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tv   The Papers  BBC News  June 22, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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difference goal—scorer. let's wait for tuesday night and let the drama unfold. let's bring you some of the day's other sports news now, and the trail continues for andy murray in eastbourne. her member he was knocked out of queens on tuesday, losing in three sets to nick kyrgios. his first competitive match in almost a year, but he has confirmed he will get some work court action in eastbourne. novak djokovic is down to the semifinals. he will face france's‘sjeremy chardy. nick kyrgios... marin cilic in the other semi. michaela put ernesto beat svitolina, she will face petra kvitova to in the semifinals. written by: o'donoghue, won the big race at ascot today. the coronation stretched states. they
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also broke the track record. that's it for sportsday on day nine here at the world cup. first wins for nigeria, switzerland, and brazil. they are the winners of day nine, rolling on daytime estate ten. that's it for now, coming up next on bbc news, it's time for the papers. goodbye. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are jason beattie, who's head of politics at the daily mirror, and benedicte paviot, france 24's uk correspondent and president of foreign press association. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the i starts with a story about bmw
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and the airbus, warning about taking their business out of the uk. the interesting thing is why has it taken businesses so long? the concern taken businesses so long? the concern has been there for a long time. they are despairing at the slow pace of trying to agree on a brexit deal. they have been warning for a long time that they need certainty to make long—term investments. and they have been saying that if there is a cliff edge, that would be disastrous because all manufacturing... you have constant deliveries showing up. ferries and lorries going backwards and forwards across the channel, a slight delay cost him lots of money. we know all this, and we've been
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saying that they need to have the same regulations and rules as the eu, or they all need to be replace. none of it has happened, and airbus has finally said that we said this in private, now you have to do something about it. on the back of that, bmw says that they're going public about it. it is now two years today tomorrow morning when we have a vote to leave the eu, so it is not entire coincidence they're doing it now, but it is itching they are doing it. they been saying it's part of project fear on friday about airbus, but it's an awful lot of jobs. 25 sites in the uk, the great majority of those airbus jobs are in wales, which we know voted for brexit. but that has also been added
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—— an 8000 brexit. but that has also been added -- an 8000 bmw brexit. but that has also been added —— an 8000 bmwjobs, and what all these companies are saying is something outrageous as they want clarity. they want to be able to plan, so it's one thing for politicians to go through all the different tests as we have witnessed and reported on a great deal in parliament. of course we know that bill is waiting —— awaiting assent oi'i bill is waiting —— awaiting assent on tuesday, but the fact of the matter is they do need to plan, and even small delays can cause real problems. sol even small delays can cause real problems. so i think his companies have been very slow in coming forward and putting their heads above the parapet, because they have been so extraordinarily criticised during the referendum campaign. so in the lead up, here we are two years later, months away from the 29th of march, 2019 at 11pm, where the united kingdom will be leaving the united kingdom will be leaving the club of 28 and reducing it to 27. let's go to the front page of
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the daily express, which has an exclusive interview with the man who will completely disagree with you. the brexit to jerry david will completely disagree with you. the brexit tojerry david davis, our fantastic future out of the eu. there are two interviews in the papers tomorrow to mark the second anniversary of the referendum. so all will be fine? i would have added the word fantastical future. this is one of the most delusional interviews i've ever read. it's a com plete interviews i've ever read. it's a complete propaganda puff piece on behalf of brexiteers, and we have borisjohnson behalf of brexiteers, and we have boris johnson and liam behalf of brexiteers, and we have borisjohnson and liam fox coming m, borisjohnson and liam fox coming in, so for brexiteers coming out in full force to persuade us all it's a goodidea full force to persuade us all it's a good idea to lead doctor lee. you can almost sense that they are rattled. the problem is that david davis doesn't actually address any of the hard questions, there is nothing about the airbus warning. maybe the interview was done before that, but there's nothing about the
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northern ireland border question, which is the biggest problem we face. but a lot of typical david davis bluster about it, saying that we will get a fantastic deal because we will get a fantastic deal because we all share the language. i'm not convinced. isn't entirely fair? he's talking about things that will change for individuals, being able to do trade deals for the old commonwealth, being a more global country. and we have to remember that this is what the country voted for, it may not have known the details but it voted to leave. the country did not defined the kind of brexit it wanted when it voted. nothing about northern ireland in here, which is a real problem in a real issue. the issue i have with this exclusive interview in the
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daily express is that as far as i can see, there's not a single new... we heard all this in the to the eu referendum. i think the fact that there is a fantastic market with 1.5 billion english speakers across the world, which david davis says we will be able to do trade with all of them, this is not new. we knew they speak to marco spoke english, that market was there before, and i think this is old news. the line interest me on page four is when the express says, and it's not a direct quote, but when it says that david davis warned brussels that britain was able to leave without a deal. they wa nt able to leave without a deal. they want to build on the victory of wednesday evening in the lords, and brexit have decided this is the
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moment. it seems they are piling on the pressure on the prime minister before we know the checkers stomach —— checkers summit labelled that the body bag split. we will see who comes out in a body bag and who doesn't. this is obviously meant not just for internal consumption within the government and for philip hammond, because he is clearly taken to task, but also for the british public, and also for brussels. and of course brussels is watching very carefully what is being said, but piling on the pressure, i don't know if you've had a watch democrat chance to watch the clip, the message the prime minister recorded moments after the lords decided to give their approval. it looked like
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she wasjust so happy, i thought she would burst into tears. it's worth looking at, but there are more battles to come. let's take a look at the front page of the sun, because this is the other interview by chief brexit, bog roll brexit, says borisjohnson. by chief brexit, bog roll brexit, says boris johnson. their ridiculous thing is if you look at the headline, it sound like he's running down brexit, like he's describing the brexit he might get. seeing the words blog and brexit together, it seems appropriate. he's twisted the particularly bad slogan, soft, strong, and very long, but he can't say strong, so he sang soft yielding. it's a torturous use of imagery he's using here. and again, the problem with brexiteers, and you see them and david davis and boris johnson, it's fantastic rhetoric,
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they are very good at making this a buccaneer in case, but appallingly bad at the detail. i've read boris johnson's article, it's all about how wonderful we are and we could even be the strongest performing economy in the world, but we are actually the slowest in the mould —— in the world because of brexit. they live in this fantasyland where because they wish it could be good, it will happen. but without getting into the nitty—gritty, it's actually quite technical about how do we align our relations to the eu? if we don't, businesses will leave because they like the continuity, it makes it easierfor them, but they like the continuity, it makes it easier for them, but they have to do anyway. as i said, the extraordinarily complex issue, with air -- extraordinarily complex issue, with air —— airbus is about four different eu agencies that they need to pull out of. they don't address this, but they have fantastic flag—waving, world cup, we are all wonderful, let's raise the second
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world war again language, which as i say is completely opposite to the action that needs to be done. many people who are watching bull entirely disagree with you and say that we will see the details when the government is ready. we will have another crack at this later, but at the time, thank you both for coming in. don't forget you can see the front pages online on the bbc news website. if you missed the programme in the evening, you can watch it again on bbci player. watch this again at 11:30pm, so thank you both. we'll be back soon. goodbye. many of us this weekend will be basking in the sunshine, but not everybody. if you are going to be out of the sun take care, the uk will be —— uv levels will be high
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across the uk, as well as the pollen levels across large swathes of the uk. the skies are clear across the uk, friday ended on a beautiful note across much of the country. there is more cloud north of us, that might bring some spots of rain to scotland. but other than that is a clear night. it starts off a little on the nippy side. early on saturday morning, some of the towns and will be hanging around the single digits. not as cold as last night, but next week, the knights will be very uncomfortable. saturday is where the map is at, to the north here we have cheeky weather fronts prizing map is at, to the north here we have cheeky weatherfronts prizing hi there. a little bit closer to the jet stream into the lows, some cloud and spots of rain getting into the western isles of scotland. the seven that it western isles of scotland. the seven thatitis western isles of scotland. the seven that it is looking mostly sunny, and high teens across the north, mid 20s
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possibly there in london. here are those pollen levels on saturday, very high across wales and much of england, high and the central scotland. the forecast for saturday and hardly a cloud in the sky, sunny in the north of scotland. temperatures will be higher in the north. we are expecting those temperatures to rise by 5 degrees, so 20 degrees is possible in belfast on saturday, into the low 20s for the lowlands of scotland as well. monday, high pressure still with us, you can see where the lows are drifting close to iceland and greenland, not a drop of rain in sight to stop the heat wave will build across europe, and some of that heat will be bopping in our direction, giving a hot spell. temperatures are expected to rise, and next week in some areas, the chances are that they will hit 30 celsius. very warm and hot summer
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weather on the way. this is bbc news.
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the headlines at 11:00: two big employers in britain, airbus and bmw, issue stark warnings over the slow progress of brexit negotiations. the aerospace giant says it will have to reconsider its future if there's no deal. this is just this isjust a business person sitting here today explaining the risks we've evaluated for our business. i'm not a politician and rather than project via, this is dawning reality. —— project fear. president trump sparks another trade war escalation with europe as he threatens a 20% tariff on cars imported from the eu. 70 years after the ship the empire windrush arrived from the caribbean, a thanksgiving service at westminster abbey. so, we have a roundabout at


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