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tv   Meet the Author  BBC News  June 28, 2018 8:45pm-9:00pm BST

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and there was no evidence apart from her saying she would denigrate ann bolyen in henry viii's ears a few weeks before and's fall, there is no evidence that jane colluded in ann's fall. and i think that she was largely, as she comes across. she was a woman of principle, she had moral courage, she was devout, she was gentle, she was kind and she was also submissive. indeed and she put up with so much. and died giving henry his only male child. yes, she did indeed. and the marriage seems to have been happy and i am in no doubt that henry genuinely loved her. it is interesting that you talk about the sources because you are a historian, of distinction and you're also writing fiction here and this is the third of your novels on the wives and obviously three more to come. do you go back to original sources for the fiction as well as the history? yes, i do.
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in fact this series of novels was born out of new research i was doing. in 1991 published a book, six wives of henry viii. and i've been updating and revising it and researching and rewriting that. it is a long project. how would you describe the changes in scholarship that have come about? you know, the new things that we know from recent scholarship? a lot of work has been done on henry viii bath court. we understand far more about how the court was structured and how it functions and that has a bearing on the individuals who inhabit it. but also a lot of research has been done on new research, i have done it myself on and boleyn‘s fall and her sister mary boleyn. who set her up, that sort of thing? yes that kind of thing. yes. but also the detail, you can tell a different story now because we know so much more. back to jane seymour, number three, how much did we know before and how much have you had to create from your own imagination, the character that you believe is accurate? as i say, i inferred her character from what i could from the sources
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but i had to create a lot for her early life. i used a skeleton framework of fact we had, a little fragment here or fragment there and looking retrospectively from what came later to create her early life because these books are about whole lives and notjust about periods of queenship and they are each written from each queen's point of view. solely from that point of view. it is a very obvious question but an important one i think, how do you go about trying to create the conversations that somebody like jane seymour would have? you know, her style of speech, her habits, the way she would move, the whole business of social interaction at this distance in time? having studied the time period for more decades than i can remember, i am a little bit familiar with social idioms and that kind of thing and language and that kind of thing. itjust comes like learning a foreign language? but you also put yourself inside that person's head and that is the difference between writing fiction and writing history.
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yes, how easy or difficult is it to move between the two. you've talked about the way historical sources are important to yourfiction, just as they are obviously the foundation of historical writing. you have to change your whole perspective when you write fiction because as you say you are getting inside her head... which is not a legitimate way for a historian to operate. exactly. it was more difficult actually to convert from writing nonfiction to fiction. because when i submitted my first text, my agent said this is a riveting story but this is faction and you've got to come off the fence and stop being a historian and start being a novelist. and what did that make you do? it made me go back to square one and realised i needed to learn my craft from the beginning. i thought i knew all there was to know, you know published a few books... but you learn with every book. anyway... even so i had to show rather than tells of the reader experiences what is happening and have a mental picture of what is happening rather than just using facts where they occur in using
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credible in france. —— using credible inference. it has to spring from character rather than the source. it does so you work rather hard on character. i've actually will written the first draft of the novel, i would go back and work on the character threads write the way through so they are consistent and so these characters live more vividly. something else that is intriguing at it is this, how having worked in the period historically for so long, and now having spent a lot of time writing fiction set in the period, how has your view of henry himself involves? it is... i have a certain amount of sympathy for him and that is not to say he's not a monster and some respects. but he was, he did not have the son he needed and that has governed many of his later actions and a lot of his life was overshadowed by frustration. and at that time, the importance of that cannot be overstated. no, it can't. there is this theory that he had a fall from his horse, he think his head, he changed character. no, he didn't. he was not out cold for two hours,
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it was a very poor source. but you can see this gradual deterioration in character. b frustration having its effects and when he starts in the late, in the mid—1530s to execute his opponents, before that it is a bluster. you'd described for example episodes where he is furious with jane seymour for what he claims is her interference in politics with respect to monasteries and so on. but then he switches very quickly to being a tender husband really. despite everything. he does and by then the king has become supreme head of the church and he believes almost in his own divinity. he is a sanctified king anyway. he is set apart from ordinary mortals. so whenjane questioned his policies he is going to lash out verbally at her but as soon as she is back in her place, he can be the tender, adoring husband again. which according to the record, he is for the rest of the time. it is a tragic story, isn't it? not simply because of her death as a consequence of giving birth to his only male child but we know what happens.
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this boy becomes king at age whatever it is... nine. reigns through a regency, through eight council for five or six years and it is the beginning of the period of extraordinary instability. and we get that flavour throughout this volume. yes. the period is full of this kind of element but no one quite knows, nobody knows what is going to happen next. but there are so many sweeping changes in the country, religious changes and under edward, of course, england turned officially protestant which henry had avoided. give us a flavour of the next volume because jane seymour is dead, at the end of the story. and then you have a gap over two years. and then henry marries anne of cleves or anne of claver as she should be correctly called. and i think you will be surprised
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what is in that book because there is a thread of research that nobody seems to have picked up and i think the opening chapters are going to be quite startling. thank you for that tantalising tidbit. alison weir, author ofjane seymour, the haunted queen. thank you. let's update you now on the result from the match. the england team have just lost to belgium, 1-0. that i—o. that is the result in which fa ns i—o. that is the result in which fans are going to be celebrating after losing to belgium. the lions will play colombia in the next round of competition in a few days‘ time. we will speak in a moment to our correspondent. but let's update you what is happening in the united
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states this evening and the capital of maryland, and annapolis, where we have had a shooting this afternoon, where it is about 350 pm. there reports came in first to reach us we re reports came in first to reach us were from local media and according to police and annapolis, there was a shooting in which there have been multiple fatalities and it was in the newsroom of the capital gazette, about ten minutes after that we saw people with their hands raised, leaving the building and being escorted out of the building and that stage it was still reported that stage it was still reported that the shooter was in the building and had not been detained. since then we have had reports again from local media, specifically abc seven which is the local affiliate of the television network, and annapolis reporting that the shooter had been detained and therefore the situation was under control. we do not have
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details yet of the number of fatalities nor indeed whatever reason there might have been for the shooter taking this terrible course. for now let's return to our correspondent who is outside the stadium there. i was saying before we came to you that this is one of those matches that this is one of those matches thatis that this is one of those matches that is going to be reported that england fans celebrate after the tea m england fans celebrate after the team loses i—0 england fans celebrate after the team loses 1—0 to belgium. england fans celebrate after the team loses 1—0 to belgiumlj england fans celebrate after the team loses 1-0 to belgium. i spoke to some of the bands coming out of the grounds here as you can see, and oddly subdued crowd that not all too upset at a 1—0 defeat as you might expect. the man i spoke tojust upset at a 1—0 defeat as you might expect. the man i spoke to just a moment ago said it was not great and you could see their heart was not in it but this result is fine for us. they are pretty happy with the possibility of playing columbia and maybe having an easier way through the world cup. brazil was not a good
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one for england and as you can see a kind of weird response, to a slightly odd game. not what you would probably expect at this stage in the world cup but this is what we have got. what about the belgium fans? what mood were they and when they went in at the start of the match? they were saying... it was kind of like england, they sort of said the same thing, they wanted to win, to prove that the team, to prove the quality but they would have been quite happy to and second as well. it was odd and a lot of people have come here, and for many it is the only game that had tickets to at the world cup and so they bought this specific match because they thought it would be the best game but it did not really turn out that way. it did not seem to be decisive or as lightly as they expected when they bought the tickets. disappointing in that sense but both sets of fans seemed relatively pleased by the result in the and and even when the goal went
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m, the and and even when the goal went in, there was a massive roar and was all be dancing and singing and jumping in the stands behind the goal particularly from belgian fans who have been supporting the theme, seeing as i say and dancing in the city centre here. i look the c02 you —— i hope the c02 shortage will not inhibit their ability of celebrating for that goal. how would you assess the mood in russia after a week of competition. has gone as the authorities were hoping?” competition. has gone as the authorities were hoping? i think it has. right from the beginning, there we re has. right from the beginning, there were huge doubts about the world cup and a lot of politics are handing it ina lot and a lot of politics are handing it in a lot of concerns particularly amongst england fans coming here, worried about the violence in the euros two years ago. and they have come in found things to be very difficult and a warm welcome from russia fans and i have for that time and again. date... sera we will
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leave you in good company. nice to see that they are in a cheerful mood. and you were saying they were subdued. i think they went out first. now without the noises, good evening to you thomas. another day of another record broken? we did not actually beat records today but it was so actually beat records today but it was so close, it was within a fraction of a degree. i want to show you, the hottest place today which is in wales, the and the really interesting one is here, and the town of northern ireland, the all—time record for northern ireland for any month is 13.8. we got 30.5 degrees so just for any month is 13.8. we got 30.5 degrees sojust 0.3 for any month is 13.8. we got 30.5 degrees so just 0.3 degrees away
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from matching that all—time record. —— forany from matching that all—time record. —— for any month is 30.8 degrees. it stays very warm on friday across many parts of the united states pretty hot as well. pretty warm drop much of europe. this is how we will start friday, two pitchers pretty warm across areas of uk and a little bit fresher towards the east. 11 celsius there in hull. starts are fairly cloudy across the eastern coast and the grey sky first thing, it brings back to the coast and that is what is called on the coastlines, the temperature is will get up into the temperature is will get up into the high 20s i think tomorrow, and we migrate 30 degrees but look at that. glasgow and belfast, we are down to 26 degrees so it will be some degrees, less hot and northern ireland tomorrow. saturday the high
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pressure is with us and another similar day, so we have a bit of cloud towards the east coast but thatis cloud towards the east coast but that is pretty much it. then it is sunshine all around really for many of us in the south, we will see temperatures getting up into the high 20s and maybe matching or hitting 30 degrees once more but belfast down to something more manageable, 23 celsius and then interestingly it has been a while 110w interestingly it has been a while now but sunday into monday, you could be seeing some showers drifting into of western parts of uk at the moment and it looks like it will stay out to sea. there is a risk of some affecting whales and possibly one or two into northern ireland. these are a long way off and difficult to forecast a look at the values there. 29 expected in london in the hot weather is expected to continue into next week. not quite so hot in the north but essentially no change to the current warm sunny spell. the look and outside source. we will
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begin with the us because there has been a shooting in the city of annapolis maryland. reports are that several people have been killed and we will bring you up—to—date shortly. and could have been beaten 1-0 shortly. and could have been beaten 1—0 by belgium at the world cup. both teams knew they were through to the knockout stages. england will face columbia next. belgium will face columbia next. belgium will face the japanese. he was angela merkel, she and the other eu leaders are in brussels for their summit. the prime ministerfor italy are in brussels for their summit. the prime minister for italy has been holding out for any agreement until there's a shift for how the burden of taking and migrants is a shared. we would hear about new research that tells us that grows in the pacific ocean are even more


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