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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  June 11, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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bring for you my guest, i want to bring for you my guest, who is with me here this morning, on the briefing. so let's begin. with me isjoseph sternberg, who's a columnist at the wall streetjournal. we shall return to the footage. and you can see it here. we are rolling in at the moment. joseph, really, it has got the world's attention, and thatis has got the world's attention, and that is really reflected in the media, as well. we have a host of newspapers to look through. there we are, you can see donald trump they are, you can see donald trump they are walking into the main lobby area of the president's residence, the official residence, and he isjust about there. you can see it, the moment that all the cameras in the media have been waiting for. the shaking of the hand, there. this is the singaporean prime minister as they go in for their discretion. these two will talk about the summit
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tomorrow. of course, singapore's promise had a similar discussion with kim jong—un yesterday. was interviewed by the media but would not reveal what was said in the discussions. but this is an important moment, isn't it? these discussions ahead of the summit, tomorrow. exactly. ithink what is remarkable about this if you look at the news of the coverage of it is just how difficult it is for anyone to predict the outcome. particularly if you have a summit of this sort, you get a general idea of what as the two sides are working towards. here you have just one of the most are present levels here you have just one of the most a re present levels of here you have just one of the most are present levels of uncertainty. even about whether there will be a full—length meeting. you know, what kind of agreement that might have, why can't a statement they might issue, and so on. sojust a very unusual event. so issue, and so on. sojust a very unusual event. 50 we can issue, and so on. sojust a very unusual event. so we can see issue, and so on. sojust a very unusual event. so we can see here live pictures of the river donald trump has just walked
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live pictures of the river donald trump hasjust walked into. correct the opposite him in singapore's promise to. you can see a whole host of delegates they are. there are about to have some food. i imagine he is talking their, he has the attention of everybody around the table. as you would absolutely expect. it would be great to be a fly on the wall. we cannot hear the audio, for surely, what he is saying. but as you say, it is hard to know and hard to predict how this will go because these two leaders are very hard to predict, they? right. from the us side, people talk about how unconventional donald trump is from a foreign policy perspective. and i think the conventional us president would not have ended up in this of the summit. there is always being a sort of wariness of gracing the north koreans and this would have contact. but if a commercial president got
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into an —— situation that is, there will be pressure for an agreement. were is donald trump could walk away if he doesn't get the conditions that he is before. indeed. and he has had two very as people and others in the media that he will know in the first minute how well the summit will go. and we have been hearing that that first minute will just be him and kimjong—un. and of course to translators. but that is all that will be in the room. and then others willjoin them. talk us through the delegation who is now with donald trump. i am not sure exactly who has travelled with him, but if you look at the baby of advisers who have been preparing for this, like mike pompeo, the national security adviserjon bolton, they have a strong track record of scepticism about north korea. john bolton nearly through the whole thing up in the air with some of his comments, didn't it, and a minute ago? right. and he is a track record
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of saying that the us should be ready to walk away. it is worth remembering that one of the things that got us on this point is that the trump administration actually stepped up its enforcement of economic sanctions against north korea is, so it has been a strong early to stick to go with the carrot of these talks. let's look at how the media is preparing to this, as well. if you look at local press, to begin with, the singapore straits times, jump, kim in singapore for historic summer. this is a straightforward headline. but the peter of our talk up theirs. if you look at the first—order issue, this is about how historic ears. we are ina word is about how historic ears. we are in a word a lot, but in this case there is a reason for it. technically, there is still a war going on on the korean peninsula, and so do have a situation with north korea and the president of the us in ourfree time discussion, that
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is that many would not have imagined. and for singapore is self to be the location so that is huge, isn't it, for singapore? i mean, as one of our correspondence has been saying, it will cost singapore quite a bit. from their perspective and in terms of their presence in the world stage, this is important. it is difficult to imagine other places you could have had a summit like this. in asia, i think singapore is ina unique this. in asia, i think singapore is in a unique position because it is the citystate. and also certainly friendly towards the us, but has a sense of independence about it. what do you make of this story which is kind ofan do you make of this story which is kind of an editorial piece on the front page of the new york times, donald trump has been —— donald trump's light has been a preparation for kim. i'm a little wary of these attem pts
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for kim. i'm a little wary of these atte m pts to for kim. i'm a little wary of these attempts to dig into donald trump's background, looking how he will approach issues like that. there is a lwa ys approach issues like that. there is always his desire to think that if we just study issue carefully enough we just study issue carefully enough we can predict what the outcome will be, but again, i think that donald trump has proven that the big thing thatis trump has proven that the big thing that is relevant here is that he's a very uncommercial person and eve ryo ne very uncommercial person and everyone leader. just to bring in what some of our viewers have been saying, because we have asked them to give us their thoughts on it. doctor cassin is we will not giving billions are not getting much in return. we could have put this into infrastructure rebuild in the us, as it is spending billions on trade help north korea, as you and, if the talks are well, if the electors will, or whatever. then we have another one from indonesia and canada, from michael new, who says so canada, from michael new, who says so in both countries. he says he will be thrilled as having significant is achieved but he is happy that these two guys are willing to talk peace rather than
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threatening each other and the rest of the world nukes. it is interesting, isn't it, to see how different people interpret this around the world. i think the first quote their is the big danger, i think, which is donald trump's instinct to wheel and deal will produce an outcome where it you have the easing of sections north korea without the certain verifiable movement on the nuclear problem. without the certain verifiable movement on the nuclear problemm the meantime, the other big story is the meantime, the other big story is the g7 rest. the daily telegraph has it on its front page, as do many others. donald trump's anger at g7 was a show of strength north korea. what you read between the lines? certainly with some people, this is what they would like a sitting. i think it is a healthy signal to the extent that the north koreans
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understand that donald trump will be prepared to walk away from the deal. it also will not tolerate a situation where there is some discussions to on behind closed doors in a different rhetoric in public. and the new york times angle is that it was temper tantrums. what is that it was temper tantrums. what is your take? they would take us closer to the actual problem. is your take? they would take us closer to the actual problemm is your take? they would take us closer to the actual problem. it is all well and good to say to your opponents of competitors that you will take a hardline, but you need to signal to your friends you will be friendly with them. we've had a lot of damage done at this g7 to that principle. and i don't know that principle. and i don't know that the loss of alliances outweighs would have a better that they think they're getting in terms of showing mr north korea. it has been great to get your opinion and your view on the media coverage of this huge event. let's show you this moment
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when donald trump arrived at the president's palace. he arrived at last and shook the hands of lee hsien loong, the singaporean prime minister. you can see to their giving the handshake shot for the world media. the day before, singapore prime minister matt dee letter of north korea, and to two shall meet tomorrow to this historic summit. it is one mentions other views. in london says we should live in hope, will this bearfruit, this meeting? he says in past performance in his business dealings, donald trump's this is dealings, he will renege on any agreement. thank you for your views. if you want to look at what people are saying, #thebriefing. i will season. hello there.
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on sunday, we saw heavy thunderstorms and showers across northern england into south—east scotland, but the majority of the country was warm, dry and sunny, and it led to a lovely end to the day for many. some glorious sunday evening sunsets. we start monday morning off on a fine and dry note. we've lost the overnight showers and storms across northern areas, but we almost do it all again. it looks like we'll see plenty of sunny spells again. as those temperatures rise, it could set off a few heavy showers and thunderstorms, mainly a high—ground feature again. so, through monday morning, there'll be plenty of sunshine across england and wales. a bit more cloud for central and eastern scotland, few showers developing here, but i think the heaviest ones will be over the pennines, maybe into the higher ground of wales and into the south—west of england. elsewhere, dry again, top temperatures 2a or maybe 25 degrees. a bit cooler, though, across some north—eastern coasts. now, we have a ridge of high pressure across the country for tuesday. a bit of a northerly breeze as well, so that will take the edge off the temperatures somewhat across the eastern side of the country.
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you'll notice that breeze, particularly close to the coast. we're going to have a bit more cloud around, so across the board it will feel a bit fresher on tuesday, with some sunshine breaking out here and there. highs generally in the upper teens celsius, with a top temperature of around 20 degrees. so, we move out of tuesday into wednesday. this is where we start to see the changes. this area of low pressure begins to push into the north—west corner of the country later on in the day. but for most of wednesday, another fine and dry one. some good spells of sunshine around. the odd shower may develop over the high ground, particularly across wales. but a dry and warm afternoon, warmer than tuesday. temperatures bouncing back up into the mid—20s celsius across central and southern areas. across western, central and southern scotland, more persistent cloud and increasing wind pushing in, which will hurtle across the country wednesday night and into thursday. a deep area of low pressure, something we have not seen for a long while. that leaks into the north of the uk and we're likely to see gale force winds, 50 or 60 mile an hour gusts of wind. tending to weaken as it reaches south—eastern parts of england. elsewhere, good news for gardeners and growers. in the afternoon,
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sunshine and showers. these will be blustery across northern areas, where it will feel fresher. we could make 20 or 21 across the south—east, given some brightness, after the rain clears. the main message for the week ahead is that we will see changes. it starts out warm and dry but turns unsettled with a spell of wet and windy weather moving through and also turning fresher for all of us. hello. this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and louise minchin. all set for the singapore summit. donald trump says there's "excitement in the air" ahead of his historic meeting with the north korean leader, kim jong—un. good morning.
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it's monday the 11th ofjune. also this morning: the prime minster calls for unity over brexit ahead of key votes in the commons this week. after fears of a brexit meltdown last week, david davis is back in brussels for the latest round of talks. and we'll tell you how daydreaming in class could be a good thing! good morning. the retailers often use bad weather as an excuse for tough times on the high street. so with the warm spell we've been enjoying recently,
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