on the endangered list, isn't it? they have the big eyes. and pay money for them. oh, you poor guy! he wants to climb now. 0k! let's give you some exercise. to the sunlight again. slowly, his condition is improving.
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they would normally get from their parents. and one female. hi, boonma! hi, pearl! boonma! why does he want that one? don't try and steal pearl's! the owner brought her from the market. this means her mother was killed by a poacher. so sad. it's nice that they have got each other now. they know they have each other and that is a good thing for them. look at these sweet baby macaques, pearl and boonma. i love how affectionate they are with each other. it is too young to be separated from their mother. their behaviour for life.
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to re—teach wild habits to. maggie was found abandoned near the rescue centre. chico grew up in the photo prop industry and was kept as a pet. big to handle. and stuff like that. he is coming to say hello now. 0k. hi, chico! should i be worried? hi, chico! just stay calm. 0h, chico is holding my hands. hello, chico! 0h, hi! i think chico likes my shoes.
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like a small child. or even a pet? he does have an unnatural attachment to humans. infant, he has been with humans most of his life. we are trying to erase that, to a certain extent. he would be beaten with a stick. and that's how they can control these animals. so chico could never probably be released back into the wild. to rehabilitate him to a state where he would be a release candidate. animals like him.
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if they have a high level of protection. of national parks and the authorities to act. it is being held in. where people can experience wildlife in a responsible way. up their sleeves, get dirty and help care for the rescued animals. with your friends. the skin is quit tough actually. it is hard going here, but i think she is enjoying it.
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of things to think about before you go. may to october is thailand's rainy season. and the rain only tends to come in short, sharp bursts. you at all. the downpours generally don't arrive until september. to be had. of the night markets, which are largely undercover. this one is rot fai, in the north of the city. there is wonderful. and a visit to one of the big arenas is rarely a boring 00:13:57,1000 --> 00:13:58,154 experience.
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30 us dollars. you into a muay thai machine. in touch with your inner monk? bit of elbow grease. along the way. we will be finding out why this italian village is so unlucky. and the cheapest way to see an iceberg.
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century alongside the banks of one of the city's rivers. that river, like many, was long ago paved over and forgotten. about the city's hidden rivers. we went to meet him. i have been living in london for about 39 years. these hidden rivers. to show them to other people, londoners, tourists. down to blackfriars. on hampstead heath, this is the beginning of the river fleet. and running through. it isn't hidden at this point, it's very exposed in streams and ponds.
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with the river fleet as well. and gore and blood into the river. foul and stinking, and so sadly they had to cover it up. when i was writing the book i had to get inside the sewers to see. we got donned up in overalls, hard hats, waders, a small oxygen supply. as i thought it was going to be. these sewers, they started building them in the 1860s. beautifully engineered. given their age.
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in places it is big open caverns with huge metal doors. of scoot through. lines rumbling through. is that it has shaped the way that some of the roads have run. the same route. there are still traces of the river, if you know where to look. not over the stream. the river or the sewer as it now is, below. flowing in front of them here, although subterranean, of course.
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cross. as it follows the line of the river. that there is still a river flowing underneath. this viaduct was built by the victorians in the 1860s. to the other, down the hill, up the hill. so they built this viaduct to alleviate the problem. into the thames.
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many hidden rivers there are. of what is just beneath our feet. your travel questions. about getting the best out of travel. to celebrate their 40th birthday? and hunting to icebergs on the cheap. place in the second half ofjune and the first half ofjuly.
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just during the tournament but for two weeks before and afterwards. next, tina eager is off to italy. florence and ravenna. and whether it is necessary. on the day of travel? venice in 90 minutes on a high—speed train. and you could pay less than 30 euros there and back. turn up on the day and it will cost you more than twice as much.
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than half an hour. through spectacular scenery. euros each way. to celebrate their 40th birthdays in september. the question is, where? with warm weather, a pool, maybe even a beach. for all of us. and low costs.
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the trouble is, in september, the weather will be hot and humid. experience is greece. there and back for next to nothing. longer, more expensive trip. out for an island escape. a simple question. head for canada's iceberg alley. to stjohn‘s on the island of newfoundland. you can fly to stjohn‘s from london in about six hours. will cost you around £500 return.
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is here to help. you an answer. and i will see you next time. in southern italy. the village is said to be so cursed it is unlucky to say its name. 00:23:26,841 --> 715827684:11:47,272 that 715827684:11:47,272 --> 1431655368:00:07,703 is 1431655368:00:07,703 --> 2147483051:48:28,135 it 2147483051:48:28,135 --> 2863310735:36:48,566 for 2863310735:36:48,566 --> 3579138419:25:08,998 this 3579138419:25:08,998 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 week.
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