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tv   Our World  BBC News  June 10, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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this is bbc world news. the headlines... donald trump has arrived in singapore ahead of the summit with the summit with kim jong—un. he's hoping to strike a deal that will lead to the demutualisation of the peninsula. kim jong—un demutualisation of the peninsula. kimjong—un and demutualisation of the peninsula. kim jong—un and his delegation were first to arrive. it will be the first to arrive. it will be the first summit between a sitting us president and a north korean leader. mr kim has already had a meeting with the leader of singapore. following the g7 meeting, one of president trump's aides has accused justin trudeau stabbing him in the back. there have been several demonstrations on the streets of vietnam over fears of growing chinese influence in the economy. protesters are concerned that china will dominate three new special economic zones, where foreigners will be allowed to own land on a 99 year lease. at ten o'clock, clive myrie will be
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here with the news. tens of thousands of children in pakistan are legally employed as domestic servants. they cook and clean and are vulnerable to exportation and abuse. but there are rarely consequences for those that cause them harm. this programme contains some scenes which viewers may find upsetting. for losing a broom, this ten—year—old girl says she was beaten and her hands were burned. this 16—year—old boy died allegedly after being assaulted again and again. their horrific stories highlight the plight of some children working as servants in the homes of the rich and powerful in pakistan. but their desperately poor families often choose not to pursue the cases... ..meaning those accused of abuse regularly go unpunished.
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wherever you go in pakistan, you can see young children working to support their families. but others are less visible, working behind closed doors in upmarket neighbourhoods. tens of thousands of children are sent by their impoverished families to work as domestic servants in homes across pakistan. some of them are aged as young as eight or nine years old. and in most of the country, there is simply no law whatsoever preventing anyone from hiring them. ten—year—old tayyaba is learning
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to be a child again. he is very fat... (laughs). she used to work hundreds of miles away from her family, in the home of a judge and his wife in the capital islamabad. television. very good. these pictures of her taken in late 2016 caused outrage on social media. tayyaba is currently being looked after at a children's home run by a charity. sitting with her best friend and her carers, she agreed to talk to us. the couple employing her have denied
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mistreating tayyaba. but she told me she was beaten by the wife just for losing a broom. the children here are divided into houses, each with a specific carer, or mother, to look after them. azmat has been helping tayyaba recover from her ordeal. tayyaba's best friend in the home is another former child maid, fatimah. slightly older and more confident, she has taken tayyaba under her wing. tayyaba grew up in a small village about 200 miles south of islamabad.
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i went to meet her father to find out why the ten—year—old had to leave home to go and work for a judge and his wife. children aren't legally allowed to work in most businesses in pakistan, but despite calls from campaigners, in the vast majority of the country there is no ban on them working inside homes. there are thought to be over 250,000 children working as domestic servants. some child maids end up working in homes alongside their mothers, orfind jobs in their own neighbourhood. but for others it is much more organised. there are employment agents acting as middlemen, and we are on our way now to meet one of them. irshad bibi runs
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an employment agency on the outskirts of islamabad. she has no shortage of clients looking for domestic workers, and no shortage of families volunteering their children. some people would say these children shouldn't be working, they should be in school. amidst the tangled streets of the historic centre of lahore, we discovered one of the most shocking examples of what can happen to children who are domestic servants. 16—year—old akhtar died while working in the home of a local politician and her daughter. his uncle was the first from the family to recover the body. the home belongs to shahjahan, a local politician from the ruling party. the home belongs to shahjahan, a local politician from the ruling party. she, though, was never accused of any wrongdoing. also living there was her daughter fauzia. both women deny abusing akhtar and say he died from an infection. but akhtar‘s 12—year—old
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sister also worked there. she said she and her brother were regularly beaten by the politician's daughter. the police registered a case against fauzia for killing akhtar and assaulting his sister lastjuly. the postmortem on akhtar‘s body revealed he had been beaten repeatedly with a blunt instrument. 25 injuries. the lawyer who represented his father claims the evidence was clear—cut. he agreed to take on the case for free, as long as akhtar‘s father promised to pursue a trial and not
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take an out—of—court settlement. before the trial had even really started, akhter‘s father announced he no longer wanted to pursue the case. most criminal cases in pakistan aren't filed by the state but by the victims or theirfamilies. that means they have the right to drop the charges and to reach a settlement. all they have to do is tell the court that they forgive a suspect in the name of god. usually the real reason, though, is that they are being paid off. i visited akhter‘s family home last october.
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they were building an extension — according to some relatives with money from a settlement, though they deny receiving everything. at the time, they refused to talk to me. but now i am on my way back to meet the head of the village, who says he was a witness to at least some negotiations. muhammad ali claims representatives of fauzia's family came to see him and akhter‘s father. it is hard to pin down exactly what happened next. different people allege different things about who received money to drop the case. but none of it can be proved, and fauzia's family deny paying anybody anything. i wanted to speak to akhter‘s father directly. this is where akhter‘s body now lies, largely forgotten amidst the negotiations, squabbling, and accusations of money. it would be easy to blame these
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families for seeming to give up on the chance ofjustice for their dead children in exchange for a few thousand dollars. but when you see the kind of poverty that they live in, then perhaps it becomes completely understandable. the problem is that if no one is ever punished for these crimes, they'll never stop. i wanted to ask fauzia about the allegations against her myself, but couldn't get an answer. fauzia livesjust up the road here. we have had no response to our allegations. we have been told that at the time of akhter‘s death, fauzia was working as a some sort of teacher. and now because there was no conviction, there is nothing preventing fauzia from working with children again. fauzia's mother, who we've been told
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that with her at the time — even though she was not accused of any abuse — is still a member of the regional assembly. i managed to track her down. so she was just saying that she's out of breath, that she's a heart patient and can barely breathe. 0bviously didn't want to enter our questions. but it is really hard to understand how she could live in the same house as her daughter and his young boy akhter and not know what is going on. that is what we wanted
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to ask her about. in the case of 10—year—old tayyaba, there was a conviction. maheen zafar was accused of assault and her husband, judge raja khurram ali, of cruelty to a child. before the trial, tayyaba told the police that she had been beaten. when she came to give evidence, she initially confidently repeated the claims, but under cross—examination, tayya ba contradicted herself and then withdrew them. the court apparently noticed a change in her behaviour. in the notes here, it says that whatever the defence lawyers were asking her, she responded with a simple "yes sir." tayyaba's father, with help from his lawyer, had tried to get the charges dropped. but in this instance, the court refused to allow them to do so. as long as there are poor
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families in poor villages, there are likely to be child maids. ushad bibi and one of the agents are going about four hours south of islamabad to meet potential recruits. this family say they want to send their ten—year—old daughter to work in islamabad. a few weeks later, i get a call from tayyaba's father, and he says he wants to tell me the truth. tayyaba's father claims his lawyer was paid for by the suspects and convinced him to try and drop the case. it is hard to tell what really happened, but his account was corroborated by a second source involved in the negotiations. tayyaba's father's former lawyer
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says the claims are completely untrue and that tayyaba's father testified in court that he was not under any pressure. the lawyer representing ali and his wife said the claims were malicious and false. there were convicted of neglecting an injured child, and each was sentenced to one year injail. they were acquitted of all other charges, including assaulting them. there remain free was the appeal the verdict. but there is a chance for a happy ending. when tayyaba grows up, she wants to be a teacher, because she says children should be in school, not working. hello there. for many of us across the uk we have been quite spoiled of late. we've been able to plan ahead.
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we been able to say, let's have a barbecue, and the weather has behaved itself. it has been quite dry, this weekend illustrates that quite nicely. we've seen temperatures low to mid 20s quite widely, with the exception across the east coast, which has stayed quite cloudy. i'm sorry to rain on your parade, because it could actually rain a little later on this week. we start off warm and dry, but it's going to turn increasingly wet and windy. monday will be business as usual, though. quite a quiet story under the influence of high pressure. so, that means another great start with plenty of low cloud spilling in off the north sea to start with. the sunshine is strong at this time of year. it nibbles away at that cloud quite quickly, and we will see some distance for the sunshine coming through with one or two isolated, sharp showers. always the risk of a little more cloud again the further east you are. 16—18 degrees the high. the highest values in the sunshine of 2a degrees, 75 fahrenheit. on tuesday, could pick up a bit more
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of a northerly breeze. that could influence the story. a bit of a cooler, fresher feel for things. more cloud around and perhaps just a little less sunshine. highs of around 15—20 degrees by the middle tuesday afternoon. we can, on wednesday, start to see the science of a change. we have to look out to the atlantic as frontal systems start to drive in, slowly but surely. ahead of it, there is a decent ridge of high pressure. 0n the whole, for most of us on wednesday, not too bad a day. dry, more sunshine and perhaps a little warmer than tuesday's weather. by the end of the afternoon, into northern ireland and western scotland, the cloud and rain will gather, the wind will start to strengthen. in fact, we could see quite significant low pressure bringing gusts of wind in excess of 50 or 60 mph. as much as an inch of rain into scotland and northern ireland. a wet and windy start to thursday here. that rain will weaken as it pushes its way steadily southwards. no significant downpours for southern england. behind it, fresher, with a few showers. 17—18 degrees into the north.
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highest values under the cloud and rain perhaps 20 degrees. as you move out of thursday into friday, things quieten down a little. there will be some sunshine around. it is going to be fresher. the mid—teens for scotland and northern ireland. we could see the highest values on friday of 23 degrees. the weather has been quite quiet, and it is all due to the jet stream recently. but it looks as though the jet stream is set to re—establish itself, slamming across the uk. it is the jet stream that drives in the low—pressure systems across the atlantic. so, it does look as though, as we move further ahead, things will turn a little more unsettled. what that basically means is that the jet stream will drive these areas of low pressure in from the atlantic, as you can see, one clears away before another one moves in. the low—pressure will stay to the north and west. that means the wettest and windiest of the weather is always likely to be across parts of scotland and northern ireland.
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further south we will have slightly lighter winds and rain not as significant. looking ahead, it does look as though the far north—west will see the wettest and windiest of the weather. further south and east, it stays dry and warm at times. we will keep you updated on further developments. tonight at ten, donald trump is in singapore for his eagerly anticipated summit with kim jong un. is in singapore for his eagerly both both men are confident progress can be made. the president hopes the talks will lead to north korea giving up its nuclear weapons. will lead to north korea giving while mr kim wants security guarantees, and the end of punishing sanctions. guarantees, and the end it was all smiles at the start of the g7 summit two days ago,
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