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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  June 12, 2018 3:30am-4:01am BST

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with special coverage of the kim—trump summit. donald trump and kimjong—un have met and shaken hands at the start of their historic one—day summit in singapore. the us president and north korean leader held one—on—one talks with translators on defusing tensions and nuclear disarmament, before joining teams of officials for wider discussions. as those got under way, trump told kim: "working together we will get it taken care of... we will solve it." the much anticipated summit follows a year of exchanging threats — and many months of diplomatic twists and turns. we will have all the details for you, here at bbc news. a very warm welcome to you in singapore as we are marking the day. unprecedented scenes unfolding
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within the last hour and a half as the leader of north korea, kim jong—un, met with us president donald trump for the first time on the island of sentosa, outside the capella hotel on the forecourt there, where that moment that i am sure you will be accustomed to, as the photo does the rounds around the world, of the two men shaking hands, standing in front of their respective flags of. the north korean flag side by side with the united states of america flag there. who would have thought that the sta rs who would have thought that the stars and stripes would have been right next to a regime which has been isolated to decades and north korea described america as the arch enemy, the killer of the light line of north korean ideals and ideology. there are the two men there. taking stock of what we have just seen here, many people thought that this would never be a possibility and
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indeedin would never be a possibility and indeed in the short term, when we heard the talks were initially not going to be on and then they were back on again, to this moment now, as we see the two leaders there, walking into an informal one to one meeting at the capella hotel. they sat down ahead of the official dialogue that is taking place here. this was then a short time ago, where little was said between the two, little in the way of eye contact. thank you' there. donald trump saying that he feels very great, we are going to have a great discussion and i think it will be h and its successor. that is parallel to the dublin's saying it was not easy to get here but hoping to move forward in obstacles we have ove i’co m e forward in obstacles we have overcome in order to get here today. then the two men engaged in an informal i—to—i discussion with just
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their translators for about 48 minutes or so before this. another photo opportunity with the chief of staff sitting alongside donald trump, john kelly, mike pompeo the us secretary of statejohn bolton there as well. opposite to them, the north korean leader alongside his vice chair, the foreign affairs minister of north korea. a small meeting, if you like, but now is when the hard work is doing done, or so we presume, behind closed doors. as they will might —— now try to, attempt to, hash out a plan or some kind of agreement. what that will be remains to be seen. for america, asking for the unconditional giving up asking for the unconditional giving up of all of north korea's nuclear weapons and the ability to verify that as well. north korea possibly
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already securing a win here from pushing for this conversation to be stirred by sybase track side—by—side with donald trump. our correspondent barbara plett usher is at the summit's global media centre in singapore. quite something, isn't it, to see the two leaders like that. now we look to what well may come out of the conversation is currently taking place. —— conversations. the conversation is currently taking place. -- conversations. that's right, the lead up to the summit and the messaging especially from mr trump was the big takeaway or goal from the summit was to establish a relationship with kim jong—un. that is one of the reasons why you have the scrutiny on the body languages as they met at various points where they were walking and speaking. of course, the other big issue and the main one is what to might be able to achieve. the talk with diplomats
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going forward before the summit, the vetera n going forward before the summit, the veteran diplomats were trying to put together a communicate or a declaration, we understand have not been easy. there are still wide gaps between even how the two sides defying denuclearisation. the timing of what would happen, which party is acting first, what sort of things would north korea except as a security guarantee if it is going to be convinced to give up its nuclear weapons. all of those things are very contentious issues, very difficult nuts to crack. we will wait and see what they come up with. i think we can expect a broad regulation for the goal of denuclearisation, for the goal of peace on the north korean peninsula, possibly the normalisation of ties. the devil will be in the details and we will see what kind of concrete things are included in any statement they issue. indeed. what we also
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have been talking about is the notable absence of the conversation surrounding north korea's and rights record. do we think that is likely to be discussed 7 record. do we think that is likely to be discussed? welll don't think it will be a priority. it wasn't discussed between president trump and that very senior north korean envoy, who came to the united states just recently as part of the efforts to patch things up. mr trump at the times said yes, he might raise it at the summit but it hasn't, there hasn't been a real focus on focused —— structured discussions. there have been criticisms of human rights organisations because of that but previous have negotiators understood why it might not be coming up this point because these are very difficult issues in terms of disarmament and non—proliferation and that if you bring up human rights at the same time that might
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make things even more difficult. although they have said if there is going to be a broad move towards normalisation and restoring diplomatic ties and inviting north korea back to the community of nations, then human rights will have to be addressed. it may be raised by mrtrump, buti to be addressed. it may be raised by mr trump, but i would be surprised if it was in the declaration, we'll have to see. stay with us, ijust wa nt to have to see. stay with us, ijust want to give you an update. the world is watching what is happening here. there has been reaction from the korean peninsula by the president of south korea, who has just sent a short time ago: north korea, us summit has just begun. probably all the attention of our people is on singapore. i.e. too, could hardly sleep last night. i join all the people in ardently aspiring for the success of the summit to bring complete denuclearisation and peace to us and to usher in a new era among the two career‘s and the united states. ——
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career‘s. —— career‘s and the united states. —— ca reer‘s. —— career. —— korea. we understand he is due to speak after the news conference later this afternoon at around 4pm local time from seoul. fascinating to hear those words and the very vulnerable position of him saying, being very honest, that he could hardly sleep last night. just remind us of what is happening in the last few months between the two career‘s and their own unprecedented meeting. —— career. —— korea. it has been interesting, different reactions between the americans and the south koreans are. the americans focusing it on a non—proliferation, disarmament issue, since john focusing it on a non—proliferation, disarmament issue, sincejohn and threatened to strike them with a
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nuclear warhead. whereas, with south korea it is about making peace with a long—time enemy on its northern border, but also a cousin or countrymen. somebody that is a relation and they have been extremely excited about it, as we have been seeing over the past months. vijay in being instrument and to this. ,moonjae—in. responding very quickly, then you had the elliptic diplomacy and that extraordinary summit, where mr kim stepped over onto the southern side and then mr moon stepping onto the northern side, which was really an emotional moment. we don't have that same sense of emotion here and that isa same sense of emotion here and that is a contrast. it was interesting, ' from the president that he could
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barely sleep last night. lot is at sta ke for barely sleep last night. lot is at stake for him and the south koreans and how mrtrump stake for him and the south koreans and how mr trump handle this. stake for him and the south koreans and how mr trump handle thism there is some processor comes out of it that will decrease tensions in the region and that will open the door to at least more regular interaction, perhaps a certain amount ofaid interaction, perhaps a certain amount of aid or even investment, that will be very important to the south koreans, even if it doesn't lead to total denuclearisation, which of course is their position also, but these are the things are also, but these are the things are also very important. thank you very much for that. you are watching special coverage here on bbc news of what we are seeing here, unprecedented moment, the meeting of kimjong—un, unprecedented moment, the meeting of kim jong—un, the leader of unprecedented moment, the meeting of kimjong—un, the leader of north korea, with the us president donald trump, the first sitting us president to hold talks with the north korean regime. this was the two men in a photo opportunity a
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short time ago. at the capella hotel, which is playing host to the talks on the resort island of sentosa. away the city here, in singapore, and idle choice many people are saying, for the privacy that the two men would want and also many saying perhaps, the comfort that donald trump might be used to. a luxury resort, £1000 per night at the sentosa hotel golf course. crossing over a bridge that runs some 800 metres from the city into the island. of course, we have had a snapshot of what the two men have been up to. we saw the motorcades of the respective teams a row. we saw both of those leaders walked into the capella hotel. there have been holding an informal conversation that lasted about 40 minutes from when they met at nine o'clock local time. shaking hands on a stage
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podium wrapped in red carpet, flanked by their respective countries flags and this, another photo opportunity as we see the two leaders in a boardroom style meeting with their close teams there. the translators present, either side of donald trump as he faces kim jong—un opposite there. i contact the most measured, but another handshake there. now, of course the conversation that we are all interested to know, what is it all about? conversation behind closed doors of the bilateral expanded talks here. gary samore is executive director for research at the belfer center for science and international affairs at the kennedy school of government at harvard university. he served for four year's president obama's white house coordinator for arms control and weapons of mass destruction. he's in cambridge massachusetts. welcome to the programme. thank you
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very much forjoining us. you know the details in terms of how difficult it has been to hold a conversation about the denuclearisation of a regime like north korea. are you feeling optimistic that today will bring about the change that the americans are hoping for? i do think so. i imagine that the summit will issue a very general statement of both sides commitment to. —— i don't think so. to denuclearisation, peace, prosperity and normalisation of relations between the us and north korea. but the onto that, it will be the subsequent negotiations to settle incredible details, including the timetable, what kind of reciprocity, phasers, verification. soi reciprocity, phasers, verification. so i don't the summit is really going to resolve any of those critical issues, that will be very tough and protracted negotiations. we should salivate the start of the
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process but i think it is far too soon on the agreement to end the nuclear missile programme. —— celebrate. is this then, for you, merely about a pr exercise or a photo opportunity? from that, who do you believe it stands to gain most about what we see unfolding?” you believe it stands to gain most about what we see unfolding? i think both sides have an interest in a process. the us wants to, at a minimum, contain and limit their nuclear capabilities and if possible, reduce the threat that north korea poses to south korea as well as us forces on the korean peninsula. i think kimjong—un genuinely wants to reform and strengthen his economy, which means sanctions relief as well as economic operation. both sides come to this meeting with an interest. the question will be, what kind of
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specific quid pro quo can be worked out and how that can be verified? even though kim jong—un and is not likely to give up his nuclear weapons, i think he may be willing to a cce pt weapons, i think he may be willing to accept concrete limits the on the current moratorium on nuclear long—range missile testing. and that will be the test of the negotiation. whether the north koreans are willing to accept a rollback of current capabilities, whether they are willing to freeze the production of nuclear weapons of. again, that is all to be hashed out in the negotiations after the summit. thank you for spending some time with us on this historic day. bringing you up to date something i said a short time ago, in terms of the choreography. kim jong—un arrived seven minutes before donald
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trump by walking into the corridors of the capella hotel we understand from the korean media that he did so asa from the korean media that he did so as a mark of respect, cultural terms because the young one should arrive earlier than the older one so interesting to you gauge from that a mark of respect from the north korean leader but in terms of what unfolded after that it was a very much on equal terms. both walking on from opposite directions at the podium, sitting opposite each other, both sitting down at the same time for a photo opportunity in the library ahead of the informal discussion but that is the moment we can see now, donald trump arriving a few minutes after kim jong—un. i think we see him step out of the car. interesting, in terms of time,
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a 59,60 car. interesting, in terms of time, a 59, 60 seconds to nine o'clock. ijoined by an expert. with me is monoj vasudevan an expert in in human behaviour and body language. you got a chance to get acquainted with what we have sent. do the two leaders like each other? it was a little strange, very formal. not the jovial outlook but interesting to note that trump is still reaching out for the handshakes. we have had three handshakes even in the bilateral meeting. trying to judge what other party is up to. no outward appearance of closer rapport. it was donald trump that put his hand out first, will befall
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they were opposite each other. -- well before. three handshakes, the first time when, in the library and in the bilateral meeting and all three times donald trump offering his hand and ifeel he did not receive the handshake he was expecting... what you mean? in american culture, a longer, harder handshake. you did not see that. if you look at trump's other meetings with world leaders, you see a prolonged handshake but we did not see that. i would like to get your an analysis. the hand behind the back. you can see even here, donald trump leading the way so he is still the dominant player and it is
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probably a mark of respect for and elderly partner in the bilateral relationship. it could be that but still donald trump seems to be more in control and at least he's projecting that his more in control. even here, a slightly awkward moment because of that were not making much eye co nta ct. because of that were not making much eye contact. kim jong—un leaning slightly to the left. you can sit kim jong—un changing his slightly to the left. you can sit kimjong—un changing his position a few times and even after donald trump reached out for the handshake, you can still see trump going back and tapping his fingers, somewhat of and tapping his fingers, somewhat of an uncomfortable gesture but, again, these are two individuals who have spoken against each other and said ha rd spoken against each other and said hard words. that needs to show up in
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body language when they meet. how is my body language when they meet. how is d body language when they meet. how is 7 body language when they meet. how is m h i body language when they meet. how is my body language? hot! it is a really hot about 32 celsius. that is the position where we are here, in singapore. in the heart of the resort island, secluded from the rest of us is where the action taking place, in the capella hotel. bruce bennett is a defence analyst with rand corporation he's in los angeles. your assessment so far? they are getting started, president trump trying to be cordial and trying to establish the fact that they can talk to each other and he said it was primarily an opportunity to meet
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each other. i think it started off in that regard. did you have gusts like many people did. i say that about the people we have been interviewing. at the moment when they shook hands? no, i think it was expected. he was really trying to indicate that he once a friendship, he does not want war but wants to go into a peaceful relationship but he is prepared to do more if he has to. he is facing a north korea which poses a deadly threat to the other countries in the region and the us and he would like to resolve it peacefully and you do that by being friendly. the pressure on donald trump to come away with some thick and development from these talks, what do you believe will be the
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likely outcome of this summit? the key president trump would likely like to get to it was some commitment to the nature of denuclearisation that will go on. what do we expect in the next three or six months? are there specific actions. north korea has a history of making agreements and breaking them immediately. they are out of agreement with the declaration that was made on april 27 with south korea. they failed to meet the requirements of that agreement and so this is a case where he to want to establish some activities to prove north korean sincerity and to get them to move in the right direction. we are grateful for your time. a lot riding on what is
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happening here today. the world is watching. international leaders are watching. international leaders are watching and no more than the south korean leader, moon jae—in, watching and no more than the south korean leader, moonjae—in, who made a statement a short time ago saying he could not sleep last night and he saidi he could not sleep last night and he said ijoined all the people inspiring for the success of the summit to bring complete denuclearisation for all of us and are sure in a new era between the two koreas and the united states. that is from moonjae—in moon who will hold a conference a press conference later this afternoon. let's give you a sense of what is happening at this hotel where the leader of north korea, kimjong—un is staying. our correspondent mariko oi is outside the hotel where kim jong—un and the north korean delegation is staying in singapore. it was quite something how he went
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out on the town last night to check out on the town last night to check out the sights of singapore? yes, it was. he had quite a late night, he did not come back until about 11:20pm. they came back to the st regis hotel after seeing places like what you can see behind you. he tweeted selfies with kim jong—un, the first of him taking pictures that we are aware of. he has since woken up and left st regis to the capella hotel, where they are holding the summit. they are expected to have lunch together in about half an hour ‘s time and we do not know whether he will come back to st regis hotel before leaving or
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going straight to the airport. it is a 5—star luxurious hotel, rooms cost thousands of dollars and this event is costing the singapore government $50 million but it seems that they are getting some benefit out of it as well. —— $15 million. are getting some benefit out of it as well. -- $15 million. thank you very much, mariko oi. it is approaching 11 o'clock this morning and we understand the meeting between the two leaders that is currently under way at the capella hotel after an informal meeting between the two leaders that lasted around 40 minutes. kimjong—un is due to leave singapore here at two o'clock in the afternoon local time and he will be followed, it if you like, by donald trump leaving at seven o'clock this evening. in total about four hours to really get down
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to the details of what these summit will produce. we will bring you every step of the way and any developments. staying with us. hello there. for many days, even weeks now, our weather has been stuck in a rut. long spells of warm sunshine, and just the odd thunderstorm. but, at long last, things are changing. you may not like the change because firstly we're bringing some cooler air in from the north. and then, from the atlantic, through the middle part of the week, we're going to bring quite an active frontal system, an area of low pressure, that will bring some wet and very windy weather, particularly across the north. that will be a bit of a shock to the system. but the changes are already under way. some cooler conditions through the day ahead. quite a lot of cloud around as well. that cloud will break up through the day, so we will see some spells of sunshine. the best of these likely to be found across parts of wales and the south—west.
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equally, just the odd scattered showers, but those temperatures down on where they have been. highs of between 15 and 21 degrees. no more mid—20s. now, during tuesday night, we'll see a mixture of clear skies and patchy cloud. it should stay just about dry. it's going to turn into a relatively cool night. temperatures in quite a few places should get down into single digits. we go into wednesday and we start off on a fine note, but frontal systems approaching from the north—west. more on that in a moment. we start wednesday, though, with high pressure across the british isles. so actually not a bad start to the day. good spells of the shine to be had. perhaps just the odd shower breaking out as cloud builds up through the day. but, up to the north—west, you will already have spotted this. quite a significant change. rain into northern ireland, western scotland by the end of the day. strengthening winds as well. and as we go through wednesday night, a spell of very disturbed weather. very heavy rain pushing in from the west. really strong winds as well. wind gusts easily 40—50mph.
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but perhaps through the central belt, those wind gusts as strong as 60 mph. we will keep you posted on that forecast for wednesday night into thursday. it all comes courtesy of this, an unusually deep area of low pressure for the time of year. but it will drift away fairly quickly during thursday. so the winds will ease, much of the rain will clear away. and actually things should brighten up through the day. but it is again going to feel relatively cool. those temperatures at best between 15 and 21 degrees. then, as we head towards the end of the week, we stick with that cooler feel. yes, there will be some dry weather. there will be some spells of sunshine, but also spells of rain at times. that's all from me for now. hello and a very warm welcome to bbc news, i'm babita sharma in singapore. we're bringing you live coverage of the much—hyped kim—trump summit. even north korea's state broadcaster has finally begun reporting news of the historic meeting.
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donald trump and kimjong—un have met and shaken hands at the start of their historic one—day summit in singapore. the us president and north korean leader then held brief one—on—one talks with translators on defusing tensions and nuclear disarmament. the long road to the talks has seen secret meetings, stop—start diplomacy and the release of us detainees. but it all hangs on what happens, right here, right now.
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