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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 10, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm christian fraser, live in singapore, as the world awaits the historic summit between president trump and north korean leader kimjong—un about denuclearisation. mr kim is welcomed by the singapore prime minister — it's only his third trip abroad since becoming north korea's leader. president trump is currently en route to singapore and is due to arrive soon. this is the scene live by the military airbase in singapore. as preparations gather pace here in singapore for the summit on tuesday, we'll bring you the latest. and the other main headlines on bbc news at 1: the g7 summit ends in disarray over trade tariffs — president trump lashes out at the canadian prime minister, calling him dishonest and weak. and 100 years after the first british women won the right to vote, women across the uk are set
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to march together. good evening. welcome to singapore, just after eight o'clock local time here, and the next hour we are expecting donald trump to arrive here on the island. it is an unprecedented summit we are expecting here in the next 48 hours. we have never seen anything like this before, sitting american president meeting the north korean leader. we know what donald trump side you will hear a lot about that in the course of the next few days. they call it complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation, but what we do know is whether kim jong—un has that intention in mind, or indeed whether he wants to fit the timescales that american president is coming here to singapore with. as i say, donald trump will be here in the next hour and we will bring you all those pictures live as air force one
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touches down, but kim jong—un was here several hours earlier, has been transferred to his hotel on the island and has already had a meeting with the singaporean prime minister. jane frances kelly has the latest developments of the summit. from the g7 in canada to the summit in singapore. commentators are hoping president trump's meeting with kim jong—un will be a great deal smoother than relations with his allies, who have been deeply unsettled by the imposition of us tariffs. when asked about how he felt the summit would pan out, the president said he would know within the first minute of meeting mr kim whether the north korean leader was serious about the nuclear negotiations. you know the way they say you know if you're going to like somebody in the first five seconds — you ever hear that one? well, i think that very quickly i will know whether or not something good is going to happen. i also think i will know whether or not it will happen fast. the north korean leader has already arrived in singapore, amid tight security. both men have had an extraordinarily volatile relationship over the past 18 months, trading insults and threatening war
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before announcing a surprise face—to—face meeting. the summit is costing around $20 million to stage, but the prime minister of singapore says it is a price worth paying. i would say, plus or minus, it is around $20 million. we may be able to recoup a little bit of that, but i think it is a cost which we are willing to pay, and it is our contribution to an international endeavour which is in our profound interest. the meeting will take place on the island of sentosa. the prime minister and north korean leader appeared relaxed in each other‘s company, but what happens behind closed doors is anybody‘s guess. mr kim has achieved the kudos
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of sitting at the same table as the president of the united states. kim jong—un wants to rebuild the north korean economy, but whether he will give up his main bargaining chip is still hotly debated. no final deal is expected from the summit. jane—frances kelly, bbc news. well, let's take you live to the military airbase on the east of the island. that is where donald trump island. that is where donald trump is due to come in in the next half an hour. he has come here from crete, of course on his way from the g7 summit in quebec, they refuelled in crete. it is balmain, this evening, in singapore, and perhaps a warmer climate metaphorically speaking than the one he left in quebec with things did not go altogether to plan with the other six leaders. so he is in fairly bullish mood. we know that the boeing see i7s, they touched down at this same airbase yesterday, bringing all the paraphernalia that comes with a presidential summit, the helicopters, and of course the
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armoured cars that travel with the president wherever he goes around the world —— the boeing ci7s. that airport there is likely where the president will touch down, and quite an entourage with him as well. the secretary of state may —— mike pompeo who has been so involved in the discussions, and also on the plane, john bolton, who publicly speaking has not been as involved in the summit preparations, and of course the president's chief of staff. then we will follow the car which is going to the shangri—la hotel in the centre of singapore, near the main diplomatic district in the island. mariko oi is theirfor us the island. mariko oi is theirfor us this evening, where we understand preparations may be getting under way, mariko, where they will be having discussions over the next day before that meeting on tuesday morning? that's right, christian. i am outside the shangri—la hotel
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hotel where president trump will be staying. you can probably see the heavy security behind me. the president, as you mentioned, is expected to land in less than an hour, so we are expecting his motorcade to go through, just as the bus went pastjust now, in less than an hour. we are not too far from where chairman kim jong—un an hour. we are not too far from where chairman kimjong—un is, at capella hotel, you could actually walk there if you wanted to. shangri—la hotel is believed to have been chosen because it has xp and is accommodating a lot of readers —— leader, including george w bush and bach obama. —— barack obama. it has a lot of experiences there in the presidential suite. the motorcade will go through. when we see sight of mrtrump. well, as you mentioned, christian,
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chairman kim and president trump will meet on tuesday at the capella hotel on the island of sentosa, known as a resort island, home to universal studio, and other tourist spots. the capella hotel is believed to have been chosen because it can be practically blocked off. obviously sentosa island being an island, it can remain very secure for that historic summit. the question remains of what those two leaders will do tomorrow. of course kim jong—un met with the singaporean prime minister, lee hsien loong, earlier today, at the stamina, and
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president trump is expected to meet with the president of singapore tomorrow as well. —— at the as dana. sorry, mariko, for the moment. and i think you probably just lost sorry, mariko, for the moment. and i think you probablyjust lost me a few moments ago. but we have been able to reconnect. let's remind ourselves what the us is likely to be wanting to get out of this summit. in short, for north korea to give up its nuclear weapons but mr trump acknowledged that it "will take longer" than one meeting to realise that goal. but mr trump has indicated he might accept a phasing out of the programme, in exchange for a review of sanctions. i think that is a given. both men place great importance on personal connections — that could be enough to get the peace process moving. donald trump says the north's human rights record will be brought up too. that has been talked about quite a
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lot. a lot of people quite concerned there is not enough discussion about there is not enough discussion about the gulags. i% of the north korean population have been in gulags in north korea. will we talk about human rights as part of the overall package donald trump is talking about here? barbara plett—usher is at the media centre in singapore for us. it has been a busy day at the media centre, barbara, because everybody is flying in to cover this summit. something like 3000 people accredited? something like that, yes. 2000 or 3000 people, lots and lots of journalists here yes. 2000 or 3000 people, lots and lots ofjournalists here very eager to follow this historic moment, and of course manyjournalists from the region especially, because for them it means something personal. you know, if there is tension on the korean peninsula, that affects the security more broadly around those countries. if there is peace, that also makes a difference, both in terms of security and also economically. there are a lot of
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journalists here, hoping i think to cover the summit, but also that it will be something of a breakthrough towards a peace process. 0k, barbara, we will come back to you later in the hour. thank you very much for now. let's take a look then at what the north koreans are going to be hoping to achieve while they are here in singapore. we know that north korea of course has spent decades building up its nuclear programme. for one reason — to guarantee the state's survival. so if it scales down its weapons programmes, it will want a reduction of the us military presence on the peninsula. around 20,000 us troops in south korea at the moment. —— around 28,000 us troops in south korea at the moment. kim jong—un also wants to be a global player — treated as an equal alongside china, russia, japan, and south korea. we have already seen today he was meeting the south korean prime minister. suddenly from someone in total isolation, he is the flavour of the month. so president trump needs to ditch his "rocket man" label. and north korea needs money, so they are desperate for all international sanctions
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to be lifted which will allow them to actively engage in international trade. if you want an idea of how deep those sanctions bite, you canjust look at what he arrived on, and air china plane, there isn't even a plane in north korea worthy of bringing the leader to a summit like this. let's speak to someone who follows the north korean situation very closely, doctor robert kelley, who will be here with us for the next few days. he is of course a professor of political science at the pusan university, giving you your full title. let's talk about one line we are getting from the reuters news agency. it has not been confirmed by the american side, but they are reporting that kim jong—un intends to leave here at two o'clock local time which would mean five hours after the summit. what do you think might be going on there?“ thatis think might be going on there?“ that is actually what happens, it's pretty bad i think for the american
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and south korean side, that kim is just coming for a photo op, some smiles with donald trump, can talk a little but then dodge out pretty quick, and i think that has been the concern from a lot of sceptics early on, but again it could be a ploy, when donald trump, have a week ago, a kind of ploy to drive the north koreans back, so maybe it is all three—dimensional chess, but it wouldn't surprise me if the north korean leader wants to leave quickly. he has to be worried about a coup, don't want to stay here too long, so probably an idea to get out as soon as he can. long, so probably an idea to get out as $00" as he can. you long, so probably an idea to get out as soon as he can. you probably didn't want to come as far as singapore, which might explain it. are you clear in your own mind about what the americans want and are on the tags go? and glad you brought that up. american officials have been saying a lot in the last few weeks, this is something we want to happen, but it will not be a 10—year, 15 year process... i'm not sure north korea can do this in a year. once you leave pyongyang, the
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infrastructure falls out pretty quickly and are not sure they will have the ability to rip all the stuff out of the ground and handed over. but like you said, the trump people pushing for this to happen rapidly. setting this thing up to be a major collision between what the north koreans will probably give us and what the americans really want. academically to have been following this for many the novel commitments that the north koreans have offered and not adhered to. you might say, why would he develop a nuclear weapons and an intercontinental ballistic missile, and once he has achieved that, after all the years of research, just give it up within six months, for the guarantee of nothing? yes, that's the concern. i think that is one of the mistakes that government made a couple of weeks ago mentioning that libya model. when the arab spring popped up model. when the arab spring popped up they helped him. kimjong—un might think, i don't want that to happen to me, pretty grisly end, so i get why would they give that up, like you say. if they were to go to
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zero, completely, give up the whole show, they would ask for enormous concessions, probably something like all us troops out, maybe the end of the alliance between the us and south korea, which is something the us will not want to do, so it's a mismatch of expectations. just very quickly, i ask you why kim was coming here, which is first and foremost for the publicity. if he leaves after five hours it would confirm he just wanted a photo opportunity and that will play, what, forever? this will be odd look on the korean news agency bought for yea rs. if on the korean news agency bought for years. if trump doesn't come out of this with anything serious, he has to go home and explain why he made this big thing out of this in the last four months. it has been talk—— talked about for months... we will talked about for months... we will talk about this more in the next hour as donald trump arrives. let's show you the live pictures. plenty going on down there at the moment. of course the singapore foreign
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minister, we expect, will be there to meet donald trump. we not expecting any press conference at the airport this evening. you never know. donald trump does sometimes like to talk to the cameras, but we think it will be over pretty quickly, and from there he will be transferred, as we say, to the shangri—la hotel. he has meetings tomorrow with the singaporean prime minister, but tomorrow really will be used for all that korean mission team, if you will, to come together and set out exactly what they want before that meeting takes place on tuesday morning. strange to think, isn't it, they will be waiting for that summit, and yet they will be just 400, 500 metres apart, summit, and yet they will be just 400,500 metres apart, in neighbouring hotels. we will take you back to that picture at the airbase later in the hour, but for now, back to the studio. studio: christian, thank you very much, christian fraser there, reporting live from singapore. the headlines on bbc news: as you have been hearing...
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north korea's leader, kimjong—un, is in singapore for an historic summit with president trump about denuclearisation. mr trump is currently en route to singapore and expected to arrive soon — from the g7 meeting in quebec — and the summit will take place on tuesday. the g7 summit ends in disarray over trade tariffs — president trump lashes out at the canadian prime minister, calling him dishonest and weak. those are our latest news headlines. sport now, and for a full round—up from the bbc sport centre, here's tim haig. good afternoon.
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we're starting with cricket, and england are playing scotland in edinburgh in a one—day international. england won the toss and chose to bowl first, and a short while ago, scotland were 28 without loss after four overs at the grange. scotland have never beaten england in an official international match. england are ranked number one in the world. the scots are looking good so far, as you can see here. meanwhile england's key test bowler james anderson is taking six weeks off to get over a long—standing shoulder injury. he'll miss lancashire's forthcoming county matches but should be back to full fitness in time for england's test series against india in august. anderson, who's 35 now, is england's all time leading wicket—taker in test cricket. the brett run the fastest of the season at the race's grand prix jamaica last night —— the brit. on the all—time british list only linford christie has run quicker over the distance. zharnel hughes batters,
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running the fastest of the season. tyson fury will next fight on august the 18th. the heavyweight won his comeback fight in manchester last night after two and a half years out of the sport, comfortably seeing off his unlikely albanian opponent sefer seferi who was totally outclassed in both technique and size. fury, who's the former unified world champion, looked farfrom his best and after two rounds of posturing including being warned for playing up to the crowd. he eventually got down to fighting, an uppercut seemed to do the damage, and seferi retired just before the start of the fifth round. i enjoyed it, you know. it was about coming back, getting under the lights again. like i said, getting used to being back in the ring. it has been a long time. if i'm being completely honest, could have knocked out in ten seconds really, could have done him in the first round. that's being honest.
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but what would that have done me? i got four rounds instead of 30 seconds, basically, and i enjoyed it. got a good four rounds in. tv exposure, baby! he is looking pretty chipper! rafael nadal will be looking to stretch his record of french open titles to eleven when he takes on dominic thiem in the final in paris this afternoon — they're due on court at around 2 o'clock. that's all the sport for now. now on bbc news, time for the travel show. haggarty well, tim, we will have that a little later, but time for more news “— that a little later, but time for more news —— studio: well, tim. labour has said it will seek to change the government's plans for brexit in the commons on tuesday. but labour's brexit spokesman, sir keir starmer, said the votes this week were not the last chance to alter the british approach — there would be other opportunities in the coming weeks. here's our political correspondent susana mendonca dark clouds are gathering ahead of a crucial vote for the government this week. backbench tories are threatening to rebel and labour says this will not be their only chance
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to do so. the idea that this tuesday or wednesday is the last chance saloon on a single market deal is misconceived. there will be another chance with those bills. i hope we get significant victories this week on the things that matter, the meaningful vote, the customs union. the meaningful vote refers to giving parliament the power to force ministers back to the negotiating table and have a final say on what to do next if there is no deal between britain and the eu. the government wants ministers to keep hold of that decision—making power. people thinking about voting against the government this week need to think very seriously. the most important thing is we get the legislation through, because it avoids the legal cliff edge and makes sure we have a smooth legal transition in relation to brexit and sends the prime minister into thejune council with the wind in her sails. from opposite ends of the brexit debate, brexiteer iain duncan smith and former home secretary amber rudd, a key remainer, have joined forces to urge potential tory rebels to vote with the government.
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but this veteran pro—european says this week's votes could help the prime minister to fend off cabinet brexiteers. when we get to a final negotiated deal with the european union we will be in a crisis if they behave in the same way and insist on vetoing it all. we need to rescue the prime minister from this terrible treatment she is getting. theresa may will hope that any showdown with her backbenchers now will not leave her in a weakened position ahead of talks with eu leaders later this month. susana mendonca, bbc news. the founder of the leave. eu campaign, arron banks, is facing new allegations about the extent of his contact with senior russian officials. it's being reported that he held more meetings than previously disclosed and that he was offered the chance to take part in a business deal, involving six russian goldmines. the allegations have raised fresh questions about whether the kremlin sought to influence the outcome of the eu referendum in 2016. mr banks says he is the victim of a ‘political witch—hunt‘. let's ta ke
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let's take you back to singapore alive, because donald trump's aeroplane is arriving there at the military base, head of that crucial summit with kim jong—un which will be on tuesday morning, to talk about the denuclearisation of the korean peninsula. donald trump baer, who has flown from another summit, the g7 summit, which ended in some disarray, after a row over trade tariffs, predictable in many ways, and donald trump at the end of that g7 summit, really, putting out a tweet in which he denounced the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, as weak and dishonest. and
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mrtrump also trudeau, as weak and dishonest. and mr trump also saying he was refusing after a ll mr trump also saying he was refusing after all to endorse the communique, thejoint after all to endorse the communique, the joint communique, between the g7 leaders that was thought he had endorsed, a communique about free and fair trade. so mr trump clearly angered by what justin and fair trade. so mr trump clearly angered by whatjustin trudeau had said, which was that canada wouldn't be pushed around on trade. anyway, he has now moved on from that g7 summitand he he has now moved on from that g7 summit and he has arrived in singapore for talks which at one stage seemed pretty unthinkable, really, between him and kimjong—un, and those two men have also of course exchanged plenty of insults. but more recently this summit, this off again —— this on—again, off—again summit, but
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it is on again, and on the agenda, on tuesday, whether north korea will give up its nuclear weapons. an important summit not only for those nations but for all of asia and all the world which has been so threatened by the nuclear programme of the north koreans. donald trump in air force one, arriving at the airbase in singapore, and he won't meet kim jong—un immediately, airbase in singapore, and he won't meet kimjong—un immediately, but tuesday morning is when that summit will start. let's bring in doctor robert kelley who is our expert who will be with first —— us over the next few days.
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he is an expert on the subject, a professor at the pusan national university. as you watch, we get a sense of how unprecedented this is, us president, meeting the leader of what until recently was a very isolated state. sure, big deal, there a reason why this has never happened before. the united states is closely allied to south korea and we have for a long not recognise north korea. we would suggest south korea is the real career, north korea is the real career, north korea is the real career, north korea is anna brandt state, that is why it is something of a gamble. as we spoke about before i —— is an app or rent state. it if he can get something from this gamble it is pretty big but it is certainly taking a bit of a risk, because we purposely have avoided talking to the north koreans for many years. before he came here, in his meetings with shinzo abe, the japanese prime minister on thursday, he said "i am as prepared as i need to be." this is all about attitude, a willingness to do is all about attitude, a willingness todoa is all about attitude, a willingness to do a deal. how do you feel about
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that, having studied the complexities of nuclear disarmament here? if we don't get total denuclearised it is, if the north koreans come in and want a deal, they want to discuss, negotiate back and forth, then donald trump will need to know something about these issues, he will have to be able to debate what they have, how much, where is it, how powerful it is, how far the missiles can fly, and all that stuff is pretty congregated, it is not something regular people know a lot about. that is the concern, that the possessed and is not really prepared very much, so —— that the president is not really prepared very much. the concern is the president isjust not very much. the concern is the president is just not ready for it. steps going up to the door there. of course we are keeping an eye on that to see when president trump appears. in terms of what they have, for people coming to this new, the north korean debate, do we know what they have? and should we be worried about a? sure, i think it is have? and should we be worried about a? sure, ithink it is certainly accepted now that they have nuclear weapons. that is over. the question
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is just how weapons. that is over. the question isjust how big weapons. that is over. the question is just how big are the nuclear weapons. the most recent test, it looks like it was of weapon 20 times the size of the americans used on hiroshima, and then the north koreans also have missiles on which to these weapons, and we don't know how many there are. it looks like several hundred at least, including ones with a range long enough to hit the united states. and when we talk about the bomb exploded in september last year, that was a hydrogen bomb. that is pretty serious because i think there are only a small number of countries, i think this 56, that have a hydrogen bomb. can the world live with —— i think it is five or six, that have a hydrogen bomb. can the world live with this? yes, people like president trump last year, talking about fire and fury, he would say north korea is too unique, too bizarre, it is 1984 and if they have them which are genuinely be scared, but in the cold war we learned to live with the soviet union with nuclear weapons,
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china got them during the cultural revolution, pretty scary time, so we have adapted, and my own sense is we can adapt to north korea with nuclear weapons but it is certainly the most dangerous state with them, thatis the most dangerous state with them, that is certainly true. these two leaders are quite similar, pronto angry outbursts, unpredictable, nationalist, and president trump has already said —— prone to angry outbursts. he has said he will sense in the first seconds whether they can doa in the first seconds whether they can do a deal not. does that worry you? looking can do a deal not. does that worry you ? looking at can do a deal not. does that worry you? looking at previous negotiations that have gone on, there have been summit at a lower level, then you bring in the leader at the last minute, the intention, but now everything is up front, with a leader who, we know, doesn't pay as much attention to the detail as some. yes, i think that has been some. yes, i think that has been some of the concerns of the community going back and i think i said this on bbc, the same time president trump announced the meeting, three—month, properly just not enough time to hammer it is really difficult issues. if you look at the talks about ten years ago,
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that a couple of years, and it still didn't really come through. we're talking now been talking to the north koreans on and off through various summits going back to the 19905 various summits going back to the 1990s and it would be amazing if president trump to push through it all injust a president trump to push through it all in just a few months. the doors are open and we should see the president in the next minute or so. here he is. this is president trump, just about to come out through the doors. i should say, there he is, just appearing. not with a red tie this time, but a blue tie, special one for the occasion. it is an president, maybe blue is right for the occasion, who knows. i should say all the paraphernalia coming in with the president has already arrived which has been going on for the last few days. if you have been in singapore, you would see people painting the roads, cutting vegetation, improving everything, the secret service has been here and that car he is about to get in, that came in early on the boeing c17s,
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all that flooding yesterday, and there is a certain choreography. he will be transported here from the air base, quite near to the changi airport queer kim jong—un came air base, quite near to the changi airport queer kimjong—un came in yesterday. he is staying in the diplomatic quarter —— were kim jong—un came in yesterday. and the shangri—la hotel, you will be staying there. you were there yesterday. i presume one of the things they were talking about was this. yes, the question of whether they would give up everything, the north koreans, came up. i actually asked that question myself. the big debate is the rob will not go to com plete debate is the rob will not go to complete irreversible verifiable disarmament. what they will give us and what we will be prepared to negotiate, that was the question. sanctions, aid, the removal of american forces, things like that. yes, we just see american forces, things like that. yes, wejust see him getting into the car there, and going into the other cars, as i see, is mike
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pompeo, the secretary of state, who has been twice to pyongyang. also, interestingly, on the plane, we talked a bit about him recently, john bolton, the national security adviser. as hawkish as they come when it comes to north korea. sure, and that has been another concern working in the background in the recent months. when talking about the libya model, and the north koreans know what happened to getafe, that it ended pretty badly. there was a sort of sneaking suspicion out there —— gaddafi. the adviser has said repeatedly that we should strike north korea, so there isa should strike north korea, so there is a bit of anxiety that they want this thing to feel because it gives the room to say, we should strike north korea. we tried talks, didn't work, that it we have to drive action. a lot of people are worried about
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the preparation that goes into it. is there some material that you can pick out from previous negotiations that are habitable here? we arejust watching the convoy moved out of the airport here some of it is maybe just that the president is unwilling to harken back to people that came before him. it is obvious that president trump does not like president trump does not like president obama. there was work done under the obama administration and bill clinton's administration had a deal with the north koreans. george w bush has talks with the north koreans. there is a long history of negotiation and hopefully some of it will be used and repurposed. hopefully the president will not start from zero. of all the criticism that he has of other presidents, let us not forget that what he has been promised thus far by the north korean side— denuclearisation etc obama and bush have the same promise. what more do
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you need to see? of course it will bea you need to see? of course it will be a bit ofa you need to see? of course it will be a bit of a photo opportunity etc what more do you need to see apart from the process and the promises that they are going to denuclearise? that is getting to the heart of it. there has been a lot of symbolism. there has been a lot of symbolism. the olympics and the summit and now we're having all of this too. there was a lot of pomp and circumstance but we need to get beyond that and get to the substance of the debate. we need to know what they have? where is it? is there a doctrine for nuclear missile use? will about if it is safe at all. we don't know if there is something like chernobyl in north korea. we need to get into the nitty—gritty as the details and this is what the president has not spent much time on. it is probably going to bea much time on. it is probably going to be a push and pull, a give and take. short of denuclearisation, getting information on what they
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have and what they do with their nuclear waste, those sorts of things would be valuable. that is a concession. that is right. the north koreans are not going to give away anything without getting something in return. cash, aids or sanctions or something. my sense is that they won't give us very much on the missiles or the nuclear bombs now. where is it? safety is a big issue. the shape of the programme— how many nuclear weapons that they actually have? we guess maybe 20 or 50. if they gave us that, that may help reduce the paranoia on the american side so we don't think that they may have thousands of missiles flying underwear. based on what they tell us, maybe we can reduce the tension. stay with us because we are going to bring in who is at the st regis hotel. rupert, iwas bring in who is at the st regis hotel. rupert, i was watching some of the pictures. all of the press corps that was waiting for kim
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jong—un, they chased his cameraman who was suited and booted. he was in his suit and tie. he gets precedent. he is in the loop inside the hotel because these are the pictures that kim jong—un wants beaming back to north korea. that's right. i should just say that we have moved to the shangri—la just say that we have moved to the shangri— la now. just say that we have moved to the shangri—la now. we are waiting for president trump to arrive because he hasjust left the president trump to arrive because he has just left the airbase. he will be here in15 has just left the airbase. he will be here in 15 or 20 has just left the airbase. he will be here in 15 or20 minutes' time. we we re be here in 15 or20 minutes' time. we were at the st regis hotel all—day way kim jong—un is staying. it is very interesting that there is almost no information given to any of us about the north korean side. we didn't know what plain it was coming in or what time he was landing. we are outside the st regis hotel and we were all guessing. the biggest clue of all was two north korean cameramen in formal suits with badges of the old north korean leaders. badges that north koreans
1:36 pm
who work for any official where on the lapels all the time. interference i think we have lost communications with rupert there. we will see if we can go back to him because he is at the shangri—la and we want to see pictures of donald trump arriving at the hotel. it is interesting that he was describing, he was saying that they had two cameramen there who we re they had two cameramen there who were wearing the badges. you are telling me earlier when we were talking about what north korea is. we should not lose sight of the fact that this is a mafia state. it is run bya that this is a mafia state. it is run by a mafia boss. yes, the one family at the top and the famous photo of north korea as night where the city is at a light but the rest of the country is in darkness. all
1:37 pm
the resources go to the capital and to some extent that is how they are a lwa ys to some extent that is how they are always asking for aid and hand—outs. what kind of deal with going to have with the north koreans? and they have not fully changed, they are not a more normalised state, any deal we have with them, they may undercut its as they have in the past. we wa nt its as they have in the past. we want them to be less dangerous to the world. then we would trust them more. hit we have said that he is now the man of the moment. he has been meeting the leader of china and the leader of singapore and he has been brought in from the cold. what do the south koreans make of all of this? particularly those on the right of politics in south korea? there is concern on the right about where this is going in south korea. the approval rating is around 85%, possibly because of donald trump's fire and fury rhetoric last year. that has created a consensus that
1:38 pm
north korea needs to be engaged. i'm kind of a hawk of north korea and i work with people who describe themselves in that way and the language that you hear is concerned. you need to make big concessions, what is donald trump going to do? is he going to throw us under the bus? there is a lot of anxiety. it would help a lot if donald trump gave some kind of speech about what we are looking to do in north korea, layout some guidelines and a clearer sense of where this is going. better than we will see where this is going. apiece as you wrote the other day you said that this process has been americanised and that it shouldn't have been. it is really china that has so much to lose from this.|j ee, has so much to lose from this.” agree, i mean, iwrote it! ultimately, i would like to see the united states... this is really a korean issue. this is why i am happy that president mood is doing this. this needs to be led by the koreans,
1:39 pm
this is their reconciliation. all otherforeigners should this is their reconciliation. all other foreigners should not be a of this at all. but i do think that donald trump has pushed the united states into a central position with his fire and fury remarks last year. but actually it is china that should be more concerned about north korea's fate. most of north korea's trade runs through china. we know that some of the illicit behaviour that some of the illicit behaviour that north korea has engaged in has gone with china looking the other way. there is a whole chinese roll out there which is not being discussed much in the last year because donald trump has kind of swallowed the whole, session. these sanctions bite and they have been there for years and years. they couldn't even get into the summit. north korea is a pretty dysfunctional place. one new... once you leave the city, the data and technology is outdated. they have since progressed from that but north
1:40 pm
korea is a fairly obsolete place. a lot doesn't work very well and it is ha rd to lot doesn't work very well and it is hard to find clean water and the toilets are brown and tap water is brown etc. it is kind of shambolic and that is one of the reasons that we are here. they have nuclear weapons and is looking for a deal. that he put the counterargument to those who are sceptical about what is going on here. why would kim jong—un give up the nuclear weapons and the icbm ‘s and other things that he had spent years developing? why would he give all that up for the promise of nothing? how argument? there has been a race over the last year to get true position where he is empowered and he is a nuclear power so that he has some proper level ridge over the international committee. is that what has gone on and it is for the first time that north korea wants to do? i think the weapons give him a shield. what happened in iraq cannot
1:41 pm
happen in north korea. now he can deal. the weapons give him a position of strength, a shield and a protection against an american strike. they would not want a launch against la or las vegas or something like that. now we have... president trump is correct, we need to reach out and see if they want a deal. is this just out and see if they want a deal. is thisjust a out and see if they want a deal. is this just a photo up ordinary rewards to do this? maybe we can get came to the table and ask what he wa nts. came to the table and ask what he wants. if he gives us nothing and he changes the subject, then we know then there is no point in talking. we should give him the opportunity. kim jong—un if you are justjoining us, he arrived in singapore are little earlier. these pictures that we are seeing are the american president being whisked away from the airbase. he is being taken to the airbase. he is being taken to the shangri—la hotel. while we are waiting for him to arrive at the shangri—la hotel, we will talk about
1:42 pm
where they are meeting. it is an island which is at the southern tip of the island. as you drive onto it through the gateway, it is a gateway so you can close it off. it looks like a capitalist utopia. there are golf courses and some of the top villas in singapore. on the western side of the island there is this hotel which used to be and officers mess. it has been refurbished into a 5—star hotel and it is on a hill this hotel that you are looking at here. madonna has stayed here, lady gaga too. you can see the vegetation around it. it is the sort of place that the secret service cut—off, the singapore police can isolated and police checks been put up, you can see them. cameras have been put up over the last few days. security has been tight therefore the last three orfour been tight therefore the last three or four days. you can been tight therefore the last three orfour days. you can seal it
1:43 pm
been tight therefore the last three or four days. you can seal it off from prying eyes. there are the beaches. are they going to walk hand—in—hand down the sand. we should remind you about some of the things that we have heard on reuters. let's bring in our reporter outside the shangri—la hotel. i don't know if this stands out or not, this report from reuters, it would be surprising. he said he would be surprising. he said he would leave at two o'clock on tuesday. that would mean he had only been on the island for five hours. that would leave serious egg on the face of the us president.” that would leave serious egg on the face of the us president. i have been hearing those reports as well andl been hearing those reports as well and i can tell you that it has taken everybody here by surprise because there was a sense, certainly the feeling that this was a meeting that the north koreans had waited for, a decade. they are finally getting it and to go afterjust five hours suggest that they... we are not quite sure what that suggests.
1:44 pm
either they have got this brought up and they are going to go in, do the handshake and a signed and announce the declaration very quickly. which would surprise me. or it suggests that maybe kim jong—un's main reason for coming here is the international prestige to get out onto the world stage, to be seen together with the us president in this summit context and that he is not expecting to do much more than that. it is very hard to say. as you say, we don't know whether the report is true or not but it is a surprise. yes, and tomorrow the americans will be well, the president will meet the singaporean tri— minister in the morning but the experts they brought with them, those who have been in the dmc and who have been negotiating with the north koreans will be behind—the—scenes coming up with a plan to try to find things to talk to the north koreans about? you would hope so. this time has been
1:45 pm
very very short between the april summit at the demilitarised zone with the south korean president and this summit happening. an extremely short amount of time to arrange a summit of this significance. you would assume that they were using every last moment they could to prepare for this. that is not what we are hearing from president trump who was saying that he doesn't need to prepare and he can size people up within a few seconds, it is all about attitude and not about preparation. it is not clear at all from the american side what sort of preparation is going on. it certainly looks like there has been more preparation in the last few weeks with mike pompeo, the secretary of state, going to pyongyang and washington with meetings going on. and at the demilitarised zone with officials from both sides. there have been real ground work going on but it is still a very short amount of time
1:46 pm
for such a momentous summit. to try and achieve something that no one else has managed to do for more than 60 years. as we wait for that convoy, you have been to north korea. you will know what will be going on in pyongyang to light and over the next few days. what do you think they will tell the people in north korea about what is going on? i think it is very interesting that as faras we i think it is very interesting that as far as we know, this trip has not been announced to the people of north korea yet. what i have seen here in singapore today of the comings and goings of kim jong—un, with camera teams in cars, in front of him on the street, this is a huge thing for kim jong—un. to come here, to step out onto the international stage for the first time. let's not forget that the only places he has been to since he took over in 2012 are china and the demilitarised zone just a few meters across the board
1:47 pm
into south korea. this is coming out toa into south korea. this is coming out to a completely different place. hugely under the international spotlight here. being fated as a statesman now, effectively. being shown as an equal to the us president. even in all the choreography, the fact that he has got two big bullet—proof limousines, one which we have never seen. it is an expensive german limousine that i have never seen before and he has come with that. he wants to show that he is equal in every way to the us president. that is the view that he is going to show to his people back home. a new stretch limo, not bad for a man who is supposedly under sanctions. how we got that, no one knows. moving on from that. you made reference to who he is, we should make reference to the fact that he is only 33. he is less than half the age of the president. he
1:48 pm
was educated in switzerland. we don't know whether he speaks english and what his attitude is going to be. whether there is going to be a press co nfe re nce be. whether there is going to be a press conference on tuesday. that will be fascinating. it will and the transformation that has happened with him in the last few months. from his takeover of power from his father when he was just 27 years old at the end of 2011. remember those seenin at the end of 2011. remember those seen in the snowfall of pyongyang when his father's body was being taken atop a struts the back stretch limousine at his funeral. kim jong—un, a 27—year—old, barely into an altered, barely having trained at all to take over from his father raking down in tears several times during a ceremony. many people at that time wrote him off saying that this was a kid with no experience, he won't survive in the brutal world
1:49 pm
of north korean politics. and that he will be essentially shoved aside and the old men who surrounded his father will take over and there will bea father will take over and there will be a collective leadership in north korea. how wrong have they been? now in 2018 he has solidified and secured his position as the supreme leader of north korea. he has got rid of his half brother and uncle and he has effectively moved aside a lot of the old guard and he is very much secure in control at the supreme leader as north korea today. nobody should underestimate him, he is very young but he is seemingly a lot more wily and a lot more ruthless and effective than people thought he would be six years ago. as you say, we don't have much information as to when he will arrive here that people are having following the flight tracker. not many flights leave john yang following the flight tracker. not many flights leavejohn yang but today there were three. —— not many flights leave the capital of north korea but today there were three.
1:50 pm
its sister was on this soviet style aircraft which we know he has trouble on before. robert was making the point that this is something, he has is chief of staff and his sister and the top echelons of the leadership of north korea are here in singapore. for a state that is so paranoid, perhaps that is quite dangerous? yeah, there is always talk that, the regime itself talks about the supreme leader leaving the country. in the run—up to the summit, there was talk about him not wanting to go to far away because he wants to get back home, get out here and get back home quickly. the fact that he has brought such a large entourage including, as you say, these very senior figures in the regime and his sister. i don't know, we are just getting really. it strikes me that this is striking a much more confident figure than for
1:51 pm
example his father who clearly did not enjoy foreign travel. he never took aeroplanes, he took an armoured train everywhere. this is a different leader. whatever we think about kimjong—un and different leader. whatever we think about kim jong—un and his human rights record and be 100,000 people who are in the gulag in north korea, use a different man from his father. we are just about... i don't know whether this is going to hold up but we are about to see... it looks like the motorcade is arriving here. i don't know whether you can see this behind me but this is the first car of president trump's. .. we can see the flashing blue lights coming round the corner. here we go. wouldn't you just know it, the
1:52 pm
picture has just frozen! wouldn't you just know it, the picture hasjust frozen! go on, rupert. i will step out of the way a little bit. so here we go. i don't know what you can see here but this is... interference this motorcade is something to see. yes, it is something to see. we think the president is maybe in that one and of course all of the staff. the secretary of state mike pompeo and john bolton the security advisor. there are journalists inside the bubble who travel with the president who are not allowed outside the bubble while they are on the presidential trip. they will go to the same hotel as they will travel together as well. they are staying at the shangri—la hotel. that is where other us presidents
1:53 pm
have stayed. obama has stayed there, george w bush stayed there. it is a place where they hold these type of the drastic events. just this week they were holding the shangri—la dialogue which is a military conference for world leaders. leaders from 50 countries were there. rupert, can you hear us? yes, ican hearyou. there. rupert, can you hear us? yes, i can hearyou. i hope there. rupert, can you hear us? yes, i can hear you. i hope you can hear me. president trump was in the second of the limousines there. just a very interesting note, i have seen big suburban cars going past me and have the lights flashed on it, i saw john bolton sitting in the back seat. the national security adviser. a very controversial figure in the administration. people thought that perhaps he would not come and that it would just be mike pompeo as the main figure. butjohn bolton is here in that motorcade and i am not sure how the north koreans are going to react to the fact that john bolton has accompanied president trump
1:54 pm
here. apologies as the pictures dropped in and out but it was worth sticking with rupert. john bolton sitting next to the president. not a figure that we have seen much of during these talks but he is hawkish. the us delegation is here and the summit is going. the weather is behaving itself quite nicely at the moment. there is some sharp showers but not amounting to two much. many of us have blue sky and sunshine and temperatures are starting to respond, into the mid—20s by the middle of the afternoon. for the rest of the day, it will be dry for many of us. yes, if we get a few showers it will be a bit boundary. it is worth bearing in mind if you are a hay fever sufferer, we are going to continue
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to get pretty high pollen out there at the moment and so that could be a bit ofan at the moment and so that could be a bit of an issue for one or two of you. a fuel showers, not as many as yesterday. mainly across eastern scotland, north east england. as i say, keeping the sunshine close 23-24d. we say, keeping the sunshine close 23—24d. we could pick a few sharp showers down into the south—west. if this happens, they may will well linger, not only through the afternoon but also overnight. generally through the night we keep quite a quiet theme. a lot of clouds filling in of the east coast and those of 9—14d. we start off tomorrow morning almost with a repeat performance yet again. a little bit of early morning mist, a grey start. the west will be best for early morning sunshine and eventually the sunshine will nibble away quite nicely at the cloud and we will see a good deal of dry, sunny weather. a few showers through the afternoon, one or two into scotla nd the afternoon, one or two into scotland and northern england. we
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are likely to see the temperatures into the mid—20s. into choose day, we will start to pick up a subtle change with a northerly flow. that could introduce a slightly fresher feel. more cloud around perhaps on tuesday and hopefully there will be some breaks and sunny spell from time to time. a noticeable difference in the field of things, a good four — 5 degrees down. highs of 19-20d. the good four — 5 degrees down. highs of 19—20d. the real change starts to show its hand on wednesday. it would arrive till wednesday night but a area of low pressure moving in from the atlantic and wet and windy weather coming across. 60 mph winds knocked out of the question. our week ahead looks likely to start off warm and dry but we will start to see those winds strengthening and some rain arriving into the north west a little bit later. it looks like friday will quiet down again.
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asi like friday will quiet down again. as i say, welcome rain for the gardens on wednesday and some rain... this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 2pm: in the last hour, president trump arrives in singapore for an historic summit on denuclearisation with north korean leader, kim jong un. kim jong un has already been greeted by singapore's prime minister. the historic summit with the us leader will take place on tuesday. the g7 summit ends in disarray over trade tariffs. president trump lashes out at the canadian prime minister, calling him dishonest and weak. i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing, but it is something we relish doing, but it is something we absolutely will do. as canadians, polite, reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. companies are to be forced to justify the pay gap between their highest and lowest earners. processions are taking place all over the uk
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with women wearing the colours of the suffragette movement —
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