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this is bbc news. the headlines at eleven: theresa may rebuffs criticism from within her cabinet of brexit negotiations and confirms the white paper will not be published until after the next eu summit. i will be bringing my ministers together for i will be bringing my ministers togetherfor an i will be bringing my ministers together for an away day at chequers together for an away day at chequers to finalise the white paper we will be publishing, and then be break before parliament breaks for the summer, will be bringing the trade and customs bill back to the house of commons. at the g7 summit, stark differences between the united states and all the other members over trade and russia. gongs in the worlds of sport and entertainment. emma thompson becomes a dame and kenny dalglish gets a knighthood. to get this far, and getting the accolade i have been awarded is very humbling. and on newsnight: sir eltonjohn after...
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sir elton john after... tells sir eltonjohn after... tells me where the next big battle is and how prince harry will change things in the commonwealth regards to homosexuality. good evening and welcome to bbc news. theresa may is in canada at the g7 meeting, hoping to talk trade but she continues to be distracted by brexit matters. she has been forced to respond to questions about the comments by borisjohnson that the government "needs more guts" in its brexit strategy and that the negotiations may be heading for a meltdown. she's been speaking to our political correspondent vicky young. pressing her case on the world stage, theresa may's flown thousands of miles to chat with presidents and prime ministers. but the questions for her stay the same. is brexit on track? is she in charge?
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these are complex negotiations, but the british people want us to deliver brexit and i am determined to do that. she might not expect eu leaders to give her a helping hand, but surely she could rely on her foreign secretary. back home, though, borisjohnson‘s been secretly recorded suggesting theresa may could learn something from the american president. so did the prime ministerfeel undermined by those remarks? people like borisjohnson have strong views on brexit, but so do i. i want to deliver brexit for the british people. that's what people want and i'm getting on and doing it. how many times can we get to this position, where you have to have these clashes with those on your own side? at every stage in these negotiations, we've seen people casting doubt on whether or not we could achieve what
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we want to achieve. we're now moving on to finalise those withdrawal issues and also to move on to discuss our future relationship. mrjohnson also described the treasury as "the heart of remain." he and the chancellor don't see eye to eye on brexit, and on a visit to berlin today, philip hammond urged cooperation with brussels. my experience has been that a collaborative approach is generally more productive than a confrontational approach, and certainly my advice to my colleagues is that the way to address the challenges that there undoubtedly are of reaching a good brexit solution is to engage with our european partners. and brussels certainly does have concerns. the latest wrangle is over a so—called backstop or fallback plan for trade with the eu after brexit, if a long—term customs arrangement can't be negotiated and set up in time. the uk suggesting it could match eu tariffs to avoid a hard border
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on the island of ireland. brexiteers insist this must be time limited, not something eu's chief negotiator is happy about. backstop means backstop. translation: backstop means backstop. now, why do i say that? because this has to be a backstop which provides a guarantee under all circumstances. so, the temporary backstop is not in line with what we want or what ireland or northern ireland want or need. as theresa may said again today, these are complex negotiations. it's not going to be easy. meanwhile, the prime minister has confirmed her cabinet will meet at chequers to finalise the government's brexit white paper after the european council meeting at the end ofjune. there is going to be a lot of
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activity in negotiations over the coming weeks. next week we are bringing the european withdrawal bill back to the house of commons to deal with the lords amendments, following that i'll be going to the junior european council where we will be talking about finalising withdrawal agreement but also pressing on the future relationship. after that i will be bringing my ministers together for an away day at chequers to finalise the white paper that we are going to be publishing, and then before the summer publishing, and then before the summer break, before parliament brea ks summer break, before parliament breaks for the summer, we will be bringing the trade in customs bill back to the house of commons. and throughout all of that time the negotiations will be continuing. the british people want us to deliver brexit and i am getting on and doing exactly that and i am doing it because the prize for us at the end of this is a brighter future for britain, in control of our laws, our money and our borders. president trump has startled the g7 summit in canada with a suggestion that russia should be allowed to rejoin. most of the leaders gathered in quebec have rejected the idea. the atmosphere was already prickly —
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with sharp exchanges between the leaders about tariffs. our north america editor jon sopel reports. one big happy family, but although they put on strained smiles for the cameras, do not be deceived. this is as bad tempered and as tense a start to the g7 as there has ever been. watches may be the only things that are synchronised. donald trump was the last one into quebec and he will be the first one out. isolated over his protectionist trade policies. before leaving washington this morning, he was in no mood for compromise. they understand, they are trying to act like, well, we fought with you in the war. they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against ourfarmers. they don't mention the fact that they are charging almost 300% tariffs. when it all straightens out, we will all be in love again. though it is a little bit chilly at the moment in quebec. the other g7 leaders are enraged that the us has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium,
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citing national security. it brought this brusque tweet from emmanuel macron. such is the president's isolation that this should perhaps more properly be called the g6+i. donald trump seriously considered not coming at all. he feels that he gets lectured by the other foreign leaders on iran, on climate change and of course, on trade. and he is not a big fan of being lectured. but one area where he is doing the lecturing is on his surprise call today that russia should be readmitted to the group. whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run, and the g7, which used to be the g8, they threw russia out.
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they should let russia come back in, because we should have russia at the negotiating table. but france, britain and germany are saying no. the expulsion decision was made after russia annexed crimea. theresa may had more recent events in mind. we have seen malign activity from russia in a whole variety of ways. of course, including on the streets of salisbury in the united kingdom. so, we need to say, i think before any such conversations can take place, russia needs to change its approach. the quebecois are trying to go about their daily lives as if it was business as usual, and without much optimism, so too are the other members of the g7. but it is not — there is a tough decision to make. roll over and accept american tariffs, or retaliate and risk an all—out trade war. the queen's birthday honours list has been announced. it includes damehoods for professor mary beard and the actress emma thompson.
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but there's controversy over a cbe for the boss of network rail. our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba has more it has been a shambles. it has been a nightmare. we are stuck because there were so many of the northern train sitting on platforms with no drivers. the decision to make network rail‘s chief executive mark carne for service to the rail industry was made many weeks ago but still being seen as controversial following network wail the back —— network rail‘s role is controversial. they acknowledged timing was unfortunate. less co ntroversially, timing was unfortunate. less controversially, player, manager and the figure who gave huge support to the figure who gave huge support to the hillsborough families, kenny dalglish, says he is hugely proud to receive a knighthood. everybody that made a contribution, maybe even a
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detail, one or two untruths of it myself to get this far, and to come out and get the accolade, that has been awarded, is very humbling. imagine your husband bought a gold necklace and come christmas, gave it to somebody else. oscar-winning actress and writer emma thompson becomes a dame for services to drama. it is an extraordinary collection of art. classicist and presenter mary beard also becomes a dame. the troops have been firing indiscriminately. along cbe's, the busy journalist kate indiscriminately. along cbe's, the busyjournalist kate aidan... the end broadcaster bamba gascoigne, actor tom hardy and businesswomanjo malone, for services to the british economy. i feel honoured, i feel humbled, i feel for the first time
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that, i don't know, ifeel on top of the world. it is an amazing feeling to be honoured and thanked by your queen and country and government for your hard work. hello and welcome to gardner's world. for obes, wa nted gardner's world. for obes, wanted on for services to horticulture and charity. and actress keira knightley for services to drama and charity. it is certainly very panicked... investigative journalist stacey billy becomes an mbe... as does an award—winning singer who can now say... miss dynamite, mbe. lizzy yarnold has made an obe. and the only gold—medallists from this is paralympic become mbes. most
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honoured have gone to people out of the public eye for work in committees. people like the founder of online forum" she speaks, we here". i really wanted to elevate the voices, the everyday voices of muslim women because i felt that more often than not they are spoked about in negative terms, but we don't get to hear their authentic voices. the oldest person recognised, becoming an mbe, 103—year—old rosemary powell, britain's longest serving poppy seller who retired after 97 years earlier this month. on the line is the journalist and author kate adie, who has been awarded a cbe. congratulations, how did you find out? one of those curious communications that says "don't mention it to anyone for some time",
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so mention it to anyone for some time", so you sit on the secret, and it is lovely, it is lovely. what does the citation said? it says for services to the media, and i suppose quite clearly for years and years, more decades and i dare confess, my life has been very much involved with the media, ever since so many years ago i started in bbc local radio never thinking at this sort of thing would be further down the line. a fine place to start, it sets you up well for a career with the bbc working in local radio. you are also recognised by bafta, the honours are pulling in view at the moment. -- pouring in. that was the industry this is something very different, when you are recognised by the country, it is rather thrilling. too many of us, too many women in broadcasting, you area too many women in broadcasting, you are a trailblazer, you are doing things well ahead of a lot of women.
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asa things well ahead of a lot of women. as a foreign correspondent. were you aware of that at the time, did you feel like you were pushing the boundaries for the rest of us?|j have never said i was first doing things, there were many women, i say many, a good handful of very distinguished people who many years ago were reporters, some for the bbc, i remember being contacted by one of them when i had done the iranian embassy siege, a wonderful lady called audrey russell who was a commentator on royal broadcasts, wrote me a beautiful letter and she had been a war correspondent in the second world war. but there were a few women around, and wonderful they were. but of course you were not exactly amongst the huge number of women when i started, and it has been very much being at work in a man's world. but things have got so much better, and these days, well,
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you can see for yourself, literally onscreen inherent radio, women's voices very much equally in the media business. kate, we are thrilled for you, thank you very much and congratulations. now it's time for newsnight with kirsty wark. russia should be in this meeting. why are we having a meeting about russia being in the meeting. whether you like it or not and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. president trump splits the g7, declaring he wants russia back in the fold. president trump has put a hand grenade in the middle of the g7 and in the middle of the western consensus of how you run global, economic affairs.


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