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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  June 5, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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to present european leaders a detailed blueprint of a future uk—eu relationship ahead of a brussels summit this month. the decision taken as some business leaders complain they are losing faith in her handling of brexit. the arab news says the de facto ban on women driving in saudi arabia will end on june 24th. already the kingdom has issued its first licenses to ten female drivers and five saudi universities have set up driving schools for women. you can see one they are holding her new licence. an historic change in saudi arabia. and finally, help is on the way from apple to help kick your addiction to, wait for it, iphones. new do not disturb controls mean that at designated periods, such as bedtime, users will be able to set their phones to block all messages and notifications from appearing on the home screen. so let's begin.
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with me is henry bonsu who's a political commentator. iam i am back! let us get stuck in. the daily telegraph. a lot of front pages have various photographs of g re nfell tower. pages have various photographs of grenfell tower. this one was taken ati:26 a.m.. grenfell tower. this one was taken at1:26 a.m.. that's grenfell tower. this one was taken at 1:26 a.m.. that's right. i passed the tower at about 2:45 a.m.. at that point the whole power was in flames. there was a short window where people could get out. the thing is, according to doctor barbara lane who gave a devastating testimony to the enquiry yesterday, the window was in that short, it was 35 minutes, 23 stories high. only the most disabled and info would not have been able to get down a stairwell. the stairwell was clear of fumes. escape was tenable. the
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policy imposed by the fire brigade was in place until 2:47 a.m.. it then far more people died, perished in that inferno, we can see on the front page of the telegraph, they needed to. brimob asking myself this question, why was it suppressed one year ago that make this as a question. i am wondering whether or not the newspapers have not been asking this question because it appears to criticise the brave firefighters and nobody wants to do that. that was the problem. at the time people were told before this fire ever happens, in those flights that actually the doors to their apartments would be... fai reece howden. it would hold the fire. apartments would be... fai reece howden. it would hold the firem would stop the fire from coming into their flat, as it would stop the fire from coming into theirflat, as it were. devastatingly wrong. all kinds of safety breaches have been uncovered. there was a £10 million refurbishment of the building, including the installation of flammable cladding, that everyone
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has come to know now. and more than 100 non—compliant fire doors up and down the building. absolutely devastating. i think one of the reason people stayed longer than they should hail of and could have, is because they were older, a lot of them were migrants, and media trust if you don't trust a firefighter? reasons. i don't blame them, the rank—and—file, it is the top brass. properly they froze. as the enquiry continues, it is more harrowing, the detail we are hearing, and information. as you say, we are coming up to the one year anniversary, june 14, a difficult day for many. it was not necessary. let us move on to a story that the atlantique has let us move on to a story that the atla ntique has got. let us move on to a story that the atlantique has got. what we know about facebook‘s latest data scandal. this is a new take, a
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report in the times contains a startling fact that some very old devices, i say very old, they are only five years old, but in a smartphone's life that is seen as an old, are ok device, a dinosaur. blackberry, apple devices, others can blackberry, apple devices, others ca n allow blackberry, apple devices, others can allow you to have access to people's information. that's right. people and their friends. even if the user settings which stop you from finding out private data that their friends would like you to keep private, and facebook has admitted it had private data sharing arrangements with about 60 phone manufacturers, like apple and samsung. it appears this was a way of luring them in and getting big business in the bid to stay ahead of the competition. it is interesting. this article is coming out in the new york times and the atlantique. as we were showing you, on the bbc website, apple currently has its annual developers conference under way. they have facebook web tracking
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tools trying to jam apple users, as it were, from attempting to get into facebook data and information. some organisations are having to take action on this. it did is a window on the kinds of deals that massive tech companies like facebook do with hardware manufacturers like blackberry. they say it is to enable you to have a more integrated user experience, but you don't know what you are giving way as a result of the private atsic reveals that did yanda seems. not good. -- private and secret deals they do behind the scenes. these users of older technology could still be looking at what you are looking at. they could be overridden. the financial times, frontpage. theresa may, business leaders start to lose face. this is yesterday in downing street. she has had regular summits with some business leaders, but also the
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brexit secretary david davis and others who are there. and philip hammond, the chancellor of the exchequer, they are starting to vent their frustration. they are. each time they go and see theresa may bc we need you to tell us what you want, what you will do, we need to plan, we are investing billions of pounds. and they say we are not getting anywhere. we don't know what she has planned. and there is a strong quote from a leading business figure that says "we have repeatedly raped the same issues, such as the need for frictionless trade after brea kfast, need for frictionless trade after breakfast, but it is now something we cannot and i —— raised the same issues." the pro mrs court in a rock and a high place. —— prime minister is caught. there is a major european council meeting happening at the end ofjune. we were expecting her to reveal, the claim, declare, what she wa nts for reveal, the claim, declare, what she wants for britain, but it seems that has been put off until after that
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summit. people are losing the will to live. but they are. a little bit ofan to live. but they are. a little bit of an exaggeration. it is becoming extremely frustrating. i talked to a lot of business leaders, big companies and very small ones, depending on what they do depends on how critical this is for them and what they are trying to move across the border, whether it be services, goods, whatever. they are having to hedge their bets on every level. trying to second—guess the government were you are investing millions of pounds and have jobs in your hands. we have to decide whether or not we will have a maximum facilitation strategy or a customs partnership, collect taxes of be up of the brexiteers do not like that. let us move on the arab news. i love this photo on the front page. a young woman holding her driving licence. she is extremely proud. rightly so. when you look at her qualifications, she is an
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executive director with a multinational accountancy firm, as in young, and she is proud of... driving a car. it is hans out-brake kind of sexism. they have licenses from all those countries that had to ta ke from all those countries that had to take every driving test and it makes them before they can get local or national saudi approval. it is a big thing. it is a very big thing. let us thing. it is a very big thing. let us look at the times. iphone will help you keep your addiction. are you addicted? i do not have an iphone. i prefer a you addicted? i do not have an iphone. i prefera rival you addicted? i do not have an iphone. i prefer a rival operator. are you addicted to the rival operator? guess. ricky burns on the time of day. i see in this developers conference, do not disturb controls. —— it depends on the time of day. isn't itjust putting it on silent? or turning it
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face or putting it off altogether. if you don't know where your phone is to get smarter and separation anxiety? yes. in the half life is about five minutes. i need to know where my phone is at all times. but when i am sleeping it is about sleep. i will switch the phone off ifi sleep. i will switch the phone off if i need to. absolutely. sleep. i will switch the phone off if! need to. absolutely. there is yours had been in touch about this. surely says she uses as stopgap on train journey. surely says she uses as stopgap on trainjourney. he is making her tea, thatis trainjourney. he is making her tea, that is which is on her smart phone. i have heard of this issue with smartphones in bedrooms and comes to relationships... what about restaurants? relationships... what about restau ra nts ? it relationships... what about restaurants? it means you don't know each other and cannot talk to each other. henrich, it has been to deceive. thank you for being on the briefing. —— henry. iwill see you soon. goodbye. good morning. the best of the sunshine on monday was out to the west, particular south—west wales.
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but for most of us it was a pretty grey, cloudy start to our new working week, wasn't it? in fact, this weather watcher's picture sums it up quite nicely, the cloud thick enough for the odd spot or two of drizzle. we start like that for many today, but fingers crossed conditions will improve with some sunshine coming through later on. now, it's a very quiet weather story right throughout the week across the uk, with high pressure sitting up into the north, and this north—easterly flow. now, that's responsible for driving in this cloud through the night, and it makes for a pretty grey, murky start. but, as we go through the day, it does look as though the cloud will start to thin and break and push its way down into south wales and south—west england. here, it could stay a little disappointing, but with more sunshine coming through, temperatures will peak perhaps at around 20 degrees. not as warm as it has been, but nevertheless pleasant in the sun. now, as we move through tuesday night into wednesday morning, we see more cloud spilling in off north sea coasts. elsewhere, we will have some clearer skies and a slightly cooler night. a little more comfortable for trying to sleep in, with single figures pretty much for most of us.
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so we start off on wednesday, then, on a slightly fresher note. still some grey, low cloud spilling in off north sea coasts, but on wednesday we have a greater chance of seeing more sunshine coming through. so after that cooler start, temperatures will respond, with more sun, and highs likely of 23 degrees in the south—east, and maybe in sheltered eastern areas of scotland, temperatures will be in the low 20s as well. but, as we move into wednesday night through thursday morning, there's a risk of the potential for some thundery downpours pushing up through the channel, so we'll need to keep a close eye on that. they'll still be lingering, potentially, first thing on thursday morning. the further north you go, we'll have some decent spells of sunshine, and just a little bit of cloud just spilling in off the north sea. if that happens, temperatures 16—18 degrees, but highest values likely of 22 degrees, that's 72 fahrenheit. the high pressure still stays with us, the isobars widely spaced, which means light winds and not much change in the weather pattern as we move towards the end of the working week. so, again, we start off with cloudy conditions first thing in the morning. the cloud should break up, we'll see some sunshine coming through, but always the risk,
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potentially down to the south, of a few sharp, possibly thundery showers developing. highs likely of 15—22 degrees, and not much change as we move into the weekend. it stays predominantly dry, with some sunshine. always the chance of seeing one or two showers, perhaps, into the south—east corner. that's it, take care. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and louise minchin. controversial plans for a third runway at heathrow airport are to be given the go—ahead by ministers. after years of delay, the government is expected to push ahead with the expansion plan, but it faces fierce opposition. good morning, it's tuesday the fifth of june. also this morning:
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the moment a massive volcanic eruption hit guatemala killing at least 62. the search continues for many more still missing. the cost of petrol has risen at its fastest rate for 18 years. prices at the pump went up by nearly 6p a litre in may.
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