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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 6, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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novak djokovic knocked out of the french open in the quarter—finals by unseeded italian marco cecchinato. russia play out a 1—1 draw against turkey in their final match before they host the world cup starting next week. and, before the world cup gets underway, manchester united have moved to sign brazilian midfielder fred. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the tennis news that novak djokovic is out of the french open after another eventful day in paris. the former champion was beaten by the unseeded italian marco cecchinato in their quarter—final. also out is german second seed alexander zverev, who lost in straight sets to dominic thiem. meanwhile, there was joy for a pair of americans in the women's singles. austin halewood rounds up the action. just when you thought the french open would be predictable this year, marco cecchinato had other ideas. the unseeded italian taking the
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first two sets from novak djokovic. the 12 time grand slam champion took the next one, but into the fourth, cecchinato was a man on a mission, the italian coming from 4—1 down to force a tie—break and get himself a match point. but as he so often is, djokovic was up to the task. cecchinato hadn't won a match at the grand slam before the tournament, but the italian had the confidence to see it through. a fourth match point finally sealing the biggest win of his career. he played amazing, and credit to him. congratulations for a great performance. i struggled from the beginning. iam performance. i struggled from the beginning. i am back in the locker room, that is where i am back. i don't know. i don't know if i'm going to play in greece. i don't know if going to play in grass. yes, we share the moment after my victory. novak is a very good
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person, and it is unbelievable for me. novak changed the court, and he told me congratulations, man, it is unbelievable, and good luck. it is unbelievable, and good luck. it is unbelievable for me. next up is his match against dominick thiem. while the crowd were wowed by the electric starts, the rest did not live up to the hype. the german has won more ranking points than anyone else on the tour this year, but the quarters look to be a step too far. after 35 set matches in a row, his body finally gave in, the austrian cruising into the last four mac for the third year in a row. he is one of the fittest guys on tour, and even for him it is maybe a little bit too tough to play 35 setters in the first rounds of a slam. so i expect that he is a little bit tired, but still i am happy how i
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finished the game. american madison keys was taken to a first step tie—break by the world number 38. yet to drop a set, the american was not going to lose her first year. the world number 13 powering into the lead. and that is where the's resista nce the lead. and that is where the's resistance finished, as keys confidently took a spot in the last four mac for the first time at roland garros. i obviously was down a break in the first, so to be able to get that back was really great, and yes, i am definitely liking the clay a little bit more now that i have been in a semi—final here. clay a little bit more now that i have been in a semi-final here. next she will face a familiar foe in fellow american sloane stephens, a woman who beat her in the us open final last year. she confidently blew away the russian opponent to set up an all—american affair in the french capital. so the two americans, who are best friends, face each other on thursday for a spot in the final. but for stephens, there were more pressing matters to talk about first.
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when we get on the court, it is time to compete, but before that we are not going to be weird and awkward and make it weird for each other. now i have to go and find her because i have two tell her some juicy stuff, so ijust because i have two tell her some juicy stuff, so i just went because i have two tell her some juicy stuff, so ijust went in search for her in the training room. soi search for her in the training room. so i think everything will be normal, and when we get on the court it is time to compete, it is go time. but until then, we are the same girls as always. president trump's decision not to invite the reigning nfl champion philadelphia eagles to the white house escalated further on tuesday. there has been a lingering dispute between mr trump and the league over players choosing to kneel during the national anthem, something he says is disrespectful. the super bowl champions are traditionally hosted by the president, but donald trump withdrew philadelphia's invitation at 2a hours' notice when it transpired that many eagles' players would refuse to go. it appears the 2018 nba champions might also refuse to go to the white house, whichever team, cleveland or golden state, wins the ongoing nba finals. it's typical of him. i'm not
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surprised. i'm just, you know... it's typical of him. i don't know, i mean... i mean, i know no matterwho wins this series, no one will want the invite anyway, so we won't be going, or could won't be going.|j mean, i hope to be in that situation, in two more games, where we wina situation, in two more games, where we win a championship, and we obviously know what comes with that. what i agree with lebron. i am pretty sure the way we handled things last year, kind of stayed consistent with that. but at the end of the day, like i said, every team has an opportunity to make a decision for themselves, and speak for themselves, and i think that is
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powerful, you know, being in this situation. world cup hosts russia were held to a 1—1 draw by turkey in their final pre—tournament friendly in moscow. the match was played at the 30,000—seater cska arena, which is not being used as one of the world cup venues. the home side took the lead ten minutes before half—time, when fyodor smolov pounced on a mistake in the turkish defence, and aleksandr samedov finished off the move to score his seventh international goal. but russia were denied victory when yunus malli equalised for turkey early in the second half, with the match finishing i—i. russia's next game is against saudi arabia in the opening match of the world cup, on thursday ilijune. elsewhere, argentina have cancelled their final world cup warm—up match against israel. it was due to be played in jerusalem on saturday, but it has now been called off after intense pressure from palestinian groups. the palestine fa had threatened to veto argentina's bid to co—host the 2030 world cup if the game went ahead. they have now welcomed argentina's decision to cancel the game, and the argentine striker gonzalo higuain said they've finally done the right thing.
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the english premier league season may have only finished a few weeks ago, but manchester united manager jose mourinho is already getting his squad in orderfor next season. the red devils have agreed a deal with shahktar donesk to sign brazil midfielder fred. the 25—year—old willjoin the club for a reported $70 million. neymar was just one of a number of his brazil teammates that congratulated him at training on tuesday. chelsea midfielder willian was another one of them. he has a lot of quality. he can improve a lot. he goes to one of the best teams in the world, and i am happy for him. i hope for him doing well at the next tournament. manchester city's belgian midfielder kevin de bruyne has told the bbc
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that he has never witnessed any racism at the club. he dismissed claims made by former teammate yaya toure that manager pep guardiola often has problems with african players. de bruyne says only results on the pitch influence guardiola's team selections. i never saw something, so were we aware that the trainer was a racist, with all the black guys on our team? i don't know what yaya said, if it is wrongly written, that somebody exaggerated. so, i don't know, this year probably the trainer thought he wasn't doing enough, maybe he wasn't fit enough. i never saw anything racist in the club, ever. south africa's daryl impey took advantage of a late crash by team sky's michal kwiatkowski to lead the criterium du dauphine after two stages. the polish rider crashed in the last couple of kilometres, and whilst he didn't lose time, he was unable to take part in the sprint, and the bonus seconds with it. pascal ackermann won the stage, with impey in third. one of the longest partnerships
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in motogp will come to an end at the end of the season, with honda and dani pedrosa parting ways. the spaniard has ridden for the works teams since 2006, but is enduring one of his worst starts to a season, including crashing at the italian grand prix on sunday. he is expected to be replaced by three—time world championjorge lorenzo. whilst pedrosa looks for a new team, his teammate marc marquez has been trying out for a team on four wheels. he has tested a toro rosso fi car in austria on tuesday to promote the forthcoming fi race at spielberg. driving a 2014 car, he was around six seconds off the pace of the cars from that year. not too bad for a man who normally rides on two wheels, riding on four.
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you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that is but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello once again. it's variations on a theme, rather than a great change of weather type, that many of you are experiencing just at the moment. blue skies on tuesday in the sheffield area. it didn't start that way but you got there eventually, like so many other places did. and even when there was some cloud in the sky, well, a number of our weather watchers in the worcestershire area and in some of the surrounding counties, in fact, were rather taken by that pattern in the skies. now, what's driving our weather at the moment? well, high pressure the dominant feature, awayjust to the north of scotland. we'll speak more about this area of low pressure, because we can't discount it,
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even though it's just down towards the southern parts of france. so wednesday, a lot of dry weather, quite a lot of sunshine for many from the word go. that's probably not the case for the eastern side of the pennines, where overnight, in view of the lost it, we'll see a fair amount of cloud coming in off the north sea, tending to thin as we get on through the day, and again, with a wee bit of sunshine in the skies, temperatures in a number of locations exceeding 20 degrees celsius. it's not all plain sailing, i have to say. many of you will know already that the pollen levels are very high, especially across the greater part of england and wales. so bear that one in mind if that's relevant to you. here we are through wednesday evening. a good evening for a barbecue, not too much on the way of breeze, pleasantly warm in a number of locations. the cloud just becoming a wee bit more extensive again to the eastern side of the pennines, and some of the low cloud lurking thereabouts across these northern and eastern shores, on what is not going to be a particularly cold night. now, that pattern for thursday doesn't look an awful lot different
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from the one i showed you for wednesday, with the notable exception that we've just pushed that area of low pressure, and its attendant fronts and troughs, a little bit further north in france. and that will have the effect ofjust thickening up the cloud across the southern counties of england, maybe the south of wales too. and, from that, we could well see some showers. maybe the odd one or two could be really quite sharp. that mightjust be a problem for the channel islands. it mayjust come a bit further north. elsewhere, just one or two showers close by to the donegal border in northern ireland, maybe the odd one over the highlands, but essentially it's a fine and settled look to the weather. and even as the weekend begins to loom, well, do you know what? that high pressure is still there or thereabouts. we still have these little mini weather fronts, if you like, just bringing a bit of instability into the mix, so you couldn't rule out one or two showers. at this particular moment, we think some across southern or western parts more likely to see them. but again, many of you are
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in for a dry weekend. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: hiding for their lives. children take cover from myanmar warplanes as the military is once again accused of targeting civilians. we have a special report. translation: on april 11th, four fighter jets fired on the village. we also heard the army raped women and tortured old people nearby so we left. ethiopia says it'll accept a peace deal with eritrea 16 years after it was first proposed. primary fever. america's political parties continue choosing their candidates for november's mid—term elections. and a carpet of plastic smothers a beach in mumbai. the un says 11 million plastic bags are used around the world every
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