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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  June 17, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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i made a point of trying interested. i made a point of trying to get my cats into it. my cats are saying they are not interested. 0k. all rights. apparently england was that success or failure comes down to whether we all kiss harry kane's boot. if we all kiss the boot which is pictured on the front of the sun then he is more likely to score a hat—trick in night against tunisia. a p pa re ntly hat—trick in night against tunisia. apparently he promised to do, which seems a bit unlikely and unwise. we tried everything else, kissing harry's boot is probablyjust as good a chance. i hope they go far through the tournament. even if not, to the finals of. a great young team and we are behind england, aren't we? come on. definitely. hurray! thank you so much. that is it for the papers. don't forget, all of the
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pages, the front pages, our online on the bbc website. it's all there for you — 7 days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you and goodbye. bbc news, it is the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? we have ocean's 8, stanley a man of variety, a passion project of timothy spall, and rupert everett‘s the happy prince which is an oad to the last days of oscar wilde. ocean's eight, is it fun?
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it is fun. i went in feeling rather ambiguous about it, because actually, the ocean sequels have got progressively worse. this is an all female gang planning an audacious jewellery heist. they want to steal a famous necklace from a famous neck. they have got to rope in a fashion designer, played by helena bonham carter. here is a tip. how did i get here? you spent 18 million dollars in two years and had two houseboats on the seine. i'm old. you're not old. and i'm going to prison. not necessarily. we could make all of this go away. even get your passport back. how?
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dress daphne kluger for the met ball. are you mad? no, hang on a minute. are you journalists? absolutely not. absolutely not! the thing about this is, it zips along, it is kind of fun, it's frothy. it is not much in the way of substance, but you do not go to a oceans movie looking for substance. i really enjoyed watching this. i thought it was, you know people say, popcorn entertainment, generally a phrase i hate, but that was what it was like. it was breezy. it zipped along at a good pace, and suddenly, james cordon turns up, and he appears to be playing james cordon. there was a gag aboutjulia roberts' character impersonating julia roberts, and i wondered if they were going to refer to him as james corden. i enjoyed it more than i expected
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to, and i went in with fairly lowered expectations, thinking, has this series run its course? and it is not a waste of all that talent? because there are some genuinely fantastic people in this. i love cate blanchett, sandra bullock's great. yes, a really good cast. it is like one of those variety spectacular movies anyway, wherever you look there is a famous person. i enjoyed it, and you know how grumpy i can be. i read a thing that said it was too many cameos, but that didn't annoy you? it didn't. i felt generally well
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disposed towards it, except when james corden was being james corden. sta nley. this is brilliant. timothy spall is brilliant. he is good in many roles. psychological chiller devised by timothy spall. he is incarcerated in a bizarre kind of prison where he appears to be for a very long time. he is obsessed with old variety comedians like max wall. he desperately wants to go out and visit a loved one's grave, and all of these characters come and visit him, and they are all played by timothy spall. that is why it is called stanley a man of variety. at the beginning you cannot really understand what is going on. it reminded me a little
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bit of tideland. a few people reviewing it has said that it is kind of a feature length of version of the league of gentlemen. it is also a bit like funny bones. people have forgotten about that. it is not for everyone. there is no question about that, but i have seen it a couple of times, and timothy spall is great in it. it is one of the very few movies in which a single actor could win an award for best ensemble cast, the whole ensemble being him. it is a curiosity. it is very strange, it is very, very odd, and quite creepy. i think it has got something, but i am not quite sure what it is. definitely want to see and judge yourself. the third choice this week, the happy prince. i found that such a sad film. inevitably so. rupert everett, writing, starring and producing, as well. a film about the final years and days of oscar wilde.
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having spent time in prison for indecency, he comes out of prison and goes abroad. his friends rally round to some extent, but his health is declining, his finances are ruined. his reputation is in tatters, and he is estranged from his family, which breaks his heart. here is a clip. constance... my dear, good, beautifulwife. there is nothing i can ever say that will undo the great hurt that i have caused you. we both know that. for two years, i have lain on hard boards, knelt on cold stone, dined on shame and thought of little else. you and my sons are the only things in my life. worried not for the hope that one day i would meet you all again, i don't think i could go on.
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my desire to live, dearest constance, is as intense as ever. although my heart is broken, hearts are made to be broken. that is why god sends sorrow to the world. write to me as soon as you can, and tell me that i am still your oscar. there it is interesting, because it shows you the religion, but it is that strange balance between tragedy and humour. there is humour in here, but a huge amount of tragedy. it is interesting how it juggles those elements. i felt it did so rather successfully. i thought it was very, very interesting visually, and it was quite dreamlike, which i liked. i love the fact that it is about the final years, because people watching will think they know everything about oscar wilde, but actually, nobody talks about what happened once he was...
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once he left prison and had to leave the country, and that is why it is interesting. did you feel that it managed to juggle the different time frames? one of the ways it is clever, is the way it goes to his past and his presence. it does that rather well, and that can be very complicated. i always felt there was an emotional call through it. it made emotional sense. i felt that worked, i felt it worked. in the whole dreamlike state, and how much of that because he was terribly ill, and who knows what lotions and potions he was on to try and alleviate his symptoms, and that all tied into it. there is a hallucinatory sense to it. and there is an intangible anger about the way he was mistreated. although the film never shouted, you can feel that anger underneath the story,
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and this extraordinary talent was brought to this circumstance. at one point, he says, the natural home of the hypocrite is england. and you feel like the whole film is agreeing with that phrase. and the most powerful elements are when you are reminded of the his hostility dramatically. there are moments of real cruelty in the film. beautifully acted. great performances. rupert everett was born to play that role. my goodness, you are making me feel old with your best out this week. i am surrounded by youngsters in the newsroom who haven't heard of it. the piano. the first film ever to win the palm d'or. it was up for a bunch of oscars and it won three of them. here is the thing about the piano. it is clearly brilliant. it has inspired a huge amount of thought about its form
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and what it means. the only thing that i would say is that when i first saw it, i didn't like it as much as i admired it, and one of the reasons that i am that it is being reissued, is that i'm going to see it projected on a big screen, because i think you need to see it on a big screen to appreciate it. i am going to see it on a big screen next week, and and see whether i have grown up enough to admire it and like it. i remember it being quite a hard film and thinking it was beautiful and amazing to look at. and we all love the fact that... it was about a woman and directed by a woman, so unusual. i don't remember loving it. i remember loving holly hunter. all the different elements are amazing, but i don't remember loving it. black panther? have you seen it? you must see it? i am the only person in my entire circle who has not seen it.
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it is real good fun. when it came out, there was a huge amount of politics, and all the rest of it, but it is really well made. well constructed, there are a number of different storylines, all of which... it looks fantastic. when it needs to do serious, it can do it. i sat there thinking it is the most entertaining superhero film i have seen in a very long time, and you will really, really enjoy it. now it is on dvd. sit down and watch it. it is a real pleasure. there is a lot of really enjoyable stuff out at the moment. ocean's 8 in the cinema, and stanley, if you can find it, you have to seek it out. it does not have a wide release.
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really interesting week. cracking week! a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. and now for an update on the weather for the week ahead. it is looking like it will warm up significantly in southern parts of the uk. a return to summertime temperatures, perhaps even the high 20s. north of the country, northern ireland, scotland, more cool. rain in the forecast as well. not necessarily bad. this is what it looks like
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early on monday morning. clear whether in the west. the south—east, more cloudy. much of the morning is looking fine in the uk. clouds increasing once again in the west. dragging moisture. temperatures are more warm in the south. up to around 24 more warm in the south. up to around 2a or two to five. tuesday, the warm weather in the south continues. —— 25. warming up. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. the headlines: a day of surprises at the world cup, with title—holders germany beaten in their first—round match by mexico. "i hate to see children separated from theirfamilies". america's first lady speaks out about a controversial practice at the us border.
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i'm kasia madera in london. also in the programme: the right—winger ivan duque is elected colombia's president, in a landmark election. is hong kong's appetite for seafood on the wane? the discovery of tiny plastic particles inside the body of local fish is leading many people to think twice.


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