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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 15, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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today, live from the bbc sports centre. coming up, there is a russian delight as the hosts open the world cup in emphatic fashion. as spain prepare for their opener against european champions portugal, yesterday's man is left in tea rs. portugal, yesterday's man is left in tears. and find out who is leading a the us open after the opening round. shots like that, must be dustin johnson. we've waited weeks, months and four years, but the world cup returned on thursday. hosts russia opened the tournament by outplaying saudia arabia, and it was not the kind of result many people saw — as our correspondent in russia, olly foster, can tell us. it was an incredible result, you can see the magnificent luzhniki stadium lit up in the colours of the russian flag behind me. russia, well, i
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don't think they are going to be back there for the final on july 15 but they have certainly lit up the beginning of this 21st fifa world cup. ranked the lowest of all 32 nations here, the hosts, down in 70th place in the world, not much was expected of russia. saudi arabia themselves ranked 67, so what was this match going to give us? we had an opening ceremony, robbie williams singing and vladimir putin talking a bit. he promised a feast of football. we didn't think that would come from his team, russia, but they delivered that promise. they beat, they crashed saudi arabia 5—0. the weight finally over for russia, and the prize they are here to try to win. the 21st world cup opened in full party mode. robbie williams entertaining those who packed into moscow's luzhniki stadium. a show
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full of colour both on and off the pitch. until it was time to get down to business. a message from president putin, as he welcomed all to russia, including today's opponents, saudi arabia, and the world cup first. video assistant referees here. would they be needed today? well, there were no doubts about the tournament's opening goal. the hosts off to a perfect start thanks to yuri gazinsky. a first for his country, leading to some high—level diplomacy in the stands. but there were some nervous moments for russia, especially when alan jacka worth hobbled off injured earlier on. his replacement, denis cheryshev quickly put them at ease. after the break, russia pushed on and made sure of an emphatic win. items over made it three, before cherish as scored easily be goal of the match. —— denis cheryshev scored easily. russia now in cruise mode, a
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chance to increase a goal difference which might become very important in their group. aleksandr golovin added to be tallied. five goals to the hosts, and the party well and truly started in russia. it certainly has. some terrific goals for the russians, but group a is still going to be tough to get out of, because we wait to see just what kind of form egypt and uruguay are in. they face each other in yekaterinburg on friday, day two. all eyes on that each of team, to see if most a la's soldier is actually ioo%, as the coach said it was. “— actually ioo%, as the coach said it was. —— mo salah's shoulder. then we have morocco against iran in saint petersburg. but the big one on day two on friday is spain and their troubled buildup, the 2010 champions, how are they going to fa re champions, how are they going to fare against the european champions,
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portugal, their great rivals and neighbours, of course? and of course cristiano ronaldo, who has been talking up their chances of perhaps doing the double and becoming european and world champions. as spain were, once before. that will really be the pick of the matches on day two in sochi. that was ollie foster in moscow. let's get more on spain, we touched on it in his report. preparations for their opening match against portugal continuing, and alex capstick has been with the spanish squad in sochl under normal circumstances this would be a routine bit of fine tuning for the spanish team ahead of their opening match against portugal. but as we know the situation is very different following the sudden and totally unexpected departure of julian robert eddy. standing on the edge is the new coach, fernando pereira. he has been in thejob the new coach, fernando pereira. he has been in the job forjust over 2a
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hours and says, perhaps not surprisingly, he is not going to change row much. sergio ramos was sitting alongside him in the press conference, and he said that despite personal feelings, the team conference, and he said that despite personalfeelings, the team has conference, and he said that despite personal feelings, the team has to stick together, and they are determined to go on and do well in this competition. the spanish federation took a big gamble, sacking the coach. it may come off, but if it doesn't, the recriminations are bound to be long and loud. yeah, most definitely. backin and loud. yeah, most definitely. back in spain, julen lopetegui was officially introduced as real madrid's head coach. the reason why he was sacked by spain. and he struggled to hold back the tears as he spoke for the first time, sacked as the head of a national side on the eve of the world cup. he has signed a three—year contract with the champions league. the second golf major of the year, the 118th us open, is underway at shinnecock hills in new york, and there are joint—leaders in the clubhouse
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as they approach the end of the first round. in difficult early conditions, england's ian poulter, and this man, scott piercy of the usa, were the only players who were under par midway through the 1st round. they both carded 1—under—par 69s, with piercy‘s round including monster putt for a birdie at the par—312th. it wasn't a good day for many of the big names, though. phil mickelson began his latest quest for the career grand slam by shooting a 77. that's 7—over—par. while rory mcilroy fared even worse. despite a par putt at the 6th, the 2011 champion, who started on the back nine, opened up with a 10—over—par round of 80, and he faces a battle just to make the cut. so here's how the top of the leaderboard looks after the first day, with a four—way tie for the lead. and the only man in that top four
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who is not american is ian poulter. i obviously feel pretty good. us open golf has not been good for me through the years. it is the first one i've played in three years and this was the first one i ever played backin this was the first one i ever played back in 200a. so to come here and enjoy the first round is really quite nice. thursday was a historic day for afg hanistan‘s cricketers, as they became the 12th and newest test—playing nation. they're playing india in a one—off test in bangalore. but they struggled at first as india's openers put on 168 for the 1st wicket. shikhar dhawan became the first indian batsman to make a century in a single session. but afghanistan fought back and slowed down the home side's progress. india closed the day on 347/6. it feels great, nobody has scored
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100 ina it feels great, nobody has scored 100 in a session, and once i came back i read the thing on the tv and felt good, and gratefulfor that. they came back very well in the last session and of course they are playing the first game, so i am sure they are going to learn lots of things and are going to go a long way ahead. this was a dream come true for our nation. and it was enjoyable. a little bit of stress. playing in india with the indian number one test team was a good experience, and there are four days to go and we will try to go on. it was good in the second half. we took the game
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and we started to go with another plan, which was a little bit defensive. we were successful in that. so, a historic day for afghanistan in bangalore. in the caribbean, west indies had the better of the opening day's play in the 2nd test against sri lanka in st. lucia. sri lanka batted first after winning the toss, but were bowled out forjust 253 — shannon gabriel the opick of the bowlers, taking 5 for 59. the only resistance came from sri lanka's captain dinesh chandimal, who claimed his 11th test century. he was 119 not out when he ran out of partners. kemar roach wrapped up the innings with his lith wicket as the tourists were dismissed for 253. west indies closed the day on 2 without loss in reply. and they are already one matchup in
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the test series in sri lanka anyway. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's see you next time. goodbye. hello once again, thanks forjoining me. let's get you right up to date with how we see the next few days or so across all parts of the british isles. storm hector pretty much lived up to what we expected of it. some of the gusts were really quite disruptive. this was the damage as seen in muirkirk, in the eastern side of ayrshire. but it wasn't like it everywhere. further south, once the frontal system cleared away, yes, it was a breezy old day, but at least there was some sunshine to speak of, and that will be the way of it for the most part on friday, as well. there's hector heading away towards the top end of the north sea, up into the norwegian sea. still quite a powerful beast, so it will still be quite breezy
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across northern parts of scotland, but nowhere near the sort of strength that we saw during the course of thursday. there will still be quite a raft of showers, longer spells of rain getting into central, western parts of scotland initially, then gradually dribbling away a little bit further east. further south, the odd isolated shower, no great organisation about them, and the top temperature on the day of 22. so the weekend — saturday showers, if not longer spells of rain, but the weekend by no means a write—off. here we are on saturday with quite an active little frontal system for the sort of top half of the british isles. so northern parts of wales, the north midlands, and all points north at some point in the day seeing some really quite heavy rain. further south, the trailing portion of that weather front, well, there'll be a lot of cloud, there'll be the odd bit and piece of rain. gardeners, that won't be the answer to your prayers. that frontal system takes the time to move away as the low pressure transfers away off into the north sea. and there's a little ridge of high pressure just follows on behind, trying to set sunday up as a better day than saturday. and it will succeed, for the most part, although you really couldn't rule out, later in the day, perhaps a cold frontjust dragging more cloud and the prospect of a wee bit of rain into the far west
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of england, western wales, and then arcing away to the south—west of scotland, maybe up into northern ireland too. so generally speaking, on sunday, the further north and east you are, the drier and brighter your day should be. here we move you from sunday on into monday, and again a little weak ridge of high pressure just trying to settle things down across the southern half of the british isles. looking further north, well, you've still got that prospect of a south—westerly breeze, probably a bit of it, as well, and just about enough in the way of cloud for there to be showers, if not longer spells of rain, again affecting the western side of scotland, and perhaps ireland too. but, in the sunshine further south, 23 could be yours. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: errors ofjudgement but not political bias — the justice department's verdict on the former fbi director for investigating hillary clinton's emails. new york's attorney general sues the trump foundation, claiming it has been used as donald trump's chequebook for years. a day of remembrance for the 72 victims of the london tower block tragedy, on the first
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anniversary of the fire. the world cup kicks off in moscow, and hosts russia provide a spectacular opening ceremony and score a big win over saudi arabia.
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