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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 19, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on this programme: harry saves the day for england. captain kane scores an injury—time winner against tunisia. belgium are top of group g at the moment, after beating panama. but they took their time to get going. top seed marin cilic gets off to a winning start at queen's club, with victory over fernando verdasco. hello and welcome to the programme where, nearly one week in the 2018 world cup, the drama is still coming. leading off day five, sweden managed to edge south korea, with a little help from var. belgium overcame a stubborn panama side. but it was england's victory over tunisia that kept us on the edge of our seats. with all the latest, our man in moscow — here is olly foster. three matches and three wins on
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monday at the world cup, the most dramatic of them came in volgograd, where harry kane came to england's rescue to beat tunisia in injury time. also a big win for belgium against panama in that group, and elsewhere sweden scraped to victory against south korea. our correspondent reports. a new generation and renewed hope for fans of english football, and just 11 minutes in, their nerves were put at ease. captain kane leading from the front. just as england started to relax into the game, a mistake came. an elbow from kyle walker giving away a penalty, ferjani sassi co mforta bly away a penalty, ferjani sassi comfortably slotting it away. but as england toiled, desperately, for a penalty of their own, it wasn't until injury time that the breakthrough came. another corner, and another kane winner. hope restored for england and their fans, just. for the people of panama, it
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was time to party. a debut for their tea m was time to party. a debut for their team on world football's biggest stage, an emotional moment for their players. but, after holding on through a goalless first half, belgium started to turn it on. a rocket from dries mertens silencing the central americans, and from that point, panama's the central americans, and from that point, pa nama's resistance the central americans, and from that point, panama's resistance was broken, lukaku hitting the mark with two goals in six minutes. spectacular stadiums looked to be given in russia, but the quality of the matches within can't be guaranteed. the video assistant referee broke the deadlock between sweden and south korea, a penalty converted by swedish captain andreas granqvist enough to seal first opening game when to his side since 1958. so the swedes join mexico at the top of group f, but fever are
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opening proceedings against the mexican fa echoes of their fans‘ behaviour during that match here in moscow. homophobic chanting was heard at the stadium, and they have been sanctioned on 12 different occasions for that sort of offensive behaviour from their fans at matches. but all those fines clearly haven't worked, and they are going to be very closely monitored, mexico, in their next match. coming up mexico, in their next match. coming up on tuesday, we get a first glimpse of group h, the last group we haven't seen, cynical, poland, japan and canada are the last into the —— senegal. then back to group a for the second round of matches. salah's fitness again the key discussion point. our correspondent is there ahead of the game. discussion point. our correspondent is there ahead of the gamem discussion point. our correspondent is there ahead of the game. it would bea is there ahead of the game. it would be a huge surprise if salah didn't
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play against russia in st petersburg, but the egypt coach did put a bit of doubt in the egyptian fans‘ mines and the minds of the russian team as well, he said salah had to pass a final fitness test before we know whether he will play a mismatch, whether he make his world cup debut. it is now 23 days since the champions league final when he was injured after that clash with ramos. david is an egyptian football journalist. with ramos. david is an egyptian footballjournalist. david, cooper said he may not be fit enough to start. is that mind games or is mohamed salah struggling with that shoulder injury? i actually don't think he will start the game tomorrow. i think he is a big risk tomorrow. i think he is a big risk to start, i think more so for the fa ct to start, i think more so for the fact that egypt don't have to win the game. they only have to keep themselves in the game, defend as well as they did against uruguay and possibly with half an hour to go, if it is still level, i am certain we will see mohamed salah at that point. how big a moment will it be
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if he comes off the bench, after what he has achieved this season. it will be massive for him. absolutely, and given the fact that they lost the first game they must win this, it is must win for egypt. more so given that he went off in the champions league final as well. i think had he played in that game, we naturally would have seen him from the start, but given that he missed that game that liverpool lost as well, i think it has been a massive season well, i think it has been a massive season for mohamed salah, with everything he has achieved, and i think he will be eager to start from the beginning, and fingers crossed. fingers crossed from your perspective, the egypt perspective. thank you very much, david. as far as russia, five days ago there were so as russia, five days ago there were so much negativity around this team. now there is a lot of expectations. the russian fans believe that russia could qualify for the last 16 after just two games. they could do it if they beat egypt. it is a big if, though, if mohamed salah starts. and
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the winner is on monday providing all the drama, with harry kane's late winner against tunisia. top seed marin cilic cleared the first hurdle in his bid for a first queen's title. the croatian beat fernando verdasco in straight sets, 6—3, 6—4, injust over an hour. he will now play gilles muller in the next round, after the 35—year—old got the better of denis shapovalov in the first match of the day. meanwhile, at the tournament in halle, kei nishikori opened his grass—court season with a convincing straight—sets win over matthias bachinger of germany. the seventh seed broke serve three times and took the match injust 82 minutes. and what a line—up tuesday has in store at queen's, headlined by former number one andy murray, who makes his comeback after taking a year out with a hip injury. the brit will face the australian nick kyrgios in what will be his first competitive match in 3112 days. he says he has zero expectations, but feels ready to get his career
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back on track. the sport is about winning and losing, obviously, but it is not just about that. there is more to it. like, this has been my life since i was, you know, pretty young. i made the decision to play tennis professionally when i was 15 years old, so it's been 15, 16 years of my life, and i've not been able to do that for, you know, to play tennis for a year now. so it has been tough, but you look at things a little bit differently, i think, as you get older and go through times like that. so i'm hoping that will help me through the comeback. meanwhile his opponent, nick kyrgios, is on something of a comeback trail himself after injury, and he says he feels like he is back to his best. obviously got a bit of a task
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tomorrow against andy, but i'm looking forward to it. i haven't been able to play pain—free for a long time, almost three months, so it has been good to get back out there and play without any setbacks. you know, i busily played a great match against roger last week, pretty u nfortu nate match against roger last week, pretty unfortunate not to get the win there. and what do you think will be the hardest part for him, getting back on the match court for the first time in a year? you have had an experience coming back from injury. honestly i think i am the best guy to play coming back from injury, i will be enjoying myself, andi injury, i will be enjoying myself, and i think he will be fine. he has played hundreds and hundreds of tennis matches. i think he knows exactly what will be waiting for him out there. you know, he might feel a little bit of pressure, a little bit of those coming back from his end injury, but ultimately i think it will be ok. —— his injury.
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the second test between the west indies and sri lanka ended in a draw after the final day in st lucia was suspended due to bad light. jason holder's side were 147—5, chasing a target of 296 to win, when play was brought to a premature end. kraigg brathwaite's unbeaten 59, with support from shai hope and captain jason holder, ensured that the showers which came in the final session, coupled with deteriorating light, eliminated the sri lankans' chances of levelling the series. washington capitals coach barry trotz has resigned, less than two weeks after leading them to their first stanley cup title. trotz spent four seasons at the capitals, and triggered a two—year extension to his contract by winning the stanley cup. however, the capitals and trotz were unable to agree a deal for him to stay as coach. media reports have suggested the financial terms of the deal were below market value. you can get all the latest sports news at our website.
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that is but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. good morning. there's somewhat of a battle of the air masses across the uk at the moment. to the northern half of the country, we've got fresher north atlantic air pushing its way in. to the south, muggier air all the way from the mid—atlantic. separating air masses, though, tends to be weather fronts. and this one, as we see this little wave develop, a little bobble later bringing some heavier rain later this coming night. patchy rain and drizzle this morning across some western parts of england and wales, where the
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warmest of the air is. 18 degrees in central london. sunnier conditions further north for the commute, with just a few showers here and there, but it does feel a bit fresher. sunshine turns hazy, though, as cloud increases from the south—west through the day. the cloud across england and wales will break up but it will turn cloudy for northern england. and there's always a threat, northern and western areas, of patchy rain and drizzle into the afternoon, especially on coasts and hills. but note — temperatures into the 20s, even with that cloud. further north, the teens. the best of the sunshine, the far north, where winds will be lighter than they were monday. but northern ireland, south—west scotland, finishing the afternoon, going into evening with outbreaks of rain. that turns heavier into the night for central and southern scotland and also for parts of northern england. still separating the air masses, so quite a fresh night to take us into wednesday. the north—west of scotland and northern ireland, england and wales and far south—east of scotland staying fairly muggy, with temperatures in the teens. but the heavier rain through the night into wednesday is courtesy of this waving weather front, which actually pushes out into the north sea quite quickly on wednesday morning, just leaving this trailing cold front, which will work its way southwards, introducing fresh air during the day.
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here it is — that's the outbreaks of rain for northern england and north wales to start wednesday. through the day, it turns showery, that band pushes through wales, the midlands, towards east anglia by mid—afternoon. keeping things muggy towards the south—east corner. get the cloud break, temperatures will shoot up. notice, though, on our temperature profile, the contrast. temperatures much, much fresher further north, the mid—teens at very best in scotland, with a few showers to the highlands and islands. but a lot of sunshine out across northern and western parts of the uk to finish the day. as we go into thursday, that cold front has moved off into the near continent, pushing us all in to fresher air, northerly airflow across the country, bringing a few showers for shetland, the north—east of scotland. most, though, will be dire. sunny top and tail of the day. cloud builds up, spreads out a little bit during the middle part of the day. but note that temperatures by this stage — mid—teens across scotland, maybe low 20s in the south. but as we finish the week, going into the weekend, high pressure starts to nudge its way in, killing off that northerly airflow and bringing in slightly warmer aironce again.
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and with higher pressure in charge, it stays dry for most on friday, saturday and sunday. varying amounts of cloud, good deal of sunshine, and temperatures just up a little bit. bye for now. welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the trump administration defends its policy of separating migrant children from their parents. the president again tries to blame the democrats. the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. in germany — immigration policy is also divisive. the interior minister gives chancellor merkel two weeks to find a europe—wide solution. a catholic archbishop is due to be sentenced in australia for failing to report the sexual abuse of children in the 19705. we round up day 5 at
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the world cup in russia —
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