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welcome to bbc news broadcasting from singapore and london, live, to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is sharanjit leyl. our top stories: on the eve of the historic us—north korea summit, donald trump says he feels "very good" about the talks. it will be the first face—to—face meeting between him and kimjong—un. north korea says it's willing to discuss denuclearisation and a permanent and durable peace. the world's media are watching their every move. but can the two sides find enough common ground to strike a deal? i'm nkem ifejika, in london. also in the programme: from smiles at the g7 summit, to a war of words. the us accuses canada of bad faith and back—stabbing. and not welcome in italy or malta — a row over the fate of 600 migrants rescued from the mediterranean.
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welcome to singapore for our special coverage on the eve of the historic summit between us president, donald trump, and the leader of north korea, kimjong—un. both men are already here, preparing for the big day on tuesday. it will be the first time a sitting us president will meet a north korean leader. the white house hopes the meeting will begin a process that will lead to pyongyang giving up its nuclear weapons. kimjong—un, for his part, wants security guarantees, respect on the global stage, and an end to international sanctions in order to build the economy. north korean state media is now reporting that the two leaders will discuss a way of creating permanent and durable peace, and denuclearization,
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on the korean peninsula. our correspondent, laura bicker starts our coverage. the waiting is over. the hard work starts now. donald trump has arrived in singapore to try to do a deal that has eluded past us presidents. he hopes his unconventional political style will persuade kimjong—un to disarm. i think within the first minute, i'll know. reporter: how? just my touch, my feel, that's what i do. the north korean leader doesn't look like he's feeling his way. considering this is his debut on the world's diplomatic stage, he looked calm and relaxed as he discussed his hopes for peace with the singaporean prime minister. he's taking no chances with security. his hand—picked bodyguards have flown with him, along with his bullet—proof limousine. thousands took the chance
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to catch a rare glimpse of this usually reclusive leader. if mr kim is trying to transition from nuclear armed dictator to global statesman, this summit is offering him the perfect platform. at this church in singapore, south koreans pray for the possibilities this may offer. and tears for the years of war the peninsula endured. some have criticised south koreans for being overly optimistic about this meeting. but after a year of brinkmanship, most see the summit itself as progress. translation: there's a korean saying that the first spoonful of food will not make you full. i know the summit will be the first step to much bigger changes, so even if the results aren't
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significant, i'll be thankful. while every detail is being dealt with on the island where they'll meet, no—one is really sure whether they'll be in this secluded spot for two minutes, two hours, or even two days. the hopes of nearly 70 million korean people lie here. it's their best chance of peace in decades, and it's fallen to an unpredictable us president and an untested north korean leader. perhaps the calm waters of this luxury resort will compel them to take tentative steps towards a deal. but rarely has there been a summit with higher steaks and greater uncertainty over its outcome. laura bicker, bbc news, singapore. both leaders have arrived. president trump infact
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both leaders have arrived. president trump in fact arrived last night, local time. apparently the shangri—la hotel where our correspondent is. he hasjust 20 minutes ago. he hasjust been treating. but he has been tweeting about the upcoming summit with kim jong—un great to be in singapore, excitement in the air, is what he tweeted. you can probably see the american flags behind me and the second —— the flag of singapore. he's staying here. we were where he was staying earlier at security
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moved us are long. the hotel was chosen because it has experience in accommodating many global leaders including two former american president, george w bush and barack 0bama. many historic summits have taken place here, including the meeting between the chinese president and the then taiwanese leader. a few weeks ago, all the defence ministers from the region gathered. it has a lot of experience in security and also we understand that the officials from the us and north korea have started a meeting at the ritz carlton, not too far from here. this is the shrien reeva hotel in 0rchard, kimjong—un is at st regis it you can walk there in ten minutes. 0fficials st regis it you can walk there in ten minutes. officials have st regis it you can walk there in ten minutes. 0fficials havejust started meeting at the ritz carlton which is also not too far. all those
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preparations taking place ahead of the historic summit on tuesday. the president is staying at the shangri—la hotel and she is down the road from where kim jong—un is staying. let's get more analysis from south korea now. we know denuclearisation is on the agenda and what they land to speak about. daniel pinkston is an international relations lecturer at troy university. he's in seoul. tell us about what the best case scenario we could see from these his doric talks? —— historic. scenario we could see from these his doric talks? -- historic. the establishment of personal relationships and a report and the toning down of hostility and
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attention. that would enable a process to begin. —— tensions. 0n the korean eyre peninsula, both koreas would like to see some kind of peace regime, a true peace. we are peace now, the recent no conflict going on but a true peace includes an environment where no one expects any chance of hostility, something like the border between us and canada — at least before this weekend! a dry down of conventional forces, the beginning of arms control and the beginning of denuclearisation. the us is most concerned about the nuclear arsenal and delivery system tatishvili long—range lipstick missiles and they will try to focus on those things and the two sides will look for areas in which interests c0 nve i’g e for areas in which interests converge and begin a process to do
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that. cooperation with allies and international organisation as well. is it possible to revamp a tent talks with a regime which is authoritarian, reclusive and essentially nuclear focused stop how confident are we that these talks will go well because we know president trump has famously said he could tell a person ‘s personality within five seconds so they could potentially be negative by percussions as well? yes, we do not know which way it will go but, of course, as a modern nationstate in the international system we have diplomats and that is what we pay them to do. you have to talk to everyone, your enemies and your friends, you have to signal your
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resolve, in the case of an enemy or and hostile nation, you have to work on areas where your interests c0 nve i’g e on areas where your interests converge and even when you are at war, states talk to each other to resolve the conflict. we always have to talk to states, societies and politics involved. the interests and preferences might change so diplomats always have to do that, regardless of how bad the relations are and that is what they are doing now. this is an orthodox because it is starting from the top down. usually before a summit, the working levels will negotiate the details of the agreement and finally the leaders will meet for the photo opportunity and signed the agreement. there has been a very short time to prepare for this. they have the summit of this will begin a process that we hope will go in a positive direction but it can also go in positive direction but it can also goina positive direction but it can also go in a negative direction as well.
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thank you so much for that analysis. donald trump it seems is not entirely focussed on the summit with president kim. he's once again taken to twitter to express how unhappy he is at the perceived trade deficit of the united states. he says: "why should i, as president of the united states, allow countries to continue to make massive trade surpluses, as they have for decades, while ourfarmers, workers & taxpayers have such a big and unfair price to pay? not fair to the people of america! $800 billion trade deficit." this, of course, refers to the g7 summit. huge criticism from his allies. we had a great time in canada, it's a great country. i'm now going to singapore
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and i'll see you there. thank you. president trump tried to sound positive as he left quebec for a second summit, having signed up to a finaljoint communique. a face—saving agreement after what was in reality a bad—tempered meeting. inside, there had been no hiding the divides between america and the other g7 nations over its imposition of steep tariffs. as canadians, we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. donald trump responded to those remarks from onboard air force one, with tweets that withdrew america from the agreement, and attacked justin trudeau, who he said had acted so meek and mild during the g7 meetings. in fact, he said, he was dishonest and weak. he really kind of stabbed us in the back. and in a series of interviews white house advisers made clear in no uncertain terms that daggers have been drawn. there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald] trump,
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and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door, and that's what bad faithjustin trudeau did with that stunt press conference. america has argued that tariffs on imported steel and aluminium are needed to protect its national security, but that seems to be at the expense of age—old relationships. the national security pretext is absurd and frankly insulting to canadians. the closest and strongest ally the us has had. america's old allies have been united in sending a message to the white house. after the difficult diplomacy in quebec, there is an open frustration with president trump, particularly after his late withdrawal from that supposedly agreed g7 statement. even his old friend the french president emmanuel macron has been fiercely critical. in a statement he said that international cooperation can not be
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dictated by fits of anger and throw away remarks. the images that emerged from this g7 told their own story. president trump out of step with the other leaders, and in his quest to put america first, it increasingly looks like america sits alone. chris buckler, bbc news, washington. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: rescued in the mediterranean but still stranded. a ship carrying 600 african migrants is barred from landing by italy and malta. the day the british liberated the falklands, and by tonight, british troops had begun the task of disarming the enemy. in the heart of the west german capital, this was gorby—mania
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at its height. the crowd packed to see the man who, for them, has raised great hopes for an end for the division of europe. michaeljackson was not guilty on all charges, the screams of the crowd testament to his popularity and their faith in his innocence. as long as they'll pay to go see me, i'll get out there and kick 'em down the hill. what does it feel like to be the first man to go across the channel by your own power? it's pretty neat. feels marvellous, really. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: 0n the eve of the historic us—north korea summit, donald trump says he feels very good about the talks. both he and kim jong—un are in singapore. north korea says the summit will discuss de—nuclearisation and a permanent and durable peace.
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let's go back to sharanjit leyl in singapore. you are singaporean. how exciting is it for you guys over there? it is extraordinarily exciting. i've got to say, as a singaporean, this is the most exciting thing that's happened to my city since independence i should say. speaking to many of my singaporean countrymen as well, there's a great deal of pride and a little bit of apprehension as well at posting this summit because of course allah glamorous skyline gets to dominate international news broadcasts for a number of days —— hosting —— our. we know there are headstrong leaders involved and talks could go either way, as you've been hearing our a nalysts way, as you've been hearing our analysts talk about. there's a lot to ta ke analysts talk about. there's a lot to take in but certainly an exciting
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time with these historic talks. we know there's a lot of security that's gone into it, lots of singaporeans concerned about the kind of investment that's gone into it. the prime minister had said 20 million singapore dollars was spent on security and logistics around the summit, and! on security and logistics around the summit, and i spoke to singapore's minister for summit, and i spoke to singapore's ministerfor home affairs summit, and i spoke to singapore's minister for home affairs a little earlier to ask him about this and he explained the enormity of hosting this summit. we're talking about the president of the united states, chairman kim of north korea. probably the highest security then people will face. coming here, the logistics of it, they are staying in two different places, meeting in a third—place. the us, meeting the security challenges and requirements, in two weeks, it normally takes months to prepare for this. we have mobilised thousands of security personnel. more than 5000 security personnel
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from home team and we've also got the army helping. we are quietly confident. lots of people are saying that if any country can pull this together, if any city can pull this together, if any city can pull this together, in such a short span of time it would be singapore and i'm told you have already had to turn away some potential suspects. how safe are we likely to be over the next few days? my people are quietly confident but in this business, you never say never. it's notjust people attacking the meetings or meeting the individuals or the delegations, it's an opportunity when the world's eyes are turned on singapore for extremists, others, to create an incident in some of the locations in singapore to get attention. the security people, the police, have had to think about it but i feel good about the situation is. we've heard from the singaporean prime
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minister, he said it's costing the country around 20 million singapore dollars to host this event in terms of logistics, half of that going into security and logistics. he says it's a price singapore is willing to pay. is it a price singapore is willing to pay and where is the other half going?” look at it in these ways, 0k? first, in terms of something happens, they have a platform, they don't determine the outcome, that's between the us and north korea but if something positive comes out, evenif if something positive comes out, even if tension gets reduced, it's good for everyone, including singapore. we're a responsible memberof the singapore. we're a responsible member of the international community of nations but i also make the point we are 20 minutes away... and seven hours flight time from the us. tension reduced isn't just tension reduced isn'tjust in our interests. i think singaporeans will be hugely proud that we are
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providing a platform for possible peace. the minister of home affairs there in singapore, of course, talking about the scale of getting ready for such a about the scale of getting ready for sucha summit about the scale of getting ready for such a summit on such a short span of time. 0n—again, off again, then it was off again and singapore had to put it in place in the space of two weeks, talking about some of the challenges of putting together this enormous summit. i can bring you up to date with some of the latest tweets that we're getting. 0f course, we heard from president trump earlier, saying it's great to be here in singapore, he's had a night to rest after his long flight on air force one, he a long flight. we heard earlier from on air force one, he a long flight. we heard earlierfrom us secretary of state, mike pompeo, who is with him alongside a delegation that includesjohn bolton, him alongside a delegation that includes john bolton, for him alongside a delegation that includesjohn bolton, for instance, but mike pompeo has tweeted today
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saying the united states remains committed to the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation of the korean peninsular. he is tweeting that ahead of the big talks that start tomorrow morning. back to you. thanks, sharanjit. italy's new interior minister has barred a rescue vessel carrying more than 600 migrants from docking in its ports. matteo salvini, who leads the right—wing populist party, the league, asked maltese authorities to accept the ship, but malta says it is italy's responsibility. caroline rigby has more. prepared to risk the perilous sea crossing from africa in search of a better life. most are not refugees but economic migrants, attracted to europe for its wealth and jobs. coming from across sub—saharan africa, they board boats in libya, often with the aid of people smugglers. bound for italy, it's a
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dangerous journey, smugglers. bound for italy, it's a dangerousjourney, which smugglers. bound for italy, it's a dangerous journey, which many fail to complete. yet more evidence of this on sunday as the charity announced it had picked up more than 600 migrants in six operations off the coast of libya. italy's new interior ministry, matty 0 salvini, refused permission for the rescue vessel to dockin permission for the rescue vessel to dock in its ports, calling on malta to help instead. the maltese authorities argue the migrants are under italian jurisdictions because ofa under italian jurisdictions because of a deal between rome and the libyan coastguard. that agreement has led to a drop in arrivals since last summer but italian officials say more than 13,000 migrants have already been registered so far this year. matteo cell uni has called on other european countries to do more to help, complaining: —— matteo . his right wing populist party,
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thhe league, complained on a platform of tougher immigration. it now appears mr salvini is putting those promises into practice. caroline rigby, bbc news. the football world cup gets underway in russia on thursday, with the hosts taking on saudi arabia in moscow. while thousands of fans will travel to the country, billions will be watching around the globe, giving russia a golden opportunity to boost its image after several recent diplomatic controversies. 0ur moscow correspondent, steve rosenberg, has more. russia's singing grandmothers are on a mission to give russia a friendlier face for the world cup. these bubbly babushkas have penned a world cup anthem and produced a video to go with it. the message to foreign football fans, you have nothing to fear from russia. "i won't scare you," anna says. "i'll hug you, i'll kiss you,
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i'll sing and dance for you." russians will even smile at you. ahead of the world cup, train conductors here have been taught to forget the frowns and give foreigners big, shiny smiles to match the big, shiny stadiums built for the tournament. isn't so impressive. a global sporting event of this scale is the perfect stage for a host nation to promote itself to the world and boost its image. russia knows that right now it has an image problem. locked in a diplomatic war with the west, moscow's been accused of everything from meddling in elections to carrying out the nerve agent attack in salisbury. can four weeks of football bring
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russia in from the cold?” can four weeks of football bring russia in from the cold? i believe football can do wonderful things for the world. 0ur reputation is not as good as the things we do. the world cup should help us create a better image and a better reputation for russia. it's already creating excitement. especially among these schoolchildren, enjoying a pre—world cup treat, a visit from russian soccer stars. even if the world cup doesn't boost russia's image abroad, at home, russians are proud to be hosting the world's most famous festival of football. steve rosenberg, bbc news, moscow. and you can get in touch with me and most of the team on twitter, i'm @nkem|fejika. thanks for watching. bye—bye. hello there.
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on sunday we saw heavy thunderstorms and showers across northern england into south—east scotland, but the majority of the country was warm, dry and sunny, which led to a lovely day for many. some glorious sunday evening sunsets. we start monday morning off on a fine and dry note. we've lost the overnight showers and storms across northern areas, but we're ready to do it all again. plenty of sunny spells as those temperatures rise. that could set off a few heavy showers and thunderstorms, namely a high—grade feature. through monday morning there will be plenty of sunshine. a bit of cloud in central and eastern scotland, showers developing here but the heaviest will be over the pennines and maybe into the high ground of wales in the south—west of england. elsewhere, dry again, top temperatures 2a or 25 degrees. a bit cooler across
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the north—eastern coasts. we have a ridge of high pressure across the country for tuesday. a bit of a northerly breeze as well, so that will take the edge off the temperatures somewhat across the eastern side of the country. you will notice that breeze, especially close to the coast. a bit more cloud around. across the board it will feel a bit fresher on tuesday, with some sunshine breaking out here and there. high temperatures generally in the upper teens, celsius, with a top temperature of around 20 degrees. so, we move out of tuesday into wednesday. this is where we start to see the changes. this area of low pressure is pushing into the north—west corner of the country later on in the day. for most of wednesday, another fine and dry one. some good spells of sunshine around. the odd shower may develop over the high ground, especially across wales. a dry and warm afternoon, warmer than tuesday. temperatures bouncing back up into the mid—20s celsius across central and southern areas. across western, central and southern scotland, more persistent cloud and rain pushing in, which will hurtle across the country wednesday night and into thursday. a deep area of low pressure, something we have not seen for a long while. that leaks into the north of the uk and we're likely to see gale force winds, 50 or 60 mile an hour gusts of wind. tending to weaken as it reaches
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south—eastern parts of england. elsewhere, good news for gardeners and growers. in the afternoon, sunshine and showers. these will be blustery across northern areas, where it will feel fresher. we could make 20 or 21 across the south—east, given some brightness, after the rain clears. the main message for the week ahead is that we will see changes. it starts out warm and dry but turns unsettled with a spell of wet and windy weather moving through and also turning fresher for all of us. this is bbc news. the headlines: us president donald trump and north korean leader kimjong—un are in singapore ahead of tuesday's historic summit. the white house says it hopes the meeting will begin a process that will lead to pyongyang giving up its nuclear weapons. mr trump says he has a good feeling about the talks. it will be the first face—to—face meeting between him and kim jong—un. north korean state media says the summit will discuss a permanent and durable peace and denuclearisation on the korean peninsula.
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the fall—out from president trump's decision to withdraw his support from a g7 communique is continuing, with the german chancellor, angela merkel, describing it as sobering and depressing. mr trump's advisers said the president believed he'd been stabbed in the back by the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. now on bbc news, dateline london.
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