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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 1, 2018 11:45pm-12:00am BST

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when i heard what ben had done with the lyrics and the music, i was very impressed. it's good, isn't it. because first of all reggae is rebel music and we're rebel poets so the marriage was perfect. the reggae music seemed to just do something to my words, it seemed to broaden my words and make it more parable. it was a deep feeling i got from it. it was something different. # here comes the baddest dude on the block... at a record shop in london, the last poets are still vigilant seers of what's happening on the corner. the man is still in their sights but having been through addiction and prison time between them, they're fierce advocates of self—help too. # rich men, rich man band sing...
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you got to stop blaming someone else for your own stupid dumb shit. you can't blame the system. you can't blame the system, you can't blame some race, you can't blame some government. you have to start realising if you got to move forward you have to go inside yourself, you have to go inside yourself deeply, and recognise the fuss that you have, all that are keeping you stranded or grateful or anything that is possible to be a success. you can't keep blaming everybody else for your own stupidity because all you do is become a victim of it. nobody else is victimising you, you're victimising yourself. it's easier to be a victim than to be a leader, you know, to take responsibility, so you know, you can have bad feelings of past events that happen in yourlife, but you have to move forward, past that. so the poets have enjoyed the royal wedding and working with british producers. what else might they miss when they go? do you like any english poets? yes. who do you like? ts eliot.
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i love. i love dylan thomas. i mean dylan thomas was a monster. i like willie. "cowards die many times before their death, the valiant never tastes of death but once." william shakespeare was a monster. that's all we have time for. mary beard is here next, but i will be back on monday, have a good weekend. good night. hello, and welcome to sportsday, i'm hugh ferris. our headlines tonight. it's england's turn to make a flying start to a test match as they bowl pakistan out cheaply on the first day at headingley. gareth southgate defends raheem sterling over the controversy caused by his gun tattoo. and o'brien senior and o'brien junior combine to claim
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another classic victory. with forever together winning the oaks. hello again. there's been a reversal of roles on day one of the second test between england and pakistan at headingley. a week ago it was the home side bowled out cheaply, but this time pakistan have struggled after deciding to bat first. the tourists were all out for 174, and england were 106 for in reply at the close. just 68 runs behind. patrick gearey reports. when they found out they lost stokes
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this morning and then lost the toss after that, england must have thought, what else can go wrong? they responded. in part because of stuart broad's stance. he took to make early wickets. england also caught better than they did in the first test. stuart broad was backed up first test. stuart broad was backed up by first test. stuart broad was backed up by the rest of the england pace attack, chris woakes chipping in, andjimmy attack, chris woakes chipping in, and jimmy anderson. at one stage it looked like pack someone to even make 100 in—depth as earnings. that they did was down to a 19—year—old from punjab, who had egg to see 56 before becoming sam curran's first test cricket. pakistan all out for 174, test cricket. pakistan all out for 17a, england's turn. the test of the fragile batting order. keaton jennings had been recalled to the tea m jennings had been recalled to the team and made a solid looking 29, chopped england build a platform before he went. alastair cook and joe root bent it on almost to the close of way when cook went for 46. that was frustrating for england but with root still there and england closing in on pakistan, they will regard this as a good day.
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gareth southgate insists there's no need for the fa to police the england players tattoos after raheem sterling's picture of an assault rifle on his leg drew criticism. the forward has responded by claiming it's in memory of his father. who was shot and killed when sterling was two. southgate says the city player has had the tattoo for a few months. and so wonders why it's made news now. and that the decision to get one is a personal one. in my view a tattoo is like any work of art. it's a very individual meaning. the intent is all with the individual, with the person. raheem has been clear from his own statement and his own experiences that he is not somebody who supports or wants to promote guns in the way that it was perceived at first. at the french open, novak djokovic came through a gruelling near four—hour match against spanish 13th seed roberto bautista agut to reach the last 16. he lost his first set of the tournament so far, and broke his first racket of the week too
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after what was at times a frustrating match for him. but he's through to face fernando verdasco in the fourth round. verdasco is through after beating fourth seed grigor dimitrov, who's still mever reached the second week at the french open. alexander zverev came through a second five set match in a row. again coming from two sets to one down to beat damir dzumhur. the women's second seed is also through. in much easierfashion. caroline wozniacki winning her third round match in straight sets, and elina svitolina was knocked out, which means both fourth seeds lost on friday, the ukrainian lost 6—3 7—5 to romania's mihaela buzarnescu. who had never won a grand slam match before this week. the challenge cup quarter finals continued tonight, with super league champions leeds rhinos thrashing leigh centurions. the championship side took the lead but the game changed when peter mata'utia was sent off
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after just nine minutes for a dangerous tackle on matt parcell. rhinos then proceeded to run in nine tries for a comfortable victory and a place in the semi—finals. 52—22 the final score. while in super league tonight castleford have gone fourth in the table. scoring eight tries in their 112—14 win over hull kr. paralympic champion ellie simmonds has criticised british swimming after she returned to elite action in sheffield tonight. she said the governing body "hasn't been there for me" in the last couple of years. the five time paralympic champion beat domestic rival maisie summers—newton at the british pa ra—swimming international meet. she'd taken a year's break after the rio games, saying she "hated" the sport, before finding her love for it again. british swimming has so far declined to comment on simmonds's remarks. i think it's because i have something to prove, they've not been there for me at all. these past two years, and ijust, i'm doing it solo, i have a great team around me though, and i wanted to prove them
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wrong and i am still there. the former world heavyweight champion tyson fury has told bbc sport he believes he can beat every major name in the division, including current title holders anthonyjoshua and deontay wilder. fury returns to the ring next weekend more than two years since his last fight. he admitted it's been a difficult time away from the sport. to be honest, it was very dark, very dark, very dark and very lower. i would wake up in the morning and let's face it i had nothing to be depressed about all stop i had fame, titles, loving family, i suppose anyone with depression who suffered from a can relate to where i'm coming from. i never experienced anything like this, ever in life, and i would not worship —— we should on my worst enemy is a horrible thing, most horrible thing,
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if you have not ever witnessed it than you would think i'm not —— i'm a nutcase, whatever, but it's very hard now more than ever, people aren't speaking openly about it. the o'brien father and son team landed their second classic of the season as forever together won the oaks. on the feature race of ladies day at the epsom festival. jockey donnacha rode the filly home for his father, trainer aiden o'brien. but with the derby to come tomorrow, there is more thanjust the racing to consider for event organisers, as sara orchard reports. the festival starts with ladies day, with plenty of racegoers arriving hours in advance of the action to pitch prime spots on the famous course. meanwhile, many stars of the show enjoyed a cooling bath behind the scenes, and after recent heavy rain they would all be in for a tough work—out. never stop watching the weather, especially in thisjob, we are glad to avoid showers yesterday, because the racecourse would have taken it, but it would have been much softer ground than it is, and in flat racing terms, it's soft enough as soft. the derby festival is the largest
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gathering of people in surrey, and after the highly publicised outbreaks of violence of both goodwood and ascot, there is a big focus on how this event is going to conduct security and police. 0ur planning for the festival takes month to month that we work with the police in order to make sure we have the right level of security measures in place and visitors to the racecourse will see highly visible security presence. search protocols in place on all the arrivals, sniffer dogs, i missed the big, highly visible presence all around. the race today was won by forever together, trained by aidan o'brien and immediately thoughts will be on the derby tomorrow, so consider the world's gratis fought race and its o'brien's force, saxon warrior, there remains the odds—on favourite, already winning, one more win ticket step closer to winning british racing triple crown. and finally to some belgian tv
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pictures which seem to reveal the country's 23—man final squad for the world cup, before it has been announced. broadcaster vrt showed footage of mattresses being loaded up by a bedding company before their departure for russia, with labels indicating the player for which they were designated. belgium have named a provisional squad of 28 players. but the final list doesn't need to be submitted until monday. i think as far as who's being left out of the belgium squad we can now say all beds are off. that's all from sportsday. enjoy your sporting weekend. hello again. it was a day of the
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thunderstorms again, but this time mostly concentrated across the north of the uk, as i will show you in a moment. the storms have been flashing their way across parts of northern wales, northern england, northern ireland scotland, where we have reports of localised flooding through the day. those storms are gradually easing at the moment. this area of cloud is slipping away from the near continent and moving across east anglia, bringing applix rain. this will have a bearing on the forecast for eastern england, as we go into the first part of the weekend. some damp weather across norfolk, getting in lincolnshire before the end of the night as well, maybe a few spots in the east midlands. by and large it is not as murky as it has been in recent nights, still some fog patches around coastal areas. the north midlands, that is where the air is at its most human. certainly a mild light everywhere. tomorrow we will have further thunderstorms, particularly in scotland, there could also be one or two in northern
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ireland and one or two in east anglia as well. meanwhile that strip of cloud will bring damp weather in across lincolnshire. that will spread into yorkshire and parts of northumberland and durham as well by the afternoon. further north it is a day of sunshine and heavy thundery showers. they risk of localised disruption, localised wadding from the storms in scotland. not as many thunderstorms for northern ireland but still some fairly nasty ones around. could see showers across east anglia. that strip of cloud across eastern england might limit some of these thunderstorms. they might not actually get temperature is high enough to get going. so that is high enough to get going. so that is one zone of uncertainty. it might just be cloudy and down for much of the day. once those storms have formed, particularly in scotland, they will rumble on into the evening and for the first part of the night. sunday, a few showers around generally. still a few showers dotted around, particularly for northern england and parts of southern scotland as well. meanwhile, further south, increasing amounts of sunshine for much of the
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midlands, east anglia, and southern counties of england and wales. a warm day. temperatures reaching 25 through the afternoon. feeling pretty pleasant. next week we began to drag in north—easterly winds. some cloud coming down a north sea. it could be cloudy at times along the eastern coast of scotland and england, but inland, cloud that makes its way in land will earn back to the coast to give us some sunny spells that will develop through the day. in the short term, as we go into saturday we will see further storms. i think the heaviest of these are likely across scotland and maybe east anglia. that's your weather. this is bbc news.
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our top stories: it's back on — after a top north korean official delivers a letter from kim jong—un, president trump says the singapore summit will happen. i think we going to have a relationship and it will start on june 12. italy has a new prime minister. giuseppe conte is finally sworn in by the president. a christian crucifix in the entrance to every public building — the new law now in effect in the german state of bavaria. it has been a crazy, crazy ride and my parents... and this 30—year—old finds himself at the centre of the news after a case of mistaken identity.


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