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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 28, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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off t20 international in edgbaston as they turn attentions to india. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with some quite staggering news from the fifa world cup in russia on wednesday, and that is that reigning champions germany have failed to make it out the group stage. the four—time winners were beaten 2—0 by south korea and finished bottom of their group, while brazil didn't follow them, they move through to the last 16 and a match against mexico. olly foster has been watching on from moscow. germany's head coach, joachim low, who is now under extreme pressure, admitted they didn't deserve to win the world cup again, didn't even deserve to reach the last 16, he says. that's the general consensus. their 2—0 defeat to south korea means their world cup as lasted just ten days in russia as mexico and sweden go through in that group. no
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dramas in the other group played on wednesday, brazil and switzerland progressing, as austin halewood reports. almost impossible to comprehend. in a tournament of shocks it was one of the biggest in football history. geminid out in the group stage for the first time to since 1938. before kick—off, all four teams could still make it through. but another flat and tired performance at the champions back. goretzka going close but denied by a brilliant save. not good enough. while germany languished in kazan, 1000 kilometres away in ekaterinburg, sweden did all they needed to against mexico's. a 3—0 hammering enough to guarantee their spotin hammering enough to guarantee their spot in the last 16. their fans hammering enough to guarantee their spot in the last 16. theirfans in greenland. back in kazan came the moment of the tournament so far. a tapping. var's biggest call yet. the goal confirmed. the germans heading
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home. with mexico through in their place. to add insult to injury, son heung—min made it two, south korea but into the history books. in rio, germany were the team of the future. four years later in russia, they we re four years later in russia, they were the men of the past. like the germans, the wheels had almost come off brazil's campaign but they'd done enough to only need a draw against serbia and finally they gave theirfans something against serbia and finally they gave their fans something to cheer about. paulinho settle the nerves before thiago silva sent them on their way. the last 16 finally in sight. switzerland will join the last 16 finally in sight. switzerland willjoin them there. a 2-2 switzerland willjoin them there. a 2—2 draw with costa rica just about enough to see them through. austin halewood, bbc news. mexico and sweden through, germany out, though, the first time the four—time champions have failed to get out of the group stage at a world cup. alex capstick was that the game. this was an astonishing results. germany arrived in russia as one of
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the pretournament favourites man they go home bottom of group f in humiliation. nobody predicted this. they're one of the great world cup nations. in the last 16 tournaments they've not once failed to get to they've not once failed to get to the quarter—final stage. in that period they won it as germany or west germany four times and they've been runners—up four times, but here in russia they've been totally unconvincing. in kazan today against south korea they stuttered, they lacked urgency, they seemed to lack motivation. what went wrong? there will be questions and recriminations backin will be questions and recriminations back in germany and the future of the coach, joachim low, must be in syria stout. germany have become the third consecutive defending champion to go home after the group stage. it happened in spain in 2014, italy in 2010, but germany in 2018, that is perhaps the most surprising. germany finishing bottom of that group, but their failure germany finishing bottom of that group, but theirfailure hasn't surprised everyone. football
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broadcaster told me earlier from berlin that he could see this coming. looking at the games and the friendly before the world cup, it was simply not good. we lost against austria, we just won was simply not good. we lost against austria, wejust won by was simply not good. we lost against austria, we just won by a single goal, 2—1, against saudi arabia. it was obvious the team is not as strong as it was in 2014. another thing which was a big thing was the disturbance from the outside. the pictures of gundogan and ozil was a big story in germany, which didn't really make the mood in the camp better. then there's the election. many in england didn't know why liam boyce an a, one of the most exciting players in the world, wasn't in the squad and was dropped just before the world cup —— leroy sane. the german fa have to answer for this. joachim low, the world cup manager, w011 joachim low, the world cup manager, won a world cup for germany, but the next 24 hours will tell as if he stays in charge.
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for more matches on thursday to decide the final groups. japan and senegal needing a point to get through. colombia have to win. poland can't qualified. panama and tunisia will play for nothing more than pride, but still should be a good game and england and belgium playing for top spot in group g. the england manager believes his side are getting better with each match. we have no idea who, when all we re we match. we have no idea who, when all were we will play in the next round, but we're pleased we're in the next round. first and foremost it is really important we are building a tea m really important we are building a team that i think everybody at home can see the passion that to play for england, one to win every time they go out, are improving all the time andi go out, are improving all the time and i think we'll see that again tomorrow. by tomorrow. by the end of thursday, we'll finally know the full lineup in the last 16 as this world cup rolls on without germany. away from football... england have compounded a wretched tour for australia by inflicting a 28—run defeat in the one off t20 match played
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at edgbaston on wednesday. having already won the one—day series 5—0. england set the visitors a target of 222 after a thrilling opening stand of 95 by jason roy and jos buttler. australia struggled in response with only skipper aaron finch getting going making 84 as his side were comprehensively beaten, while for england attention now turns to their next challenge which is india. i think it's going to be extremely tough. australia... sorry, india, across all formats, are a very strong team. the start of a big tour like this makes your mouth water. sta rts like this makes your mouth water. starts at twenty20 cricket and then ends with five tests, it will be an awesome end to the back end of our summer. awesome end to the back end of our summer. it will be a huge challenge. one that i think is going to be really healthy for us, especially in white ball cricket, because it's going to be tough to beat them and more than likely will expose some of
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our weaknesses and test our consistency. there's light at the end of the tunnel, no doubt about that. i knew it was going to be a big job, particularly where we came from, from south africa. that said, there's been some real great learning. there's been some really positive stuff that's come out of this trip and on the surface it looks like a complete disaster, but we'll looks like a complete disaster, but we 'll cycle looks like a complete disaster, but we'll cycle about building a team that's going to be ready for the world cup and the ashes. i think we are unlocked a few answers but it certainly hurts when you get beaten, particularly in england. a superb opening stand of 160 between shikhar dhawan and rohit sharma helped india to a 76—run win in the first of two dublin t20s against ireland. sharma top scored with 97 in their innings of 208—5. kuldeep yadav then picked up four wickets for just 21 runs as the hosts couldn't build on openerjames shannon's half century, eventually finishing their 20 overs on 132—9 withn the second match at the same venue on friday. well, i think we need to go away and
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have a little think about how we're going to play called deep and shall in the same game for sure. in regards to playing more twenty20, that's coming up in the future tour programme, 65 twenty20 is in the next four years. we will play more, we are where we are in the world, we can't do anything about the last few yea rs can't do anything about the last few years but we can start to play better cricket and get ourselves up that rankings table. now to tennis news, and the all england club has announced that serena williams will be seeded at this year's wimbledon championships which get underway on monday. the seven—time wimbledon champion has only played in three tournaments since the birth of her first child in september. usually the seeded spots are reserved for players ranked in the world's top 32 but williams has been given the 25th seeding. as a result, world number 32 dominika cibulkova has not been seeded. simona halep is the top seed, with roger federer number one in the men's draw. caroline wozniacki fought back from a set down to beat britain's johanna konta and reach the quarter—finals of the eastbourne international.
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the number one seed made a poor start to the match and konta took the first set by six games to four, but the dane, currently ranked number two in the world, who won the first grand slam title of her career in melbourne in january, took control of the match winning the next two sets. wozniacki will play the australian ashleigh barty in the last eight. that's about all we've got time for. to reiterate, germany are out of the world cup after losing 2—0 to south korea, finishing bottom of their group. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there.
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it's a bit of a case of deja vu with the weather forecast at the moment. day—on—day we're seeing those temperatures building, lots of sunny and dry weather during wednesday. top temperatures reached 32 at porthmadog in north wales. we could see a similar story i think during the day on thursday. so high pressure well and truly driving the weather, keeping things dry and settled, with generally gentle breezes around. this was the picture in workington, cumbria during the day on wednesday, not a cloud in the sky there. i think we'll have one or two areas of cloud around through thursday, especially in the east, down towards lincolnshire, east anglia, some cloud around the coast that should thin and break during the day, but anywhere you could see fairweather cloud. as we draw in the breeze from the north—east, looking a little bit cooler around the eastern coasts but for central and western parts of the country, temperatures widely in the high 20s with some seeing top temperatures of 30 or 31, particularly for central scotland, but those temperatures could just kick off one or two isolated showers. if you do catch one, could be a bit pokey,
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but most places will avoid any of those isolated showers through central parts of scotland. hot again through northern ireland, england and wales having a decent, dry and bright day. lots of sunshine with just that gentle breeze coming in, keeping things cooler around the east. on friday, high pressure still with us, drifting a little bit further northwards. a similar day on friday. the best of the sunshine will be to the north and west. most places seeing clear blue skies but in the east, with that breeze coming off the sea, it will be a little bit cooler and perhaps cloudier at times. the warmest weather through the day on friday will be further south—west, not quite as hot as thursday in scotland and northern ireland but further south, cardiff, bristol, for instance, we could so 29 or 30 degrees. looking to the weekend and saturday, we still got the warm air mass with us through the day, that's going to be bringing a fine weekend.
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through the weekend, again, mostly warm and sunny, just the small chance of one or two of us seeing some isolated showers. most places will avoid those showers. i think through the day on saturdaym it does look dry really across—the—board to start the day. later on, could just see a few showers creeping into the far west of scotland, perhaps western parts of northern ireland, not quite as hot here as recent days but still a beautiful day. temperatures the further south could be 28 or 29 degrees. dry for most places on sunday but notice these showers to the south—west could creep into south—western parts of britain. top temperatures once again, 29 or 30 degrees. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is lewis vaughanjones. our top stories: all change at the us supreme court. as one judge steps down, president trump's choice of replacement could shape the political landscape for a generation. more than 200 migrants stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean are allowed entry into europe but the row over
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migration continues. auf wiedersehen, germany. the reigning champions crash out of the world cup — beaten by south korea. there's despair and delight among the fans, but both teams are now heading home. prince william speaks of his hopes for lasting peace in the middle east after meeting the palestinian president. and joe jackson, father and former manager of michaeljackson and the jackson 5, has died at the age of eighty nine.
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