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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 17, 2018 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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this is bbc news, our latest headlines. the prime minister announces an extra £20 billion a year in real terms for the nhs, labour says it's not enough. we are making the nhs our priority. we are putting a significant amount of extra money into it and we need to make sure that money is spent wisely. we are saying it can go further and if the government made the taxation changes we are prepared to make we can be giving more to the nhs and labour will be spending more on the nhs than the tories. hundreds of migrants rescued off the libyan coast have now arrived in spain. their plight had sparked a row between european union member states over who should've accepted them. there are fears that the glasgow school of art, which was ravaged by a fire on friday night, may have to be knocked down. a bad start for germany in the world cup, as the reigning champions succumb to a 1—0 defeat to mexico.
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in about 15 minutes it will be time to meet the author — now on bbc news — sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster live in moscow on the busy so far at the world cup, here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight. the 2018 world cup gets its first genuine shock as champions germany are beaten in their first game by mexico. alexander kolarov‘s classy free kick is the difference as serbia edge past costa rica. and just 2a hours away from england's opener against tunisia, gareth southgate‘s men arrive in volgograd in confident mood. the one to attack this tournament
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and we want to create chances and score goals. i'm hugh ferris, also coming up in the programme: johanna konta loses the match and her temper in the final of the nottingham open. you are making decisions that affect oui’ you are making decisions that affect our lives you understand that? do you fully understand that? and we'll have the latest from the final round of the us open... where the field is a little less frustrated after good evening, i'm olly foster live in moscow and it seems the world cup has had it's first genuine shock. we have seen one of the great world
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cup shocks. germany have not lost their opening world cup match since 1982. they have been pouring all theirfriendly even to 1982. they have been pouring all their friendly even to this tournament, the coach said don't worry about it, we will get things right, they got an awful lot wrong against mexico. mexico, the worthy winners they are. and at the stadium, 80,000 and our man alex. they had been mexico and all of your previous world cup encounters. they raced out of their broadband lightning speed and gave the germans a shot with their skilful performance brought on by a loud fanatical following. the champions and for many, the favourites,
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germany's lofty expectations were about to come crashing down. in the first half, they were as flat as mexico were furious. after 35 minutes swarming through the german defence with stunning results. the goal prompting a mexican wave of euphoria, a famous upset beckons and moments later a warning shots. tony was so moments later a warning shots. tony was so close and the german fans we re was so close and the german fans were not close enough. as mexico tired after the break, germany poured forward but without their usual ruthlessness. and the champions were humble, not since 1982 had germany lost the world cup opener, but what they must pick up the pieces for mexico a day to celebrate after one of their greatest ra m ps. celebrate after one of their greatest ramps. —— triumphs. a famous victory for mexico and their fa ns famous victory for mexico and their fans will be partying for a long tenure in moscow this evening. as for germany you'll be foolish to write them off, it's a slow start and they have got sweden next.
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they'll have to wake up, as this lot they would be doing much sleeping tonight. they certainly won't. the mexicans have been singing and dancing even before that match, they are going to really enjoy themselves in moscow this evening as alex was saying they are, sweden and south korea the other two teams actually in that group, they play tomorrow. group ewe in that group, they play tomorrow. group e we will see all the teens today here on sunday, i did earlier. this match was played in samarra, serbia against costa rica. not much in this one it was decided by a brilliant free kick from aleksandar kolarov. these two teams have never played each other before today. only a world cup could bring such nations together in this way. and what a stage from which to play. in the same group as brazil and switzerland, surely taking your chances have never been more important. an early site for costa rica. this was a match that featured
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many a rica. this was a match that featured manyafamiliar rica. this was a match that featured many a familiar face, southampton feeling the full force of a world cup encounter. but it was enough to shake serbia from their slumber. there understood to be trekking, you can see why. costa rica lost track of alexander on a number of occasions, just getting away without one. but eventually, one of those familiarfaces did one. but eventually, one of those familiar faces did find a way through. from 25 yards, captain aleksandar kolarov of manchester city doing what he does best. three direct free kicks already scored at this world cup equalling the total from four years ago, not even known us from four years ago, not even known us could stop that. the other match in group e sees tournament favourites brazil taking on switzerland in rostov. and brazil are a goal up thanks to this from former liverpool forward philippe coutinho in the 20th minute. switzerland had been holding their own up until that point with the world's most expensive player neymar
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yet to make his mark for the south americans. a wonderful goalfor them, a wonderful goal for them, just outside the box. how many has he scored like that? that goal coming midway through the first half. there's about ten minutes left to play their in brazil, still leaving the swiss. 1—0. they will of course give you an update on that later in the programme if anything happens. when we come back here here that's it for now from moscow we'll be back in a short while to get the latest from the england camp ahead of their match against tunisa tomorrow. but let's go to hugh now back in the studio with a round—up of the day's sport away from the world cup. conditions appear to be much more bearable for the final round of the us open golf. yesterday the greens at shinnecock hills were almost unplayable. ..
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and phil mickelson's meltdown on the 13th has gone viral... but they watered them overnight... and the field is taking advantage. england's tommy fleetwood hit four birdies in his first seven holes to move into contention with the leader kopeka... having teed off in the last 20 and is on over par. fleetwood is three behind... along with matt fitzpatrick who hit three birdes in his first eight holes... and justin rose has just started on 4 over. the stars and stripes being the first few places on that leaderboard. in the all—time best of the final round of the 118th us open. johanna konta lost the final of the nottingham open for the second year in a row. the british number one was beaten by australia's ashleigh barty in three sets. but not before an on—court meltdown in the deciding set. konta had already come from a break down.
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but then a point in the ninth game angered her because a barty shot wasn't called long. the puff might have been chalk, but could have been dust beyond the baseline. and it led to this outburst. this is a joke! this is an absolute joke! you listen to me now, we are out here busting, and maturity busting our buts like no other and you are making decisions that affect oui’ you are making decisions that affect our lives, do you understand that? do you fully understand that? roger federer has marked his return to the top of the world rankings by beating milos raonic to win the mercedes cup in stuttgart. federer hadn't played a match since the miami open in march after choosing to miss the clay—court season, but his straight sets win in germany gives him a 98th tour title. fernando alonso has won le mans 2a hours at the first attempt. it means he's secured the second part of his bid to become the second person after graham hill to win motor racing's triple crown. he's previously won the monaco grand prix and now only
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needs to add the indianapolis 500 to complete the hat—trick of titles. britain's cal crutchlowjust missed out on the podium at the catalunya grand prix despite starting from tenth on the grid. spain's jorge lorenzo claimed back—to—back motogp victories by winning his home race ahead of world champion marc marquez. crutchlow finished fourth despite having crashed in qualifying. american coryn rivera has won cycling's women's tour, her first title at world tour level. italy's lotta lepisto won the final stage which finished in colwyn bay today, with rivera taking the overall win, dani rowe was the highest place british rider, finishing third overall. england's billy vunipola is returning to london today from south africa, after the number eight re—fractured his right arm
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during yesterday's defeat in the second test. he only returned to action in april after four months out with the original break. it's one more thing for head coach eddiejones to worry about. after the match in bloemfontein, he had an ill—tempered exchange with a bbc reporter. chrisjones, no relation, asked eddie jones if selection was an issue. as you know we've got 25 players sitting at home that aren't available for selection. these are the best players we have got and i'm happy to work with these players, the staff is doing a greatjob. also got a very large player pool, i'm not sure if they will take the unavailability as an excuse. i'm not using it as an excuse. i said the 25 players and i'm working with the players that we've got and i'm happy to work with these players. for you personally at the first time this england team you've been under this kind of pressure i'm confident you can turn it around. yes, i'm100% confident as you are. after a series of david.
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your nature is very aggressive mate. that's not the plan i want to ask the questions that fans might want to hear at home. i'll can you pick these boys up? we have to play well. and get on with it. there's no solution here. we had a couple of big hitters getting involved today in the tournament, ijust getting involved today in the tournament, i just wonder getting involved today in the tournament, ijust wonder how big england will be able to hit when they eventually get themselves started tomorrow. that is the big question, isn't it because they really are so inexperienced when you look at the 23, talk about the big hitters, brazil one of them that's still 1—0 up against the swiss, that the 11th game in four days, here they come thick and fast and finally, england entered the fray, on day five tomorrow night against tunisia england have arrived and so have our sports editor. england had
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to bide their time and wait for their opportunity to get their rush 2018 world cup campaign after i start but tomorrow evening it begins. this is where they will play tunisia, the volgograd arena, they have not been burdened by the same level of expectation that perhaps has contributed to england boss but failures at recent major tournaments and we are about to find out whether 01’ and we are about to find out whether or not gareth southgate useful squad can take advantage of that and show their potential. they have been showing good signs of progress in recent months and they are injury free, it's been a relaxed atmosphere around the camp at their training base, will that translate into success , base, will that translate into su ccess , we base, will that translate into success, we are base, will that translate into success, we are about to find out. here is my colleague with all the build—up to the beginning. tomorrow night, the land of football meets the motherland. formerly stalingrad, this city is the sight of what's about to be the bloodiest battle in history. and many england fans spent
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today learning about its unique role in world war ii. so far, this country has exceeded expectations. it's amazing, the how welcoming the russian people have been. every single russian person we have come across is absolutely fantastic. don't listen to other people, you have to see for yourself. we found them really hospitable, all throughout the process they have been keen to work with us and exchange ideas. mark roberts is the national league for football policing and he's been working closely with the russians and all signs so far point to the match going off without any trouble. it's encouraging, let's see how it goes, everything is stacking up exactly how we'd hoped so far as it is for the team over the next couple of days when the tournament starts for england and france. unlike tunisia, england and france. unlike tunisia, england chose not to trade at the stadium tonight instead training at their base before frying here. gareth southgate has been bowled so far, tonight he reiterated his
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belief in his young team. they have a hunger to present when the ball back and they want to play brave football, they want to be a bold attacking team and that's how i feel we should pray. in a city of such history, we will soon find out if new look england can leave their past behind. the favourite and england's group are of course belgium. they will be expected to beat panama, the outsiders in this group. this much against tanisha is crucial. they may not have as many surnames as england but they're only ranked one place lower than they think gareth southgate's matches to his players will be doing a taken for granted. unbeaten in their qualifying campaign, they pose a major threat. and that match will be on bbc one tomorrow evening, natalie perks of her


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