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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 26, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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in the last hour, the president praised the supreme court's decision. the supreme court ruling just coming out, a tremendous success and tremendous victory for the american people and for our constitution. this is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. at a and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. ata minimum, we and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. at a minimum, we have to be secure. at a minimum, we have to make sure that we've let people coming into the country, we know who is coming in, we know where they are coming from. —— we have to make sure that we vet people. we have to know who is coming here. the ruling shows that the attacks from the media and democrat politicians are wrong, and what we are looking for as republicans i can tell you is strong voters, no crime. what the democrats at is open borders, which will bring tremendous crime, it will bring ms
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13 and lots of others we don't want in our country. it will bring tremendous. president trump speaking earlier. we got close to 31 celsius in north—west today. tomorrow the hottest conditions to be in scotland and northern ireland. —— in north west wales. low cloud will form and become dominant tonight and just a bit further inland. many central western areas will be dry. yesterday, it was in the london area. today, it was across parts of wales and north—west england, where temperatures got to about 30 degrees. 31 in porthmadog in gwynedd during the afternoon. tomorrow, it could be the turn of scotland and northern ireland — pa rt
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part of scotland and northern ireland could see 30 degrees on thursday and the warmest of a on thursday and the warmest of a on thursday will be about 27. a british man has been convicted of planning a terrorist attack in westminster. prince william has been visiting israel and paid his respects at the world holocaust centre injerusalem. respects at the world holocaust centre in jerusalem. and cold for peace in the region. i know i should desire for all of you for just and lasting peace. mps have warned that britain will lose its influence with the united states and other nato allies unless it increases defence spending by millions of pounds per year. and the
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met office issues a yellow health warning for heat conditions until thursday evening. ina in a moment it is time for sports day. in seven o'clock the us supreme court has ruled in favour of the trump administration travel ban and targeting people from several muslim countries. scotland's health secretary has resigned as nicola sturgeon gens and we shuffle off cabinet. —— begins. uber has won a 15 month permits to run camps in london. and at half past 11 and we will take a look at the front pages. that is coming up this evening. now it is time for sports day. hello, i'm 0lly foster,
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live in moscow, this is sportsday at the world cup, these are our headlines. let's shake on it. we've had ourfirst 0—0 draw of the world cup — but denmark won't mind, they're through to the last 16. the socceroos are sunk in sochi as peru head out of the tournament with a win. it's d—day for argentina in group d or they'll be going home.... i'm katharine downes — away from the world cup: easy for konta at eastbourne, the british number one comes through her first test. and can england's t20 side follow their 50—over success — and beat the aussies tomorrow? plenty coming up this evening. and
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england updates and the debate that they var debate has started. france against denmark, group c was decided and our first goalless draw after 30 games. the french were already through. denmark only needed already through. denmark only needed a point so they were quite happy with that goalless draw. 0ur reporter adam wilder is probably less ha p py. reporter adam wilder is probably less happy. with francis qualification already secured you can perhaps allow them to relax. the denmark and was a little way to go. despite all that encouragement
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france find the closest thing resembling a chance. this effort was pushed wide. no real need for denmark to chase this but occasionally they tried. not quite enough. the second half would see him try his luck from further afield. no greater success. the french players were playing fireplaces, no one seems to impress. for denmark this was not a great help either. this effort on target but did not stop those watching offering their verdict. fans of both sides got their wish and the final whistle. both sides progressing. this world cup will be remembered for many wonderful things but this game perhaps not one of them. danish and french fans will enjoy moscow this evening. let's get more on that match here in moscow
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at the luznikhi stadium, commentating for five live with dion dublin was conor mcnamara. it is take until the 37th game of this frankly very exciting world cup for us to get our first scoreless draw. so nil nil. that was such a pure game. nobody wanted to win that game. they both said to themselves if we don't lose it will be ok. the fa ns if we don't lose it will be ok. the fans that paid decent money to watch a decent game and they did not get one. shades of germany versus austria in the 1982 world cup when they conspire to make at the drop. it didn't matter anyway because with australia losing to peru both these teams were going through. the teams have got a bit of talent and i just wa nted have got a bit of talent and i just wanted to see a little bit more from either side. shooting from 30 yards, because that's what he was limited
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to. can we forget this one pretty sharpish please? both teams professing to the last 16 and mumbled to do much better now they have reached the knockout stages. —— and both teams will hope to do much better. australia lost to peru. australia where facing an uphill task and needed a french favour. but they had to beat this peruvian outfits. after the two groups these defeats the south american world cup hopes were already over but they did not want to leave russia empty—handed. fans we re to leave russia empty—handed. fans were stinky till the end. and this is why. a poorly depletes peru ahead, theirfirst is why. a poorly depletes peru ahead, their first world is why. a poorly depletes peru ahead, theirfirst world cup goal for 36 years. peruvian tears ofjoy.
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behind in the game they have to when, australia managed to get in behind the peru defends that this happened was denied. the peruvian skipper wanted a taste of the action the second half. a small victory for his country and putting australia's dreams to bed. so group c has been put to bed. france top on seven, denmark five, peru three, australia one. australia picked up that point against denmark. we ll look ahead to tonight s matches in group d that kick off in the next 20 minutes or so injust a moment but last night we saw a number of var decisions in the group b games that
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ignited this ongoing debate about the video assistant referee. portugal against iran and shoot ronaldo have been sent off? here is richard conway. football at every level it's played relies on decisions. from moscow playgrounds to world cup stadiums, it remains a game ofjudgments. commentator: if this gets given, this will be a joke. but even with technology and the introduction of a video assisted referee, or var as it is known, there seems to be no escaping the controversy. last night portugal's cedric soares appeared to handle the ball late into the match against iran, but was it deliberate? and therefore a penalty? after listening to the var and reviewing the footage himself, the spot kick was awarded. commentator: 0h, he's given it. my goodness. the referee retains the final decision, but many calls remain subjective, and open to interpretation, with officials still in the firing line. some of the behaviour from the players is embarrassing,
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but the referee was... he was hopeless. and he thinks that is deliberate handball, then... i'm trying to keep calm without swearing and getting angry here, because that isjust a ludicrous decision. var underwent a two—year experiment prior to the world cup, with football's world governing body, fifa, insisting on its introduction to increase fairness. at a location on the outskirts of moscow, a central hub of cables and satellite dishes connects every world cup venue. all the television pictures from the world cup games come in to this building, and it's here that the video assistant referees are located, too. but we can't see them. they are in a secure location away from prying eyes. commentator: and it's flicked into the back of the net... so far, officials have been busy. spain benefiting from a review last night. goal is given! but there has been criticism for the decisions that some believe were overlooked.
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kane looks like he's been wrestled to the ground. the player's not even looking at the ball. it's unbelievable. cristiano ronaldo also avoided what could have been a red card last night. var has deeply divided opinions, but are the stakes now too high to play without it? is it perfect? no. is it going to improve? yes. at some point, you've got to pull that band—aid and recognise there's going to be an ouch moment. this summer is going to be an ouch moment. the game goes on. so, too, the big debate around football's biggest moments. richard conway, bbc news, moscow. let's talk now to the former premier league referee mark halsey, i'm sure you're watching with great interest every time var is used. i
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be getting it right?|j interest every time var is used. i be getting it right? i think football as we know and love it is coming to an end coming into a new year and coming to an end coming into a new yearand —— ila coming to an end coming into a new year and —— ila and var is coming to stay. i think eventually it will benefit the game but it is taking a long time together. this protocol is the same all around the world with other federations but the the same all around the world with otherfederations but the problem the same all around the world with other federations but the problem we haveis other federations but the problem we have is people sitting up in the video room that are not used to using var in their own federations. the only use it for they come in these tournaments. there was lots of talking points yesterday and show your love rs talking points yesterday and show your lovers and those but it is the training and education. as i have said all along that should not be using this in this most prodigious tournament, the most prestigious and best tournament in the world because we re best tournament in the world because were not ready for it. let's look at
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the training and education and look at it for the 2022 qualification period and then into the world cup. let's bring it and then when everybody knows how to use it and operate with the protocol. everybody knows how to use it and operate with the protocolm everybody knows how to use it and operate with the protocol. it has been rushed through, i guess, mark. when you look at those decisions, the once the getaway such as harry came been wrestled to the floor, is this changing the behaviour of players towards referees really undermining the referees? they must be petrified to make any decision themselves. last night they referee brought it about himself and lost control. he did not stamp his authority on the game as early as the first two minutes with the iranian 23. the respect he showed that the referee was selfish. ——
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zilch. they take the law into their own hands know they will get away it. it became niggardly. —— niggly. the cristiano ronaldo red card should have reviewed because it was not violent conduct. for me var should not have been involved because it was not a clear error. he stepped in and try to block him and he sort of move designed to try to get away from him and to me it was a reckless use of the arm. to be fair to the referee var recommended a review for him and he's gone over to look at it. when he takes that long thatis look at it. when he takes that long that is not clear. he has reviewed and said it is not farrakhan ducked and said it is not farrakhan ducked
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and has —— not violent conduct and here's issued a yellow card. i would have just issued a yellow card. but you can't criticise them for using your love for reckless use of the arm. as for the penalty, absolutely they are wrong in law. handling the ball has got to be a deliberate act, it has to be a deliberate move. mark, we could go on all night. the var debate has got people hot under the collar all over russia and people watching. many thanks for your thoughts here. i know that the england players will be talking about it after their experiences, especially against tunisia. i wonder what they've been talking about. they have had closed training session all 23 have trained. as sports correspondent
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david 0rnstein. dele alli who was covering at thy strain was back in action and gareth southgate has a fool condiment to pick from. the closed session will have allowed them to work in the formation and their tactics and those treasured set pieces that have proved such a budget to them during the world cup. all the top coming into this game has been whether it really better to finish second rather than first. there are currently first by virtue of a superior disciplinary letter to belgium. if they finish second could they have a smoother path through they have a smoother path through the group stages? we put this idea tojordan the group stages? we put this idea to jordan pickford. the group stages? we put this idea to jordan pickford. i feel if we win every game it keeps building and building and we know that belgium is a top opponent and we need to be on oui’ a top opponent and we need to be on oura game.
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a top opponent and we need to be on our a game. and our squad in the camp want to win every game we play. belgium have been having fun in the training session. you might have seen training session. you might have seen on training session. you might have seen on social media about of head tennis. they completed the challenge and were ecstatic. england will hope they will not be celebrating come thursday evening. they have also been speaking. they have been looking ahead to the match against england. i think first of all the belgian team wants to win every game and do the best. second of all i think you want momentum as well because we are the winning mood. it is not going into gear and thinking it was better to lose, it does not work like that, we'll risk of 100% will try to win that game. you should win against tunisia and panama. we did well so it is normal.
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after we have qualified we will see if we could not. and for both teams, england and belgium. —— if we are good or not. this england cap has been uncharacteristically positive and smooth and the media have enjoyed the access we have been getting to the players. throughout this tournament gareth southgate seems to be getting a lot of praise. i picked this tattoo of the journalists out here. the whole atmosphere had to change around england and they have worked very ha rd england and they have worked very hard on that and i think gareth southgate as to take credit. he has been through the siege mentality that can develop around england which does not help anyone. to my mind it is never positive. he has spent time at the media. when he was television pundit he played for the cricket team and took an ageing
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catch on the beach. i think that a lot of empathy towards gareth southgate we remember one of the worst moments of his career, probably his life. —— he took an amazing catch. and yet he came out and basically apologise for letting down the country. it took a lot of courage. and i think with us, with the media, it was the point where something had to change and i think we create a little more maturity in terms of the way that their football association dealt with us southgate realised that the biggest problem with england was fear and wanted to reduce the paranoia and the circus around the england camp. he has made it less heavy that england players to work. it is not some sort of happy open camp brewery can wander up happy open camp brewery can wander up to the team hotel to begin with that they are spending time exposing themselves and southgate has
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encouraged the players to talk about themselves and talk about the stories and i think they are enjoying it. the best experience since euro 96 under terry venables. gareth southgate was obvious that. he has taken what he is good at news that. the mood off the pitch helps the expression and the freedom and excitement on the pitch. they looked like they are having fun off the pitch and on the pitch. that is o'clock kick—off on thursday and then will play on monday in the last 16. it is starting to get very real now and very serious. when we come back i have got some very
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interesting argentina team news. but 110w interesting argentina team news. but now back to the bbc sports centre. we'll start with a comprehensive tennis round up — the grass court season is in full swing — as the warm—up to wimbledon continues... and british number onejohanna konta is through to the third round at eastbourne. she beat serbian aleksandra krunic in straight sets in her home town. konta looking to find some form heading into wimbledon — but has a tough tie in the next round — facing caroline wozniaki, who won this year's australian open. and petra kvitova looks in great form — she won the title in birmingham at the weekend — today she breezed past kateryna bonderenko of ukraine in straight sets to reach the third round. she's now among the favourites for wimbledon, a title she's won twice before. she was a wimbeldon semi—finalist in 2014 — but eugenie bouchard having to go through qualifying to make it to the main draw this year. she's struggled with form and has dropped out of the world's top 100. but she is through her first qualifying match, beating china's zhu lin 6—0, 6—2. and dan evans won't be
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at wimbledon this year — he's lost in qualifying to mattheas bachinger of germany. evans was hoping to play his way into the main draw — after the all—england club didn't offer him a wild card. he's making his return to tennis after a ban for taking cocaine. cricket, and england's t20 side pit their wits against australia tomorrow — a chance for them to take on the old rival, who's whitewashed by england's one day side was completed over the weekend. over 20 overs though, england have struggled... winning only one t20 in the last year...but over 50 overs they're the world's number one side, losing only once this summer. . .to scotland. joe wilson reports, here we are at a sun—drenched edgbaston as this blistering summer of white ball cricket continues for england. edinburgh seems like a long time ago. five nil against the australians
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in the 50 over stuff, we go into a 20 over phase against the australians here. lots of factors behind england's resurgence but a big one has to be paul farbrace. he doesn't have a middle name but if it did have it could well be positivity. he has given the players so much mental energy behind—the—scenes. in this twenty20 phase trevor bayliss, the head coach, is taking a break and so farbrace steps up to be the boss. bayliss is going to step down permanently at the back end of the 2019 summer. so would it be a logical step for farbrace just to step up to the role then? i'm sure there would be some very experienced coaches from all over the world and in angus reckitt, if i was even considered it would be great. —— and in english cricket. there are a lot of experienced and
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very good coaches around the world and english cricket and they are doing a fantasticjob. just because i'm involved in the setup now does not give me a divine right to believe i have a better chance than anybody else. i don't see these ten daysis anybody else. i don't see these ten days is about for me an opportunity, i see this as ten days great experience and nothing really changes. what would it change? all england need now is more of the same stop let's go back to moscow. let's look ahead to the crunch games in group d. especially for argentina. this from saint petersburg. a wonderful atmosphere outside the st
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petersburg stadium and argentine fa ns petersburg stadium and argentine fans about numbering the nigerian ones. dancing between sets of supporters. let's see what the fans are making of this game. the pressure is on argentina and argentina nigeria are on a better position. we have argentina here and nigeria here. you must be worried about argentina. can you turn things around today? we just need to win today. we came from very far away to russia to win this match. you have messi on your back. can he deliver? he is the one that will make as one.
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we came here our god. lionel messi will score three goals. can he really do that this by the fact he is playing badly? what do you think? we have no messi today. who is your key player? they are there for us. moses. you always play argentina in the world cup. is this the day you will finally be yes, definitely. there is only one choice for us and thatis there is only one choice for us and that is to win. young players in the
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team, energetic players. i'll let you get back in the stadium. terrific atmosphere. i will leave you with the fans. argentina have made five changes. that's all from moscow. now for the weather with matt taylor. blue skies overhead for many today. yesterday it was to the south—eastern today across north west wales. 31 degrees and tomorrow it is a tonne of scotla nd and tomorrow it is a tonne of scotland and northern ireland and we could see tempters over 30 degrees. aviemore and strabane could put in athens and lisbon in the shade. into tomorrow we will see high pressure
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dominating. a lot of pride at the moment to the north of scotland a juicy one of two showers and look like becoming more dominant towards eastern coastal counties of england. there will be a lot of missed farming with things turning pretty murky and places. the clear skies will dominate. things getting warmer and the knights as well because temperatures 10 degrees to 15 degrees into the morning. tomorrow that missed and low cloud will break up. another hot and sunny day. temperatures in the mid—to high 20s and maybe 30 degrees and parts of scotland. you're watching beyond one hundred days.
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the us supreme court has upheld donald trump's travel ban that targets several muslim majority countries. the 5—4 ruling said he has the power — even if people don't like what he does with it. his opponents say his ban may be constitutional but it doesn't make it right. the president says it's a moment of profound vindication. a tremendous success tremendous victory for the american people, and for our constitution. this is a great victory for our constitution. president trump has lashed out at one his favorite american manufacturers, harley—davidson. if they move some production to europe, he says, they will be taxed like never before. and two weeks on from the singapore summit, we're still waiting for north korea's plan of action. is pyongyang serious about giving up its nukes?


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