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tv   The Papers  BBC News  June 28, 2018 10:45pm-11:00pm BST

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and the daily telegraph's front page calls for a boost in funding for children's mental health care. so, there is plenty to start with the times. eu putting lives at risk over brexit warns theresa may and this looks like very deliver it briefing ahead of the summit. >>i briefing ahead of the summit. >> i would think that number ten and theresa may would be pleased with the headline on the times and the express and it look like they run with what i imagine would be the priest —— briefing. it would give the impression that theresa may has given the initiative with these talks and not necessarily on the back foot like we had reason to believe she might have been and although we will come onto this i am sure, there is a multiplicity of rob owns on the continent that leaders are debating. nonetheless, obviously the need to move forward on brexit
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is what we are most concerned with in this country, this is our perspective on the talks and here we have an opportunity i think for the british prime minister to have some kind of bargaining chip with regards to how we move forward with the talks. this is all about essentially trying to get the european countries to agree to allow britain to be more involved with security after brexit. i suppose this is one area where the conservative party of the government is united, there may be arguments over the economics of brexit but eve ryo ne over the economics of brexit but everyone would sign up to this, that a security corporation after brexit, whether you're in favour or not of leaving the eu is essential. you would have thought so and i think it is one of our great strengths in the uk, we are known drug europe to have good intelligence services in
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policing. we do regularly co—operate to stop threats and the only thing that would make me think a little bit is some reference in the report about respecting the remit of the european court of justice, about respecting the remit of the european court ofjustice, which isn't exactly popular with brexiteers for all sorts of reasons to do with a lot of them think it has too much power. and it has become one of the bogeyman of europe's. although the headline looks very good for theresa may but it may not be so much plane saying in the issue as others. clearly the briefing that has been given a head of the summit is tough talking and finger wagging. you wonder and it is exactly right how tough talking to prime minister is going to be able to be with her own party if this rather peculiar line about respecting the remit of the european
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court ofjustice plays out, and it will be interesting to see how that intends to play out and one fears thatis intends to play out and one fears that is language that we are paying a lot of in reference to brexit. at ads to the frustration. and not among backbench mps how far is the government willing to compromise and how much will it hold its ground, and some would want it to compromise, it is difficult and she manages to play brexit being all things to all men and women. the first sighting teams pretty positive and could well be... let's move onto the which below with some good positive images from the england match to fans enjoying the sunshine com plete match to fans enjoying the sunshine complete with their saint george's flags and garrett southgate of plotting his performance, applauding losing. this headline, workers come
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from eu falls 43% according to the national statistics. population growth is at its lowest level in 14 years and... it sounds like a lot and it is a combination of things but the biggest driver is in fact that fewer people are, coming here, coming on the prospect of getting employment when they come. and of course depending on which side of the fence you're on, that is either a very good thing or a bad thing. it all comes back to brexit. people are mourning we don't have the skilled workers to do a lot of the jobs that we need to do. and others say that this is going to relieve the pressure on key services and infrastructure. the metro have taken
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a very straight down the line approach to this one and you can kind of read whatever you want into it. i think we need to see the actual breakdown by sector as to how this is affecting the supply of labour are essentially. do you think this could open up, if it is the correct interpretation is sustained, it could open up some political space with the home secretary, the tone of his remarks is less fearful of immigration and also less enthusiastic or less excepting of the net migration target with the conservatives have saddled themselves with. i think if you're suggesting that figures will go on, that a trend will emerge that will show that actually there is a requirement for more skilled labour, you would think that would be
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inevitability and he is right to try to occupy that territory because their work, and i count myself as one of them but there were people who made a principled vote in favour of brexit without factoring in any desire to see less immigration. that was not part of the deal, it was having a more competitive britain in a more competitive britain might need more skilled labourers. and we really have not heard very much of that. that is a very useful way, taking us onto the financial times, and passing when we were all talking about the paper is a little earlier as we saw them first, how striking that photograph is of angela merkel. the world is kind of, the mother of germany, the mother of europe, the solid and reliable they hear, trusting in europe, looking rather isolated in her own country. i think she was heckled in the german
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parliament earlier today. which is almost unheard of. it is kind of a good reminder for the uk that there are other issues occupying the eu then and just brexit. and we are seeing really difficult discussions oi'i seeing really difficult discussions on the migrant crisis where italy and greece in the other countries are saying we cannot take any more, the rest of your pointer have to ta ke the rest of your pointer have to take yourfairshare. and the rest of your pointer have to take your fair share. and by all accounts they have not managed to come... france and italy have agreed a position of the other countries have yet to agree and as result it is one of the nights where people are rolling up their sleeves and making the last copy and expecting last flight home. that, i mentioned there that the ft is also a good point to pick up on what you are
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saying about the future of a competitive uk posts brexit and good news for b ae and the prime minister, has gone out of her way to welcome this good news which is perhaps not a bad move, after the arguments earlier in the week and what he said about brexit with. this is the ft, very positively putting the story on the front page thate ae has beaten spanish and italian conglomerate i believe to win this contract for the australian navy. it is not going to bring a lot of drops into britain but it is the no wall in the technology and some of the support services that will be supplied from britain's. so it is definitely a good news story i would say. we have the argument of the ae, the cabinet ministers saying they
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should not be speaking like this, very pointedly saying they are entitled to speak like this, the welsh leader in the welsh parliament had to stand down because he criticised b ae. has been a difficult one, has it. these companies are not going away and they're going to keep put dunn pointing the mac putting across —— keep putting across their point. that said, i think it is down to the media to hold those arguments up to scrutiny and investigate whether there are invested interest or big corporate have benefited very well from what is effectively a corporate economy run in the eu. so they are not without their own policies but they are entitled to make the argument. the defence industry has a lwa ys argument. the defence industry has always been a sensitive question on
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the left because of people like jeremy corbyn who are very critical, and he has a exemplary human rights record but others in the labour party will be enthusiastic about defencejobs party will be enthusiastic about defence jobs because it party will be enthusiastic about defencejobs because it means party will be enthusiastic about defence jobs because it means lots ofjobs and industrialjobs. these are highly skilled jobs essentially and usually quite well unionized as well which serves the element of power in the labour party in defences a really interesting issue for labour at the moment. a very strong advocate unequivocally said that she would want the uk to continue to be a tier one power, something that theresa may has struggled to come out in favour of. although you cannot associate jeremy corbyn with the strong defence or
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being strongly in favour of defence, he has someone in the shadow cabinet who is making the case for it. still justified the fact that it is a broad church, or broader church like that might then you would expect. wets and for this review. we will be back at 11:30pm. let's in with a picture of fans celebrating. —— let's end this review. neither side a p pa re ntly let's end this review. neither side a ppa re ntly wa nted to let's end this review. neither side apparently wanted to win.|j let's end this review. neither side apparently wanted to win. i think we we re apparently wanted to win. i think we were worried that we came across as ambiguous, as belgium played in red tonight. i don't want that misinterpreted in any way. i was looking at this picture and trying to figure out who's fans these were and we were intrigued that the people in front were eating a plate of spaghetti. some of italy's fans?
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who are they backing? we will pursue this more with you after 11:30pm. thank you very much. and thank you for watching. that's it for the papers tonight. i will be back at 11pm with a full summary i will be back at 11pm with a full summary of the news. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website at uk forward/papers. thank you nicola bartlett and jo—anne nadler. see you in a view minutes. exceptionally hot across northern britain today but we did not beat any records. the hottest place was 33 degrees and in northern wales, glasgow just missed its 33 degrees and in northern wales, glasgowjust missed itsjune record of 31.9, the record is 32 point to
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-- 32 of 31.9, the record is 32 point to —— 32 point to. northern ireland reach 30.5 degrees and the all—time record is 30.8 so we just missed matching the all—time record 5.3 of the degree. europe is hot and lots of reds and oranges there and temperatures in excess of 30 degrees in some areas and this is what the morning was like, friday across the uk, closer to the north sea coast in the midlands and south east as well, warm in the west and temperatures will be around 14 or 15 degrees and then tomorrow that cloud and grey skies and the use will eventually melt away and give way to sunshine. notice how cool the eastern district of the uk is, a big contrast and temperatures in new castle may not even reached 20 degrees where i west you can see 28 cm. we are seeing the highest temperatures in the west because of the breeze coming off the north sea. the wind is going around
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the high—pressure and across the north sea and it is moving inland and basically once it moves inland, it warms up and by the time he gets to western britain that is where we get the highest temperatures. anywhere from aberdeen from newcastle into nor it, that is where we are seeing these lately lower temperatures, eating there and newcastle temperatures, eating there and n ewcastle o n temperatures, eating there and newcastle on saturday were the high 20s are expected in the west in london always warms up with the heat tide effect. sunday we are saying low— pressure tide effect. sunday we are saying low—pressure approaching our neighbourhood and that is going to produce some showers, very hit and miss. 0nly produce some showers, very hit and miss. only a small risk but probably would think reaching southwestern parts of the uk and wales, and wa nted parts of the uk and wales, and wanted to drift into northern ireland but this looks like much of the country will stay dry. does temperatures again skyrocketing to 30 degrees in the south on sunday. that is it for me. goodbye. this is bbc news, i'm shaun ley.
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the headlines at 11:00pm: a british nurse is found guilty of trafficking nigerian women and girls. it is a legal first for such a crime committed outside the uk. she would call me to say she needed money. she doesn't know if i have enough to eat. she does not care about me. she only wants money, money. at least five people have been killed and others are seriously injured after a gunman opened fire at a local newspaper in annapolis, maryland. those fatalities are so sad, and i don't know what to say other than our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families, our thoughts and prayers are with them and theirfamilies, and we take comfort knowing they are in god's embrace. late—night talks are continuing at the eu summit in brussels,


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