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the future of heathrow — mps will vote today on whether to allow a third runway to be built at europe's busiest airport. the government says the expansion is essentialforjobs — but labour hints it could scrap the plans if elected. we'll have all the latest from westminster and heathrow ahead of the crunch vote. also this lunchtime. the fire—fighter in charge when the grenfell tower fire began tells the inquiry he wasn't trained to decide when to fully evacuate a high rise building. police injamaica investigate the deaths of british couple charlie and gayle anderson who recently retired to the island from manchester. prince william in the middle east — he'll be the first member of the royal family on an official trip to both israel and the palestinian territories. back at their training camp, england prepare for their next match on thursday safe in the knowledge that they're now through to the knockout stage. and coming up on bbc news. crunch time at the world cup — as the final group matches start, will cristiano ronaldo aim to guide portugal to the last 16? good afternoon and welcome
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to the bbc news at one. the future of london's heathrow airport will be decided later today when mps vote on whether or not to build a 3rd runway. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson — who once said he'd lie down in front of bulldozers — is missing the vote on a foreign trip. he's written to his constituents defending his decision not to resign over the issue because, he says, doing so would have "achieved nothng". labour is officially opposed to the third runway and this morning jeremy corbyn left open the possibility of scrapping the plans if elected. here's our political correspondent eleanor garnier. it is the busiest airport in europe
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and tonight after decades of delay mps get the chance to decide whether heathrow should get a third runway. the government says it is the biggest transport decision in a generation. it has promised not a penny of the £14 billion price tag will be met by taxpayers. there will be guaranteed benefits for the whole country and built in environmental protections. it is really important promises we make about noise, air quality, the connections that will be provided elsewhere in the uk, are set in stone. when we get to the completion of the runway in 2020 the things that we've promised today will be things that happen then. and they are promising tens of thousands of newjobs. they are promising tens of thousands of new jobs. that's they are promising tens of thousands of newjobs. that's £2.6 billion in compensation with hundreds of homes facing demolition. many here in harmondsworth by campaigners have been fighting plans. my view is we
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need to block it because it is so dangerous for climate change. this isa dangerous for climate change. this is a threat notjust to my community but the whole country and the planet, if we do not stop this we cannot be taken seriously on climate change. labour is officially opposing the plans but its mps get the chance to vote how they like. conservatives both are being ordered to back the third runway, some critics are expected to rebel but the foreign secretary who vowed to lie down in front of the bulldozers to stop expansion, is abroad and expected to miss this chance to protest. others quit their ministerial posts so that they could vote against the plans. it is all about the pledges you make i made a to my constituents in chelsea & fulham, on about 50,000 election leaflet that i would vote against the proposal in parliament. it would be damaging for my constituency and damaging for london as a whole and against the national interest. but
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what is next? the commons will vote on the decision tonight. there will bea on the decision tonight. there will be a planning inspector ‘s consultation on the detailed proposals but legal challenge has looked likely from local councils and environmental groups put up the ends for the new third runway to be completed in 2026. tonight could mark the end of a parliamentary road for heathrow but with the possibility of legal hurdles ahead and questions over what labour would do if it got into government, it certainly will not be a done deal. the prime minister will be confident of getting the vote through the commons but it is a long way before this huge project finally takes off. in a moment we can speak to victoria fritz who is at heathrow. but first our assistant political editor norman smith is in westminster. the government are confident that this will go through? well the
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tonight may go through but i have to tell you that this is very far from over. jeremy corbyn has opened up the possibility that a future labour government could have a rethink. he was asked pretty over ten the third ru nway was asked pretty over ten the third runway decision if he became prime minister and he said it depends what stage it has got to. that means that if by the next election work has not started on the runway and it may well not have because we know that there will be a barrage of legal challenges, then labour would want to ta ke challenges, then labour would want to take another look at the issue of airport capacity in the south—east and just for good measure he is number two john mcdonald this morning said labour would never be taken seriously on climate change if it pressed ahead with the third ru nway it pressed ahead with the third runway and also suggesting that the disruption involved was comparable to the highland clearances. as for that man of mystery borisjohnson, we may not know where he is what he's doing or why he is when he is but we now know why he did not quit.
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in an open letter to his constituents he said if he had beside it would achieved absolutely nothing. but if he is to avoid lying down in front of the bulldozers he may have to rely onjeremy corbyn pulling the plug on the third runway. our transport correspondent victoria fritz is at heathrow. if the boat is approved tonight what nextin if the boat is approved tonight what next in the short term for heathrow? it isa next in the short term for heathrow? it is a very long process, if it gets consent, it is a development consent order and then we will have a second consultation, a public consultation and after that and only after that it would put its plans through to the planning office. that would be about 2020. they have about 18 months or so to have a look at those plants and then that is when we are likely to see these legal challenges coming through over environmental concerns for example from local residents. we already had the mayor of london would be joining that legal challenge so when we hear
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some detail, when we get that plan from the planning officer, we will have 20 of those. beyond that they would not be able to put a spate in the ground until 2021 at the earliest so it looks like 2025 and the very earliest before we would see any new runway here. but this airport is already running at full capacity, a quarter of a million passengers travel through here in the last 24 hours. it has been running at capacity for ten years so given the time frame it looks like they will need some interim solutions whether it is heathrow or elsewhere across the country in terms of looking at capacity and the cost of developing the uk and trade. the fire—fighter who led the initial response to the grenfell tower fire has begun giving evidence to the public inquiry. watch manager michael dowden told the hearing that he couldn't remember having any training about when to evacuate a tower block, which has a policy for residents to "stay put". our correspondent tom burridge
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is following the inquiry being held in central london. kenneth more about has been said this morning. i think the main take from this morning is that the policy in relation to firefighting in a high—rise building and some of the issues that arose in relation to g re nfell tower was issues that arose in relation to grenfell tower was in place. enquiry has been quoting document this morning, some government documents and others london fire brigade documents. all documents that really went down to the london fire brigade and relevant to their tactics on the night. but michael dowden who was the station manager or the watch manager at night when the fire broke out and was the interim commander in the initial phases of the pirate said that when basically he was askedif said that when basically he was asked if he had considered, if he had training relating to how to deal with the fire and its spread through
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segment flammable materials, he said he had not had training on that specific issue. the issue of deciding to evacuate and to take residents and were building once it was clear the fire was spreading it on the flat of origin he said he could not remember having training relating to that specific scenario either put up he also spoke about the training facilities available to london fire brigade and said that they have training towers but nothing comparable to grenfell tower stop it is significant because of course the london fire brigade kept their stay put policy, with residents being told to stay in their flats for roughly two hours from the app rig the fire full stop and of course we know from previous evidence that the fire probably spread from flat 16 through combustible materials around the window and rapidly onto the cladding from there. so we had a series of questions to michael dowden about a visit he made to the building in february and is 16 and it was clear
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from that questioning that he did not make many relevant assertions about the building and the risk of fire safety there. thank you. police in jamaica are investigating the deaths of a british couple living on the island. the bodies of charlie and gayle anderson, police in jamaica are investigating the deaths of a british couple living on the island. the bodies of charlie and gayle anderson, who were both in their seventies, were discovered on friday by neighbours. they had recently retired to the caribbean from manchester — from where our correspondent danny savage reports. gayle and charlie anderson, both in their 70s, both murdered in their home injamaica where they had retired to a few months ago. they were found dead by neighbours in their home in mount pleasant on friday afternoon. the house was partially burned, however one room was totally destroyed by fire. the bodies were observed to have wounds to the neck and face. however we are not able to say at this time what could have caused those injuries. until a few months ago they had lived in this street in manchester
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but friends say mrs anderson returned to the uk recently to sort out a money problem. a large amount had been fraudulently taken from their credit card in jamaica. although it is not clear if that has anything to do with the double murder. if you asked them for help they would go out of their way. former neighbours told us how immensely popular the couple were and how they would always try and help others. they have been going to local tips, him and his wife, doing bikes up for the kids injamaica. and taking school books, clothes. just really, really nice people. i was like shell—shocked. you know. i stood there and i just could not move. i did not know what to say because it came as a big surprise. it was like losing a member of your family, really. their family says charlie and gayle were happily married for 55 years
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and leave behind four grandchildren and one great grandchild. in a statement, their two sons said they were hard—working people, building a business with integrity and making sure we will always provided for. they were just beginning the next chapter of their lives, retiring to jamaica before this terrible tragedy. the murder rate in parts ofjamaica is very high. so far this year more than 600 people have been killed on the island. danny savage, bbc news, manchester. (c4 pres) the taxi—hailing app uber, has begun appealing against the decision not to renew its licence in london. transport for london decided last september that it was not a fit and proper company but uber has been allowed to continue operating pending the legal challenge. our technology correspondent, rory cellan—jones is outside westminster magistrates court. what has been said in court this morning? well uber began by outlining its case for why it should get a new licence and interestingly
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its barrister said that the company now accepted that transport for london had been right last september and justified in refusing it a new licence on grounds of its behaviour. but the message was we have changed, we've changed people, changed besiegers and the court must now decide whether we are now as we believe are fit and proper company to hold this license. pair prompts their london manager about a new procedure which they had negotiated with the metropolitan police to report alleged assaults by drivers on passengers directly to the police evenif on passengers directly to the police even if the containers themselves had not made a call to the police. that was seen as a major change and that was one of the big complaints originally against uber. the chief magistrate said at the start of the case that this was all about public safety. and transport for london said if she decided to give uber a
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new licence then they would want it to be assured licence. thank you. —— short. the first detailed figures on the number of students in higher education who have taken their own lives have been published. they reveal that suicide rates among students are higher than they were a decade ago with the number of young men taking their own lives higher than that of women. ninety five students took their own lives between july 2016 and july 2017. but the student suicide rates are lower than those for the general population. chi chi izundu reports. since the 19505 there hasn't been robust data into student suicides. but the office for national statistics and the higher education statistics agency have worked together to find out the rates for those specifically in higher education. in the last 12 months leading up tojuly 2017, 95 students took their own lives in england and wales. the report found that in the last ten years the rate of suicide among students has increased slightly but overall the numbers dying by suicide is lower than the
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national average of the same age. we believe that every student suicide is at some point preventable. and we are asking universities to step up to prioritise this and to work with us to help prevent these deaths. in the last year before i went to uni i began to struggle more with depression. in herfirst year, 20—year—old rebecca struggled with her mental health at university and tried to take her own life. she now wants more to be done to help support students just like her. i still do think universities could do more especially for people who have got more longer term mental health difficulties that are not just caused by a sudden event and can kind of be fixed quite quickly. the report which looked at death certificates and the verdicts given at inquests, also found that suicides amongst male students was higher than female. with half of all young people now
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going to university, the charity student mind says the the onus of help and support should notjust be on the nhs. we see that move towards a whole university approach where everybody from the front line cleaners through to academics through to students themselves feel they are better equipped with the knowledge and confidence and skills to support their own mental health and support others. the number of students disclosing mental health problems has increased fivefold in a decade as has the call for universities to work more actively to help prevent suicides. chi chi izundu, bbc news. if you would like information regarding issues raised in that report, you can go to, or call for free to hear recorded information on 08000155 998. our top story this lunchtime: the future of heathrow, mps vote later today on whether to allow a third runway to be built at europe's
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busiest airport. and coming up, hotter than athens, hotter than miami, the heatwave that will cause sizzling temperatures across the uk this week. coming up on bbc news, andy murray backin coming up on bbc news, andy murray back in action at eastbourne this afternoon as he makes his weight on his participation at wimbledon. —— makes us wait. fourteen million people tuned in to watch england in their record—breaking world cup win against panama yesterday. today the team are back at theirtraining camp, knowing that they are already guaranteed a place in the knockout stages. a hat—trick by harry kane has propelled him to the world cup's leading goal scorer so far. our sports correspondent david ornstein is at england's training base in repino. welcome to the team hotel on the
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gulf of finland, where, as we speak, england are recuperating from the assertions of yesterday, the viewing figures you mentioned represent an 82.9% share of the uk television audience, quite incredible, really, and indicative of the growing sense of excitement and interest around this young england team. early days, but the nation is beginning to believe. basking in the glory of a record—breaking result, england's biggest win in major tournament history, through to the knockout rounds with a game to spare. if expectations coming into the world cup were low, they are not. it is a special moment, we wanted to do the country proud and get through to the next step and see where we can go. the goal rush was opened byjohn stones. commentator: stones creeps in! voiceover: after harry kane struck from the spot, jesse lingard produced the best of the lot. commentator: jesse lingard fires in
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for a beautiful word for england! voiceover: a clever set piece ended with a second forjohn stones. commentator: and now it is number two forjohn stones! voiceover: before harry kane dispatched another penalty. commentator: england five, panama zero. voiceover: and then completed his hat—trick, the first englishman to do so at this level since 1986. late on, panama ended their weight to score at the world cup, onlya their weight to score at the world cup, only a consolation but it meant both teams went away in high spirits. the lads are playing their part. the manager played their part. down to them and then to us on the pitch. capping it off with a world cup goal, great for me. we do not stop now. a lot more goals. for england fans at home and here in russia, optimism is building. it's great to see us actually come away
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feeling really good about it and not chewing our mouths for the last 30 minutes! i don't know if it was asked being that good or them being that bad, but it was enjoying. went to the last world cup, didn't win a game! this was quality! the team have returned to their base on the gulf of finland, now they have a final group game against belgium on thursday, with qualification now guaranteed, focus is already switching to the last 16 and possibly even beyond. these games, the progression, the real ones to rank and to test will be head to head with the belgians, or in the knockout stages, head—to—head with the bigger nations. and produce. and i believe the team can. england have signalled their intent, however, the competition is about to intensify and they will hope these are only the start of their celebrations. england face belgium on thursday, last 16 early next week and maybe, just maybe, they will be world cup
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quarterfinalists. a lot of work to do before then. prince william is on a visit to the middle east. he will become the first member of the royal family to go on an official trip to both israel and the palestinian territories. he's due to arrive in tel aviv this afternoon. his tour began yesterday injordan, from where our royal correspondent, nicholas witchell sent this report. a low—key start to a royal tour of more than usual sensitivity. thank you very much. william's visit to the middle east has started in jordan, a long—standing ally of britain, where this morning it was viewing the spectacular ruins ofjerash, a roman city built in the first century ad. he was taken to the spot where his wife catherine had visited when she was a child and living in jordan with her family. but william's visit to the middle east is much more than a sightseeing tour. he will break new ground for the british royal family by becoming the first british royal
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to make an official visit to israel and the palestinian territories. royal visits can be rather bland, focusing on worthy causes and politically safe initiatives, but this one is different, because here in the middle east, politics touches just about everything. and there is no question that william's visit to israel and the palestinian territories has strong political connotations. it is happening in part because britain wants to send a signal that peace in the middle east can only be achieved by dealing equally with both sides of the conflict. the visit has been prepared with more than usual care by british diplomats, last night injordan's capital, oman, there was just a glancing reference to the region's political instability. i greatly admire the resilience you in jordan have shown in the face of many security and humanitarian challenges that have confronted you as a result of conflicts in this region. it will be later today when william arrives in tel aviv for three days carefully
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divided between israel and the palestinian territories, that the test will begin. for him and for the evenhanded british policy which he will seek to represent. today is the 68th anniversary of the start of the korean war. it's never officially ended, but with the recent thawing of relations between the north and south a three day music festival has taken place between the two countries. the peace train festival was the idea of martin elbourne, who's helped organise the glastonbury festival for the last 30 years. and he's taken his festival know—how to the very edge of the de—militarized zone. our correspondent sophie long went too. on board the peace train to the first festival of its kind, in the demilitarised zone between north and south korea. —— peace train. demilitarised zone between north and south korea. -- peace train. it began, the organisers say, with a
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bonkers idea, nine months ago, and it has now come to fruition. but at that time, the missiles were flying, incredible amount of tension in the airand a feeling incredible amount of tension in the air and a feeling of, well, something really needs to happen here. sport and music, they are to the easiest ways to bring people together, whether it is stop conflict, whether it is resolve a conflict, whether it is resolve a conflict, or get over a conflict. we don't have any north korean musicians playing this year, but we very much hope so next year we will do. 34 artists from seven different countries played at three different venues, just metres from the heavily guarded border. a coming together of different cultures. it was mainly korean acts that were doing it, but i think korean acts that were doing it, but ithinkl korean acts that were doing it, but i think i can lend a little bit of british punk rock je i think i can lend a little bit of british punk rockje ne sais quoi to the mix. this was a battlefield
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where 7000 people were killed 60 yea rs where 7000 people were killed 60 years ago, music heard here since has predominantly been robert—jan derksen across—the—board. has predominantly been robert—jan derksen across-the-board. the more i read about it, the more research i did into the situation, the more i wanted to be evolved. it's a much more important event than i realised. i'm incredibly honoured. —— music heard here since has predominately been propaganda played across the border. this is something you don't often see here, musicians playing just a few meters away from the debility rhizome, behind that fenceis the debility rhizome, behind that fence is one of the most fortified borders in the world, people here are hoping that this will maintain the proper lamenting towards peace and all that could change. the uk's official music chart will now take into account videos that have been downloaded
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or streamed online, as well as audio downloads, and sales of cd and vinyl. tracks can often have billions of views on websites such as youtube, but until now that's not counted towards the song's position in the chart. lizo mzimba reports. this week's number one single, solo, by clean bandit and demi lovato. its chart position was calculated using the formula that combines the number of times the song has been bought with the number of times it has been streamed, through audio services such as spotify. but online video sites have become one of the main ways that young people in particular consume music. the video for despocito has been viewed more than 5 billion times. so now, the weekly charts will also take into account how often a song's music video is watched on platforms like youtube. like many acts, chart—topping synth pop group years and years put a huge amount of effort and creativity into their videos. they have welcomed the new move.
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so many people nowjust, you know, watch streaming sites, watch videos online as a way to kind of engage with the music of the artist, some people just watch the video, they are not even aware of the song separate from it. so i think it's definitely about time. it's all the result of months of research by the official charts company, they say it's not likely to result in huge changes to chart positions but that it's important that the system evolves. what we have seen is, this will make an adjustment, it will reflect consumption that has not previously been reflected. you will not see records that have previously never been in the charts being in the top ten, what you will see is certain records being higher because they are particularly strong on video. the new rules come into effect from today, with the official charts company keen that their weekly
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charts reflect a song's popularity as accurately as possible, however it is being accessed by fans. and finally, a heatwave is sweeping the uk with temperatures in some places higher than in places like athens and miami. the met office says this week could see the hottest day of the year for all parts of the uk. sima kotecha reports from birmingham. voiceover: digging is hard work but even harder in this heat, and the ice is very welcome to cool off. it's good for us, because we sell lots of ice cream! and the faces light up on the children, when they get the ice cream. after a week of sunshine, the momentum is set to continue, some places in the south
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are expected to reach nearly 30 celsius, making it hotter than athens and los angeles. it's nice to be able to come out instead of being stuck in the house, and the options of what you can do, there's a lot more that you can do when the weather is nice. in other parts of england and wales, it should be between 24 and 27 celsius, if you suffer from hay fever, between 24 and 27 celsius, if you sufferfrom hay fever, you may be in for a difficult week. as we approach the end of the school year, more children are out and about in parks like this one, and that's why the advice issued by public health england is even more crucial. three key things we can all do to stay welcome along keeping cool, keeping your house call, and keeping hydrated. on top of that, look out for people who may be vulnerable to hot weather, the elderly, people with long—term health conditions such as heart and your problems —— lung problems and young children who are lung problems and young children who a re less lung problems and young children who are less able to look after their own temperatures. —— house cool. are less able to look after their own temperatures. -- house cool. the last couple of months have been
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warmer and drier than usual, in the south of england, this month could be one of the driest on record. hot weather will be with us all week, we have an area of high pressure right over the country, like winds, strong sun, long days, the heat can build up sun, long days, the heat can build up nearthe sun, long days, the heat can build up near the surface of the earth and thatis up near the surface of the earth and that is what we are seeing this week. we are told warm weather is here to stay at least until the end ofjune and here to stay at least until the end of june and forecasters here to stay at least until the end ofjune and forecasters believe we could be looking at similar conditions continuing into the start of next month. talking of forecasters, we have one here. the hot weather will stay with us here. the hot weather will stay with us throughout this week right to the end ofjune. whether you like it or not, you will have to get used to it. this week will bring plenty more dry weather and plenty of heat and strong sunshine with


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