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this is bbc world news. the headlines: three boats including the aquarius have docked in spain carrying hundreds of rescued migrants after they were refused entry by italy and malta. they are pa rt entry by italy and malta. they are part of a growing row over the way the eu handles migration. boko haram jihadists have attacked a town in north—east nigeria. six female suicide bombers were involved. rocket propelled grenades were fired into crowds celebrating the eid festival. a day of surprise result in the world cup. germany suffered a shock defeat, losing 1—0 to mexico. at ten p:m., we will have a full
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round—up of today's news. now our world centre place looks at the aftermath of the volcano eruption in what mahler. —— looks at the aftermath of the volcano eruption in guatemala. last year, a devastating fire at a guatemalan children's home left 41 teenage girls dead and 15 with life changing injuries. the tragedy revealed a terrifying tale of mistreatment at the home. guatemala is one of the most murderous nations on earth. as you can see, there is a pretty large police presence here and that is because we are here. for parents, state care for their children is often a desperate last resort. this area is very familiar for you.
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stephanie arriaga has spent many hours here in guatemala city's general cemetery. how old was kimberly? kimberley died in the flames at the virgen de la asuncion children's home on march eight, 2017.
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in a nation used to tragic events, the fire shocked guatemalans. after a failed mass escape, 56 teenage girls had been locked into a classroom overnight by police. in an attempt to force the officers to let them out, one of them started a fire. the door was not unlocked until it was too late for too many. no one took charge. so stephanie founded a charity that helps families waiting outside the morgue for news of their daughters. so, you were here for 15 days? we are heading south out of the city to visit the children's home, that is now closed. guatemala has 5000 children in care,
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and this was the largest government facility. this is our guide. she left the home before the fire but as a teenager, she lived here for more than a year. looks like a prison. doesn't look like a children's home. and how do you feel being back here? whoa.
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a tower with a guard. it was built to house 400 children, but on the day of the fire, 600 were living here. now it is empty. we are not allowed inside. all you can see inside is some corrugated iron fencing that has obviously been put around the room where the girls died. that's about, i don't know, maybe 30 or a0 metres from this main gate. you can't see anything else. she came here because she was an orphan, but there are also boys
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and girls with disabilities, gang members, victims of sexual abuse, and children whose parents werejust too poor to keep them at home. many of the children were desperate to get out. escapes happened often. in one 18—month period, more than 200 attempts were reported. some of the runaways were never found. why did the kids try and escape so often? because we understand that it happened a lot. at midnight!
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what was that? how many days? it must have been terrifying. when the home closed after the fire, other
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institutions stepped in to help. some of the former residents went to this refuge, a charity running children's homes. lionel is the director, and promotes a therapeutic environment. a stark contrast to the stories we've heard about the virgen de la asuncion. the girls are going to show us around the home now. just 28 girls live here — all survivors of sexual abuse. lionel is a well—known campaigner for child protection reform in guatemala. he had inside information about conditions in the virgen de la asuncion home. 50!
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you were telling them what was happening in the home. and what were the authorities telling you? eight officials are in prison facing charges, including culpable homicide.
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but 15 months on, no one has been convicted. the streets of guatemala city are often terrorised by violent gangs. the most troubled areas are known as zona rojas, red zones. we are meeting this couple in one of them, zone 18. here she is. 0k. they placed their daughter ashley in the home, and she perished in the fire. ashley was 14 when she died. i imagine that it costs you to look at that.
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tell me a little bit about why ashley was in the home. for her, there were no options. she believed the only way she could protect her child was to put her in care. she takes us on a tour of the deceptively peaceful looking neighbourhood where ashley grew up. they do come now, but they sell their wares from the safety of their vans. this is a potato chips lorry and he's got an armed guard with him. in areas like this,
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where the state's so often absent, the pressures on young people to get involved with gangs are immense. her own personal history made her acutely aware of the choices facing ashley. after the fire, more than 200 children living at the virgen de la
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asuncion children's home were sent back to their parents, many in marginalised neighbourhoods. in this brigt sunlight, the red zones, the zona rojas, the quite dangerous parts of guatemala city feel quite benign. we know that at least three adolescents who were returned to their families after the fire were assassinated in their own communities. it's grim. insecure at home with their families, often unsafe in children's homes, the safety net for people in guatemala is practically non—existent. we tracked down a teenager who escaped from the children's home six months before the fire. elizabeth, as we will call her, doesn't want to be identified.
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she now lives on the streets of guatemala city and comes here every day to a charity helping homeless youngsters. she spent four years in the virgen de la asuncion. in 2016, she succeeded in getting away. but how do you keep safe on the streets, because the streets of guatemala, they are not a safe place for a young woman, are they? and if there are risks on guatemala's mean streets,
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elizabeth dulls her fears by sniffing glue. as night falls, we visit the city's central park. elizabeth sleeps here and we wonder how many more former residents of the virgen de la asuncion children's home we might find. 0k, adios. what we have been told is there are quite a lot of kids who are living here on the streets, who also escaped from virgen de la asuncion and, like elizabeth, it is too dangerous for them to go home and this is the only option.
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there is a very strong smell of glue. it is a cheap, nasty drug and does lasting damage. somebody has got a baby there. she looks very young, the mum. he is too high to make much sense but, like elizabeth, this 17—year—old chose the streets of guatemala city over the virgen de la asuncion. and on the seventh of march last year, the day before the tragic fire, more than 100 boys and girls, also desperate to leave this notorious children's home, planned a mass escape. it was this that provoked the ultimately lethal response of the state. claudia was the guatemalan journalist who published testimony
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of the survivors of the fire. it was recorded while they were in hospital and described their capture. the recaptured youngsters were held for hours outside the home. at around 1am on the 8th of march, they were taken back inside the home. bare mattresses were thrown into a classroom and 56 girls were locked inside by police officers.
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we still don't know who gave that order. nine minutes is what we have been told, nine minutes. nine long minutes. at the department of social welfare, we visit the official responsible for guatemala's looked after children. when we meet him, he has been in his job three weeks. what responsibility does the department have for what happened at the children's home last year? as we understand it, there have been dozens of complaints against people working in the home, against the conditions there.
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why was it still open? the challenge to child protection reform is huge, not least because of a national malaise — corruption. two of guatemala's former presidents arein prison on fraud charges, and nepotism, budget skimming and cash for contracts are all part of the virgen de la asuncion story. this girl, who lived here as a teenager, now has a job she likes and lives with extended family. but her experiences
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in this children's home have left their mark. how much time did you spend here? exactly. hello once again. nothing fair about the distribution of weather across the distribution of weather across the british isles this weekend. a pretty wet start on saturday for scotla nd pretty wet start on saturday for scotland and northern ireland. a lot of cloud elsewhere. this was the scene in cambridge. the best of the sunshine was in the north east, perhaps towards the scottish coast. a glorious day here. the sense of imbalance in the weather continues through monday. try and warmer further east. this is the setup at the start of monday. we have a kink in the weather front with cloud
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trying to coming across ireland and the irish sea. eventually that will rob some of the western areas of sunshine and it will result in rain. the best of the sunshine, perhaps turning hazy, out towards the east. the highest of the temperatures, 2a to 25 degrees. the rest of the evening and overnight, the northern portion of the weather from the work its way out into the north sea that we are left with cloud in the southern counties. 0ther we are left with cloud in the southern counties. other than that it will be a steamy night. further north at cooler, fresher regime. that frontal system will be the boundary between the temperature variation for a good part of tuesday. what it will also do is wave again. that wave suggesting bigger cloud and some heavy rain getting into northern ireland and the western fringes of scotland. low—level mist and merck around the southern parts of the irish sea. further east, when the cloud breaks, it will take a while. we're looking
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at 24, 20 five. the warmth to the south of the weather front is coming into southern britain. to the north of the weather front on wednesday, at cooler, fresher regime will dominate and the front becoming wea ker dominate and the front becoming weaker affair with rain dying away first if you want rain, that is not the feature for you. you get the feeling of heat in the south—eastern quarter. much cooler on the temperature scale in the north west. 12, 13 here. headline making temperature scale in the north west. 12,13 here. headline making 27, 28 in the south—eastern quarter. as we com plete in the south—eastern quarter. as we complete the journey of the weather front away, the high pressure builds in behind and that lay behind the high pressure is nowhere near a south or south—westerly, it is much fresher relatively speaking north—westerly flow. a lovely day on thursday the. the temperature in the teens, low 20s. the fresher regime wins out in a day or two. the jet
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stream, having fired the ways on the weather front utters for a couple of days at the start of the week gives up days at the start of the week gives up the ghost. that allows, towards the latter part of the week, it to spread across the british isles. it does not quite do enough to keep the weather fronts in favour of no far north west of scotland pulled there could be wet fair here. what i think, having seen the temperatures dribble away a touch through thursday and friday, into the end of the week and the weekend itself can adjust darkening the use touch. what do we say about next weekend? some rain into the north—west. pressure will build across most a bit of dry weather again. after a dip temperatures will recover as we move on through the weekend. take care. goodbye.
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