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tv   The Papers  BBC News  June 5, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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aviation is a aware? john is one. aviation is a huge problem. we do not need any more airport runways. whether we do to deal with britain in a post brexit world? do not need runways. you need fibre optic broadband and all the rest of it. aeroplanes are dirty, polluting ways of travelling. and we need fewer of them, not more. so, it is not going to happen at heathrow anyway because it is the only major hub airport in europe thatis only major hub airport in europe that is in the middle of a city. there are just to be people who are going to be affected. the court will say he does not make sense? the pollution and the noise are too much. the solution really is to bring in real environmental taxes that do the trick, not limit where people travel and where they can go. this is 2018 and we want to make flights cheaper for people on lower incomes. not in my backyard, people have in common. whether it be
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heathrow, whether it be building houses, whatever the proposed stops people with lower incomes from getting on the housing ladder and accessing cheaper flight. that cannot be a solution. there are ple nty of cannot be a solution. there are plenty of cheap flights now, and not building another runway will not make a difference. it would definitely bring flights down. the government has been through all these arguments and decide that they wanted. it will pass the house of commons because boris johnson wanted. it will pass the house of commons because borisjohnson will bea commons because borisjohnson will be a lot of had the day off. and labour will be opposed to it, but quite a lot of labour mps will vote for and so will the snp. for some reason, the scottish nationalists are in favour of building a huge airport in london. some like economic growth and activity, john, thatis economic growth and activity, john, that is all it is. labour seeks full access to the single market. is that headline correct with mac technically correct. those are the
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words and deliver a minute put down next week. the whole point about thatisit next week. the whole point about that is it does not mean anything. the point of that amendment from labour is that they can avoid having to take a position on the lords amendment, which is to keep britain actually in the single market, not just having full access because north korea has full access to the eu single market. this is actually not a shift in labour position, but some of my colleagues in westminster are getting awfully excited about it. i have read tweets from all manner of correspondents who reckon this is a big deal. there are a lot of remainders who are desperate to see labour come out in favour of membership in the single market. it will not happen. jeremy corbyn is not in favour of it. a lot of actual anonjeremy not in favour of it. a lot of actual anon jeremy corbyn mps are not not in favour of it. a lot of actual anonjeremy corbyn mps are not in favourite. ed miliband for example. it will not happen. the argument in
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the house of commons next week is about whether we want to be in the customs union or not, and that is where all the pressure is going to be. but if you remain in the customs union, then you give away your ability to create free trade deals around the world, and that is one of the most... you put liam fox had a job, what a terrible thing to do! whoever is in that role has a way to create positive aspects of brexit. there is no we can cherry pick what aspects of the single market you will keep and which once you walk away from. i think we are seeing here is the labour party be a lot of promise whatever it wants because i know they are not the ones who have to deliver it. and the other problem for the party is good northern deciduous ease and in the midlands who voted for brexit, and to and the‘s which voted the main, a balancing act that they have in iuggung balancing act that they have in juggling and juggling and maybe they would drop all the balls at some
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point. as kate says, it is easier for them to java because they are not responsible for it. what matters is what the government says and that is what the government says and that is not clear. it is not. and it is frustrating because the british who voted two years ago and we are still in the dark. have we lost control of oui’ in the dark. have we lost control of our streets? talking police now. arbitrator strike with impunity across the nation and police face hundreds of millions more in cuts. the daily express his doings in the very interesting at the moment because they have multiple headlines about this issue of police cuts, funding, and what is happening in london when it comes to murder rates and death tolls increasing. and i have so some of it with the campaign they are pushing here because you have a lot of kids in london who are being shot, stabbed and someone needs to bring this to light. the question is is this a result directly a police cuts or is there
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more going on here? the former home secretary amber rudd so to address this before she resigned and i think a lot of what she thought it was correct but a lot was left out, too. limited of drug reform or things i think lead to a lot of this violence. please cuts almost certainly are part of it but not the full story. the express does keep running with the cuts. interesting with the daily express in this campaign. do you think this is a sign of the new editor and the proprietor of the paper now?|j sign of the new editor and the proprietor of the paper now? i do not know about that but it certainly isa not know about that but it certainly is a total shift from their normal fare. the weather would usually be the front page. health and the weather or shopping. this is interesting that they have taken this and detected something about people being worried about crime again. it does appear to be rising. it was one of those subs issues in the general election last year, very
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important. i think theresa may was very vulnerable on it. especially the question about cutting police funding. although there is not a directly between police funding and the level of crime, there is an indirect link and people do sort of sense that. i think it is fair to say that the london mayor has —— sajid javid has said there is something to be looking at there. the ft on the left, london police in high—tech pursuit of moped thieves. we know about the comedian who was attacked in his car yesterday. this isa attacked in his car yesterday. this is a twist on that. this is a funny story because they are citing budget cuts as a reason police are having to move to mopeds. but the describes what the police are actually doing, riding high speed bmw mopeds, carrying tablet computers, using dna
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spray on theirfleeing carrying tablet computers, using dna spray on their fleeing subjects so they can chase them. this sounds like a james bond film, quite posh. not necessarily obvious that these cuts are living to worst—case scenarios. we found out this evening that something like 1% of these moped attacks are in camden and islington in north london. —— a0%. using laptops and computers to zero and might make sense. if it's possible to use these tablets to predict where the hotspots are going to be, and i am all for technology solving social problems like that. definitely. moving the metro. not that i have ever seen this.|j definitely. moving the metro. not that i have ever seen this. i know someone that i have ever seen this. i know someone who has. leave this to kate. in love with love eileen, a record for itv as new series starts.|j
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in love with love eileen, a record for itv as new series starts. i have watched a few episodes, i cannot help myself. it is back and record number of people are watching it. estimated that two point nonfamily people tuned in last night. what is even more remarkable is 85,000 people applied to be on the show. this was a member of abacus to 0xbridge combined. people, i do not judge whether interests are. this could be a good thing. i think with a doctor on the show, his name is alex and he has gotten a lot of backlash for taking time out of the nhs to pursue his dream of finding love, but i say more power to individualism. that is right. there. john, where do you stand? hard—hitting there. john, where do you stand? hard-hitting there. i discover this is not the one is: where you try to survive, castaway. they do try to survive. that was the 1990s. it was
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in the new yorker and assuming costumes. scantily clad people, allegedly. no, that is true. salad screen, set to ditch family phase. what is going on here? are they going to call it sandwich cream instead? i did not know you could still buy this stuff. i used to have asa still buy this stuff. i used to have as a child. it was not very nice. as you get older, you discover real mayonnaise. what do you need this for? they are changing the name because it is not flying off the shelves basically. apparently not. people are furious. i had no idea it was an up “— people are furious. i had no idea it was an up —— emotional topic. the good news is it the branding matters so good news is it the branding matters so much, i am sure hines can sell it off for a pretty penny as somebody else can start creating salad cream. it will be back on the market sooner. it will be back on the market sooner. i market solution? there
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a lwa ys sooner. i market solution? there always is. this is what it is been on your pantry for years. people are angry. never mind a real mayonnaise, john. tell yougov for the independence. it is not the sun or the daily star. great to see you both, thanks for coming in. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget, you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week at, and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, kate andrews and john rentoul. and to you for watching. while some spots today, the cloud
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held on in the southwest and cooler compared to yesterday as a result. satellite picture from today shows that for many of us, even when we had cloud at the start of the afternoon, the sun came out and temperatures are little bit after a cooler start. high pressure is giving us lots of settled weather at the moment but we have got low pressure to the south. it did give some showers into the channel islands today and could at times again during the day tomorrow. this is how we are shooting up through the night. a lot of clear weather to begin with. cloud increasing across issue areas, some on the islands far southwest and northern ireland. western parcels of the clearest weather and some dipping down into single figures. so the cooler start of the day tomorrow. some of the cloud in the east producing light rain and drizzle, especially in coastal counties. some cloud may hold on into northern england, the north midlands and towards lincolnshire but patchy cloud in
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western scotland and often showers western scotland and often showers west of northern ireland and into the channel islands a few more showers around. for many, a dry day, link the sunny spells and although it is cool for some across the north sea coast, we have low cloud in the sunshine, it will be a bit warmer tomorrow and temperatures will be around 20 to maybe 23 celsius in a few spots. 0n around 20 to maybe 23 celsius in a few spots. on wednesday night and into thursday morning, just watch across the channel islands and seven england, just a few showers starting to move in. they could include a rumble of thunder while elsewhere it looks dry. this front starts to feel is way further north on thursday to my burning rhythm or human error and cloud across parts of a land wells and a chance for a shower and thundery downpour. some extent towards east anglia and the midlands and it is into wales on thursday we re and it is into wales on thursday were northern england and northern ireland and scotland, he will stay dry with variable clouded sunshine and some warmth around again widely into the high teens and low 205.
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friday into saturday, it will remain dry with some places giving idea what to expect. it is particularly between england and wales where there will be a few showers around but one or two in northern ireland and scotland cannot be ruled out. this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00pm: the government approves controversial plans to build a third runway at heathrow. campaigners say it will damage the environment, but the transport secretary says expansion will benefit everyone. it's going to be a battle going forward. there is still strong opposition to this, there are still some difficult stages to overcome, but we are absolutely determined to deliver this project, which we think is crucial to all of our futures. the grenfell fire inquiry has heard that the london fire brigade received more calls about how to survive the blaze on the night than from the whole of the rest of london in the previous decade. newspapers across the north of england have joined forces,
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calling on the prime minister to get a grip of the rail problems causing chaos for commuters. and
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