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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  June 28, 2018 1:30am-1:45am BST

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there's been world cup shock in russia, as south korea knock germany out of the tournament. south korea thrilled fans with a dramatic 2—0 win, ending reigning champion germany's hopes of defending their world cup title. germany have won the tournament four times and this is their earliest exit since 1938. police in malaysia say they've seized items valued at about $270 million from six residences allegedly linked to the former prime minister, najib razak, and his wife. and this video is on prince william continues his tour of the middle east. he crossed into the occupied west bank where he's been to a health centre and met the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas. he is the first british royal to officially visit israel and the palestinian territories. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk: one of britain's biggest car manufacturers, nissan, says it's deferring long—term business decisions while it waits for clarification about the outcome of brexit. now on bbc news, all the latest
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business news live from singapore. president trump's carrots are starting to bite, but us companies are complaining. —— tariffs. and in australia, farmers blame banks for misconduct as they are forced to leave their homes. good morning, asia. hello, world. welcome to another edition of asia business report. it's a thursday. thank you for joining report. it's a thursday. thank you forjoining us. i'm sharanjit leyl. we begin the programme with the growing backlash against president trump's tariffs. us steel users have filed a lawsuit against the president for imposing them. the us president for imposing them. the us president will start collecting taxes on chinese imports next week.
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i asked a commodities expert how likely they will win. it is a real challenge for the legal system because we have a group of people challenging a president. there are rights in it. one of them is midcontinental nails, losing 50% revenue overnight. these domestic consumers are being challenged. they are losing profits and jobs are going. there is a precedent for it. that is why they are doing it. it will take a long time to get a result. when that occurs, people will lose jobs result. when that occurs, people will losejobs and result. when that occurs, people will lose jobs and companies will file, and it'll be a big waste of time. protectionism courses are lots of waste and hurt. what will happen
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to the steel meant for the us? we have a system of count of paris occurring. canada are putting them on as well. —— counter tariffs. all of the steel meant for the us has to go somewhere. this policy is a hindrance on economic growth. you can see it develop. there are cases and cases of... we have not seen the com plete and cases of... we have not seen the complete fallout. it will be something to watch. there will be some hurt. the car industry is one of the most vulnerable to steel tariffs. they said buyers would have an average $5,800 price rise. nissan has the
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angle of japan $5,800 price rise. nissan has the angle ofjapan and the us. at the end of the day, what will replace nafta 7 we end of the day, what will replace nafta? we have to be careful not to overrea ct nafta? we have to be careful not to overreact on short—term decision—making or threats and be very careful about how we will modify the chain, not in function of what we are afraid of, but facts and decisions that are sustainable. what we are afraid of, but facts and decisions that are sustainablem other business news, apple and samsung have finally settled a dispute which started in 2011. several weeks ago, a usjury dispute which started in 2011. several weeks ago, a us jury wanted them to pay samsung 5 million dollars in damages. they were seeking more than $2 billion in damages. us regulators have declared
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wa lt damages. us regulators have declared walt disney's plan to buy most of zist walt disney's plan to buy most of 21st century fox. it is a deal worth over $17 billion. it requires the sale of the regional sports networks in the us. it still needs approval in other countries to go ahead. china has ended a ban on exports of beef from the uk which was introduced in the 1990s after the outbreak of mad cow disease. they sell sell $100 million of it to china. and now to australia. farmers are accusing the country's banks of u nfa i rly accusing the country's banks of unfairly forcing them to leave their homes after becoming loaded with large debt. the royal commission is investigating allegations of misconduct across the sector. critics say it impacts rural customers and it has been
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devastating. working on the land has been henry's life and livelihood. the son of a farmer, he had to make properties and wanted to expand to help his sons. the bank financed a third farm. when a deal fell through it pulled the plug and he lost everything. they could not care less who they hurt. we lost everything. we were more or who they hurt. we lost everything. we were more 01’ less who they hurt. we lost everything. we were more or less put off rocket is. could not even take the food off of our properties. the bailiffs came in and you were given half an hour to pack up. he now works as a ca reta ker for to pack up. he now works as a caretaker for another farmer. he says the bank suncorp mismanaged his business. they say they will not discuss individual customers but say
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they do not take forced sales likely. traditionally, farmers have depended on good and lasting relationships with local bank managers, people who understand the business and who know it can take a long time to get a return on investment. what the royal commission has shown is that after the global financial crash, that patients often wore thin and relationships broke down. —— patience. they have been accused of failing the farming property, repossessing properties instead of helping them to make is mrs work. repossessing properties instead of helping them to make is mrs workm is part of their home and psyche. losing that source of income from the banks to carry on business, it isa the banks to carry on business, it is a huge loss for them. the royal commission has put bank executives in the hot seat. one of the largest, anz, admitted it wrongly forced some farmers from homes. you did not act
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fairly and reasonably. did you say that? yes, that is right to bite -- right. the only asset henry has now is he struck. he hopes the royal commission will bring a change in the landscape. —— is his truck. commission will bring a change in the landscape. -- is his truck. if you have ever gone looking for a car, it is not an easy prop that. if you have gone looking for a used car, things get trickier. —— prospect. this is a small singaporean start up aiming to change the second—hand car market place i changing car dealerships of the future. —— by changing. we have more. forget buying a soft drink, these days, giant vending machines
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can spit out a new ford or ferrari with just a simple swipe of your smartphone. some people are predicting traditional card —— car dealerships could change. this is a singaporean entrepreneur. three yea rs singaporean entrepreneur. three years ago he founded an on line marketplace for used cars. he has raised billions of dollars from investors. you have to ask yourself, why do i need so much space for a dealership? each and every one of the customers who walks in does not need it. is this the end of the car dealership? no, it will evolve. we think future dealerships will be without humans. you can do it the
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same day, same hour, just drive off. they are predicting the car dealership's days are numbered. on line dealerships are taking off. but for myself and many others in asia, we still like to touch and feel a car before we buy it. it is peak season for bars across europe with a summer heatwave in the world cup on. it is the worst time for them to run out of gas to make drinks like these fizzy and keeps food cold. a raft of big names have been hit by the co2 shortage. some pubs have run out of beers and ciders. booker, owned by
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tesco, is restricting how much beer wholesale customers can buy. the same has happened with peter and ice cream to people being short on dry ice. —— pizza. this is how wall street ended the day last night. they are all lower. existing fears of trade tensions continue to dominate. that is it for this edition of asia business report. the top stories this hour: the former gp who was named in an investigation into the early deaths of hundreds of patients at a hospital in hampshire has said she was a hard—working doctor who was doing her best for patients. doctorjane barton, who oversaw the practice of prescribing powerful painkillers without medicaljustification, claimed she was working in a very inadequately—resourced part of the health service. doctor barton's statement has been dismissed by the bereaved families, as our correspondent, duncan kennedy, reports.
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these are some of those whose lives were cut short during their stay at the gosport hospital, the result of drugs given without medicaljustification. todayjane barton, the doctor who oversaw the prescription system, appeared for the first time since last week's scathing report. but instead of speaking herself, she left it to her husband. she's always maintained that she was a hard—working, dedicated doctor, doing the best for her patients in a very inadequately resourced part of the health service. we ask that our privacy is respected at this difficult time, and she will be making no further comments. but i did ask one question. jane, do you have any message for the families? robert wilson was one of those who died in the gosport war memorial hospital. his daughter, tracey, said dr barton's statement today was empty. she had an opportunity today to come
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out and take responsibility for her actions, but she has chosen once again not to do that. she's portrayed herself as a victim, which i find quite distasteful. she's not a victim. that sense of disappointment was shared by the family of elsie devine, another victim identified by the report. there she is getting on with her life, and here we are, fighting all these government bodies, and... i just can't understand, you know, britishjustice. when relatives gathered for the report's publication, few had any idea of the full scale of what had happened. in fact, last week's inquiry found that a total of 656 patients may have been victims of unnecessary drugs here, but we've now learned that three more families have come forward to the police since the report was published to say their loved ones too may have met an early death at this hospital. drjane barton wasn't the only one criticised by the inquiry. others are likely to be the subject of interest for any future police investigation.
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duncan kennedy, bbc news, in gosport. there is more on that on the website of the bbc, along with further analysis. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: champions germany are out of the world cup as they finish bottom of their group following a 2—0 loss to south korea. brazil finish top of their group though after easing to a 2—0 win over serbia. and england have beaten australia by 28 runs to win the one off t20 international in edgbaston
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as they turn attentions to india. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with some quite staggering news from the fifa world cup in russia on wednesday, and that is that reigning champions germany have failed to make it out the group stage. the four—time winners were beaten 2—0 by south korea and finished bottom of their group, while brazil didn't follow them, they move through to the last 16 and a match against mexico. olly foster has been watching on from moscow. germany's head coach, joachim low, who is now under extreme pressure, admitted they didn't deserve to win the world cup again, didn't even deserve to reach the last 16, he says. that's the general consensus. their 2—0 defeat to south korea means their


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