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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  June 12, 2018 5:45am-6:00am BST

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if‘ai‘it if‘ai‘ii it u— that they can extraordinary that they can manage to suss out quite so much an issue as compo is as denuclearisation in essentially less than a day. trump and his delegation will leave tonight. it is probably quit pretty unlikely there will be some sort of deal. if i had to guess that would make a rhetoric but that is not important. denise abe san plan and movement in the future. —— there needs to be some plan. the declaration in the korean summer was long in principle andy short in detail and again at the candle was kicked down the road. —— the can. a p pa re ntly kicked down the road. —— the can. apparently they are moving to assigning ceremonial. according to
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afp, trump says a lot of progress has been made at this summit and he hailed it as really fantastic meeting with kim. and, again, this whole hype built up around this summit. yesterday it whistled kim jong—un do a city tour in singapore where he was being hailed and cheered on and getting the reception ofa cheered on and getting the reception of a rock star. if we can pin the north korean down into a process and get some concessions to suggest that they are in the lead and willing to deal, are they willing to deal or not? if there is a process that leads somewhere then this can be a success and donald trump can market this as and donald trump can market this as a wind. that is what we hope for. and after six months of pageantry,
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will they finally give us the programme that leads to something real? we can now show you a clip of the two leaders, when they were walking earlier together in the gardens of the hotel where they were meeting. we now believe we have a clip of them walking off to do this signing. we are doing great. a fantastic meeting with a lot of progress. better than anyone... quite co mforta ble. better than anyone... quite comfortable. we are going right now for a signing. what are you signing, sir? will find out in a couple of moments. bear you heard it from
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president trump. they did that signing earlier at the hotel after what president trump called a fantastic talk, a fantastic meeting and news from various wires say in that the summit went better than expected, according to the south korean news. they are expected to be talking a little more until the end of this discussion. we have been watching live coverage of it earlier, of their motorcade being prepared to pick up both leaders from the capella h. we can show you, we can take you back to the hotel with the motorcade there waiting. earlier reports suggested that president kim may have been leaving earlier than expected at 2pm, we are unable to verify them, but we do know that president trump and his
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tea m know that president trump and his team will be leaving this evening. and many comments saying that it has been quite brief, it is like speed dating on these talks. i would love to know what they spoke about and many people are saying that they wish they were flies on the wall during that lunch. could we even conjecture what they were talking about? it was only three hours, it was quite abbreviated, and they wa nted was quite abbreviated, and they wanted time for the two of them to speak individually. so probably broad strokes. once you get into the details of how things are removed and who gives up what, what sort of inspectors, that is probably not on the table. the president is probably calling it great in a general sense, that he is developing a report, but that he is developing a report, but thatis
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that he is developing a report, but that is the success— he has developed a relationship with kim jong—un. again, they have to deliver something. there is a lot of pressure on the president to deliver more than rhetoric and that is what we are waiting for. we have been talking to you for the last few days and you have expressed a great deal of scepticism about what can come from the summit. in the short term, there are great optics and it is fantastic to see the leaders together in the long—term, the issues of denuclearisation are incredibly complex, what the north koreans are willing to give up in exchange to this historic meeting. many people talk about the fact that kim jong—un was able to secure this meeting was a win in itself. it is a win for the north korean. we know the north koreans really emphasise the north koreans really emphasise the two of them meeting and they have washed in occupied. donald trump's people as well. the
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president does have a taste for drama and it is important for them as well. however now we are moving towards the substance. at some point the process and the symbolism needs to stop and we need to get into the detail. and that is what we hope the president can deliver. and that detailed. do we think these leaders have the ability to deliver? or will it bea have the ability to deliver? or will it be a long drawn out process? long and drawnout. north koreans have spent 50 years developing these weapons. they have had a hostile relationship for a long time with us. any movement towards a final thatis us. any movement towards a final that is deal, whatever that may be, it will require a lot of confidence building measures along the way to and that was one of the concerns about starting with a summit, that you start at the top rather than build towards a. countering that the president has always said you can break three things with a summit.
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and this is what we wanted it is scepticism but if the president can deliver what really is the art of the deal, it is fantastic. he says he can sum up the person in the first meeting. maybe it is sealing the deal, ultimately. we have heard more specific details from his secretary of state, mike pompeo. yesterday they were saying they still want complete irreversible and verifiable denuclearisation. and that they would offer unique security guarantees. that caused a lot of interest. what are these unique security guarantees? we may find out later. i wonder what that is myself. in north korean... they are worried about the american ability to strike north korea. the american forces, i don't think they
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threaten north korea because our presence there is defensive. but the north koreans are looking for some sort of retrenchment from the region of the americans, possibly pulling air power back to japan. i don't know. when mike pompeo says that unique... presumably it goes beyond what we said to them before and it impacts ourforce what we said to them before and it impacts our force posture on the ground. and that is controversial. the south korean government has been wa ry the south korean government has been wary over dealing with north —— american forces. and if it is not bad, ido american forces. and if it is not bad, i do wonder what unique means. hopefully we will get some clues at the briefing that is due to come a little later today. we do have a little later today. we do have a little more into the programme and we saw some live coverage earlier. they are still at the capella hotel as far as we know. and that was where the leaders had their historic meeting earlier. they continue to
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have that meeting, in fact it that historic handshake that has been dubbed a handshake of the century for the summit of the century. there has been quite a lot of hype. and to some extent the media has been feeding into it. what do you think? my feeding into it. what do you think? my apologies, but yes. the symbolism and the process... you want to move away from the circus elements. we are aiming to do that. we will get away from the circus and provides a more analysis in the hours ahead. particular with the press interaction that president trump is due to have had 4pm local time. stay with us here on bbc world news. hello there. for many days, even weeks now, our weather has been stuck in a rut.
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long spells of warm sunshine, and just the odd thunderstorm. but, at long last, things are changing. you may not like the change because firstly we're bringing some cooler air in from the north. and then, from the atlantic, through the middle part of the week, we're going to bring quite an active frontal system, an area of low pressure, that will bring some wet and very windy weather, particularly across the north. that will be a bit of a shock to the system. but the changes are already under way. some cooler conditions through the day ahead. quite a lot of cloud around as well. that cloud will break up through the day, so we will see some spells of sunshine. the best of these likely to be found across parts of wales and the south—west. equally, just the odd scattered showers, but those temperatures down on where they have been. highs of between 15 and 21 degrees. no more mid—20s. now, during tuesday night, we'll see a mixture of clear skies and patchy cloud. it should stay just about dry. it's going to turn into a relatively cool night.
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temperatures in quite a few places should get down into single digits. we go into wednesday and we start off on a fine note, but frontal systems approaching from the north—west. more on that in a moment. we start wednesday, though, with high pressure across the british isles. so actually not a bad start to the day. good spells of the shine to be had. perhaps just the odd shower breaking out as cloud builds up through the day. but, up to the north—west, you will already have spotted this. quite a significant change. rain into northern ireland, western scotland by the end of the day. strengthening winds as well. and as we go through wednesday night, a spell of very disturbed weather. very heavy rain pushing in from the west. really strong winds as well. wind gusts easily 40—50mph. but perhaps through the central belt, those wind gusts as strong as 60 mph. we will keep you posted on that forecast for wednesday night into thursday. it all comes courtesy of this, an unusually deep area of low pressure for the time of year. but it will drift away fairly quickly during thursday. so the winds will ease, much of the rain will clear away.
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and actually things should brighten up through the day. but it is again going to feel relatively cool. those temperatures at best between 15 and 21 degrees. then, as we head towards the end of the week, we stick with that cooler feel. yes, there will be some dry weather. there will be some spells of sunshine, but also spells of rain at times. that's all from me for now. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and charlie stayt. the handshake that made history. donald trump becomes the first us president to meet a north korean leader as he holds talks with kim jong—un. after a year of exchanging threats the two leaders come face to face in singapore. we're going to have a great discussion. and i think tremendous success. it will be tremendously successful. we'll have a terrific relationship. i have no doubt. i'm rupert wingfield—hayes live in
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singapore, where president trump and kim jong—un have just emerged from their meeting. president trump saying it had been a fantastic meeting and there had been a lot of progress.
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