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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 9, 2018 12:45pm-1:31pm BST

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and i'm joined by the click team. what do you think of our kits? good, aren't they? sol need to do a bit more practice. they're kicking the ball around the old —fashioned way, but i've a smart football here, and i've got an app with some augmented reality built in. i've never done this before in my entire life. how am i meant to to speed it up? 0k, toe—taps. dribbleup runs you through drills and training suitable for your ability. after placing the football in position, the app will scan it, then track and assess your every move. it's all gone red, i think i'm doing it wrong. i'm sure this isn't playing footbal! i've never seen anyone train for football like this before! strangely, it didn't seem to think i'd done too badly. i'm assuming these grades are just for trying hard, because clearly i was absolutely ridiculous. it was quite fun, but i'm not sure that i actually really exercised any sort of proper skill. the app worked beautifully, it was lovely to look at, great instructions, but i don't
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think i was born to play football. now i've got the moves, or not, it's time to learn some tactics. i need to actually be able to play the game. so some mixed reality is here to help. this is soccer training on the microsoft hololens, teaching the rules through a mixed reality game, a lot of words, and questions to check you've been paying attention. there's some text but i can't actually read the text properly. it's not in quite the right position. there we go, there's the goalkeeper, and it explains the offside position. the premise is good, i like the virtual players running about, but it does feel slightly hard work to watch, because naturally you want to watch the people, but you actually need to be reading the words. so i tried to kick a ball around, thinking about everything a robotic leg, a smart football and microsoft hololens experience had taught me. but through no fault of the tech, i'm still monumentally useless. stephen, look over there! 0h! i had to find some way! that's it for the shortcut
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of our world cup show. the full—length version is up on iplayer right now. next week, we're going to be in the united states for the e3 video game show in los angeles, and elsewhere in the country too. in fact, by the time you see this, we'll already be there tweeting @bbcclick, so join us there and see what we're up to. thanks for watching, see you in the states. you are watching bbc news. we are going to cross noticing the events taking place at the parade. the
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parade has ended so many visitors are leaving horse guards parade and walking down towards st james‘s park because this part of the ceremony is coming to an end. it's all getting more relaxed now. the big event we will all be waiting for to mark the queens official birthday is the raf ply club asked. an important year for the raf because of its centenary celebrations. we've had and all service representation of aerial fighting, two faces that we saw and people have been looking out for are the duke and duchess of sussex, formerly harry and meghan who got married three weeks ago today. they have presumably been on their
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honeymoon, remember they attended the celebrations for prince charles ‘s 70th birthday which will be later this year. a lot of attention on the couple that this is her majesty ‘s day, her official birthday. let's join hugh edwards for the coverage of the remainder of this including that raf fly past. a 2! gun salute the queens official birthday and an extra salute because it is taking place in a magnificent royal park, green park, london. what a remarkable lady her grace is. we talked about the fact that over 50% of the king's troop are females, and you asked the benefit was a good thing or a bad thing. i think that says it all, it is clearly fantastic, remarkable. the king's
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troop of course firing their guns on important ceremonial events. we mentioned that the queens actual birthday is on april 21. and this year, birthday is on april 21. and this yea r, two birthday is on april 21. and this year, two days after her birthday, the gun fired again when prince louis was born on 23rd april, st george's day. and most recently last saturday to mark the 65th anniversary of queens coronation. and there will be another gun salute tomorrow for those in this part of london, to mark the duke of edinburgh's 97th birthday. so we have a crowd of many thousands of people now making their way along the mall. we're being told at this moment that field lord guthrie is being cared for and that an ambulance has been summoned to take him to hospital. we hope he is in
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decent condition. i think everyone inside the palace will be pleased to hear he is being well looked after and will receive the treatment that he needs. the police horses are there, the police as well, it's a reminder that at this parade for 18 yea rs reminder that at this parade for 18 years her majesty herself road eight police horse, the much loved mare was a gift from the royal canadian mounted police, her horse retired from the parade in 1986 and after that her majesty decided to stop riding in the parade herself. police horses have been found and central in this over many years. as have the police, you can see them there in their numbers. the armed forces enjoyed a close working relationship with the police. police always have the lead for the provision of security but they often call upon the army, the air force and the navy full systems and the recent
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terrorist attacks in london will be a good example of when we saw troops, troops on parade today on the streets of london. guns fire in salute. so, the 41— gun salute in green park being fired by the king's troop. we willjoinjj again. being fired by the king's troop. we willjoin 1] again. and the eight to camp to the major general who
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commands the district and the household division. originally an adc was an assistant on the battlefield and nowadays where it could be that we actually worked in the headquarters, putting together community engagements, officially engagements. i prepare the general schedule, travel and security and all that kind of thing. i am lucky thatis all that kind of thing. i am lucky that is a former army music officer i get to spend time with the household division bands in wellington barracks and the baron sewel have seen on parade today. you the first female in this prestigious role, do you feel you are a trailblazer? i don't know about trailblazer. there are a lot of adcs in the army as well as other fantastic women throughout the forces. we have drivers, shapps, we have female horsewoman, all kinds of women in different roles are just fantastic, medics, gunners, engineers. and i am really excited
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that we now have females in the royal armoured corps and later on this you will have females in the infa ntry this you will have females in the infantry as well. thank you speaking to me. pleasure. thanks. as the crowds continued to move towards buckingham palace waiting for the famous balcony appearance let's remember what year it has been for royalfamily so remember what year it has been for royal family so far. it is my sincere wish that the commonwealth will decide that one day the prince of wales should carry on the important work started by my father in 1949. we are overjoyed at the news today to fet eugenie and jack of got engaged. which give her majesty three rousing cheers. news
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just in, the duchess of cambridge has given birth to a baby boy. just in, the duchess of cambridge has given birth to a baby boym gives me the greatest pleasure to declare the 21st commonwealth games opened. i, harry, take you meghan to be my wife. i meghan take you, harry, to be my husband. yes, quite a yearandi harry, to be my husband. yes, quite a year and i think it is fair to say that the queen at the age of 92, the event is still and fast. yes, a wonderful collage of scenes to remind usjust how much has gone on in the last few months. anyone who thinks that today marks a pause in the royal season... the queen has an incredibly busy schedule coming up, next week she is taking the duchess of sussex to chester for the day and
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show her how a royal awayday works. royal ascot is coming up, the garter ceremony is back in the calendar. it was not there last two because of the election, but it's happening again this year. then she has a full week at holyrood house in scotland, 10,000 people coming 30, the order of the thistle will be convening there. so don't for a moment think that the queen is stepping back. she has got a lot on! i think today will be one of those days that reminds everyone, just looking at all these people, of the immense allure, the pulling power that the monarchy still has the world. on the balcony the prince of wales will be there. it is worth underlining what we have seen it is worth underlining what we have seenin it is worth underlining what we have seen in the terms of milestone changes, not least his elevation to head of the commonwealth at some point. absolutely, huw. this year has seen an important stepping up by
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the prince. we sort up but amazing commonwealth summit buckingham palace when unanimously the commonwealth decided yes, we want the prince of wales to be the future head of the commonwealth, and we've seen head of the commonwealth, and we've seen it time and again and events. the royal wedding showed the way in which this family have come together and so many different things in the last few months. it is a very uniting year if you like. isn't that a great site. that is what it is all about. it is a great site huw, it is indeed what it is all about, i was just thinking for her majesty and the duke of edinburgh, it really makes you proud to be british. 23 aircraft will be taking part in the fly—past, it will be pretty impressive. notjust fly—past, it will be pretty impressive. not just modern fly—past, it will be pretty impressive. notjust modern elements but elements of heritage as well because the battle of britain memorial flight will be in it and we will be treated as well to a great
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display by the red arrows too. but the balcony appearance by the queen and members of the royalfamily the balcony appearance by the queen and members of the royal family will be upon us in a few seconds' time. and i have to say, unless fail on the balcony quickly they may miss the balcony quickly they may miss the fly—past! the balcony quickly they may miss the fly-past! i think there are enough for my health officers in the family to know that you can't slow down and fly—past! —— former army officers —— former raf officers. down and fly—past! —— former army officers -- former raf officers. the first aircraft, the family really need to get a move on now! and the queen is leading out members of the royalfamily on queen is leading out members of the royal family on to that famous balcony just royal family on to that famous balconyjust in time to see the first element of this birthday fly— past first element of this birthday fly—past for 2018. first element of this birthday fly-past for 2018. i think that the raf were a little early. we caught a
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glimpse of prince george and princess charlotte on the balcony. yes there's princess charlotte looking up. no doubt the family will explain to her what all those aircraft. the duke of york, he is there as well. this is the second element of the fly past, the battle of britain memorial flight. the iconic lancaster flanked by a spitfire and a harry kane. the lancaster, the most famous and successful raf helicopter of the second world war. took part in the famous dambusters raid. heavy bomber of second world war. used in the famous dambusters raid. our commentary box is shaking. there isa our commentary box is shaking. there is a thundering power and this is the mighty atlas. it provides
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tactical airlift and strategic heavy lift capability. princess charlotte and her cousins looking up. an animated conversation between prince charles and his son, the duke of sussex. they seem to be enjoying themselves. prince george having another look upment because he can probably spot the next element, the fourth element, the globemaster. smiles and applause from the balcony. this is another main stay of the raf‘s capability, the globemaster. that is the aircraft that flew us out to afghanistan so often. here is the fifth element, this is the voyager, flanked by two
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typhoon jets. it is used for air—to—air refuelling and the tornado gr4s from raf marham. we're all standing by for the seventh element, the royal air force aerobatic team, the red arrows. their 54th season. squadron leader martin pert in charge. and here they are. always a dramatic sight, an inspiring sight at the end of the birthday parade. look at that! cheering and applause
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the queen's broad smile saying it all there. she has seen that more times probably than anyone, but it never loses its magic. she has enjoyed the fact our grandchildren and great grandchildren thought it was something else. i hope the raf pilots saw them waving at them. music: the national anthem. cheering and applause
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the queen acknowledging the crowd. it isa the queen acknowledging the crowd. it is a lovely sight for them today, robert. it is always a lovely sight. i think the presence of four generations on the balcony, summed up generations on the balcony, summed up beautifully. possibly not the most reverential recognition of the national anthem by some of the younger members. but i think they know it is important and it is a special place. a fantastic day. i don't think it gets any better. it makes you proud to be british and eve ryo ne makes you proud to be british and everyone including the queen is
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thoroughly enjoying the spectacle. we have four generations of royal family, led by the queen, making their way back into the palace. the birthday parade of 2018 has finished. another exceptional display by everyone on horse guards, led by the coldstream guards and the royal air force with a memorable fly— past to royal air force with a memorable fly—past to end the day. our highlights programme is on bbc two tonight on 7.30. but for now from my special guests, brigadier greville bibby and robert hardman and eve ryo ne bibby and robert hardman and everyone on the bbc team at the queen's birthday parade, thank you and goodbye. good afternoon.
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the queen's birthday honours list has been unveiled and it's generated some controversy. the boss of network rail, mark carne, has been made a cbe in the same week that network rail itself was criticised for railway disruption. some have called mr carne's honour a "slap in the face". passengers have faced delays and cancellations since an overhaul of train timetables three weeks ago. joe lynam reports. it's been a bit of a shambles, really. it'sjust been a nightmare. they were just stuck because there were so many northern trains just sat at platforms because they had no drivers. take the train to work every day? you'll be aware of some of the issues over the past fortnight. thousands of trains cancelled or delayed. innumerable journeys ruined. and all because of new timetables from network rail. hello, everybody. this is a really exciting time to be a part the railway... and now mark carne
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has been awarded for his services to the rail industry with a cbe. he's not talking about his gong today, but others are. i think passengers have suffered enormous disruption this week will be incredulous, possibly furious, to see mark carne being awarded a cbe. but i think it's really important that we are not misdirected into thinking the problems with the introduction of the new timetable or all down to network rail. network rail defended the gong and said people should look at mr carne's entire career, and his tremendous contribution to the railways. here at king's cross station, some services for thameslink and great northern passengers have seen disruption in recent weeks, as a new timetable is bedded down. things are improving, but some commuters may feel that this public reward for the boss of network rail might be a bit premature even if he has devoted many years of service to the railway industry. joe lynam, bbc news.
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the honours list recognises the achievements of more than 1,000 people across the uk. among those to be recognised was the former liverpool manager kenny dalglish who received a knighthood. emma thompson, the oscar—winning actor, has been appointed a dame. lizo mzimba reports. commentator: dalglish! player, manager, and a figure who gave huge support of the hillsborough families, kenny dalglish says he's hugely proud to receive a knighthood. to get this far and to come out and get the accolade i've been awarded is very humbling. imagine your husband bought a gold necklace and come christmas, gave it to somebody else. oscar—winning actress and writer emma thompson becomes a dame for services to drama. most honours have gone to people for work in communities, people like akeela ahmed, the founder of online forum she speaks, we hear. i really wanted to elevate the voices of muslim women, because i felt that more often than not, they're spoken about in negative terms,
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but we didn't get to hear their authentic voices. the oldest person recognised, becoming an mbe, 103—year—old rosemary powell, britain's longest serving poppy seller, who retired after 97 years earlier this month. there's been no breakthrough at the g7 summit in canada between president trump and the other leaders after he imposed trade tariffs. on the second and final day, there's concern that the countries won't be able to agree a joint statement. our diplomatic correspondent, james robbins, reports now from quebec. serious faces, as the leaders sat down to confront the collision course on trade, which so divides donald trump from america's traditional partners and friends. but once they were alone, the talking was apparently tough and one official described strong emotions around the table. the president apparently fired off his sets of numbers, showing america suffering from unfair treatment. other leaders fired back their very different figures. when canada's prime minister met the president separately,
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justin trudeau tried to sound upbeat. we both got elected on a commitment to grow the middle class and help those working hard tojoin it, and that's exactly the kinds of things we're going to stay focused on. it's a pleasure to have you here, donald. donald trump opted for a joke, at this host's expense. justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers between canada and the united states. so i'm very happy. so i'd say nafta's in good shape! but we are actually working on it. the big question for this second and final day of the summit is how much can be salvaged from the wreckage of the most divisive first day at a g7 anyone can remember. and if an agreement can be achieved at the end of the day, will it be at the price of diluting fundamental principles simply to bring together president trump and america's traditional allies? and it's notjust trade which isolates president trump
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from the other six nations. there are big divides over climate change, iran, and the israel—palestinian conflict. one thing is certain, weather this is g7 or g6+1, president trump will be long gone before the summit ends. last to arrive, first to leave. seeming to confirm his lack of appetite for this whole forum, where he can't make the individual deals he much prefers. james robbins, bbc news, quebec. the prime minister has said the government's white paper on brexit position won't be published until after the meeting of the european council at the end of this month. mrs may said the cabinet would hold another away day at chequers, to finalise the details. the government hopes to complete its negotiations with the eu by october. the duke and duchess of sussex have joined the queen and other members of the royal family for trooping the colour. the parade marks her official birthday. prince philip, who retired from royal duties last year,
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did not attend. he turns 97 on sunday. our royal correspondent nicholas witchell is outside buckingham palace for us now. three weeks to the day after their wedding and once again in bright sunshine, just as it was in windsor, may 19, the duke and duchess of sussex have appeared, they have made their first sussex have appeared, they have made theirfirst major sussex have appeared, they have made their first major royal appearance asa their first major royal appearance as a couple, taking part in this queen's birthday parade, riding in the carriage from buckingham palace down to horse guards, taking in the crowds, followed a few moments later by the queen, riding alone, in her carriage, down the horse guards, for this annual parade, the marking of her 92nd birthday a few weeks ago. the parade went smoothly, a display of precision and skill by the footguards down on horse guards. as they returned to buckingham palace, just as the queens carriage was entering the palace, one of the senior officers on horseback riding just behind her, the kernel of the
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lifeguards, former chief of defence staff, fell from his horse, now receiving hospital attention. the balcony appearance went ahead, large number of royal family, including prince george and princess charlotte, at the edge, on the balcony, to watch a fly past by the raf, marking its 100th anniversary. is every bit prepares for the opening of the world cup in russia, mike is at the sports centre, bank of adjoining this. this time next week, football, football, but first, by week, football, football, but first, rugby union. the six nations champions ireland have lost to australia a in the first match of their summer tour. ireland led with 20 minutes to go, thanks to the boot ofjoey carbery and it looked as though ireland might win on australian turf for the first time since 1979. but the wallabies came back with a penalty and converted try to win18—9. meanwhile england are looking
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for their first win at ellis park in johannesburg for 46 years. head coach eddiejones says today's first test against south africa, is the perfect development oportunity, for younger players, and the pressure, will be good for the newcomers to the squad. it's great, particularly as we build towards the world cup and this south african tourists are important for us, so african tourists are important for us, so young african tourists are important for us, so young guys can african tourists are important for us, so young guys can get great experience in high—pressure games. they may be cricket world champions, but england's women are really strugging in the first one—day international against south africa in worcester. they won the toss and chose to bat first but amyjones went early for 19, and she's one of only two players to reach double figures. the usually prolific sarah taylor, was among those to fall cheaply. they are now 101 48, in the 36 over. --101-8. world number one simona halep, says she'll, "stay chilled" in today's
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french open final, even though, it's her fourth attempt, to win a maiden grand slam. she faces the american, sloane stephens. it's a big opportunity, it's a big chance, but you never know. so i lost times, until now, and no one died, so be ok. but i will be i think more confident because i have a lot of experience, but in ten years, you never know, so i will stay chill. the british sailor elliot willis was forced to abandon his bid for olympic glory after being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015. although his condition is improving, he's decided not to return to racing but instead try to coach some of his former team—mates to gold at tokyo 2020. nick hope has been to meet him. selection for the team gb rio olympics what was the proudest moment of the career of elliot willis. but he would neverjoin with his team—mates at the games. willis. but he would neverjoin with his team—mates at the gameslj willis. but he would neverjoin with his team-mates at the games. i have got a form of bowel cancer. november 2015, i was diagnosed, quite a late diagnosis, we were deselected, luke
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and i, obviously a tough thing but surprisingly not that big of a deal when what becomes important is effectively survival. it deteriorated so quickly, the biggest thing was the ongoing tiredness, from being in pain the whole time. started my treatment with chemotherapy, several rounds of that, not respond particularly well—suited. i did basically a week and a half of condensed radiotherapy to reduce the size of the gym and reduce the pain. you feel bombproof in what we do, you fly around the world, you compete, half of that is bravado. you do not expect it to happen to you. did you watch the olympics? i cannot express it another, i had zero interest for anything, could barely be bothered to press the button for netflix on some days, into the end of 2016, i began to feel a bit better, then i was starting to live and get out and about and fitness came back. he decided to swap competing for coaching, and teamed up with the 470
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pair, hayley mills and haley mcintyre. -- amy mills. really special to have him part of the team now, he brings a lot. i'm really excited to see where we can get to asa excited to see where we can get to as a free. if they keep going, they can have the ability to dominate as well as win a gold medal. what does the future hold for you? not out of the future hold for you? not out of the woods yet, but one of the biggest thing is dealing with it is the psychology, it does not dictate my life, cancer, it is made me appreciate what i have and look and appreciate what i have and look and appreciate and enjoy life. good to see elliot back in the sport. the next news on bbc one imean, it i mean, it is terribly nice, because you feel that hello.
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you're watching the bbc news channel. guatemala has asked for more aid from the international community after the volcanic eruption, which has claimed more than 100 lives. a state of emergency is in place, with rescue efforts hampered by bad weather. the volcano, 50km west of the capital, first erupted last sunday. andrew plant reports. more evacuations as the fuego volcano, looming over the guatemala landscape, continues to spit smoke and fire clouds of ash higher into the air. translation: at the moment the national civil police is evacuating the people located in the area surrounding there's a lot of activity at the fuego volcano, which puts the lives of everyone in the area at risk. a massive quantity of material could come all the way to where we are now.
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sunday's deadly eruption sent a fast—moving mixture of gas and ash pouring from the volcano, burying everything nearby. this, a thriving town just a week ago. now locals are calling at ground zero. the stench of burnt farm animals, they say, hangs in the air. translation: this woman grew up here and is now searching for her loved ones. translation: my family are here, and here they are buried. my sister with all her children are here. there are 52. no one has appeared. friday brought further eruptions, officials helping more people to leave their homes. now the government has called for more help, more international aid, as guatemala tries to cope with more than 100 deaths and hundreds more missing. the taliban in afghanistan has announced a three—day ceasefire
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to take place over the muslim holiday of eid at the end of next week. it's the first offer of its kind for 17 years. the militants said foreign forces would be excluded from the ceasefire. violence in the country has continued today — as more than 50 security members have died in taliban attacks so far. joining us now from kabul is our correspondent shoaib sharifi. since we spoke a couple of hours ago, more details of this attack. it is not unusual or uncommon, but the coming strangejust is not unusual or uncommon, but the coming strange just after the news ofa coming strange just after the news of a ceasefire? yes, indeed. not uncommon, but a of a ceasefire? yes, indeed. not uncommon, buta bit of a ceasefire? yes, indeed. not uncommon, but a bit strange, as afghanistan had a sort of war and peace. this morning. first the taliban spokesperson announced the
1:20 pm
unexpected and surprising ceasefire to come on the eid holiday. immediately after that, news emerged that the group had carried out major attacks on at least four or five major cities across the country around one a:m., kabul time. major cities across the country around one a:m., kabultime. and major cities across the country around one a:m., kabul time. and at least up to 50 of the afghan national army and police have been killed. overall, up to 70 have been killed. overall, up to 70 have been killed and wounded in these incidents. so it is a bit of a mixed message. but at least at the end of this week, friday is expected to be eid and the country will for the first time experience a bilateral ceasefire because the taliban announcement was followed by the afg ha n announcement was followed by the afghan government's week—long announcement of a ceasefire on
1:21 pm
thursday. the taliban have said they will not attack afghan security forces, but they will attack international forces across the country. and the afghan government announcement said they will not attack taliban forces, but they will engage is and foreign fighters as well as al-qaeda militants in the country. that is a reminder of how complicated things have become since the taliban regime was effectively forced from power by the international invasion 17 years ago now. how highly do politicians in afghanistan wrecked the prosperous ofa afghanistan wrecked the prosperous of a peace deal? to the see the taliban as persuadable to become like other political forces in afghanistan, or is it naive to think that that could happen? actually, until the announcement of this
1:22 pm
ceasefire, the hopes for any tangible achievement towards peace in afghanistan had paled because the afg ha n in afghanistan had paled because the afghan president ashraf ghani come in february this year, offered a very generous peace deal, an unconditional peace offer for the taliban which was responded to a few weeks down the line by a spring offensive. but this is a practical measure for the first time. it is only three days, but it is the first timea only three days, but it is the first time a practical measure is hoped to be incremented in afghanistan. this is seen as a very practical measure towards a ny is seen as a very practical measure towards any piece and making the taliban sit at the negotiation table. so there are hopes that this may trigger some sort of big step towards peace talks in afghanistan. shoaib sharifi, thanks very much. we
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talked earlier in the programme about the honours list being published today and we have been speaking to some of those who have been recognised. professor dame mary beard told me how she felt about being made a dame. i mean, it is terribly nice because you feel that someone has recognised you and appreciated it. but i also think it's great for the subject. to be able to get an honour for studying ancient civilisation in the 21st century, that is a tribute to the greeks and romans as well to me! although there must be a bit of you that thinks perhaps we could extend that appreciation in a more direct way. we have had all the debates about your subject area, the study of ancient languages like latin and so on, and maybe it could be broadened out a bit. i hope this will be a bit
1:24 pm
of a weapon in that battle, and i hope that all my hard—working colleagues will take this as a tribute to them as much as to me and i will keep on with the fight. it's not a difficult fight, actually, to keep ancient civilisations on the agenda. how do you think it will go down not just with your students and your colleagues, but with those who know you as a bit of a personality these days? 0h... i think those that like me will think that this is great and deserved and those who think i'm a pain in the whatever in the whatever will think oh, she's done it again. some of the newspapers have been saying there are too many remainers in this honours list.
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i noticed that. i don't actually think that whatever the honours committee is or does, and i don't know who they are, i don't think they went and looked through views on brexit. that would be too subtle. you say you don't know who they are. i suppose we don't know who they are. it's a very opaque process, probably even more opaque than appointing a don. yeah, it is opaque. and in some ways, it's probably good that it's opaque and mysterious. you don't know who it is, you don't know why they choose you. you just get the little letter and wow, that's it. the idea that it should be transparent would be awful. you're talking about your wow moment. how hard was it to keep it a secret from the family, or are you now going to confess that you didn't? terrible. i told my husband. i didn't tell the children, because i thought it's bad enough keeping a secret yourself about this, but to keep somebody
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else's secret is really unfair. so i was unusually self—controlled. it's also one of those where he doesn't get the benefit, whereas if he were made a sir, you would automatically have been a lady. i know. it's a version of gender discrimination. perhaps we ought to call all the dames' husbands buttons. warmest congratulations to professor dame mary beard. what does the weather have in store? for much of the country, this weekend is looking guy with good spells of sunshine, but also the potential for heavy and thundery showers, particularly across the channel islands, western scotland
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and northern ireland, where they could bring a lot of rain in a short amount of time. tomorrow, many places are having a dry day. still some channels around, this time transferring eastwards across parts of scotland, a few running through wales, northern england and south—west england. this is bbc news —— our latest headlines.
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the queen's birthday honours are announced. amongst the names on this year's list are former liverpool manager kenny dalglish, who is knighted, and actress emma thompson, who is made a dame. the second and final day of the g7 summit begins — negotiations have so far failed to resolve divisions over us trade tariffs yesterday. taliban fighters launch two deadly attacks on afghan soldiers — just after promising a ceasefire for the muslim holiday of eid. the queen and members of the royal family take part in her official birthday celebrations at the trooping the colour parade in central london.
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